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MAXWELL 1: Not Without Guilt

MAXWELL Not Without Guilt MAXWELL Part While Abel faces trial for the death of Devlin s brother Craig Grant Max and Horatio struggle with memories of the past and what they still mean to one another Holding the key that wi

  • Title: MAXWELL 1: Not Without Guilt
  • Author: C.J. Bishop
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • MAXWELL, Part 1 While Abel faces trial for the death of Devlin s brother Craig Grant Max and Horatio struggle with memories of the past, and what they still mean to one another Holding the key that will free their hearts from the chains that have bound them for two decades, Horatio must hide it away and keep it secret now that new hearts are involved But as Seth anMAXWELL, Part 1 While Abel faces trial for the death of Devlin s brother Craig Grant Max and Horatio struggle with memories of the past, and what they still mean to one another Holding the key that will free their hearts from the chains that have bound them for two decades, Horatio must hide it away and keep it secret now that new hearts are involved But as Seth and Carl watch the two men fighting to let go of the past and crumbling beneath their age old love for each other they begin to understand that you don t get to choose who you love, but that your heart chooses for you And that great love never dies and cannot be replaced Warning This book contains homosexual relations and language not suitable for readers below 17yo NOTE For those coming across the Phoenix Club series sporadically, they were written in this order, and if possible, should be read accordingly, due to story lines that run through all the books ABEL CALEB ANGEL GABRIEL MAXWELL

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      179 C.J. Bishop
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    1 thought on “MAXWELL 1: Not Without Guilt

    1. It's been too long since I was here with my guys from the 'Phoenix Club' series. In case you aren't familiar with it, each main character gets his own trilogy, but all of the characters and their stories weave in and out. It sounds confusing, but it's actually not. I couldn't wait to see more of Abel, Devlin, Caleb, Samuel, Angel, Dane, Gabe, Cole, Max, and Horatio. These men have made a family of their own choosing and it's one I treasure reading about.It seems like forever that I've been waiti [...]

    2. Lots going on in this one. Abel's trial starts for the murder of the pervert and abuser Craig; meanwhile, Craig's brother and Abel's boyfriend Devlin and Abel are quietly falling apart, Savannah is asked to give evidence on Abel's behalf but the prosecuting lawyer is a shark, and has already made Abel look like a total slut. Max and Horatio are wallowing in their memories of each otherwhere does that leave Seth and Carl?? Cole takes steps to find out whether he's caught HIV from having angry unp [...]

    3. UGH, I totally made the mistake of reading this book while at work today. Thank god I have Kleenex at my desk as I was a mess. This author always has my emotions all over the place and I'm a little bit crazy when I read the books because of that. I have been dying inside waiting for Max and Horatio to get back together, and there were times in this book I thought it might hint at that. Poor Abel is being brought to hell and back at the trial, I just want to hug and hold him and make it all bette [...]

    4. I got a couple of the stories from this series for free (via Smashwords) which started me on the series. Those that know me, also know that I have a bit of an obsession with finishing a series once I have started, so I read these pretty much back-to-back. I'm not going to write about each story individually, rather just leave some overall notes.- the series is made up of a number of trilogies so there are 3 books to be read to bring each characters story to conclusion (you can buy them as separa [...]

    5. So much love, but the painUgh! Seriously, we need trigger warnings on these books!! Abel goes to trial for the death of the sexual predator Craig he killed in self defense at the age of FOURTEEN. I really dislike spoilers but the prosecuting attorney is almost as vile as Craig in what he does to Abel on the witness stand. The whole gang is there to lend support to Abel and Devlin during the trail. Abel has to relive it all while seeing what that knowledge does to Savannah and Devlin as well. Max [...]

    6. OMG! I am stunned beyond comprehension! I had tried to figure out why Max and Horatio could not be together. The only scenario that didn't cross my mind was that they could some how be related Until, a fellow reader put that idea into my little brain and then I just did not want to think of them that way. It's Max and Horatio! The two men destined to be together!CJ, I sure hope they get their forever after. My emotions are well and truly rung out with their story. Please tell me that it's some [...]

    7. I'm slowly dying of heartache for everyone ESPECIALL Horatio, Maxwell, Seth and Carl I don't want anyone to lose out on love. I think they should all just move in with other and enjoy life.I knew Horatio and Max's secret after reading one their memories in Gabriel's story and I totally agree with Horatio he father is a TOTAL ass. An ass for what he did, for not telling the boys the minute Max came to live with them and for not paying more attention to was developing between them to stop it befor [...]

    8. As always was cry with CJ bishop books. but I call it about Horatio father will. I can never can understand why a parent would hurt his son the way Axvier did. Seth is a good guy but he new Horatio will never give him his heart because it be long to Max one thing I do not get is why Max and Horatio never take a D.A. test done to make sure that they are brother and not take the word of Axvier but I guess we know now that Horatio know the real truth but not only him Seth know too now. buy the way [...]

    9. My heart is breaking for so many of the boys!! I had guessed what was keeping Horatio and Max apart. I just want them to get their happy ending.But I also want Abel and Devlin to be happy and this trial is kicking everybody in the arse!!Well kleenex at the ready for the next installment!! Need shares in them with this series

    10. Finally after WAY too many stories we find out the secret. Which was so freaking obvious. Well poop. I hope the other volumes are faster. Abel is such a wiener also. Like man the f up. Lawyers are shitty. Don't let them mess with you. I do enjoy this story. But I'm hoping this shitty wishy washy stuff ends. Lets just be in love for serious sakes.

    11. Heart breakslove the book. going to need a box of tissues for this one! I feel sad for Abel that he has to live what had happen to him all over again. And that family has to hear it all. I agree with Cole and Gabe! I happy that Maddy is there for Savannah and I hope those two will be happy.

    12. So I love love love this series. Even though I did not start at the beginning, I will go back and read them all. Loved the first in Max's story, so much hurt and pain but so much love also. Only thing that annoyed me a bit and "just a little bit" is the going back and forth between past and present. I can't wait to read the next one and the others in the Series.

    13. Max he wasn't my favourite but I went in opened minded and there was more to him then just a club owner.Very touching story about first loves lost and found.This is based at Abels trial and brings the whole club together.Very emotional start.

    14. I love this series and am reading them so fast that I've run out of books. Miss Bishop is a very captivating author and the story line that is the Phoenix Club has become a delicious addiction! Can't wait for more!!

    15. Wow !! I knew the secret preventing Max and Horatio would be a "big one" and had a sneaky suspicion about what it was. My suspicion was right but then we get thrown a curve ball too !! I'm loving this series sooo much and can't wait to see what happens.

    16. It Can't Be True!Ok CJ you got me with this one, I had a guess at what was coming but did not see that little twists, you put in there. Can I take on more God I hope so. I really don't like that so called lawyer I hope he rots in hell.

    17. Can't stop being emotional about this series and Maxwell is no exception since I have been waiting to read this for so long. After reading Caleb's book kept me wondering what the big secret was between him and Horatio. Did not disappoint though now I want to read the rest. Can't wait.

    18. Not good enoughI was afraid this was where the story was going. Frankly, it is not a good enough reason for twenty years of drama.

    19. HeartbreakingHeartbreakingI'm so excited to know the story of Max and Horatio!!! I've read every book of the Phoenix Club series and this is by far the Best!!!

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