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The Listener

The Listener Malcolm Dowd is almost positive he recognizes the freshman who shows up for a session at his office in Baxter College s Center for Behavioral Health he just can t place her When suddenly she stands t

  • Title: The Listener
  • Author: Rachel Basch
  • ISBN: 9781605986883
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Malcolm Dowd is almost positive he recognizes the freshman who shows up for a session at his office in Baxter College s Center for Behavioral Health he just can t place her When suddenly she stands, takes off her wig, and reveals herself as Noah, the young man Malcolm had been treating months earlier, it marks the start of a relationship that will change them both.After lMalcolm Dowd is almost positive he recognizes the freshman who shows up for a session at his office in Baxter College s Center for Behavioral Health he just can t place her When suddenly she stands, takes off her wig, and reveals herself as Noah, the young man Malcolm had been treating months earlier, it marks the start of a relationship that will change them both.After losing his wife at a young age, Malcolm dedicated himself to giving his two daughters the stable, predictable childhood he never had But now nothing is predictable not his young adult daughters, not himself, and certainly not Noah Whether he s attending class or rehearsing for the campus musical, Noah finds he s often challenging everyone s definition of gender During the course of one semester, Noah s and Malcolm s lives become entwined in ways neither could ever have imagined.Told alternately from Malcolm s and Noah s perspectives The Listener explores the ways in which we conceal and reveal our identities As truth after truth is exposed, characters are forced to reconsider themselves and reorder their lives, with few easy answers to be found for anyone The Listener is, ultimately, about the power of human connection and the many shapes that love can take.

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      159 Rachel Basch
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    1 thought on “The Listener

    1. Rachel Basch's novel "The Listener" is a heartfelt, empathetic, intelligent novel that tackles many issues, mainly having to do with gender identity and sexuality. Her protagonist is a psychologist who provides talk therapy on a college campus---the "listener" of the title. It is a good novel but short, and it doesn't delve as deeply into its subject matter as much as it could, or possibly even should, especially given the clever and promising set-up in the beginning of the novel.In the very beg [...]

    2. While struggling to adapt to life as a freshman in college, Noah is also balancing a role in the campus production of Les Miserables and desperately searching for someone who understands the feelings surrounding his gender identity. In hopes of finding someone to talk to, Noah makes an appointment with his school's behavioral health center, where he meets with Malcolm. As a widower with two college-age daughters, Malcolm's ability to completely understand Noah is limited, but the pair develop a [...]

    3. Rachel Basch's writing engages both my heart and my mind in equal measure. I loved The Passion of Reverend Nash not only for its plot but for its layered presentation of spiritual issues, and her new book did not disappoint. In fact, while the novel itself is quite compact, the story itself has sprawled outward in my mind, its telling and characters remaining with me long after I turned the last page. I loved the distinct voices of each of the characters she explores, both of whom seemed very be [...]

    4. This book has a great concept. However, I find it hard to believe it passed the editors' desk. There are several errors and the writing in general is very hard to follow at times. I found myself stopping and rereading because I was confused as to who the author was talking about and/or if it was past or present. Not to mention a lot of what the main character does is unethical. I'm so disappointed because this is a great story line and just needed to be executed better.

    5. Although the way that therapy was presented was pretty well done, the rest of the narrative didn't fair well. The secondary characters are so underdeveloped and yet their presence continues, on and on, until they become a pain especially Dowd's daughters and Noah's friend. And although it is reasonable for a contemporary American writer to want to treat gender themes, it becomes burdensome when they are so overdone does everyone in the book have to confront gender identity issues?

    6. This novel is about our interpersonal relationships, how we love, how we lie, how we discover who we are in how we relate to others. The premise of two unlikely individuals connecting through a therapeutic relationship epitomizes how anyone can find and experience humanity in another person. Malcolm Dowd works as a psychologist at both a private practice and a college campus, and although he might seem a self-actualized figure to his clients, he harbors his own inner struggles. The inner turmoil [...]

    7. Malcolm is a family therapist who works a couple of days a week at the local college. As story unfolds, we learn that Malcolm is a widower who has 19 and 23yr. old daughters. Story is based on relationships, particularly between parents and children, who are no longer children. I have a few children this age, it is an interesting age with many huge decisions and changes. I think the author did a good job showing this. Much of the story is centered around sexuality and the defining of oneself. Th [...]

    8. The Listener is a well-written story of different individuals seeking acceptance. Acceptance is more than from others, although this is a part of the need; acceptance comes from within too. The Listener shows the power of empathy in other lives judgment is harsh at times but empathy opens us to acceptance.

    9. This book irritated the crap out of me.First of all it was I suspect written for people exactly like the characters in the book.Navel gazing, too much time on their hands, a whole lot of big words and so much HEARTFELT crap.So deep, so analytical-so full of hogwash.And the Listener?I found this guy to be totally repulsive."I'll love you no matter who you are"Oh Gimme a break.So much talk and rambling about LOVE Really I found him repulsive. The one exciting thing about this smug self contained p [...]

    10. Interesting concept. Poorly executed.Main character w gender issue see therapist whose wife left him for a woman and whose daughter reveals she is gay. Main character's mother winds up dating his therapist. Nothing happens. No plot at all. There are some good books that deal with gender issues, but this is not one.

    11. A little slow. A psychologist and seeing a man who also dresses as a woman and is confused about gender identity

    12. The pangs in this story bite early and deep: suicide, marital troubles, and the heartbreaking dilemma of Noah/Leah. The various sorrows are revealed gradually, but the story doesn’t sink into despair because of the caring of Malcolm, who is a psychologist, a helper. His compassion seems genuine and convinces the reader that Malcolm will be able to surmount the difficulties that pile up, page after page, right from the beginning.Noah’s gender-identity issue extends beyond the issue in recent [...]

    13. Honestly, it was the cover art that initially attracted me to this novel, but then I read the first paragraph, and was immediately intrigued--- "She was a freshman, allergic to sulfa drugs and codeine. She didn't wear corrective lenses and she didn't smoke. She wasn't taking any medication. She's checked yes for vitamin supplements and no for birth control. At the bottom of the form on the line that read Other, she'd printed OTHER in big block letters".Malcolm Dowd is a "Listener", a psychologis [...]

    14. The book sucked me in right away and I was so uncomfortable reading it (in a good way) because I don't like secrets and was waiting for something to blow up. It was actually cruising along as a 5 star read until it derailed in the final third. There were added wrinkles that didn't seem necessary, like the author thought there wasn't enough conflict (there was!) and needed to add more. Malcolm's fight with his daughters felt out of place, Leah had another crisis, and all the stuff with Gordon? It [...]

    15. This story begins with Noah (aka Leah), a transgender youth, who struggles to discover his true self and to feel comfortable in a world that views him as a freak. He works with a psychologist (Malcolm) on his college campus who, as it turns out is struggling with some demons of his own. As the story continues a pattern emerges as each character reveals that they too are trying to find their way in life, dealing with their pasts, and worrying bout their self-images. Perhaps we all struggle with t [...]

    16. 4 out of 5This book discusses so many important things! Adultry, gender, sexuality, therapist-patient relationships, parent-child relationships, loss and grieving, and suicide. It was messy, gritty, and very real. It splayed everyone's emotions for the reader to see and get angry at the main characters' thought processes and reactions. It definitely made me think A LOT!Plot:This book dives into the minds of two people a therapist, Malcolm, and his patient, Noah. The story begins when Malcolm is [...]

    17. Rachel Basch’s The Listener wasn’t the novel I’d expected it to be, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What I’d picked up on while reading the promotional material was that it dealt with a college psychologist working with an intersexed student: Noah, biologically a young man, but who moves back and forth between male and female genders in daily life.Noah is there, but so are a lot of other characters: the therapist’s two adult daughters, his private-practice partner who’s having an affai [...]

    18. 4.5 stars.I loved this one. Being able to read about LGBTQIA+ in adult fiction is very interesting. I'm glad I was able to learn about a character who is transgender (dealing with trying to transition in a place where it is highly controversial in the sense that there is no one like him) and a character who is a lesbian (afraid to come out for fear of upsetting her father, who is very open to accepting anyone).I enjoyed learning about the relationship between therapist and patient looking from t [...]

    19. Interesting premise for a book, but poorly executed. First, the writing was't great, so you have to work to follow some of the sentences. Second, there were a lot of obscure references, which is irritating if you aren't familiar with the subject matter being referenced. Finally, the psychotherapy/psychotherapist was depicted in an unrealistic manner. ( I say that as a psychologist, and add the caveat that I hope the author has never experienced such absurdity in a psychotherapy experience. Psych [...]

    20. While genderqueer would most likely be the big label for this book, I found it to be so much more. Full of human elements, the story told from two people's perspectives simply unfolded as life might, with unexpected or even painful events, but more importantly people's effort to try their best in the face of everything. Very intense book emotionally, lots of personal explorations, and, as life would have it, imperfect yet hopeful ending.

    21. Very genuine story of the internal struggles humans face within relationships while being trying to be true to ourselves and others. I would've enjoyed a stronger ending, however after processing the ending of the book I believe the ending is fitting for this story about human interaction and relationships-it's an ending that depicts the continuation of life and it's struggles.

    22. This book felt very precisely "plotted." The issues of gender are raised but there's a lack of clarity, some unusual speculations about behavior (dressing as a woman because you are afraid to approach a woman??)The main character is sympathetic and makes one sympathetic to the onerous side of being a therapist and the expectation of impeccable behavior.

    23. The LISTENER was an interesting read. The story revolves around a widower psychologist on a college campus, his client, his children, and himself. I love this quote from the book: " There's a tendency to look at what happens in our lives as a deviation from what was 'supposed' to happen, as if life is scripted and unwanted events are an aberration. What befalls us IS our life."

    24. A story about complications of lifeA psychologist with a complicated life listens to a young man with gender identity issues. This occurs in a small New England town where people's lives intertwine. A story of these times.

    25. My son has/is still going through what Noah has & I thought this book would finally show him that he was an normal. Rachel's book has great intentions, but lacks the essential tools to be honest & truthful. She has too many characters with too much drama.This was truly a disappointment.

    26. I enjoyed the therapist. Lately I have accidentally chosen books that have therapists as main players in the story. Interesting, as I am a therapist. This representation was smooth. Interesting twists. Worth reading.

    27. I enjoyed this book. It's a very understated character study, with some nice dialogue and frustrating distance between people. I thought maybe it didn't quite come together as strongly as I would have liked, but nevertheless I enjoyed it

    28. Definitely not my cup of tea. The characters all seem to be having rather the same issues-which is not credible. The psychologist was unethical to me and the entire book seemed to be just trying to push the envelope.

    29. Hated the false emotion of the daughters. Alex just drops off the map. Hated the psychology answers--I can't imagine this especially when Malcolm admits he hasn't had any experience with this.

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