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War Dog: The No-Man's Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies

War Dog The No Man s Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies Thrilling and moving in equal measure War Dog is a story of loyalty in the face of extraordinary adversity and of the unshakeable bond between a man and his best friend in wartime Europe

  • Title: War Dog: The No-Man's Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies
  • Author: Damien Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780751553475
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thrilling and moving in equal measure, War Dog is a story of loyalty in the face of extraordinary adversity, and of the unshakeable bond between a man and his best friend in wartime Europe.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ War Dog: The No-Man's Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies : by Damien Lewis ✓
      193 Damien Lewis
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ War Dog: The No-Man's Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies : by Damien Lewis ✓
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    1 thought on “War Dog: The No-Man's Land Puppy Who Took to the Skies

    1. Downloaded from Audible, narrated by Derek Perkins. A five-star performance! The narration improved on the story, I believe, which is saying something. His voice is easy on the ears and distinctly different for dog and man. Apparently, the book includes old photos, so I missed out on that, but I easily found several photos online.This heartwarming and somewhat amazing biographical account is based on personal diaries, BBC footage and reports, and military documents. The "story" begins in France [...]

    2. This was such an endearing story between a man and his dog. I am not a crier at all, but there were times where I felt my throat tighten and I had to blink back the tears. The bond that existed between the owner and his German Shepherd was so completely heart-warming. This is a non-fiction book, mostly written by someone who doesn't write novels. So I think you need to keep that in mind as you read thru it. The writing was okay. But with that being said, it certainly was able to get the details [...]

    3. 4 ½ stars. Audiobook needs a pdf file for pictures.Wow. Wonderful. Fantastic Story. True story about a dog and his loyalty and love with his owner.I was so captivated. Could not stop reading. A pilot Robert was shot down by the Germans in 1939. There he met abandoned puppy Antis who would die if not rescued. Robert crawled for hours to safety with the puppy in his shirt. This is one of those truth is stranger than fiction stories. Amazing things happen. It’s nonfiction but embellished with as [...]

    4. “The Dog Who Could Fly” by Damien Lewis, published by Atria Books.Category – War/Dogs Publication Date – June 10, 2014If you are looking for a book on the Second World War, if you are looking for a book on air combat, and if you are looking for a book that tells the story of an extraordinary dog, this is your book.In 1929 Robert Bozdech and his pilot were shot down over German territory. They found refuge in a farm house and found a German shepherd puppy. A puppy they were going to leave [...]

    5. As a dog lover, I was always going to enjoy this book, written by Lewis but based on the unpublished memoir of Robert Bozdech, a Czech airman whose relationship with his dog, Antis, resulted in fame during WW2.Describing the book without spoilers is impossible, but from Robert's unlikely discovery of Antis as a puppy, an unbreakable bond was forged between man and dog that is documented here. No doubt more than slightly embellished-Antis was a remarkably talented dog if the words contained withi [...]

    6. 2.5 stars. The story at the core of this book is one that appealed to both my love of dogs and my interest in WWII history—the story of an abandoned German Shepherd puppy rescued by downed Czech airman Robert Bozdech, who became Bozdech's loyal sidekick and mascot of the RAF squadron his master joined, even flying with him on bombing raids over Germany. I have a German Shepherd myself, whose intelligence and devotion to her human family continue to amaze me, and many things about Antis' person [...]

    7. Completely and utterly riveting!! This is an absolultely amazing book, made even more astounding by knowing this is based on a true story. Robert, a Czech pilot, flying with French Airforce, is shot down in No Man's Land. While getting his French pilot to safety, he finds an abandoned puppy and feeds it, thus starting a bond that is to last years and surmount seemingly impossible odds. When they leave, the puppy comes too, stuffed in Robert's flying jacket.Later, the dog flies with him on missio [...]

    8. I really like books that can keep my interest thru out the story. This is one of them. First and foremost I received this Advanced uncorrected book from the publisher as a winner on . AND now my review.The title of the book - The Dog Who Could Fly - is exactly that- this incredible dog named Antis did fly many, many missions during WW11 with his BEST buddy - Robert Bozdech, a Czech airman flying with the RAF Bomber Command. However, not all the flights and land journeys were of the legal nature [...]

    9. Great book for dog lovers. Also another example of truth being stranger and more amazing than fiction sometimes. A lovely read at the beach, and coincidentally about a Czech pilot during WWII. Nice non-fiction match to The Prague Sonata that I was listening to as an audio book on the trip.

    10. A War Story, A Love Story Bound to be a New BestsellerThe Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-Footed Hero Who Flew at His Side, by Damien Lewis (Simon & Schuster, 2013, 288 pages, $26 - and worth every penny!) Enthralling ReadBy the co-author of Sergeant Rex, The Dog Who Could Fly only gets better and better as you find yourself reading faster and faster. You know the ending but you have to read the whole book to find out how it gets there.Like a murder [...]

    11. Anyone who has had a beloved dog will love this novel It's heartwarming and shows the amazing bond that can happen between a man and his dog! This would've been an easy 5 star except that I felt the middle dragged on a bit but still a sweet, sweet story!

    12. I love the story of Robert and Antis; their bond is amazing! I can't believe the situations they were able to escape from during wartime. This was an informative and interesting story that was also emotional and heartwarming!

    13. Full disclosure--I'm a dog lover and I'm definitely a huge fan of this remarkable a dog! What an amazing, wonderful, feel good story!

    14. I found this(Bozdech ) obsessive behavior with respect to his dog(antis), a little overkill especially for the fact that it could have been easily addressed at least in the end.I understand the airmen has been serving his country and lived under extremely stressful conditions while performing his duties, But!There is no explanation other than a few words about his first wife and child.And also then denying his second family from having a dog with just a flat NO you will not have one, to me begs [...]

    15. a great story of a brave pup and his owner, also the rest of the crew who would do anything for the pup who they looked upon as a very important member of their crew! Reading this book; had me on a rollercoaster of so many feelings. Proud, amazed, happy, sad, ashamed how some people reacted towards this dog, who with his crew and owner saved so my lives, while doing so, put their own in grave danger! I know that it was their job, but WOW! It made me feel how greatful l am for what l have and how [...]

    16. (Listened to the audio, narrated by Derek Perkins)I picked this up to have something to listen to at the gym (because watching the morning news was too depressing). The upside is that I frequently stayed on the treadmill or elliptical machine longer than intended to find out what happened next. The not-too-bad downside is I frequently gasped or laughed out loud and fought back tears--in public. A fantastic true story that fans of WWII history will love. A must for dog lovers.

    17. If you're a dog lover, a history/WWII enthusiast, or both I believe you will enjoy this book. The interactions between Robert and Antis are often touching or hilarious. It's a well written book and does a great job of telling the story without getting too bogged down. Highly recommend.

    18. Great story about one man's life in the Air Force with a dog during WWII. His dog saved his life on many occasions, which more than made up for all the trouble he caused. With one story after another, you see the incredible bond between man and dog.

    19. Czech Airman Robert Bozdech was shot down during WW II behind enemy lines and rescued a German Shepherd puppy from a deserted farmhouse. The story of their escape to England and continued role in the war is incredible. Food: Fish & chips.

    20. (Listened)I liked this book, but expected more in the end. The end was pretty blah and probably could have been told as an epilogue.

    21. A very enjoyable book to read about a dog that got saved in the war which devotes his life to his new master and helps save people's lives.

    22. Absolutely loved this book - a truly remarkable story of the bond that existed between Robert Bozdech, an airman with Bomber Command & his dog Antis during World War Two.

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