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Emaculum The last mile is always the longest The Scourge Emaculum is the haunting conclusion to the Scourge trilogy Sir Edward Dallingridge s wife the Lady Elizabeth waits once in St Edmund s Abbey And to

  • Title: Emaculum
  • Author: Roberto Calas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
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  • The last mile is always the longest The Scourge Emaculum is the haunting conclusion to the Scourge trilogy Sir Edward Dallingridge s wife, the Lady Elizabeth, waits, once , in St Edmund s Abbey And to reach her, Edward must battle a king and save a queen, break an oath and make another He must destroy a legion of demons and take up God s banner as two armies threThe last mile is always the longest The Scourge Emaculum is the haunting conclusion to the Scourge trilogy Sir Edward Dallingridge s wife, the Lady Elizabeth, waits, once , in St Edmund s Abbey And to reach her, Edward must battle a king and save a queen, break an oath and make another He must destroy a legion of demons and take up God s banner as two armies threaten to tear England apart The Red Plague that has swept England continues to burn through the populace, and the feudal hierarchy collapses With every life he takes, Edward s soul blackens a shade, and only his lost love can save him from his sins But he must reach her first And his greatest enemies are not the savage plaguers wandering the villages of his kingdom, but the men and women who have avoided the affliction Where is King Richard Where are England s armies Can the Red Plague be cured Edward will unravel each of these mysteries but the answers may not please him.

    • [PDF] Û Unlimited ☆ Emaculum : by Roberto Calas é
      231 Roberto Calas
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    1 thought on “Emaculum

    1. Well deserved conclusion to an outstanding trilogy. Emaculum picks up running where Nostrum, book 2, leaves off and doesn't disappoint. The story continues the trials and tribulations of Sir Edward as he searches for a cure for the zombie like plague that has turned half of England (and his wife) into mindless flesh eating monsters. Think of King Arthur meets The Walking Dead and you get "The Scourge" trilogy. Plenty of action, humor, suspense and intrigue to keep you glued to your Kindle. Book [...]

    2. **This ARC was provided by the Author on the conditions that I give an honest review. I’ve tried not to include spoilers; at least none that will ruin the story**“Every step is potential catastrophe. My breath comes in shallow gasps, the reins dig against my palm, through the leather of my gauntlet. But in spite of the terror, laughter rises in me.I am flying.My way is whirlwind and thunder.And tonight, I will storm a monastery.Tonight, I will howl like a tempest.Tonight my sword will flash [...]

    3. - An advanced readers copy was provided for me in return for an honest review -The Scourge: Emaculum is the perfect conclusion to a thrilling and desperate adventure lead by Sir Edward on his quest to save his wife, Elizabeth, in the midst of a zombie-like Red Plague during the 14th century. Joined once again by his loyal friends and an Italian just wanting to get paid, he fights familiar faces and new enemies not to mention the afflicted on his journey. The greatest threat in these times of pla [...]

    4. Book three and finale of this highly unusual but riveting historical/fantasy/adventure series has Tristan and Edward running for their lives and against the clock as they fight to get back to Elizabeth with what they hope is the cure to this red plague consuming England. As usual, many obstacles ensue while they make their way through war and plague-riddled country barely outwitting the enemies at their heels hell-bent on seeing Edward dead. This trilogy has been a most wonderfully strange, ente [...]

    5. Chivalry, Zombies, Bawdy Humor and More! A Great Conclusion to a Groundbreaking SeriesCalas's third and final novel in the Scourge series brings Sir Edward's quest for his ladylove to an exciting conclusion. The storytelling unfolds very much in line with the previous two novels: narrow escapes, Tristan's irreverence, and Edward's unwavering dedication to saving his wife, Elizabeth, are hallmarks of this tale as well. I've already lauded Calas's style in reviews of the other two novels in the se [...]

    6. I was sent this book as an advance review copy on the understanding that I give an honest, unbiased review. Firstly, I admit that I bought the first book in this trilogy as it was on offer for 99p. However, I was hooked and the moment I had read the last word I was online to buy the second instalment. After this book I felt the urge to contact the author to find out when part 3 was coming out. This led to the A.R.C. I was expecting a lot from Emaculum, and it delivered by the shed load. The char [...]

    7. "Emaculum" begins right where "The Scourge: Nostrum" ended. Having obtained three vials of a cure for the disease inflicting the zombie-like “plaguers,” Sir Edward of Bodiam and his friend Sir Tristan of Rye need only to return to the abbey of St. Edmund’s Bury to complete their quest. There, Edward can administer the cure to his afflicted wife Elizabeth and reunite with his beloved. Even more, if they can find an alchemist who can decipher the recipe for this cure, they may be able to sav [...]

    8. The five star rating you see above is not only for the final episode in the three-book series, but also for the trilogy.In 15 th century England there is a new plague, a plague of walking dead, the scourge of the land. Sir Edward, the hero is on a quest for a rumored serum, a cure for the afflicted, one of whom is he pis beloved wife, Elizabeth. Accompanied by his loyal friends he travels through a plague- blasted landscape. In this last book, as in the previous two, there is tension and terror, [...]

    9. Middle Age zombies.And no, I'm not talking about zombies with a mid life (or death) crisis. The "plagues" are in Midieval England , a nice touch that throws all sorts of new angles into it alchemists, charlatans, knights, a multitude of kings, heroes, damsels, the pious and the cynics. It all adds up to an entertaining stew, strained through the eyes of the 14th century. God has sent a plague to punish us (I guess some things don't change) and a knight must find a cure to save his beloved Elizab [...]

    10. A generally satisfying convlusion to the serialized trilogy of a zombie plague that hits medieval England and one knight's quest to find a cure for his wife. The writing remains strong and the banter between Sir Edward (he of the wife-saving variety), the ever cynical and bawdy Sir Tristan, and other spoiler-free characters remains strong.Downside is too many instances of "All is savedl is lost wait, all is saved again!" which is then quickly followed by "Your princess is in another castle!" I h [...]

    11. A true knight in shining (well dulled with blood, no doubt) armor. Can he save his wife, whom he calls one of God's greatest angels? It's not like he hasn't been to hell and back, trying. "I am Sir Edward Dallingridge. Husband to Lady Elizabeth Wardieu. Enemy to Gerald of Thunresleam. Champion of the dead. Defender of humanity, and killer of kings. I am the wolf that destroys the lambs, and I will send every last one of you to Hell if you stand down." And so the trilogy comes to an end, a quite [...]

    12. I was beta reader of this book and now I'm posting review of final version. I loved sir Edward and his friends from the start. Tristan is my favorite for sure. Mostly because he's such a jerk sometimes :) This last book - or I should rather say last in this adventures - is great. We get everything we wanted. There's more crazy happenings and at some point you really wish it was all over, so we knew if Edward will save his wife or not. Well, you'll have to read it for yourself to discover the tru [...]

    13. This was one of the greatest series I've ever read. From book 1 I was hooked. This series also made me a huge fan of the author, Roberto Calas. I've read his other books and they're just as good. So if you liked this series, check out his other ones. Also, he's a cool guy. I emailed him to tell him his books were awesome, then we proceeded to email about everything for a while.

    14. Exciting and very humorous This was a great series. Fighting against the undead but finding that the people unaflicted by the zombie virus are more dangerous. Fighting for their lives to find a cure and bring it to Edwards lady brings you from death and despair to laughing your ass off and constantly putting each other down to pass the time. I loved it

    15. La puntuación de 4.5 se debe a unos pocos "typos" en esta entrega más que en las otras dos. La trilogía de "The Scourge" es excelente y la última novela la mejor. No sé si leer ahora la saga de "The Beast of Maug Murai" no resulte ser tan buena como esta.

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