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Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths For John Newton one of Christendom s greatest hymn writers and writer of Amazing Grace God s matchless grace was intensely personal Saved from a life of slave trading John Newton was fully aware of

  • Title: Out of the Depths
  • Author: John Newton Dennis R. Hillman
  • ISBN: 9780825433191
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • For John Newton, one of Christendom s greatest hymn writers and writer of Amazing Grace, God s matchless grace was intensely personal Saved from a life of slave trading, John Newton was fully aware of the depths from which he was pulled In this autobiography, revised and updated for today s readers by Dennis Hillman, Newton relates the events that led him from unimagFor John Newton, one of Christendom s greatest hymn writers and writer of Amazing Grace, God s matchless grace was intensely personal Saved from a life of slave trading, John Newton was fully aware of the depths from which he was pulled In this autobiography, revised and updated for today s readers by Dennis Hillman, Newton relates the events that led him from unimaginable sin and spiritual bondage to a life of ministry and renewal transformed by God s amazing and inexhaustible grace.Discover the timeless story of John Newton s conversion and the true meaning of the familiar words, Amazing grace How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now am found was blind, but now I see.

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    • [PDF] Ê Free Download ½ Out of the Depths : by John Newton Dennis R. Hillman Ñ
      105 John Newton Dennis R. Hillman
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    1 thought on “Out of the Depths

    1. "Out of the Depths" is essentially a modernization of John Newton's own autobiography, "An Authentic Narrative," by which I mean it updates the language to 20th century American English, organizes it into book chapters (Newton originally penned his autobiography in a series of letters), and so on.However, if you want Newton's "An Authentic Narrative" as he originally wrote it, it'd be best to purchase "The Life and Spirituality of John Newton" by Bruce Hindmarsh (ed.). "The Life and Spirituality [...]

    2. I quite enjoyed this little book by the author of the famous hymn Amazing Grace. Not really an auto biography, but rather John Newton's account of his own spiritual development and conversion. In one review I saw some complains about the heavy emphasis on sin and sinfullness. What struck me most, though, was the focus on God's providence and guidance. The style is old, of course, but the language reasonably modernised.FAVOURITE QUOTE: "I trust that His will and my true interest are inseparable." [...]

    3. Newton's is a story of extremes. Extreme living, mockery of God and the Gospel, and extreme disbelief. But God's extreme mercy and grace proved to be too much for the man. God's great longsuffering and provision broke this man's heart over time (a man who had given God nothing but contempt). Out of this a misspent, lost soul came to Christ. Sins were forgiven as humbling faith trusted the Lord for all things. From a slave trader to a born-again believer and well-renowned, timelessly loved hymn w [...]

    4. (See also: 'John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace', by Jonathan Aitken - I read these two books one after the other.)Although this is a small book (only 156 pages), I believe I profited by it much more than I had by reading the 400 page biography of Newton by Aitken. I enjoyed it more too. I liked the voice of John Newton, and what he had to say.The following few examples may serve to illustrate a little of the simplicity and profundity of Newton's writing - and sometimes the simple elegan [...]

    5. In eight letters John Newton wrote the story of his life which was put into book form as Out of the Depths. As a child he was taught from the Bible and his mother prayed he would go into the ministry. As he grew up he put away the teachings of his early years and lived foolishly. Through many miraculous situations as a sailor (God saved his life many times), John Newton finally saw his need for God.The only thing I wish would be different about this book is that it would have been more detailed, [...]

    6. I loved the story in this book, but not necessarily how it was written. I didn't like how the story jumped around, but I love reading about brave people and what they have endured. It's humbling.

    7. I loved this book. John Newton’s life and his telling was very edifying for me. God’s providence and his glorious salvation drop from seemingly every page.

    8. I had read this book many years ago and loved it. Recently pulled it off the shelf and glad I did. Always good to revisit great testimonies of faith. I love Newton's letters and hymns.

    9. A book by a man of profound faith, it can be a little slow, since sermonizing on faith in God is primarily what he wants to talk about. His life deserves further exploring.

    10. A wonderful account of the life and conversion of John Newton in his own words. The hymn 'Amazing Grace' is one of the most famous songs in the world, and it would do everyone good to learn about the man and the lyrics behind it. I feel like I appreciate every word of it far more, realizing how every word was deeply rooted in experience.One of the main emphasis's of the book is how God works in our lives providentially to accomplish his sovereign purposes. Newton was forever struck by this, and [...]

    11. Amazing Grace is probably the best known hymn. It was written by John Newton. Out of the Depths is his autobiography, though the focus is on his spiritual journey. Once a man who railed against faith, Newton became a devout Christian and lover of Jesus Christ. His story is one of adventure on the high seas, and a life spared to be an example of God's grace and mercy.This edition of Newton's autobiography has been updated to a more modern language, but in such a way that it has not lost Newton's [...]

    12. Not at all what I was expecting when I got this book. I wanted to know many of the historical events that Newton lived through throughout his life, instead, what I got was mainly him telling and retelling what a misfit he was and how he did not deserve God's unending grace. This is all true of course, but I was looking for something a bit different. In fact, this book is a compilation of letters he had written to a friend about his life and that friend prompted him to put them in a book format, [...]

    13. John Newton's story of his conversion to Christianity was very inspiring. He writes about so many universal truths. I thought there would be more about the hymn "Amazing Grace", but he didn't even mention it. I also wish he would have given better insight to the sins he had to overcome. He didn't talk about the slave trade specifically. Thank goodness for footnotes or some of the things he alluded to would have gone over my head. I almost liked the appendix better. Even though it was written fro [...]

    14. This is the autobiography of John Newton who wrote the hymn Amazing Grace. It is truly an amazing book. I read it during a particularly difficult time in my life and it was definitely an answer to prayer. There are great and beautiful truths in this book. John Newton was not a perfect man, even after his conversion. He was someone who struggled to find faith and keep it, just as we all must do day by day. Truly inspiring!

    15. This is a rewrite in more modern language of John Newton's autobiographical letters to a friend of his, sharing is life's experiences that led him to God and a ministry. The book is short, and Newton left out most of the details of his life, focusing instead on where the experiences he had led him, and that he felt each experience was evidence of God's interest in and guidance of his life. His brief comparison of the sea journeys of ships and the lives of people was worth reading.

    16. Never has a biography been so inspiring to read. The experiences and thoughts of John Newton, a sinner-turned-saint, are so clear and concise; so simple and yet complex with emotion, that it is hard not to feel as if this book were written about your own life--whatever your trials; and at the same time find the courage to see light in times of utter darkness. This is the true-life story of a man whose voice inspired a man whose voice, in turn, changed the world!

    17. So many of God's greatest servants in those days, started in faith tossed too and fro, and never firm, Chalmers, Bunyan, along with Newton to name just a few, yet what a work of Grace the Lord did in each. Many biographies about Newton are out there, however, don't believe you will beat this one penned by himself.

    18. Consists of 14 moving letters of Rev. Newton to a Rev Haweis accounting his early life and conversion while a slave trader. Additional notes added by a Rev Cecil recounting his final years till 1807. He shows well why God's "Amazing Grace" is so amazing to him. Great for quotes!

    19. John Newton's most famous hymn takes on special meaning when you know the story of his life. Amazing grace indeed!

    20. I didn't even make it through one chapter. The narrator's voice was "muddy" and difficult to understand, so I'm passing on this one. (Maybe a good audio engineer would have helped.)

    21. Kisah hidup John Newton yang benar-benar menjadi 'lagu kebangsaan' setiap orang Kristen yang telah dilahirkan kembali.What a great true story!

    22. This is the memoir of John Newton, the ex-slave ship captain who wrote "Amazing Grace" and many of my other favorite hymns.

    23. Newton's autobiography. Good but a bit tedious. If I had not been listening to it audio, I would not have gotten very far. Interesting life.

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