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Semi Charmed Psychic and paranormal PI Harper Hall isn t that surprised when her business partner skips town Really she can t help but feel it s her own fault for trusting a guy named Romeo in the first place But

  • Title: Semi-Charmed
  • Author: Isabel Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Psychic and paranormal PI Harper Hall isn t that surprised when her business partner skips town Really, she can t help but feel it s her own fault for trusting a guy named Romeo in the first place But if Harper wants to consult for the police on a high profile case, she ll need a new partner preferably one with some supernatural skills of his own Enter Noah Riddick, aPsychic and paranormal PI Harper Hall isn t that surprised when her business partner skips town Really, she can t help but feel it s her own fault for trusting a guy named Romeo in the first place But if Harper wants to consult for the police on a high profile case, she ll need a new partner preferably one with some supernatural skills of his own Enter Noah Riddick, a slayer left jobless by the legalization of vampirism Riddick s dark secrets and shady past have forced him into exile from human society an exile he was completely comfortable with until gorgeous and exasperating Harper waltzed into his life Now, all too aware of howunlifelike his life has truly been, he agrees to partner with her as if saying no to Harper Hall was ever really an option Fighting vampires, making immortal enemies, engaging in semi sadistic interrogation techniques, staging daring rescues s all in a day s work for this paranormal odd couple But falling in love Wellat s a little trickier Even for the Semi Charmed Harper Hall Semi Charmed is a full length paranormal romance novel, completely free of cliffhangers, with a HEA For readers 18 only.

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      227 Isabel Jordan
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    1 thought on “Semi-Charmed

    1. There is nothing groundbreaking here, but it was an enjoyable book. The storyline is like every one of these types of books:Heroine who is extra Harper has the ability to see things about people when she touches them. It could be something they have done or something they are about to do. She's a private detective who is down on her luck (that's not familiar). Just trying to pay her bills.She's also pretty funny - which is what made the book, IMO. I have to like the heroine.When she's trying to [...]

    2. The book caught me completely by surprise in the best kind of way. The heroine is hilarious and the hero is surly, broody and swoony. What I like the most is that this book didn’t strike me like the typical vampire books I got weary of reading because they all started to blend together with vampirism being excessively romanticized and I couldn’t tell one from another because they were so similar. Of course that could also be said of Contemporary Romance, but that’s neither here nor there.W [...]

    3. This book was hilarious!! I had so much fun reading this. It reminded me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Harper was a Seer in a world of vampires. Her slayer partner run off and left her behind so she found a new oneNoah Riddick- a natural born slayer with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. His one weakness is Harper and she is the only one that can break him. The two of them make a great team. With her spunky, go get em attitude and his seriousness, they are great!!

    4. Lost a little bit of Umph towards the end, (view spoiler)[Riddick pushes Harper away for most of the book claiming it's for her 'own safety', this went on til the 90% mark - too long. (hide spoiler)] but I still loved Harper's snarky attitude. Plus, ya know, Riddick is hot, brooding and grumpy, which helps.

    5. This is my second read and I loved it even more than the first time. I fell for Harper in the first few pages and laughed out loud throughout most of the book. The characters and the humour really grabbed me, though the writing, action, romance and ending brought it all together perfectly. It was funny, sweet, thoroughly entertaining and addictive. Now I am onto my second read of the next book, Semi-Human.

    6. 2.5 stars.This author is new to me, but her writing style is very engaging. The start of this story was strong. I enjoyed the world building, and while there wasn't really anything new about it, there were just enough details to make it interesting. There was also some funny banter and inner monologue. The h was an overall strong character and I liked how she tried to take care of herself and her own problems. I appreciated that this was a pretty safe read and there was very little detail re: th [...]

    7. Favorite Lines “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”“He’d told her he didn’t want to be her friend, and that was true. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t like her just a little.”“Not tonight, Harper. No one’s going to get close enough to you tonight to touch you. Except me.”“Semi-charmed,” he murmured. Was this what it felt like to have someone care about what h [...]

    8. 4.5 stars - rounded down because it was just a tad bit on the fluffy side o be on my shelf of 5star reads.This book was surprisingly good for a self published work. I went in with absolutely zero expectations and was blown away by the end of chapter one. The vampire thing is done to death by now, I mean it is the end of 2014, but somehow this book managed to stand out among the piles and piles of fangy romances out there probably because it went back to the root of vampire lore and actually made [...]

    9. Harper is a seer . as a PI her psychic premonitions are a very useful tool, but unfortunately she didn't have any visions about her partner running off and leaving her with a pile of debt. Still she's a bit of a soft touch so even though the muscle of the outfit is off in Vegas carousing, when the police come asking for her help to track down a child kidnapped by a vampire she readily agrees. In need of a partner she manages to convince Riddick a vampire hunter who has fallen on hard times since [...]

    10. This book surprised me. I wasn't sure what to expect but, I enjoyed reading this book. The book is from 2 POVs - Harper and Riddick. Harper is an interesting character. She's a gifted seer and is very good at it. She's also broke and well, trying to keep her PI business going despite her partner ditching her. I loved her character. She is spunky, loyal, snarky, full of life kind of girl. Harper has a huge, in-your-face kind of family and a mother who would do anything for her daughter. I actuall [...]

    11. Riveting, humorous and entertaining read. I was hooked from first page and had me laughing throughout. Loved Harper - she is so compassionate, funny, kick ass and smart. My favourite scenes were when she has dinner with her family and when Noah gives Harper the perfect gift. Also loved Hunter and Mischa, and their witty banter. Looking forward to catching up with my new book friends in the next book.

    12. Loved this storyRead this in less than two days. I found it reminded me a bit of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, which I love. Funny and heartwarming without being cheesy, I'm definitely keeping an eye out for more from this author!

    13. Holy crap! That was awesome! More please!! I loved Semi-Charmed. Brillinatly funny, sexy, charming, and awesome. I am so hooked on this book. I love the way that Isabel Jordan writes, completely engaging and hilarious. I think I laughed out loud throughout the entire novel. It was awesome.The world-building is fantastic but not soooo involved that you're left scratching your head in distraction trying to catch up with the crazy paranormal aspects. Basically Vampires are out and have legal rights [...]

    14. This is the best independent author I've discovered in the last year and the most promising new paranormal romance/paranormal mystery series I've come across in a very long time. My only disappointment with this book is that there aren't 6 more of this series for me to binge read. Unfortunately, this book was published in the last year, so I'm betting I'll have to wait a while for the sequel, and the author is so new, she only has one book. It always feels like a risk falling for a brand-new aut [...]

    15. Harper happens to be a mouthy thirty year old gal trying to create a more stable life for herself after years of working for a secret government agency. Lucky for her, she's got valuable skills as an investigator and seer, unfortunately being female doesn't help her get jobs. This is where the tall,dark and delicious Riddick comes in. Riddicks an exslayer, but you cant really take the slayer out of this guy. It's in his blood. Together these two make a phenomenal couple and investigative team. S [...]

    16. This book surprised me - in a good way! The storyline and the characters really drew me in. While the heroine - Harper - did a few idiotic things on occasion, overall, she was smart and funny. The hero - Noah - was a very interesting, secretive, and likeable character as well. He was also funny, due to his lack of positive social interactions. Many of the secondary characters - like Harper's mom and the shifter detective Lucas - added to the story. And the chemistry between the H/h was steamy wi [...]

    17. I will definitely watch for more books from this author. She developed her characters well, so that you rooted for them and wanted their happiness. Just when I thought the book would end, it continued and I really liked the ending. She did a very good job of not being predictable and letting the story continue through the tougher story line of surviving a traumatic experience, even for a tough person. Most books end with a big horrible event being overcome and don't cover the hard part of puttin [...]

    18. Loved this book. There were a lot of great lines that made me laugh out loud. I loved Harper's spunk and I loved how Noah (Riddick) was portrayed. I really felt for him. The only semi-complaint (and it's only semi because I didnt really mind it) was that I felt like the big conflict didn't last as long as as the build-up led me to believe it would. It was maybe a bit anti-climatic. All in all, it was a cute light-hearted read. This book was well-written and fun from start to finish. I would defi [...]

    19. Really enjoyed this book. Was a nice flowing read and I just wanted to read one more page, one more chapter before going to sleep. I loved the idea of slayers, seers and watchers even though they were all made redundant by the powers that be. I'm a big Buffy fan so this book hit the spot for me.Can't wait to read the next book by Isabel Jordan.

    20. Cute and well writtenThe heroine was very likable and the chemistry between her and the hero was hot. The story moved along well and the secondary characters were enjoyable as well. Another book with Mischa and Hunters story editor be great!

    21. This was a light fun read with some very amusing bits that had me laughing out loud. I really liked the heroine Harper, she is feisty, kind, loyal and down to earth. The hero, vampire slayer Noah Riddick is dark & brooding and I loved the way we got both POV's. While I liked both Noah & Harper and really like them as couple, it was really Harper's character that made this book so enjoyable, she is just so damn likeable. The one thing I really didn't like was not really part of the main s [...]

    22. It was a light, paranormal romance and it suited my mood whilst reading. Harper Hall was a good heroine. She had sass, was kick ass and ready to put out fires that came her way.The fairly quick progression of Harper and Riddicks relationship felt too fast for me. I am a sucker for the slow burn, so this could just be me. I did find that it felt like parts of the story were missing and would have enjoyed more in depth world building. There was a lot of potential with the Hunter / Seer working for [...]

    23. Was quite charmed by this read. The h in particular, Harper, is intelligent, ballsy, funny and independent. She's more than a match for the H, who comes with a lot of baggage. Action, romance and laughs - great light read.

    24. really good storyI enjoyed reading this book. Great story line with interesting characters sand a hot anti hero trying to resist a in your face lady determined to help people. Fun read look forward to more!

    25. Great bookKept me on the edge of my seat. I was laughing so much. Great fun. The characters were lovable and fun.

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