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A Shenandoah Christmas: A Novella (Winds of Change)

A Shenandoah Christmas A Novella Winds of Change Andrew Roberts has picked out the perfect Christmas present an engagement ring His Christmas wish is to marry the woman he loves But where has she gone Andrew Roberts hasn t felt such anticipation for

  • Title: A Shenandoah Christmas: A Novella (Winds of Change)
  • Author: Lisa Belcastro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Andrew Roberts has picked out the perfect Christmas present an engagement ring His Christmas wish is to marry the woman he loves But where has she gone Andrew Roberts hasn t felt such anticipation for Christmas day since he was five years old This year he has plans, life changing plans He is going to propose to Allyson Flanders, the woman of his dreams He d lived hisAndrew Roberts has picked out the perfect Christmas present an engagement ring His Christmas wish is to marry the woman he loves But where has she gone Andrew Roberts hasn t felt such anticipation for Christmas day since he was five years old This year he has plans, life changing plans He is going to propose to Allyson Flanders, the woman of his dreams He d lived his first thirty years as a confirmed bachelor, contented with dating, managing the family s fleet of ships, fishing, and sailing anywhere he wanted, whenever he wanted.Until .One date with Allyson, and Andy was hopelessly caught by the smartest, kindest, most beautiful woman he d ever met He had no complaints Life with Allyson was better than anything he d ever imagined They spent hours of every day together, casting lines into the waters off the shore of Martha s Vineyard, talking, laughing, and dreaming He hadn t spent a day without being in Allyson s company.Until Something happened after Thanksgiving Something he can t figure out Something he can t name But that something has created distance than a two month sail from Vineyard Haven Harbor to Sri Lanka Allyson had no time for him, barely spoke to him, and made secret plans without him.The diamond and sapphire ring resting in the black velvet box looked lonely, but not as lonely as Andy felt Where was she spending her time Why didn t she return his phone calls Had she found someone else Was there any hope his Christmas wish might still come true A Vineyard RomanceRomance, Faith, and Adventure on the Island of Martha s Vineyard

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    1 thought on “A Shenandoah Christmas: A Novella (Winds of Change)

    1. Andrew Roberts has picked out the perfect Christmas present—an engagement ring. His Christmas wish is to marry the woman he loves. But where has she gone? Allyson seems to be withdrawing from him just as he is ready to proprose.A sweet Christmas story, but it felt very short for a novella. I loved Andrew as he had a deep faith and loved unconditionally. He was ready to give Allyson as much time as she needed even if he was ready to make a commitment. Once he understood why she was withdrawing, [...]

    2. I liked - but can't honestly say I "love" this rather short story. I loved the characters - all of them Andy, Allyson, Andy's family. This is a family that anyone would like to claim as their own. Poor AndyI really felt for him, and I - like him - was puzzled and could feel his "pain" - at Allyson's behavior. I understood Allyson's decision not to say anything to Andy about what was "going on" until a later time, but that doesn't mean I necessarily liked or agreed with it. Sharing things - both [...]

    3. Very good story.This is a good introduction to a series that I am looking forward to reading. This story said a lot in a few words. It was a strong Christian book and I really enjoy those kind of stories.

    4. In this unique Christmas story we find Rebecca and Melissa traveling back in time to 1777. There we meet Rebecca's husband Ben and their precious little girl Felicity. When the child comes down with small pox Rebecca wants to go to present time and get the shot that will help her daughter. Can she go to the right time period to get the medication? Would she return in time to save her daughter?This was a great story that reminds us of what it was like during a time period when little help was aro [...]

    5. I offered to review this book based on its title alone so I wasn't aware it was part of a series that weaves the author's Christian faith into stories set in and around Martha's Vineyard. That said, Shenandoah Christmas can stand on its own; it's a novella about Andrew Roberts -- Andy to his family and Drew to his girlfriend, Allyson -- and his struggle with what he feels is a growing distance between them. The story takes place in his parents home in the days leading up to and including Christm [...]

    6. This is a beautiful Christmas novella based on the Roberts family from Lisa Belcastro's Winds of Change series. Lisa has brought to light the beauty and spiritual importance of the true meaning of Christmas. In this brief narrative the members of the Roberts family not only celebrate the birth of Christ, and God's infinite love, but share examples of the importance of unconditional love in all circumstances, Although brief, "A Shenandoah Christmas" is expressive and inspirational, spiritually ri [...]

    7. This was a fun, heartwarming novella that put me in the Christmas spirit. I read it in less than 2 hours. When I realized that this was a continuation of three previous novels that I hadn't read, I was wondering if I would still enjoy it and if it would make sense to me. Well, yes to both! The book blurb was enough to clue me in on what had already happened and as I got into the story I grew interested in the lives of the families and individuals. This novella also piqued my interest in the thre [...]

    8. A Beautiful Story!I just finished reading the novella A Shenandoah Christmas by Lisa Belcastro, what a wonderful short happy read. It’s a perfect book to pick up and read during this busy time of the year and it’s especially great since it’s about ChristmasThe story is about the Robert’s family especially Andy and the love of his life, Allyson who seems to be a little off lately. As the story goes for the next two days about how he wants to propose to her but doesn’t quite understand w [...]

    9. A Shenandoah Christmas by Lisa Belcastro is a sweet Christmas story. It takes place after the last book in the Winds of Change trilogy. It is a short novella about Andy and Allyson. Andy is in love with Allyson and is going to propose to her during the holiday season. However, Allyson seems to be withdrawing from Andy. She has become distant and he thinks Allyson is no longer in love with him. This story is about trusting in God, His love and timing, and having faith. This book is also about the [...]

    10. This was a sweet little novella about a few characters that this author has introduced in the past. I love that. I love that if I read this first and like the characters, I can go find out more in other books. This novella centers around Christmas and how sometimes even Christians can lose the true meaning. We get so busy with our plans and ideas in our heads that we forget to put Him first. It is also about assumptions. If you love someone, don't make them. I don't want to give too much of the [...]

    11. I fell in love with Andy and Allyson in "Shenandoah Crossings" so it is wonderful to reunite and read their story. This is a sweet, heartwarming love story. And it happens to be set at Christmas time. Which, actually, is appropriate because Christmas is a season of hope and that's just what Andy and Allyson need. No spoilers! I also enjoyed getting a glimpse of Tess, Hawk and the Roberts family. This book is well worth the 99 cent purchase price. I started reading at bedtime and had a very hard [...]

    12. 4 – award winning coversIf you’re looking for a wonderful Christmas book to read this holiday season, A Shenandoah Christmas might be just for you! Buying it on Kindle for only $0.99, I was thrilled to read it and not feel lost because it follows Lisa’s other books.Andy thinks he knows what he wants for Christmas, but then he finds out what he truly needs – Christ. I loved the emphasis that Lisa put on Christ being the center of Christmas and it was neat to watch Andy and Allyson adopt [...]

    13. I just finished A Shenandoah Christmas and what a sweet book! The author, Lisa Belcastro, completed the story of Andrew and Allyson from Shenandoah Crossings. I loved the story and was happy to be reading about some of my favorite characters again – I missed them! A great read about unconditional love and the true meaning of Christmas! This is a novella that will leave you feeling good when you finish it!

    14. A Shenandoah Christmas is a beautiful novella that displays the true meaning of this holiday. The author does great in showing what true commitment not only means, but what is required. I highly recommend reading this loving novella. You will not want to miss reading A Shenandoah Christmas.I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.

    15. A Shenandoah Christmas written by Lisa Belcastro is a sweet romantic Christmas read. I loved the character of Drew/Andy that Belcastro wrote. He is so thoughtful and caring for a guy! He wants to marry the love of his life, yet because of issues that have been going on, he's not sure she wants to marry him! You either grow closer or further apart through difficult timeswell I strongly encourage you to read this Christmas Novella and see just what happens in Drew's life!

    16. This is a sweet story that brings up a realistic situation that a couple in love may go through. It is a good story for Christmas but a little sad. It seemed to me that it ended abruptly. I do like the fact that it did not sugarcoat a potential challenge and that a sudden miracle didn't change things for a rosey ending. This is a Christian book and there is scripture that is helpful for a main character.

    17. What a wonderful novella- not only reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas but also showing us the love we can all try to work for! I also like the Christmas tradition that was started when mom and dad were newlyweds and continued ever since, including the yearly retelling of the story that started the tradition. That was awesome. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review, and I can honestly say this is going to be a favorite!

    18. Lighthearted and upliftingThis book reads more like a short story but I liked it a lot because it reminds me of a simpler time when more people put their trust in God than looking at their own desires I'm one of those people who believes that you will never find true peace outside of God's will.

    19. A Shenandoah Christmas is a quick Christmas read. It is about trust, love and faith. If you like a book you can read in one sitting I recommend this one. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

    20. I found this to be extremely short and choppy. I liked Andy's family more than I liked either him or Allyson. The religious aspects were a bit heavy handed as well.

    21. quick readSuper quick, feel good read. The beginning was a bit odd. It seemed to jump in in the middle of the story.

    22. This was a sweet Christmas novella about love, faith and trust. This was a quick holiday read and you won't be sad to pick it up!

    23. What Christmas and love is all aboutA nice God based Christmas novella. As wuss most short stories, it ended rather abruptly. Some great life lessons are part of this quick read.

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