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Overlooked Don t tell me you didn t miss me Rafael s devilish sister Mary has returned to the Nettlebush Indian Reservation after a year of absence and a failed stint in a rock band But the reason behind Mary s

  • Title: Overlooked
  • Author: Rose Christo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: ebook
  • Don t tell me you didn t miss me Rafael s devilish sister Mary has returned to the Nettlebush Indian Reservation after a year of absence and a failed stint in a rock band But the reason behind Mary s triumphant homecoming is anything less than sororal Mary has her sights set on Paul Looks Over, the man responsible for her father s death Nothing and nobody will stop Ma Don t tell me you didn t miss me Rafael s devilish sister Mary has returned to the Nettlebush Indian Reservation after a year of absence and a failed stint in a rock band But the reason behind Mary s triumphant homecoming is anything less than sororal Mary has her sights set on Paul Looks Over, the man responsible for her father s death Nothing and nobody will stop Mary from staking a Blood Law of her own, a decision that will force Rafael to choose between his love for Skylar and his very family.

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      155 Rose Christo
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    1 thought on “Overlooked

    1. The Gives Light series is one of my favorite series’ ever. I’ve said it in almost every review for these books and my love for this series and the characters continues to grow. And the fact I’m still getting more books makes me so happy, because my love will continue to grow for this series with each new book released.I love Rafael. I loved him when Skylar talked about him in the first book and I loved him even more when we got his first book, Lending Light. He’s such an amazing characte [...]

    2. I decided to review books 5 & 6 together 1) because I read them back-to-back and 2) I have a very similar reaction to both of them.To start, these 2 books are from Rafael's point-of-view and are an accompaniment to book 1 ("Gives Light") and some of book 2 ("Looks Over"). These cannot be read as stand-alones and really should be read, in my opinion, after you've read the whole series (but at least until after you've read 1 & 2)To start: I love this series!!!That being said, I had a reall [...]

    3. TW: ableism, gore (in a dream/vision sequence), attempted murderWhile I appreciate that Ms. Christo commits to making Rafael's side of the story as unique from Skylar's as possible, there's just something weird here and it was endlessly distracting. It makes sense that Skylar wouldn't know everything that's going on around the reservation, like the stray antelope that's eating up the crops, or (view spoiler)[that Annie's questioning if she's bi. (hide spoiler)] I appreciate that Rafael would foc [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsBonkers magic-realist re-telling of Gives Light #2, from Rafael's perspective. Seriously. The pacing is a bit off, there are elements of Christo's usual well-meaning but heavy-handed didacticism, but holy crap, man. This is basically "Louise Erdrich writes gay YA". That is a Good Thing. Some of the imagery, particularly some of the visceral scenes between (view spoiler)[Mary and Rafael (hide spoiler)] near the end are just staggeringly evocative.This is a short review, but the plot is k [...]

    5. I enjoyed revisiting these characters but this was a little heavy on the mystic visions and philosophy, even for a series that has been mostly plotless meanderings. I loved getting inside Rafael's head in Lending Light, but I'm not sure it's necessary to redo the whole series through his eyes.

    6. I just finished it. I can't stop crying. I want to contact Rose Christo and tell her that I love her. Thanking her wouldn't be enough. This is why I love to read. If anyone ask me why, I'm gonna show them this series.

    7. I've been waiting and waiting and finally when it was published I missed it :/I couldn't make myself read it, I had this book for 2-3 weeks and I just didn't want to start. I mean, I wanted to read this, BADLY, and in the same time I was scared. I was afraid I wouldn't like it. And well, maybe, my fear can be justified now.I like the story. And that's the problem. I LOVE the whole series, with my whole heart and I only like Overlooked. I can't help it. It's not as good as previous book :(It's st [...]

    8. This book was use as brilliant as the rest. Some parts had me in tears I will admit but it was so worth a read. I've never read about a character with such a vivid imagination like Rafael and that alone will make me always remember him.

    9. oh Lord this book was/'is amazing. I enjoyed every sentence and I am sad that this is the end of it hmmm maybe not, Idk better look into it. Anyways yeah great book

    10. I love this series so much and I love Rafael so much. Could not be happier that we're getting more of his POV in the series!

    11. What's left to sayThe first four books I. This series are from Skylar's POV. The last two are from Rafael's POV. I felt like this book moves slowly. I also felt like there was an alternative version of the timeline being introduced. Either I had no idea how much Raf's family was struggling or it was just off the mark. Still some great moments In the book. 3.50 for the extra credit.

    12. This second of Rafael's books is very much about relationships. Not so much his relationship to Skylar, which is comparatively warm and simple and settled, but his relationships to everyone else. Most notably his sister Mary, who returns to the reserve. Mary was a daddy's girl, and when it turned out her daddy had been murdering local women, her world shattered even worse than Rafael's. She left Nettlebush as soon as she was able, broken and empty, looking for something to fill the void and ease [...]

    13. 2.5/5Unfortunately, this is my least favorite book in this series. I'm not entirely sure this is the last book because there are still two more books that could be written from Rafael's POV, but for now I'm guessing it is. I enjoyed the series overall. Each book was sweet and soothing and thought-provoking. I loved learning about Shoshone people and their rich culture. I loved the fleshed out characters that constantly made me smile. This book, however, just didn't click with me. I'm not sure if [...]

    14. I feel like I can't write any review that will do this book justice, so I'll just try to put some of my feelings toward this book down in words.I have never been let down by any of the books in this series, and this one is no exception. When I read this book I thought that it had to be the best one yet, but it's really hard to say that for sure since I love them all so much. A book just doesn't get any better than this - it's constantly interesting and there's always something going on that make [...]

    15. This was another chance to see things from different perspectives and it certainly made me stop and think a few times.I don't think I'll ever really like Mary, but I can at least now understand her a little.Rafael caused me a few moments of upset, but in the end he seemed to be the wisest of them all.I admit the last two books have been harder to read thanks to the way Rafael tells the story, but at the same time they make for very interesting reading. The hardest part of all is that these books [...]

    16. Lending Light and Overlooked, were supposed to Rafael's POV during what happened in the Gives Light series. But, these. These were almost like new stories unfurling, right on top of the old. And it feels infantile now, that to have thought that Rafael and Mary were not conflicted over Skylar's dad and the fulfillment of blood law over their father. Rafael's world, his thoughts, his anguish, his love. Naked and unmasked and intense. There were a few instances when the Skylar's and Rafael's timeli [...]

    17. I really loved it. Rafael is such an interesting pov character, and I loved seeing the world through his eyes. The honesty, the emotion, and the bluntness of this story mix beautifully with his fantastical imagination. FOR the whole series so far: I loved it so much I promptly made my sister read it, and she loved it so much she is making her friends read it. Thank you so much for writing this Rose Christo. (I have enjoyed a few other of this author's books as well and would highly recommend the [...]

    18. We've so much to Learn and RethinkThe history of the Shoshone and other tribes are dealt with further in this book. Their legends, and history with the Europeans who came, are integral to the current condition of these people. Ms. Christo has done a beautiful job with difficult subjects that needs to be addressed by the federal and state governments. The characters in her stories are strong with frailties we all suffer with. The overwhelming thread, the love Raphael and Sky share for each other, [...]

    19. It started off as another 5 star read, but then all the introspection about Rafael's love for Sky got to be too much. I loved it, but not pages and pages and pages of it.3.5, rounded up because I love Rafael and Sky and all the other characters and I love the author's words even if the story didn't always work for me.

    20. I love how even tho is coincides with looks over is a different story in a sense that Rafael and Skylar see things in a different point of view throughout the story. I love the acceptance Rafael is feeling from Annie and the group. rose Christio has written another lush story full of magic imagination and vast colour. looking forward to the next book.

    21. i'm sorry i really wanted to give it two stars but i really, really hated it. i dont know what happened. the first four books were magic.

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