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Insurgency Alan a Gen Xer with obsessive compulsive disorder is randomly targeted at a local dive bar outside Chicago with a synthetic drug called Red Phase This particular narcotic with an effect similar to

  • Title: Insurgency
  • Author: Kurt Schuett
  • ISBN: 9781628279320
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alan, a Gen Xer with obsessive compulsive disorder, is randomly targeted at a local dive bar outside Chicago with a synthetic drug called Red Phase This particular narcotic, with an effect similar to the common street drug bath salts, prompts its users into manic and ultra aggressive behavior, spanning a half life of 1 2 weeks After leaving his part time job as a standAlan, a Gen Xer with obsessive compulsive disorder, is randomly targeted at a local dive bar outside Chicago with a synthetic drug called Red Phase This particular narcotic, with an effect similar to the common street drug bath salts, prompts its users into manic and ultra aggressive behavior, spanning a half life of 1 2 weeks After leaving his part time job as a standardized test scorer, Alan meets a friend at a local dive bar for a beer This is where a group of college students randomly roofie Alan s drink with Red Phase, causing Alan to perform an atrocious series of murders he doesn t even realize he committed until the discovery of alarming physical evidence in his home the next morning Upon Alan s aforementioned realization, he contacts a former undergraduate classmate and friend, George, who is a defense attorney in Chicago After a quick phone conversation, George commutes to Alan s house and convinces him it best to turn himself in, but under the umbrella of his counsel and protection While Alan is sitting in lockup, sleeplessly wrestling with his OCD, The Hand, an underground black bloc group of military skilled insurgents, liberates him from confinement After Alan is transported to their underground compound nestled in the recessed boroughs of Old Chicago, he meets the leader of the domestic terror cell and discovers it s responsible for the creation of Red Phase Consequently, this brotherhood plans to mass distribute the synthetic drug during the height of the G20 Summit in Chicago, hoping to throw the city into a chaos of apocalyptic proportions.

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    1. Insurgency by Kurt SchuettAlan is a down on his luck average guy. He just left his boring job as a test scorer and meets with a friend at a local bar. A group of college kids decide to randomly spike his drink with a drug "Red Phase". Alan has no recollection of what he did, he just finds evidence that he has killed someone. Later he learns it is more than just one. Not knowing what to do he calls his friend George an attorney, who advises Alan to turn himself in to the police.Once in jail thing [...]

    2. This thriller kept me turning pages throughout by recreating the great city of Chicago with rich local details--and then presenting its destruction at the hands of a terrifying outbreak. The action sequences are particularly well-crafted, and there are a number of genuinely horrific moments certain to make readers remember, and fear, the Red Hand Brotherhood for a long time. Alongside the fast-paced fireworks, the author's characters (heroes and villains alike) make timely, poignant observations [...]

    3. OMG---this is SUCH a good book! Rock star author--Kurt Schuett puts the pen to paper and makes it flame! I've just started and am supposed to be doing something else but Insurgency grabbed my attention! P.S. I am the lucky owner of a signed copy! I am in the chapter title TUNNEL VISION, this is awesome escape effort action description that fans of Anthony Horowitz and Hal Coben will go for!

    4. In the beginning, there is a very good first chapter title: In the Beginning, There Was Unemployment. What separates Kurt Schuett's novel Insurgency from the growing numbers of reader-disturbing apocalyptic fiction is that this novel is grounded in an understanding of why a mass of people may revolt and turn to terror. After all, it truly is in the eye of the beholder as a famous old political cartoon of Ronald Reagan put it, which ones are the insurgents and which ones are the freedom fighters? [...]

    5. First off: This novel mentions "Fraggle Rock", "American Psycho" (the film) and Stephen King. You have to love that. Plus, they are mentioned in such a seamless way that it doesn't feel as if Schuett is name-dropping for the sake of name-dropping.Truth be told, I wasn't hooked by the first few chapters. This sounds conflicted but it seemed simply worded but wordy. I decided that I was too busy and stressed to enjoyed the book and I sat it aside to attempt later. The second time around, I was muc [...]

    6. A man in a bespoke suit swings from a noose made out of an American flag. Outside, Chicago looks like Mogadishu. This is our first - and also our final - glimpse of Kurt Schuett's titular INSURGENCY. Schuett then rewinds the tape and takes us back to the current day city, frumpy, but functional. In the wake of the Great Recession, no one is particularly satisfied with their lot in life, but no one is exactly taking to the streets in violence, either. That journey from point A to point Z, when th [...]

    7. Alan Schultz is your everyday graduate. Can’t find a good job, has his own personal grumblings with society, and is very, very OCD. So maybe Alan isn’t the everyday guy, but he was a character that Kurt Schuett really created very well. Alan was a character that I enjoyed reading about and irritated me as much as he entertained me, which any personal in the real world is sure to do, so thumbs up for a strong protagonist.Alan is thrown into the middle of an underground domestic terrorist grou [...]

    8. Kurt Schuett’s work, Insurgency, is a hypothetical debut novel, which primarily incorporates various aspects of urban thrillers, suspense, actions and horrors, as well as political conspiracy. According to Schuett, the country appears to be in actual decay, and the citizens nurturing a feeling of complete hopelessness. This perception actually makes the tale rich with elements of political unrest. This is specifically manifested in the level of anti-state developments and complexities thus mak [...]

    9. First thing, Insurgency is the first book in a serial series. That means that even when you finish reading this book, you aren’t done. You have to read the next book, and the one after that and so on. I know that a lot of people like serial books, I’m just not one of them. If I had known before I started reading Insurgency that I was starting a serial, I wouldn’t have read it.That being said, it was a good book. I liked it. The characters were interesting, and the action was good. It takes [...]

    10. Kurt Schuett followed me on Twitter and was really cool. He told me to check out this book, and I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. Red Phase Rising is one fast paced crazy book that only got better and better as it went along.I really liked how it had all the chaos and tense destruction of a zombie story, while being far more creative than a zombie story. The Red Phase crazy people are pretty intense. The whole hospital section was the best part, it was so freaky and brutal!My only complai [...]

    11. A terrific read that gripped me during a long haul flight from Australia to England. A seat-of-your-pants, no-holds-barred romp through the streets of Chicago with drugs, murder and mayhem a-plenty, seen through the whiskey-addled eyes of a poor Joe. Go on, you know you want to.

    12. Never would I have selected this book to read, but it kept my interest throughout. Incredibly suspenseful (that's usually not my choice to read for pleasure) and I can't wait for the next in this series!!

    13. I know Kurt personally and think this was an awesome debut novel.Looking forward to the next book in series coming out.

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