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Haven Awakening

Haven Awakening alternate cover edition for ASIN B CWEQ Y Some things are better left unseen The kids at Haven have been waiting Legend foretold the veil seer would lead them to victory over their sworn enemy Helm

  • Title: Haven Awakening
  • Author: Gryffyn J. Phoenix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • alternate cover edition for ASIN B00CWEQ6Y6Some things are better left unseen The kids at Haven have been waiting Legend foretold the veil seer would lead them to victory over their sworn enemy, Helm With her arrival comes the shocking realization that she is the one thing they never expected a mortal Verity didn t want the cornea transplant for her sixteenth birthdayalternate cover edition for ASIN B00CWEQ6Y6Some things are better left unseen The kids at Haven have been waiting Legend foretold the veil seer would lead them to victory over their sworn enemy, Helm With her arrival comes the shocking realization that she is the one thing they never expected a mortal Verity didn t want the cornea transplant for her sixteenth birthday She couldn t have imagined it would make her the veil seer, a coveted weapon in an ancient feud Now she s stuck trying to master her new powers, make friends, and stay alive Having been saved by Helm too many times for comfort, Verity wonders which side she should be fighting for The problem is something evil lurks in Haven, and the only thing it wants is for the new veil seer to die Haven Awakening shows that turning sixteen isn t always sweet.

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    1 thought on “Haven Awakening

    1. I started reading this book and instantly had a feeling it was going to be a good read, it really didn't disappoint.The story centres around a 16yr old girl, Verity, who has just had an eye transplant having been blind since a car accident a few years previously. However whens she opens her eyes for the first time she gets more than she bargains for. It turns out her new eyes are a bridge to the veil, hence her new title veil-seer.She is taken off to a sanctuary of sorts known as Haven where peo [...]

    2. Haven Awakening by Gryffyn Phoenix is a YA paranormal romance, with a lot of action. The story follows Verity (or Very), a sixteen year old girl, who is given the gift of sight through an eye transplant. But she doesn't get normal eyes and she becomes a veil-seer. She is taken to Haven by Cass and is trained and taught about the supernatural world.This story was extremely interesting and the book was hard to put down. The plot moved quickly and had some twists that I wasn't expecting. The story [...]

    3. What are people saying about this book "A star is born. Gryffyn Phoenix's Haven is absolutely fabulous. The author's voice is pitch perfect as we are introduced to gutsy teen heroine, Verity. Full of heart and humor, Haven is impossible to set aside, whether you normally read YA novels or not. Phoenix has given us something fresh and new and very exciting. I'll be first in line to read the rest of this unique and entertaining series!"-Tamara Thorne, international bestselling author of Candle Bay [...]

    4. Haven: Awakening is the kind of story that makes you insane waiting for the sequel. Sixteen-year-old Verity receives the gift of sight from an organ transplant, but she receives so much more than she bargained for. Now, as the cover tells us, she can see those things that truly go bump in the night. Verity is a strong character: a real smart a$$, but an endearing one (think of your favorite older cousin times a million). She’s got the perfect personality for all she endures—and there’s qui [...]

    5. Did you enjoy Harry Potter, the Hobbit? Then you'll love this great read. A fresh voice and captivating story. Be it of a fierce and independent heroine not afraid of physical attraction, realistic teen life (even for the mythical creatures), teenage girl angst, multi-racial mix, black gay half-fae, lesbian fairies, a fascinating perspective of the world, you'll find your place in this story! A wonderfully woven tapestry, bravo. Enjoy!

    6. I absolutely adored this novel! Phoenix’s Haven sounds absolutely irresistible! With a prefect balance of humor and magical realism, Phoenix provides readers with a refreshing and insightful tale that everyone is bound to fall in love with! In addition, Phoenix is able to truly able to capture the teenage mind and voice. In short, you should read this. You’ll get your fill of laughs, as well as a touch of magic!

    7. If you are looking for an original, creative story to read this is the perfect book for you. The 16 year-old female narrator is spot on. This book will make all of your emotions come out. The world created in this book has so much depth and is incredibly intriguing. Also, the plot twists make for a perfectly paced story. Haven Awakening is a must read.

    8. ***This Review and More can be found at my blog Love at First Write***I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This novel was set at the perfect pace with a character I could understand and relate to, on top of being told in a great writing style. The plot is about Verity/Very/ Lucky Flower who was blinded in an accident at the age of 12. At the age of 16 her parents sign her up for an eye transplant where she doesn’t get normal eyes. Verity acquires magical eyes that s [...]

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