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Little Elliot, Big Family

Little Elliot Big Family When Mouse heads off to a family reunion Little Elliot decides go for a walk As he explores each busy street he sees families in all shapes and sizes In a city of millions Little Elliot feels very

  • Title: Little Elliot, Big Family
  • Author: Mike Curato
  • ISBN: 9780805098266
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Mouse heads off to a family reunion, Little Elliot decides go for a walk As he explores each busy street, he sees families in all shapes and sizes In a city of millions, Little Elliot feels very much alone until he finds he has a family of his own

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    1 thought on “Little Elliot, Big Family

    1. “Elliot wondered what it would be like to have 147 cousins. Or even just one.”The new addition to the Elliot series is just as adorable and wonderful as the first–and this one packs a huge emotional wallop. Elliot’s best friend Mouse goes off to his family reunion, where he will celebrate with his “parents, grandparents, 15 brothers, 19 sisters, 25 aunts, 27 uncles, and 147 cousins.” Left alone, Elliot begins to walk around the city, where it seems like everyone except him is having [...]

    2. Elliot and Mouse are still room-mates in the city, but Mouse has a big family reunion coming up, so Elliot makes plans to do things on his own for the day. However, he misses his friend and the family he doesn't know. But just when it looks like he's going to have a lonely day, Mouse shows up, realizing that his family reunion was missing someone. Again, Mr. Curato manages to tell a great tale of friendship and family who isn't blood, but belong just the same. Also a good reminder for adults and [...]

    3. Рисунките са майсторски - сами по себе си красиви и детайлни, за дълго взиране и обсъждане, но и умело разказващи, с много смени в настроението и ъгъла, с внимателно обмислена роля в цялостната история - някъде по-просторни и монотонни, другаде по-пищни и динамични. Страшно ми [...]

    4. Безкрайно нежна, мила, добра книжка - трогателна история, емоционална, разкошни внушителни картинки, сладурска, романтична, а героите са такива душички!! Много, много ми хареса и благодаря на Стефан, че насочи вниманието ми! Прекрасна изненада на българския пазар! Препоръчва [...]

    5. Wonderful! We love Little Elliot. A sweet story of family both the family you're born into and who becomes your family. Mouse is going to his family reunion with hundreds of relatives. Elliot walks around the city and sees moms, dads, sisters, brothers, uncles and grandmothers and becomes quite sad. He goes to a movie and is alone in the theatre and he misses mouse terribly, then he hears his name and it's Mouse. Mouse tells Elliot he's part of Mouse's family.

    6. These Little Elliot titles seem like they should be just too sweet and not quite work. But instead, they are absolutely sweet and completely capture the reader. No overly sugary after taste. Just big breath, full heart moments. Well done Mike Curato, you have something amazing figured out.

    7. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Today’s book is Little Elliot, Big Family by Mike Curato, a story about the family we have and the family we make.The second book in the Little Elliot series, the story opens with Elliot (a small, spotted elephant who lives in NYC) and his best friend and roommate Mouse waking to a lovely winter day. Mouse is in a rush; his family reunion is today, and he’s looking forward t [...]

    8. A continuation of the much-beloved Little Elliot series, Big Family brings readers another adventure with the most adorable polka-dotted elephant in the world, Elliot. It is time for his best friend Mouse to attend its family reunion, leaving Elliot alone to wander the city for the day. As Elliot roams a 1940s, multicultural, multigenerational New York City, he reflects on all the different kinds of families he sees, and his lack of one. After a visit to a movie theatre, where he watches a film [...]

    9. This is a review for Little Elliot, Big Family by Mike Curato. This book is about a little elephant named Elliot and his best friend mouse. In this story, mouse goes to his family reunion and while he is gone Elliot walks through out the city looking at the different families that he sees. As he is seeing all these families he is sad because he doesn't have a family. Then, mouse finds him and brings him to his family reunion and Elliot feels like he is apart of a family. I really liked this stor [...]

    10. Elliot's friend, Mouse, went to his very large mouse family reunion, leaving Elliot home alone. Elliot went for a walk in the city, noticing many different families together. He felt lonely. When someone called his name everything changed for the better for him. Lovely story of friendship and acceptance. Delightful illustrations.

    11. Elliot's friend Mouse is heading off to a family reunion and he lists the hundres of cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles who will be there. When Elliot goes for a walk he becomes melancholy when he sees all kinds of families out doing things together. Then he gets welcomed into a family.

    12. An adorable, if not melancholy, title in the Little Elliot series.Kid Appeal: cute pictures, love those mice!, kids will understand how Elliot feels isolated using both the text and illustrationsCurriculum Connections: family members, friendsAudience: PK-2nd

    13. Adorable illustrations. Easy, humorous narrative. The loveliest thing about this impressive little book is the magnificent, intentional display of diverse human families in a story starring an polka-dotted elephant who yearns for a family.

    14. At first, this was a sad story so I wasn't sure how it would play out. The ending was a perfect, heart warming story!

    15. SummaryThis is an excellently illustrated book about an elephant named Elliot and his friend, Mouse. It is the day of Mouse's family reunion. Mouse explains to Elliot that he has an extra large family containing 15 brothers, 19 sisters, 25 aunts, 27 uncles, and 147 cousins. Elliot tries to keep himself entertained while Mouse is away, but everywhere he goes, he sees families spending time together. Elliot grows lonely wondering what it feels like to have just 1 cousin. This is a super cute book. [...]

    16. I adored Little Elliot, Big City last year, and was absolutely delighted when I realized that author/illustrator Mike Curato had another book coming out so soon. Curato's follow-up to his debut hit has just as much heart and charm as one would expect from a story about our favorite polka-dotted elephant. Though Elliot has continued his wonderful friendship with Mouse, his desire for a family sends him across the big city, trying to figure out where he belongs.Readers will definitely love Elliot' [...]

    17. Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.This is the second Little Elliot book by Curato, the first being Little Elliot, Big City. I haven’t read Little Elliot, Big City, but I went looking for the illustrations after falling in love with the illustrations in Little Elliot, Big Family and I think that Curato’s art has improved even between these two books, so we should keep a close watch on this man, I think. The illustrations in this book are beautiful, saturated, poignant—oh so poigna [...]

    18. In many respects, I can relate to Little Elliot. He and his friend Mouse enjoy doing many things together, but while Mouse heads off to a family reunion with his many relatives, Little Elliot stays behind, and decides to amuse himself. All around him, he sees various families spending time together. Although he tries to make the best of things--after all, sometimes being alone gives someone time to reflect on things and feel comfortable with him/herself--he starts feeling incredibly sad while wa [...]

    19. Mike Curato's beautiful illustrations return, this time with pint-sized details. Elephant's friend Mouse leaves for a pig family reunion, leaving Elephant to spend the day by himself contemplating his lack of family, when Mouse returns for him. Don't miss the title page, where you see mice setting up for a family reunion with seats made out of spools and toy blocks and bottle caps serving as plates. Elephant's independence makes you think he's an adult, but he's just a baby as portrayed by his r [...]

    20. Fantastic! Not that I expected anything less. Full review to come.---With Mouse away at a big family reunion, Elliot decides to take a walk in the city where he sees all kind of families. The more families he sees, the more Elliot wonders what it means to be on his own. But as Elliot soon learns, families can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they might even choose you in Little Elliot, Big Family (2015) by Mike Curato.Everyone's favorite polka dotted elephant is back in this delightful fo [...]

    21. Pinnell, G. S & Fountas, I. C. (2006). Engaging readers in thinking and talking about texts through interactive read aloud. Teaching for comprehending and fluency: Thinking, talking, and writing about reading, k-8. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann Publishing.Narrative:“Today we are going to read, ‘Little Elliot, Big Family’ by Mike Curato. Opening pages: “I hear the words, ‘family reunion’. Has anyone ever heard that word before or know what it means? (Children respond) A family reunion [...]

    22. A picture book with a huge heart. Little Elliot has to be one of the most endearing and adorable characters in picture book history. Little Elliot first came on the #PB scene in 2014 in Little Elliot, Big City and now he stars in this one.Elliot's friend, Mouse worries that there will not be enough food at his family reunion for his very large family but he heads to it hoping for the best. While Mouse is away, Elliot goes for a walk enjoying the sights of different families he sees along his wal [...]

    23. Elliot- from Little Elliot, Big City- is back! The gorgeous and sweet little elephant is in a new story; this time all about family. Elliot's friend Mouse goes off to meet is multiple relatives, and while wandering around the city all alone, Elliot becomes forlorn seeing everyone around him with their loved ones. A lovely exploration of different kinds of families, this latest Elliot story is not without some sadness, but ends with a believable and utterly heartwarming finale. Beautifully done!I [...]

    24. Curato continues the magic with Little Elliot, Big Family. Whether you know Elliot and Mouse or they are new to you, they will entertain as they explore a winter day in the city. With Mouse off to a family reunion, Elliot walks around the city, seeing families at their best (mothers and sons, brothers playing, fathers and daughters, sisters, grandmothers and babies, uncles, and cousinsfeeling lonely and wondering what Mouse’s life must be like. Cold and chilled, Elliot goes to a movie theater [...]

    25. Another heartwarming story about Little Elliot. This time the theme is about good friends. Little Elliot is lonely when Mouse goes to a family reunion. Curato's 1940s-style illustrations are vivid with detail and beautifully capture Little Elliot's loneliness while observing others with their family. The double page spread of Little Elliot alone in a huge empty movie theater is powerful and the following pages when he sees the elephant family on the screen and sheds a tear will definitely pull o [...]

    26. This is such a strange book. Apparently it's part of a series, but I never read the first book, so I was lost. Little Elliot, who is small and adorable, and weirdly childlike, somehow lives all by himself in a big house. His best (and only?) friend is a mouse. When mouse heads off to a family reunion, Elliot realizes how alone he is in the big city (which is randomly also populated with regular people). Mouse finds Elliot walking alone on the snowy street and invites him to the reunion. it takes [...]

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