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Damage In the extremities of war we may know what we ve been but not what we will become Damage is a tale of desperate times desperate measures and the inner life of a fighter spacecraft

  • Title: Damage
  • Author: David D. Levine
  • ISBN: 9781466886056
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook
  • In the extremities of war, we may know what we ve been, but not what we will become Damage is a tale of desperate times, desperate measures, and the inner life of a fighter spacecraft.

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      271 David D. Levine
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    1 thought on “Damage

    1. Review first posted on FantasyLiterature. This is another nominee for the 2015 Nebula Award (Short Story):Coincidentally, and curiously enough, all of the 2015 Nebula-nominated short stories we reviewed in the FantasyLiterature Short Fiction Monday (SFM) column for Feb. 29, 2016 featured a sympathetic AI protagonist, which makes three of the six nominated stories with this common element. (I can only hope the other three are different.) This one is about a fighter space ship with an intelligent [...]

    2. A sentient ship on the losing side of an unjust war has no choice about the missions she is sent on - indeed she seems to have little choice about anything, being programmed to love her pilot above all. The experiences she's already been through in this war, the horrific memories of what happened before her current incarnation was cobbled together from two different badly damaged ships, seem to have given her a classic case of PTSD. But perhaps that trauma and stress will also lead to an ethical [...]

    3. I seem to be having good-luck with short stories lately :)This was a bit different than what I've read before. This story takes place in the mind of a fighter ship named Scraps. It was very fascinating to see inside his/her mind and see the war and battles from a POV from someone who wasn't "human" per say.I was a little confused with some of terms in the story, it felt like there was some stuff I should have been aware of beforehand but it didn't really deter me from enjoying the story. Can you [...]

    4. War is hell, from the PoV of a sentient space fighter spacecraft. Can AIs be tried for war crimes? Engaging military scifi story.

    5. I'm not usually a huge science fiction fan, but this story has such humanity to it that I couldn't help but enjoy it. I liked the world building, and the message. Really well done.

    6. Wonderful short. The story follows "Scraps" a starship provided with AI."Scraps" as her nickname says, is built out of the remaining parts of two other ships destroyed in battle. Beside their spare parts, she retains as well their memories and traumas of their deaths/destruction. We soon discover that she is more human in her emotions than her beloved pilot. Her side is losing the war, and "Scraps" and her pilot are sent on a final mission.She has no self-esteem and regards her pilot as a pictur [...]

    7. This story is free here:tor/2015/01/21/damage-It's well worth reading, a short SF story from an AI ship's point of view during a space war. Very well done with a neat twist at the end.

    8. tor/2015/01/21/damage-This story makes an interesting contrast to Big Boys Don't Cry, by Tom Kratman.A fighter spaceship built out of parts of two dead ships has memories from both, including memories of both deaths. Its current pilot, Commander Ziegler, is highly skilled, if a bit cold, and the fighter loves Ziegler, because that's how its programming works. Ziegler, though, unlike the pilots of the previous incarnations of the fighter, has not given it a name or nose art, and the fighter feels [...]

    9. "Damage" by David Levine (7449 words)Well that one was a lot more fun than the other two stories, and for one centered around death and loss and hopeless war, that's saying something. But there's something charming about the ship main character, programmed to love an ass of a pilot and yet with a core of morality that doesn't allow it to commit the greatest of crimes, doesn't allow it to kill millions of people in a desperate attempt at revenge. And though the action of the story is frantic and [...]

    10. A fighter ship, one of its kind designed to destroy and defend. But, Scraps, is more humane than machine, its memory laced with the pain of deaths of two other ships from whose scraps it was built. Scraps feels fear, affection, love and everything that makes its conscience human. While the consciousness programmed into it was designed to make Scraps perform better what if it decides to weigh the scales of right and wrong? I like the way that ship's psychodynamics is designed to unconditionally l [...]

    11. "Damages" is a short story available to read for free on tor.If this story is anything to go by, 2015 will be a stellar year for tor's fiction. The story is a first-person immersion in the mind of a a space fighter ship. The ship itself is a fascinating narrator and far more human than the people that appear. Struggling with the emotional and moral dilemmas of warfare, the ship must make a choice that will have consequences not only for its own continuing life but for the future of earth and the [...]

    12. "I was a frankenship, a stitched-together flying wreck, a compendium of agony and defeat and death unworthy of so fine a pilot."A short-story of the life and love of a self-aware spacecraft. Layered in just over 30 pages (eBook version), Damage is a novel that ties flavours of loss, devastation and consciousness together to provide a tasty read. One of TOR's fine sci-fi reads, David D. Levine provides a different look into space warfare and that when conflicts arise, there isn't good or bad, but [...]

    13. As in Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch series, the protagonist is the artificial intelligence controlling a warspacecraft. In this case the AI finds itself struggling between its programming imperatives and its morals. The struggle is very successfully portrayed. Levine is a promising author I will keep an eye on.

    14. Another Tor short storyI thoroughly reminded me of Anne McCaffery`s `Ship`books. It was interesting to see how the Ship was more human then the pilot

    15. A really interesting read, this - our protagonist is a mostly-nameless AI (FrankenAI?) in the hull of a ship built from the remnants of two "dead" fighters. The voice of the AI itself was so well done - these AIs are held in servitude through an all-encompassing love for their pilot, and we get such a sense of the world from the voice of just one of it's inhabitants. An inhabitant who has had that voice curtailed without even being aware, though they can leave them with the memories of their pre [...]

    16. originally posted at: thebookplank/2015The story of Damage opens up with a short introduction as to how the spacecraft,JB6847½, came to be. JB6847½ is also called Scraps by it's mechanic. Scraps is really made from scraps, it was build from two different spacecrafts that were deemed inoperable. Scraps is one part NA6621 also named Early Girl and one part FC7074 or also named Valkyrie. The thing here is that it has thoughts of both "lifetimes" and now Scraps has a third life. Scraps together wi [...]

    17. Three stars, you ask? Only three? I think there were some components of this story that I just could not get over.A ship christened Scraps by a humorous specialist prepares for one of her deadliest missions. She's been cobbled and melded and jammed together from the damaged parts of two fallen ships, and her repaired artificial intelligence has a stronger-than-ever gauge of human emotions. The man at her yoke, Commander Ziegler, is an egotistical adrenaline junkie who desires to lay his name dow [...]

    18. Nice speculative story about sentient spaceship, sense of duty, love and meaningless deaths in war.The concept of a sentient vehicle is not entirely new: For example, sentient spaceships are central in Leckie's Ancillary Justice. There is a story about sentient trains (Where the Trains Turn), which I read recently. I also saw reviews comparing this story with McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang. That might be my next scifi read.

    19. (no spoilers)This is a short story written from the point of view of the space fighter. An unusual approach to the POV character and amazing descriptions of the action developing is something worth reading. I borrowed this book from the local library and loved every word in it. The character arc with the plot arc touch something deeply human in us, illustrate how painful decisions can change us. This is an incredible story. It is worth every cent (or trouble of subscribing to a library). I fully [...]

    20. Great sci-fi where the AI is actually indeed the good guy. Refreshing.Favorite line:If I truly loved him I would do my duty, and my duty was to keep him safe and carry out our mission.Or I could indulge him, let him have what he wanted rather than what he should want. That would make him happy . . . and would almost certainly lead to our destruction and the failure of our mission.My love was not more important than my orders.

    21. I cam across David Levine's sentient warship story after having read stories of the same trope from the 2015 Hugo Award voters packet. This story is superior to both 'Turncoat' which was plain bad, and 'Big Boys Don't Cry', which whilst not worthy of a Hugo, had its redeming virtues, and in my opinion was the best of the puppy novella field.

    22. AI can be a good thing - at least according to this short story.I loved the emotions that the ship had. And I loved the fact that her emotions saved a large portion of the human race. Emotions and a little bit of manipulation. :)

    23. High on my list for potential Hugo nomination next year. This is a short, poignant, and excellently done story; a character portrait of an AI stuck in an untenable dilemma, and a story of what we can do within our limitations.

    24. This is a very straight-forward story told from the perspective of an AI in a "frakenship" fighting on the losing side. Makes me think a lot of Anne McCaffrey's brainship stories, but rather sad and but hurting in a good way.

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