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Block Grace FilthyBlueBird VaughnAsher YouAreCaredFor So the movie star says But his idea of cared for isn t the same as mine Obviously a Douche MovieStar VaughnAsher FilthyBlueBird BehindTheScenesIsMyScene

  • Title: Block
  • Author: J.A. Huss
  • ISBN: 9781936413591
  • Page: 431
  • Format: ebook
  • Grace FilthyBlueBird VaughnAsher YouAreCaredFor So the movie star says But his idea of cared for isn t the same as mine Obviously a Douche.MovieStar VaughnAsher FilthyBlueBird BehindTheScenesIsMyScene The Blue Bird has trust issues And tantrum issues And commitment issues.Grace FilthyBlueBird VaughnAsher SaidTheKettleToThePotMovieStar VaughnAsher FilthyBlueBirdGrace FilthyBlueBird VaughnAsher YouAreCaredFor So the movie star says But his idea of cared for isn t the same as mine Obviously a Douche.MovieStar VaughnAsher FilthyBlueBird BehindTheScenesIsMyScene The Blue Bird has trust issues And tantrum issues And commitment issues.Grace FilthyBlueBird VaughnAsher SaidTheKettleToThePotMovieStar VaughnAsher FilthyBlueBird YouAreMine and I won t let you forget it.Grace FilthyBlueBird VaughnAsher YouMustShitUnicorns that s how delusional your fairy tale is GetAGripOnReality I m outtie.MovieStar VaughnAsher FilthyBlueBird You re an Innie Sweetheart My tongue licked all your CuteLittleButtons ForTheLoveOfFilthWhy is he so damn sexy How will I ever get out from under Asher s thumb if I can t stop thinking about his tongue on my buttons HottiesNeedToPlayFair

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      431 J.A. Huss
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    1 thought on “Block

    1. 5 #ForTheLoveOfFilth Stars!!!Block is the third installment in J.A. Huss’s Social Media series, and it’s been the best of the series so far. The last we saw of Grace and Vaughn, they were in a good place. But the smooth sailing doesn’t last forever. Vaughn is trying to protect Grace from his crazy life the only way he knows how. It would be nice if he would clue Grace in to his little plan, but Vaughn does what he thinks is best. Grace has spent so long being crazy about Vaughn, now that h [...]

    2. ★★★★★! Block, book 3 of 6. #ICannotGetEnough! Larger-than-life movie star @VaughnAsher relentless seduction of spirited twitter queen, @FilthyBlueBird!“We don’t need the fairy tale when this is our reality.”The Social Media serial should be read in order:Part 1: FollowPart 2: LikePart 3: BlockPart 4: StatusPart 5: ProfilePart 6: HomeIn Social Media, Part 1-2 event planner and twitter queen Grace Kinsella aka @FilthyBlueBird met her twitter muse, Hollywood heartthrob Vaughn Asher [...]

    3. It's all fun & games 'till the paparazzi shows up(Spoilers only if you haven't read the first two books) "Why do you make me feel this way?”[]“Because you like me, Grace. You like me and I like you. We’re in like.”“We can’t be in like,” she whispers back. “Like should not be filled with so much discord and fighting.”“Like is passion. And what we have, Grace, is not discord. It’s passion. There’s a difference.” First off - Holy mother fucking cliffhanger, Batman!!!Th [...]

    4. I just finished and all I can think is Vaughn and Grace are finally on the same page and have openly communicated how their relationship will go. Naturally Grace is concerned with getting hurt, and Vaughn wants to protect Grace from the media. These installments are short and I don't want spoil anything, so I will just go through how I feel about Block.This series continues to pull me in, deeper and deeper! It felt like I read this last installment in 10 minutes. It was quick paced and I couldn' [...]

    5. We were left with a high. Grace and Vaughn seemed to finally be on the same page, for once. But with a title like BLOCK, you didn’t really expect that feeling to last did you? Vaughn is back in LA but his mind is still in Denver. There is something about Grace that makes him want to push the limits, do things that could risk his personal life getting caught up in his public life. He doesn’t want that for Grace. He doesn’t want her pushed into the spotlight, under the microscope. Protecting [...]

    6. 5 #LOVED StarsThe story of Grace and Vaughn continues. I can't tell you how much I loved this installment. I felt for both Grace and Vaughn. The situation of being a movie star is not easy. There is always someone wanting to knock you down and Vaughn has found himself in that predicament. He thinks he's doing the right thing for Grace by going MIA. But Grace is left to ponder his silence without any explanations. Her Prince Charming is not Vaughn Asher. But when Vaughn figures out that he has me [...]

    7. 5 “Real Life is better than fairytales” Stars. In this roller-coaster of book we finally start to unveil more of Grace’s mysterious past and we get to know more of Vaughn’s private life and we see that he isn't the asshole his reputation tell us. Things between them start to get serious and it’s time for them to admit they might be in the middle of something real. But when both of their pasts and a media circus force into their private lives, things are about to get rough… and dirty [...]

    8. ** 5++ #IWillBeYoursIfYouWillBeMine STARS **"Women are not chips, Asher. Love is not a game. You think money buys everything but you're wrong. Your money can't buy love and that girl deserves love."I love the way Vaughn and Grace evolve along with the story. And I love how the story keeps getting deeper and more emotional, even more!GOSH, I'm completely and irrevocably "in like" with this whole series!Grace and Vaughn are "a thing" now. They are in a good place, finally.But when it's these two c [...]

    9. HOLY TITS! That did not just happen!!??.What a nasty cliffhanger.One thing is certain. That in this book we witness that Vaughn and Grace. FINALLY had a realistic conversation. precisely like the metaphor -> Just Lock Them in a Room and Make Them Talk!And there is a little Soft,Caring side that we see from Vaughn. Which is great!.

    10. OMG! Vaughn AsherI'm loving this whole clusterf*** of emotionsholy "sweetness"This is dirty perfection with Rollercoaster emotions! ♡♡♡♡♡

    11. ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review☆☆☆☆☆ 5 #FUCKING AMAZING VAUGHN ASHER STARS ☆☆☆☆☆AHHHHHe suspense is killing in me What a cliffhanger ending in the third installment of the Social Media Series. So J.A. Huss does it again literally, when I reached the last page I practically yelled at my kindle.WHYI NEED MORE!!! hahaIn Block. readers get to see the more soft, caring side of Vaughn Asher. Vaughn cares deeply for Grace and wants to protect her from the media. [...]

    12. ♥ ♥ ♥ 4.25 STARS ♥ ♥ ♥This just keeps getting better for me. This one was really good. I am seriously lusting over Vaughn *sigh*. He may not be perfect but I freaking love him regardless. Grace, you need to snatch him up fast and stop being so scared. I get why she is hesitant but I hope she will change in the next book because Vaughn doesn't stop making me swoon.

    13. Angst, angst and more angst! Throw in a pile of money, mystery, rumors and sex You've got a book I just #couldntputdown.Some of it still felt a bit bipolar. But that aspect is actually growing on me. And I'm finally starting to understand Grace a bit better.I'm still in love with Vaughn Asher. He is my #PrinceCharming.I do wish this serial would get back to it's social media roots. It seems to have strayed a bit from that. But otherwise it's great so far. #Iwantmore.

    14. BOOM. MY VAJAYJAY IS ALL TINGLY AND MY BUNDLE OF NERVES NEED ATTENTION. I'LL JUST BE LOCKED IN MY BATHROOM. MOMMY IS BUSY, GIRLS. DO NOT FUCKING MESS WITH ME AND MY VAUGHN ASHER TIME. Nobody puts Vaughn Asher in the corner. NO ONE. Not even you she who needs a cock shoved up her ass. This series is going to ruin me. It is going to make me fall so deeply in love with it and thenBOOMit will leave me lying on the floor like a used up filthy dirty whore. A fucking coke whore. That is what my future [...]

    15. Block+++SOME SPOILERS+++What can I say? OK, truth, I disliked Vaughn in Follow. I thought he was the biggest #douche out there. I was turned off by his pompous attitude and degrading actions towards Grace…but there was something that was attractive and alluring too. So when Like came out, I was pleased to see the softer, more romantic side of Vaughn. He showed me what POTENTIAL he has as a leading book boyfriend and mate to Grace. It was sweet and I couldn’t wait for more…Block. Block pick [...]

    16. 5 Stars!!Vaughn is doing all he can to protect Grace from the media, but only he can do so much. He has always been attracted to her, but is starting to realize that he cannot live without her.Grace is furious with Vaughn over certain things that have come to light. She is hurt and angry and as much as she cares for him, she isn't sure if she can be with the type of man that he is.Vaughn finally manages to get Grace to sit down with him and he tells her exactly what has been happening and how he [...]

    17. Gosh Ok, I need to get it together to write this review! I can't even find the words to explain how I felt about Block. It has been my fave in the series thus far! I'm just in awe of JA and how she writes her characters and her stories, she has my full attention from start to finish ALWAYS. No other author has been able to do that to me but her. I love her hard!!So, in this installment Vaughn is back in LA and Grace remains in Denver. Vaughn is completely and utterly into Grace. He is balancing [...]

    18. GAAAAHHHHH.  JA is killing me.  KILLING ME. At the end of Like, I was in a happy place.  I wanted to get to know the characters a bit deeper, but Like was a verykable installment in this series.Block, takes it to the next level.  I wanted deeper, and JA gave us deeper.  But yikes - my heart almost couldn't take it.  Vaughn thinks he is doing what's best to keep Grace safe by keeping his distance.  Great idea. But.Could you clue Grace into your plan, Vaughn??? Add the lack of communicatio [...]

    19. OH MY GOD. Vaughn has ruined me. My heart is a mess. I LOVED him in Block. I know I say that all the time, but I REALLY, REALLY LOVE HIM!!! He is the whole package. I honestly put myself in Grace's place throughout the whole book and pretended I was her. And wow, what he did to me!"I love Vaughn Asher. I don't want to. I really don't. I want to convince myself he's a selfish asshole who will use me up and throw me out."IMPOSSIBLE… there is no helping falling in love with the god that is Vaughn [...]

    20. 5 #fan-fucking-tastic stars W.O.W I loved this one outta all of them. This one just blew my mind. We got to see a glimpse of the emotional super star.We final have an idea of graces past. I love watching these two grow as characters. I can see the change in them comparing book one. By far this one is one of my favorites in the series.“I might not be your prince, but I think you’re my princess. I swear, I never knew I was looking for one”

    21. 4.25*Well, well, I think the story has finally hit its stride! It got my attention from the very first sentence all the way to that eyebrow-raising last one. I see how the H is growing and I thought all the self-doubting was quite endearing, what with him making sense of his feelings, trying to make it work with her and all. I'm really liking him!! #swoon The h umm hmm yah, she frustrated me at times, but I know there's more to know, so we'll seeAnd the way it ended, how can I not want to find o [...]

    22. ** 4.5 Stars ** OMG!!! Well, I didn't think it was possible but it's been done! I'm officially loving this series!

    23. 5 Stars!! Vaughn Asher is an obnoxious filthy overbearing asshole who I unfortunately happen to love. The barstard is back and I can't wait forre of his brand of filth!!!

    24. 4 #DoWeFinallySeeTheRealVaughn starReview to come after all books are release ;)

    25. For the love of doughnuts - JA Huss, what are you DOING TO ME?! Block toyed with my fragile emotions in ways I didn't expect. I spent equal amounts of time smiling and sneering, and more than my fair share of time crying - like, actual tears-running-down-my-face-and-my-husband-giving-me-strange-looks CRYING - while reading the third installment in the brilliant Ms. Huss' Social Media novella series. "I have so much inside me, Vaughn. So many bad things inside me that I'm trying to move past. And [...]

    26. “What the Hell do you want from me, Vaughn?”Yeah Grace, I hear ya. I’m wondering that myself.So, first of all, I love Grace. She’s tough. She’s real. Her heart is on the line whether she wants it to be or not. Fuck! J.A. creates amazing characters. Vaughn. *Sighs and rolls eyes* I’m so hot and cold with Vaughn. I go from wanting to scream at my kindle for his being such a dick, to swooning over his softer side, to reeling from another dickish move, to swooning all over again. I’ve [...]

    27. Throughout book one and two, I was not a big fan of Vaughn Asher. He's #ADick. He uses women for his pleasure and pushes them into uncomfortable situations, like #StickingHisCockInYourMouth in a public hallway with no concern as to the people walking by. #FuckThatShit. Even your #SexyAssDrilling doesn't make up for your arrogant attitude. What does though that ever elusive sweet side that you are beginning to let shine through. #AboutFuckingTime.So even though I didn't like him in Follow, I star [...]

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