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Wild Attraction

Wild Attraction When I walked into the club my plan was to finally seduce my ex boss But I don t expect him the man with his dirty British mouth and sexy as sin smirk I don t expect the way he takes one look at me

  • Title: Wild Attraction
  • Author: EmmaHart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
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  • When I walked into the club, my plan was to finally seduce my ex boss But I don t expect him, the man with his dirty British mouth and sexy as sin smirk.I don t expect the way he takes one look at me and claims me for his own Or the way he craves control.Because I crave to give it.It doesn t matter if something darker lingers in his eyes, or desperation tinges his toucWhen I walked into the club, my plan was to finally seduce my ex boss But I don t expect him, the man with his dirty British mouth and sexy as sin smirk.I don t expect the way he takes one look at me and claims me for his own Or the way he craves control.Because I crave to give it.It doesn t matter if something darker lingers in his eyes, or desperation tinges his touch It doesn t matter if those things nudge at my addictive personality.The rules are simple One night.One f ck.Run.WILD ATTRACTION is a prequel novella to WILD TEMPTATION It s around 10,000 words, and while not necessary to read first, it is advised.

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    1 thought on “Wild Attraction

    1. 4 - "You show me your moves, and I'll show you mine." Stars!Teaser length novella, certainly left me interested to read more from this author. Well written, and engaging characters, so no complaints from me.

    2. Wow what a great little book. It is a prequel to a series and oh boy the sex was scorching. I will definitely read more from this author/series.

    3. 4 love addiction starsI love this little prequel into how the main character feels. She's so unapologetic it's refreshing. I m woman hear me roard also I'm addicted to love and all the motions it gives me so I need to run from it. This might just become a great little series !! More review to come

    4. Buy Link (Free Prequel)--->> Wild Attraction (A Wild Prequel)This was a fun and steamy prequel to Emma Hart's new series. We get to meet Liv and a stranger in this little gem!! Not something that has to be read before reading Wild Temptation, but it's definitely worth it to see the connection between Liv and her stranger.For more reviews go to Book Bitches Blog

    5. Wow, what a short and straight to the point prequel this beauty was. The meeting of these two strangers was a very hot one indeed. When I began reading it I figured she’d get her way, I was NOT expecting the handsome stranger that came to her. Nope, not at all but boy am I glad he did. The sex was hot, really hot. The scene in the dance floor was my absolute favourite, so hot and naughty and damn. This is my first read from Emma Hart and it’s making me want more, I’ll definitely be reading [...]

    6. Wow! I was looking for a quick distraction today before I threw myself into the next full length novel. I came across this freebie. The cover and the blurb caught my attention, as did the fact that there was no "New Adult" tag in sight. Yay!Consider me hooked. This tease of a prequel was hot! Liv doesn't date because they lead to relationships. The more she knows about someone, the more likely she'll get addicted to them. Seduction and sex, those she can do. She has every intention of seducing h [...]

    7. I was trying to think of the name of the tall, dark & handsome man with the British accent who hooks up with Liv in a clubbut I can't remember it. I hope it is because Liv doesn't know it either because they just had one hot hook-up! Liv meets her former co-workers in a club, sexually frustrated because she is longing to catch the attention of her boss. Liv is some kind of model so I'm assuming she is beautiful. Instead of her boss Liv catches the eye of this British hottie who seduces her d [...]

    8. In the 'Call' series we had a cute introduction of Tyler and the type of man he is, but that boy blew that s*** out of the water and we found out how dirty and naughty the boy really was in this little taste of him, "I stroke slowly, running my fingers over him. He strains against his pants and I want even more than just before. "Undo the button," he orders into my ear. "Undo the button and touch my properly." If you thought Aaron Stone was a dominant bossy man in the bedroom, he has got nothing [...]

    9. Having had an introduction to Tyler Stone in the Call series, I was all over everything to do with that bossy, man.Liv was attending a meet up with her old co-workers, having given up her bar job for more time for modelling opportunities. She had always hankered after her boss, Jackson, and had her mind set on taking things further that night. The night took a different turn, and Liv finds herself aloneuntil Mr TDH approachesThis is a sneak at their introduction to each other; Liv and Tyler. It [...]

    10. After reading two heartfelt books, I needed something mindless. This proved to be VERY mindless. It was not bad, but it was not great either. The sex was hot as hell LIKE SCORCHING HOT !! Good little prequel for the sexy scene although the fact that she did not even know the guy and they were a little too comfortable kind of irked me. I do not think that I will continue the series meh.

    11. Was it luck or was it fate?This is the story of how Tyler and Liv met. It is just a part of their WILD story and it will leave you wanting more of Tyler's dirty mouth and Liv's way of handling him. Get ready for a WILD ride and enjoy the rest of the series.

    12. It's ok, I guess, just a sex scene. I didn't feel anything-I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S HAPPENING WITH ME. I hope this got better. 2.5

    13. A great novella. I am truly looking forward to getting the rest of the story in Wild Temptation. A smoking hot start to what I'm sure will be another hit from Emma Hart.

    14. hummm sounds good to me! very quick read that gives you good flavor of what may come next. Liv so far is my type of girl who goes after what she wants. Need to read more. ;-)

    15. Not really a "book" per se, just a little appetizer of what is to come. I am hooked and ready for more Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome!

    16. Disappointing! Usually I love Emma's books but I hated this one. Liv annoyed me in the final call books, but I just LOVED Tyler, so I decided to give this a try. Turns out Liv is even more annoying. She is a VERY confusing character, she says one thing but does another, her reasoning does not make sense and she is overly dramatic, I felt like she was a teenager and not an adult. I would have gotten over this if the book was shorter. There is no plot, which was expected, no real conflict except f [...]

    17. Quick, dirty and has me craving to read more. This novella was beautiful and intense. Definitely going to read Wild Temptation.

    18. Wow! That was a short fast fantastic glimpse into daytons and Aaron's best friends from the call series. Liv and Tyler.

    19. I actually read this out of order, having read Wild Temptation first. But, having read the Call series, I had already been introduced to both Liv and Tyler beforehand, although you never learn their names this book. The events in Wild Attraction take place immediately before the beginning of Wild Temptation. Liv is fleeing Tyler’s hotel room after a very hot hookup. She recognized that her attraction to “Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and oh so British” could lead to far more than she is comfor [...]

    20. See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:After LOVING the Call series by Emma Hart, I knew I needed to get my hands on the Wild series as well. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be amazing. And, it was.In this little prequel, we get to see how Tyler and Liv meet originally before they discover how connected they are with their mutual friends. Their attraction is immediate, then add on to it his British accent and insane sexiness, and we have a recipe [...]

    21. Wild Attraction introduces how Tyler Stone and Liv Warren met one fateful night. It is the beginning of their story and their attraction to one another. This novella is short, sweet, and very very HOT. The spice and chemistry in this book is phenomenal. This novella also gives a glimpse into all that is going on with these two unique and highly engaging characters. This novella offers a look into how they met, what transpired, and what begins to happen after. It shows that instant connection bet [...]

    22. Wow, that was hot!!!I love Emma Hart and her books so it wasn't a though decision whether to read this one or not. Especially after The Call series. And this prequel novella definitely didn't disappoint. It is so hot and steamy that it could easily melt your panties and it definitely got me craving getting my hands on the first book in the series.So if you liked The Call series you should definitely check this short read and get ready for Wild Temptation when it gets out ;)Definitely a recommend [...]

    23. Whew! Wow! This has the signs of a classic EH novel. This is just about the best way to start off a duet of books.Honestly though, I have had the chance to skim through the next part in the series, the first part of the duet. But I never quite grasped of just how much the start of Dayton and Tyler's story and just how intense these characters are. I only had a snippet. This is only two chapters worth but it had me fanning myself. Yes, bring it!

    24. 5 stars!Damn. That was really a good prequel. Despite the limited number of pages, it was really really really hot. Like, ugh I could read this thang all day over and over again and it would still turn me on. Deerlord, it was like reading porn!And my god, that was Tyler right?! The hot Brit. His accent is enough to bring me to my knees! This man could be the death of me. I swear He's a god. A sex god. *fans self*Gah! Can't wait for Wild Temptation!

    25. Hot little prequel to the Wild Series! I read Wild Temptation last week and loved it! I didn't know about this novella until I bought book #2 Wild Addiction(just released). This short read is currently free through Kindle so grab it while you can! Smoking Hot Series! Definitely recommended if you like, Sexy British Alpha Dominant Male who will melt your knickers off with his Dirty Talk! Yes please! Happy Reading! ;-)

    26. Two strangers hook up in a bar. The chemistry is unmistakable. No names, no endearments, just lust and the need to connect.Intriguing and sexy are the first words that come to mind. Now you know after the hook up these two have connected in more ways than one. Amazingly written, with great descriptions, ahem! This is a great prequel to Wild Temptation. Readers out there who are not afraid of HOT passionate scenes, this is your book! Read the series, it is worth it!

    27. This was a short, quick read that was an okay prequel to the series. Even though the book isn't very long, I felt that not enough happened in this book to really grab my attention. I know this was only an introduction into the series, but I don't know whether or not it was enough for me to want to continue reading the rest of the series. I would have liked for this to have been longer with more happening.

    28. Holy hot hell! I think I read this series out of order again. Chalk it up to me not understanding my wife's organization on her kindle. Ha! This is another great short story that moves fast and does the trick. Wild Attraction is a very quick, very steamy read. You just know that you’re in to something good if this is the prequel to a two book series. I just have to find them on the damn kindle so I can figure out who these characters are. They definitely have great chemistry.

    29. This tiny little prequel to Liz and Tyler's story is quite steamy. They are part of the Call Series. Liz is Dayton's best friend and Tyler is Aaron's cousin. Liz is a model who doesn't settle down kind of gal. Tyler is a heart breaker, he is British and a photographer who isn't looking for love. Short but fantastic

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