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Gabriel's Gift

Gabriel s Gift Gabriel s father a washed up rock musician has been chucked out of the house His mother works nights in a pub and sleeps days Navigating his way through the shattered world of his parents generation

  • Title: Gabriel's Gift
  • Author: Hanif Kureishi
  • ISBN: 9780743217132
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gabriel s father, a washed up rock musician, has been chucked out of the house His mother works nights in a pub and sleeps days Navigating his way through the shattered world of his parents generation, Gabriel dreams of being an artist He finds solace and guidance through a mysterious connection to his deceased twin brother, Archie, and his own knack for producing realGabriel s father, a washed up rock musician, has been chucked out of the house His mother works nights in a pub and sleeps days Navigating his way through the shattered world of his parents generation, Gabriel dreams of being an artist He finds solace and guidance through a mysterious connection to his deceased twin brother, Archie, and his own knack for producing real objects simply by drawing them.A chance visit with mega millionaire rock star Lester Jones, his father s former band mate, provides Gabriel with the means to heal the rift within his family Kureishi portrays Gabriels naive hope and artistic aspirations with the same insight and searing honesty that he brought to the Indian Anglo experience in The Buddha of Suburbia and to infidelity in Intimacy Gabriel s Gift is a humorous and tender meditation on failure, redemption, the nature of talent, the power of imagination and a generation that never wanted to grow up, seen through the eyes of their children.

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      223 Hanif Kureishi
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    1 thought on “Gabriel's Gift

    1. حنيف كتب قصة فيلم. لذا كانت النهاية تليق بفيلم اجتماعي أكثر من رواية. طبعا، شغل الحوار مساحة شاسعة من الرواية. وتتالي المشاهد، على امتداد فصولها، بصورة واضحة، يؤكد ذلك. في النهاية، لو تعاملت مع الحكاية كفيلم أو تعاملت معها كرواية، ستخرج بفائدة. حيث يستعيد قريشي أجواء الفن في [...]

    2. В града вече се заселваха не само имигранти от бившите колонии, а и от други страни, имаше представители на всички раси и те живееха врата до врата, без постоянно да се избиват едни други. Този нов международен град на име Лондон горе-долу се крепеше, без да бъде обхващан от п [...]

    3. This is an intriguing, well-paced read (though it could've used about 50 more pages - never thought I'd say that), but I'm not wild about it. Things move too quickly; we see cause or effect but seldom both; everything seems slightly off-kilter. Gabriel reads too young for me, especially if he grew up surrounded by musicians and their groupies. Other characters - and the narrator - kept telling me Gabriel is precocious, but I never saw it.I was also depressed by the narrowness that surrounded "dr [...]

    4. An excellent book to read if you are down on confidence,its full of positive energy and hope.More or less life a fairy tale where good things happen to good people,yet Kureishi has brought in themes of racism,immigrants,homosexuals and such into the story,which is pretty good.Its full of wonderful passages,one i personally liked:-"Talent might be a gift but it still has to be cultivated.The imagination is like a fire or furnace:it has to be stoked, fed and attended to.One thing sets another abla [...]

    5. ليس ثمة كاتب أجدر بوصف السهل الممتنع أكثر من حنيف. هو يكتب ببساطة و بتقنية عالية و ما أصعب الدمج بينهما. و على الرغم من إسرافه بالاستعانة بمفردات بذيئة و أفكار منحطة أحياناً إلا أنّ حسناته تتغلب بسهولة على هذا الانفلات. هذه الرواية الرابعة التي أقرأها له و كم تمضي الصفحات بسلا [...]

    6. Absolutely loved Kureishi's writing. In a matter of a few sentences the reader is whisked into the mind and heart of an adolescent boy trying to understand the rollercoaster which is life. At the core of this novella is the question of how to hold onto imagination? How to hold onto lossesa twin, a marriage, the truth, ideals? Wonderfully crafted, this book is a gem!

    7. It is a good book, but like me if you have read the earlier outputs- The Buddha of Suburbia (1990) and Intimacy (1998)- Gabriel's Gift will appear quite boring at times. The fun, the intelligence, and the bon mot that make those works so endearing is conspicuously absent in Gabriel's Gift. The novel nevertheless deals with an interesting theme, and will often treat you with lucid insights on family life, creativity, discipline and the angst to which young adults and their middle aged parents are [...]

    8. I found Gabriel's Gift to be an interesting story. Gabriel is a 15 year old boy who is left at home with his mum when his parents spilt up. As Gabriel gets to grips with his new life he turns to the support of his dead twin brother who speaks to him and guides him through a number of situations. Gabriel's father turns to drink while his mum goes slightly wilder, starts working in a bar and inviting all sorts of men back to the house. It isn't until a chance meeting with an old rock star that lif [...]

    9. I liked this short novel about how a young man eventually brings his parents back together after it looked like there was little hope for the parents or the family as a whole. Gabriel is a talented artist and wants to be a film maker. His father is a washed up guitar player who once played with one of the greats in the 1970s (Lester Jones) until he broke his ankle by falling off his platform shoes! At a chance meeting with Lester, Gabriel is given a drawing by Lester which turns out to be a turn [...]

    10. The writing is fine, the plot vapid, and the main character unconvincing (he's supposed to be fifteen, but thirteen would be more like it). The device of the ghost of the deceased twin is downright silly. The female in the tale, the mother, doesn't jell. All in all, read Hornby's About a Boy: it's better.

    11. Frühe Magie, pflichtverdrossenes EndeNachdem Hanif Kureishi beim Beschreiben von gescheiterten Beziehungen und den Grausamkeiten der Trennung vor keiner Peinlichkeit zurück geschreckt, letztlich aber doch unter den Erwartungen geblieben war, hatte er sich mit Gabriels Gabe an einem Gegenentwurf versucht. Ein begabter Junge schafft es seine heillos zerstrittenen Eltern wieder zusammen zu bringen und eine allgemeine Veränderung der Verhältnisse zum Guten zu bewirken. Für Kureishis Verhältnis [...]

    12. After reading The Buddha of Suburbia, Gabriel's Gift didn't quite live up to my expectations. I think the ending comes too soon and the story could be more entertaining had it been a bit longer. Apart from that, some characters are not very much developed (e. g. Speedy or even Lester Jones), while others (Karim Amir and Charlie Hero) can only be understood if you have read The Buddha of Suburbia. The story is funny, though.

    13. This is lovely read, a story of a 15 year old boy whose parents have separated and his determination to bring them back together. the characters are well described and the story is well written.

    14. I started to read this book not knowing anything about the author or what the story would be about (the blurb was very formulaic). I chose it mainly because it was short, and it took me only three days to finish it. I am now going to ramble a bit, collecting my thoughts on the book. Reading along, i wondered where the book was meant to be going. Gabriel, the eponymous main character is a London teenager, an only child whose parents, washed up 70s hipsters, have just separated. In the second chap [...]

    15. For as long as I can remember, I have been an avid reader, but since High School started I haven’t read as much. Earlier this year, I got some “new” books and just now I am getting around to reading them. Okay, so I got Gabriel’s Gift as a present and it kicked off again my desire to read.Gabriel’s Gift was written by Hanif Kureishi and was released in 2001. It is set in London and the story travels through the city, going from the suburbs to bars to warehouses.Gabriel is a fifteen yea [...]

    16. Oh my… but this was so profoundly awful on every level that I can hardly believe I read it, let alone that for some unfathomable and criminal reason, it was once placed on the 1001 list.Badly written with flat characters who say and do entirely predictable things, this has a plot that, if Kureishi could actually write, might not be half bad. But he can’t write and the novel thus turns out wholly bad.Gabriel’s parents separate and his father, a failed musician, attempts to salvage something [...]

    17. In Gabriel's dad, Hanif creates a character which has to be loved by every kid. Popular, charismatic, icononic, rebel, and most of all someone who has seems to have a lot more time than others. In short, Gabriel's dad is a classic nurturer and a groomer. Someone who should be present as one of the many role models in every kids life. Someone who is courageous enough to go against the grain, and at the same time deflecting the resulting opprobrium with the ease of a sage.And in Gabriel's mother h [...]

    18. Chosen from 1001 books you must read before you die. I am working backwards and have arrived at 2001.I have not read Kureishi before. I will again. There is plenty to admire, the pop culture references of the seventies, the sly humour, and underneath it all, a book with a message.Gabriel is the potential offspring of a broken home. His parents were both big in their own way in the seventies - his father, playing bass in the Lester Jones (read, David Bowie) super successful band. That is until he [...]

    19. Part meditation on modern childhood, part reflection on parents who can't manage to grow up, a 15-year old Gabriel tries to reunite his separated parents. Dad was a 70s rocker and member of Lester Jones' band whose career nose-dived after a platform sole accident. Mum is exasperated by this impractical slacker of a man and tries to make something of herself. Gabriel is sensitive and artistic and attuned to the presence of his dead brother Archie. He can also make real objects appear simply by dr [...]

    20. I was pretty disappointed with this one. I think had it been by an unknown author, it would probably have scraped a three. But after the wonderful riot of the Buddha of Suburbia and the pain and indecision of Ignorance, this one just felt a bit bland. Entirely readable, but it just feels a little undeveloped. Gabriel has a gift - he thinks the gift is that when he draws things, they appear in real life. But then that's all forgotten about, and it's a pretty ordinary story of a boy trapped in the [...]

    21. A child's view of the world makes ordinary occurances and typical family drama seem new and exciting, and it is clear that Kureishi has drawn upon this technique to drive his story of a torn family. The parental figures are typical washouts from 1960s-era London whose surprise at finding how mundane and unsuccessful their lives are makes them bitter and self-loathing, but through Gabiel's eyes they are just his parents. He may not fully grasp why they are such children, but he knows that he must [...]

    22. This book took less than a day to read and while it was diverting, well written and pleasantly readable it wasn't exactly mind blowing and I'm not really sure why it has a place on the 1001 books list.The story follows the lives of Gabriel, who still communicates with his dead twin Archie, and Gabriel's life which is dominated by the trial and tribulations of his parents whose 1960's peace love and music ethos is now out of step with the modern world. His father, Rex is a talented mucisian who m [...]

    23. Gabriel is a teenager whose parents aren't getting along. He's an artist who speaks to his dead twin brother. His dad was a rock star of a little fame. Gabriel doesn't like the au pair his mother has hired to watch over him. Seems like disjointed facts, right? Yeah. The book kind of clunks along, and stuff happens with a few moments of feeling, but overall, it was just okay. None of the characters was developed enough to feel believable, especially Gabriel. He was inconsistent and it made it dif [...]

    24. A story about growing up in a non traditional family unit. Not sure I was able to relate to the writing in the way the author intended. Both parents and child all needed to mature and become responsible adults. A topic that I found somewhat boring. Can't remember what encouraged me to purchase the book except that it was a big departure from what I usually read. The author has a few more titles which I might consider before making a final judgment.

    25. I'm not sure I got it! The title implies that the main character has a gift. Early on it mentions he can turn pictures into reality, but then its never mentioned again, then he talks to his twin brother who died, but that never goes anywhere either. It's a fairly quick read and at times I felt sorry for the boy having parents like those, but it just fell a little flat for me.

    26. I was pretty impressed by Hanif Kureishi's novel "Intimacy"And this one was just too bland. The story of Gabriel who communicates with his dead broter and his old-hippie dad was did not catch me. The whole feeling this book left was - oh well, it is ok - whatever happens - life goes oneven if you do not read me, it will be ok. Should I be giving it another chance?

    27. As much as I like clear, clean-cut prose, this novel (novella?) didn't cut it for me. There's no sense of involvement: by the end of the novel, I still didn't care for any of the characters. This was my first Kureishi, and if this novel is representative for the rest of his oeuvre, I don't think I'll read any more of his work.

    28. The first half was brilliant, full of quotable observations and laugh-out-loud hysterical. But then the story then seemed to fall apart, the humor in revious chapters was nowhere to be found, and the dialogue seemed stilted. The author redeemed himself somewhat in the end, and I'm intrigued by him- definitely will pick up some of his other books

    29. This didn't really have a point. A boy with a useless father and inattentive mother drifts along between their separate homes. At one point he discovers he can draw and bring the pictures to life, then it isn't mentioned again. An autographed picture is given then taken from him. Fifty pages in I gave up. I didn't finish it.

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