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Starling An aspiring dressmaker orphaned Starling Smith is accustomed to fighting for her own survival But when she s offered a year s wages to temporarily pose as a wealthy man s bride she suspects ulterior

  • Title: Starling
  • Author: Virginia Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781616507176
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • An aspiring dressmaker, orphaned Starling Smith is accustomed to fighting for her own survival But when she s offered a year s wages to temporarily pose as a wealthy man s bride, she suspects ulterior motives She can t lose the chance to open her own shop, but she won t be any man s lover, not even handsome, infuriating Alisdair Seymour s To prevent his visiting sister fAn aspiring dressmaker, orphaned Starling Smith is accustomed to fighting for her own survival But when she s offered a year s wages to temporarily pose as a wealthy man s bride, she suspects ulterior motives She can t lose the chance to open her own shop, but she won t be any man s lover, not even handsome, infuriating Alisdair Seymour s To prevent his visiting sister from parading potential brides in front of him, Alisdair has decided to present a fake wife He lost his heart once, and had it broken he doesn t intend to do it again But stubborn, spirited Starling is alluring than he bargained for, and Alisdair will risk everything he has to prove his love is true Set against the sweeping backdrop of 1866 South Australia, Starling is a novel of cherished dreams and powerful desires, and the young woman bold enough to claim them both 74,855 Words

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      163 Virginia Taylor
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    1 thought on “Starling

    1. Alisdair "Dare" Seymour is the owner of Seymour's Emporium. Starling Smith is a seamstress who works in the Ladies Department. Dare offers Starling a fee to pose as his wife during his sister's two-weeks visit. Starling can open her own seamstress shop and employ her orphan sisters with the money. During the pretend marriage, Dare and Starling's feelings for each other grow. What will they decide to do after the two weeks is over? Is there a happily-ever-after for them?The main characters feel l [...]

    2. Really well-done romance. Starling was an admirable woman, the ex-lover was beautiful and empty, the supporting cast was entertaining - A most satisfying read.

    3. Feeding into my love of historic romance, I’m always looking for the new and unusual to find books set in places other than England or the Americas, or even set in Regency / Late Regency period. Virginia Taylor brings a story set in the Adelaide area of South Australia in the mid-19th century in this, the first in her South Landers series, Starling. Starling is an orphan, an aspiring seamstress with an eye for appropriate fit and a dream to open her own business where she can then afford to of [...]

    4. Thank you all for reading, rating, and reviewing this book. My historical stories are my second love. My first is writing about my own country which people know little about. I hope you enjoy my research and my embellishments of the history of South Australia. If you sign up on my Facebook page facebook/AuthorVirgin you will be led to my website virginia-taylor where you can add your email address to obtain my newsletter.

    5. Starling by Virginia Taylor is loaded with sizzling, sensual tension! This is one hot read you don't want to miss!

    6. Wonderful bookI enjoyed all the characters in this book especially Starling and Alasdair. This is a story about a young woman and a wealthy gentleman who meet and pose as a married couple each for their own reasons in life. They begin as a business deal, but over time, they come to realize that money and deception cannot replace true love.

    7. This empowering romance, set in the days when specific roles governed each gender in their respective positions, is punctuated with touching and tender arousal scenes. I was swept into the plot by the author’s masterful writing. I couldn’t wait to see how a naïve young woman could handle the thrusts and parries of social life, and blend into her sham role of the new wife to a wealthy husband.Virginia Taylor balanced the emotional and practical needs of both collaborators by showing how love [...]

    8. 4.5 starsA well written Australian historical romance. Starling is hired by her boss to pretend she is his wife for week. Many misunderstandings abound including that Starling is a prostitute. I enjoyed reading this book because I learned more about my own hometown and state, and the characters were raw and real (even if I wanted to throttle Alasdair on more than one occasion). Will definitely continue reading this series about the orphan girls with the names of birds.Disclaimer: While I know th [...]

    9. Once again, another strong female character that doesn't lack femininity and vulnerability. I love the research and details that Virginia adds to give it authenticity. Her style is a delight to read and I look forward to the next one!

    10. Wonderful storyStarling South Landers by Virginia Taylor is a wonderful story. I like the characters, they seem real to me. This is a page turner. A must read. Thanks

    11. This was absolutely one of the most disgusting books I've read so far in the year. Let me list why. 1) The constant slut shaming. I literally can't go a page without the word whore being read, which might be acceptable if this was a story written about a woman in a brothel, but that is not what is happening. Instead whore is used here to refer to women who are not virgins. Rarely is a man blamed here for his sexual indiscretions while the woman is criticized relentlessly. For example, when a mai [...]

    12. I liked this one. It was different from a lot of the "fake relationship" books I've read in the past, but did have some predictable elements. It is, after all, a pretty specific trope. The hero was pretty stuck in his own world but was a pretty likable guy for all his problems. Starling was "practically perfect in every way", but not annoying about it. The only real problem I had was the (view spoiler)[ way Alisdair treated her sexually. He was a little pushy, but never completely followed throu [...]

    13. Delightful, delicious, warm and witty – these are some of the words that come to mind after reading Ms Taylor’s book, Starling. There were twists and turns within a well plotted well considered story that includes a cast of characters that were all fun except for one. And, there always must be at least one villain in a love story, right? Alasdair made assumptions about Starling when he hired her to pose as his wife for two weeks and his assumptions manage to cause trouble throughout the nove [...]

    14. Australian Historical RomanceNo fancy Lords in this one. And it is a very nice change, with a rich, handsome department store owner who is obsessed with a well borne Lady. A lady who turned him down to marry a rich banker, because he lacked money and birth at that time. He hires Starling a orphan, who he assumes is a whore because she had worked in a house of ill repute as a laundress. She's to act as his wife while his sister visits. His shock is intense when his original Lady love accompanies [...]

    15. This story was simply and beautifully told. I love the interaction between Alisdair and Starling. Quite often I did wish she would slap him, but her calm acceptance and thoughtfulness inspired me.

    16. I hated the hero. He wanted to be praised for listening to the heroine's no by having her say yes, and this happened more times than I could count on the book. I loved the setting, but couldn't root for the couple.

    17. The premise of this story held promise. Alas, to no avail. There's this rich, self-made department store owner, Alisdair Seymour, in 1866 Australia, whose sister keeps trying to match him up with women. Tired of this, he hires Starling Smith, one of his store employees, to pretend to be his newly-wed wife during the next visit of sister and the latest woman she wants him to marry. He and Starling will have to share the same bedroom but he promises to keep his hands and other body parts to himsel [...]

    18. This book was not at all what I was expecting. Virginia wrote a book that sucks you right into it. She has a very busy story line and if not for the spoilers then there are the twists and turns. Starling was a very smart person. She was a founding and took herself out into the business world. She is taken into Seymour' s Emporium in the Ladies section. Alasdair is in trouble. His matchmaking sister is coming to visit so he hires Starling to pretend to be his just married wife. Spoiler. Then he f [...]

    19. This book may be considered a romance, but it came very close to encouraging rape culture with a male main character that has a hard time accepting "no" as an answer and more than once considers forcing himself on the main female character (Starling). In addition, he refuses to accept that she isn't a "whore because at one time she worked for six weeks at an inn known for prostitution. I'm sorely disappointed that this is the best the author could come up with in terms of creating drama in the s [...]

    20. Historical romance set in Australia in 1866 with a rich self-made-man looking for a fake wife to deflect his sister's tries to marry him off to a society lady when things get complicated because he falls in love with his fake wife while his first love tries to win him back after being widowed.Starling Smith is in the job of her dreams selling fabrics in a reputable company and is surprised when the owner, Alisdair Seymour calls her into his office to propose a fake marriage for a few weeks. So a [...]

    21. Alistair hires a wifeAlisdair's sister and husband are coming for a visit with a female friend. Alisdair is positive that she's playing matchmaker again, do he hires Starling who works for him to be his wife for two weeks for 40 pounds. She agrees. When his sisterhood up the mystery woman is Lavender who he had loved years ago and never got over. She is now a widow and h e is determined to marry her. Starling continues to play the role of his wife but tensions build between her and Alisdair. He [...]

    22. There is so much not to like about this story.Stupid hero. He says he can take no for an answer but keeps at it and at it. He can't see Lavender for what she is.Of course he thinks Starling is/was a whore (as if that was the worst thing possible.) I can forgive Starling much more. She really was a virgin and did not know about the pleasure of sex or about men. She kept her eye on the prize. The cake scene at the picnic was the best but this came far too late.And then the whole thing rushed to th [...]

    23. This had more depth than the usual romances that routinely show up every month on bookshelves. Starling is a very admirable heroine. She is smart and independent and furthermore she she does not need a man to define her. She also showed Alisdair that love is not love if it is not given freely~without strings or conditions. Aside from the F*** word, which I do not really like in my romances, I thought this book was well~written, relatable and very credible. A Good Read.

    24. Oh, I wanted to like this, so badly and so much. It was a great catnip - frontier Adelaide, Australia, sham marriage, rags to riches, but oh. It was just painful. I spent so much time wanting to fling a drop bear at the "hero" of the story that all I could do was root for the heroine to get away, get away, get away - and sadly, that's not what happens in books like these.Too bad. I would have likely given it a 5, if indeed Starling had set up her new life and never seen Seymour again.

    25. Loved it!I used to live historical romance but became bored with them. However, reading the previous reviews I became intrigued, and gave this one a chance. I'm so glad I did! I loved the relationship and quick quips between the two main characters, and I couldn't stop reading until I got my fix! You know the happy ever after will come, but boy! What angst to get there.

    26. Cute to a pointA cute read. The main male character I felt got a little rough to a point I thought he was going to take advantage of her even when she said no. He's quite lustful. Sometimes I wish characters would just speak out but I guess that's what you think when you know both sides of the story.

    27. He needed someone to pretend to be his wife for two weeks. She needed money to start her own business. They came to an agreement. The author has that uncanny ability (yes, I say that jealously) to make you believe the characters are real, and even more, to fall in love with. This is my first book by this author, but I can honestly say I will be seeking out others. Truly an enjoyable read!

    28. Good Nice expansive plot. Great characters. Easy enjoyable reading. Nice ending. However it was a bit predictable. Does the villain really have to be so very shallow? A more complicated woman would have enhanced the plot and been more realistic.

    29. Enjoyable readWell written, characters flushed out well. The pretty woman plot was reused, but done well. The ending could have been done a little better, but the wish for it not to end on my part could be influencing that.

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