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Another Sunset

Another Sunset David is a kind drifter who settles in the small Texas town of Westville His sense empathy and awareness are well received by the residents as they welcome and befriend him He helps a small local gi

  • Title: Another Sunset
  • Author: Jason Zandri
  • ISBN: 9781495125140
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • David is a kind drifter who settles in the small Texas town of Westville His sense, empathy, and awareness are well received by the residents as they welcome and befriend him He helps a small local girl try to realize her dream and excites and energizes the whole town The local reporter unravels the mystery of his travels and discovers why he is on his journey Then, liDavid is a kind drifter who settles in the small Texas town of Westville His sense, empathy, and awareness are well received by the residents as they welcome and befriend him He helps a small local girl try to realize her dream and excites and energizes the whole town The local reporter unravels the mystery of his travels and discovers why he is on his journey Then, lives change as fate takes a critical turn

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      243 Jason Zandri
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    1 thought on “Another Sunset

    1. I had 5 hours on trains today and the last hour, as I was finishing this book, I was desperately trying not to shed too many tears but was failing and attracting the attention of a sweet old lady sitting opposite to me, who enquired if everything was all right! I explained that I was reading a fabulous book but that it had become terribly sad towards the end.I really enjoyed this book and it was fun to read something that had no violence, sex or even swearing, which I couldn't put down. From the [...]

    2. I have to point out that there were a few flaws with this book. For example, a truck driver says he always drives hundreds of miles out of his way to visit the small city. Unless he is an owner-operator, he isn't allowed by his company to deviate that much from his route.There are a few problems with "head hopping"--the POV of the characters shift incorrectly. There were a few verb confusions and fundamental grammar mistakes that made it seem a bit amateurish at times.The dialogue also didn't ha [...]

    3. What an amazing story! I was really engaged with it as it continually builds up. It starts off introducing you to the characters who come across as very real everyday people. As you read more about them you really feel like they are people you know. As the story evolves you begin to think you know where it is headed and then it takes subtle turns you’re not expecting. After a while I realized I had no inkling of what might happen next.David is a very likable character who clearly has a past an [...]

    4. This story had me confused in the beginning. I felt there were too many characters introduced too soon, and I was getting them all mixed up, especially with David and Peter Dempsey, and then with Caroline and Charlotte. I couldn’t remember who was the passenger and who was the truck driver, and then I couldn’t remember which was the child and which was the elderly woman (that confusion very well could have been my own mind, mind you). After having read the first two chapters twice, I began t [...]

    5. This is a really good dialog novel. The book came recommended by a friend of mine who had read it and said to me that I would get attached to the characters. It took a little getting used to Zandri's writing style and I had to give him some credit, for a first release it was really above average. Once I got comfortable with the style of the story I became attached to the characters and found myself wanting to read ahead to see what happened to them next. It seemed like a slow build up but it cau [...]

    6. Another Sunset is a first time write for new author Jason Zandri. It is an everyday story about life, love, loss, hope, faith, and redemption. It is a dialog / narrative story (people’s thoughts and feelings, their conversations, etc.) that captures the real essence of the bigger picture of life that most of us miss in our hustle and bustle. When we talk about reality TV taking over the airwaves, Another Sunset is the reality any of us could have if we adopted life in this way. This is a well, [...]

    7. Another Sunset is one of those books that once I started to read it I was intrigued until the very end. The story is very well written with just the right amount of drama and suspense that kept me captivated as I turned every page. The characters, my favorite being David of course, are all unique in their own way and very well developed throughout the entire story. This was actually the very first book I have read from Jason Zandri & I must say I am very impressed to say the least.

    8. I absolutely loved this book I loved the character in it and everything about it thank you for writing it

    9. This is a sweet little book - very "Hallmark-esque" with it's main characters and sad ending. The story line takes a while to ramp up and I think the climax of the story is a bit early in the book, but I enjoyed it and enjoyed the characters. **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

    10. I'm crying over this book, this book hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm still not quite sure how to feel. *full review coming soon**Edit/ full review*Okay I honestly don't know where to start with this review because it broke my heart and made me mad, sad, angry, frustrated and happy at the same time. Not a lot of books affect me like that. The reason that this book affected me so much can be summed up in about two words "David" and "Sunsets".For anyone who hasn't read the book, you probably ha [...]

    11. This book started off a bit slow and I had some difficulty with the dialogue as it seemed a little stilted. But once I became used to the author’s writing style, the book started to flow along. A few times, some of the words used struck me as inappropriate for the characters. As another reviewer mentioned, a nice person usually doesn’t “smirk”. That’s a smug word and just didn’t fit with the characters at all yet was used quite a few times. Possibly the area this author is from uses [...]

    12. The author generously provided me a Kindle version of this book, for which I thank him. "Another Sunset" is a sweet story of a drifter that makes a lasting impact on the lives that he touches during his travels. David is a somewhat mysterious stranger when he arrives in the tiny town of Westville, TX. He quickly becomes involved in the lives of the residents, especially 9-year old Caroline and her mother, Maria, and changes their lives forever. But it becomes quite clear that David has a secret [...]

    13. Zandri creates a community of characters with whom you want to spend some time. Set in a town dying from both economic and natural disasters, Another Sunset encourages its readers to value each day. It is the story of a young girl with dreams, and a mysterious stranger that pulls the town together to help make her dreams come true.

    14. I have read hundreds of books over my many years, but I cannot think of one that is as touching as 'Another Sunset'. It is nearly impossible to put this book down - and leaves your heart breaking in so many ways even as you appreciate the kindness and love it portrays. Thanks to for an unforgettable gift, and to Mr. Zandri for a wonderful novel.

    15. If there was a way to give Another Sunset by Jason Zandri more than five stars then I would. This book was an inspirational and at the same time a very emotional read. When David Stephenson, a drifter, arrives in the small town of Westville, Texas he sets about to help the people there. David focuses on making a little girl’s dream come true. While he is there he touches the lives and hearts of Westville’s residents. The people of Westville are not sure where David came from but they know he [...]

    16. Another SunsetDavid Stephenson was a man like no other. He showed up one day and made a difference for whoever needed it and then he was gone. This is the premise of Another Sunset. I cared about David but he was a mystery. Why did he live like this?This is a well written story that was a joy to read. It was clearly plot driven without graphic sex, violence or swearing. It proves it is possible to write a novel without any of the aforementioned subjects. I was kept guessing who David Stephenson [...]

    17. ANOTHER SUNSET proved to be a story of hope, of making the world a better place. The idea of moving from place to place and helping people along the way really appealed to me. The characters were vivid and real. I found myself cheering the characters on. I could easily place myself in the shoes of David, Maria, or Caroline. I loved how David used his skills to help people who then in turn helped others. I loved the single-mindedness of purpose to achieve the goal. I loved the tender relationship [...]

    18. I received this book for free through First Reads. I have been crying for half the day while reading this book. It's so heartfelt, emotional, sad, happy, everything!! The first few chapters it was hard to get into the book but once there I couldn't put it down. The storyline is heartbreaking but very powerful in it's message about living life. I went through a whole box of tissues, make sure you have some handy. The writing was a little off to begin with as the conversations didn't seem to flow [...]

    19. Poignant and thought-provokingWhen a mysterious stranger arrives in a small Texas town that’s been crushed by economic recession, the town, its citizens and the dream of a young girl are all up for grabs. Who will prevail? Emotions run the gamut in a well-written story that kept this reader turning the pages. I highly recommend ANOTHER SUNSET by Jason Zandri and look forward to reading more from this author. ~ Bette A. Stevens, author of award-winning AMAZING MATILDA and other books for childr [...]

    20. I fell in love with the characters in this book, especially the main character, David. The story is well-told and garners various emotions from the reader throughout. There is light humor, anger, joy, and sorrow. In my opinion, all the elements that make a good novel. The message is one of hope and optimism--seeing the best in people and situations, and offers a subtle reminder to never take one second of life for granted. After reading this book, one thing is for sure. I will never view another [...]

    21. I was given this book in exchange for my honest review. I think the writing style and perhaps maybe even the story might be okay for the genre. IDKe all 'westerns' supposed to be depressing? If so, this was spot-on. I didn't realize it was that sort of book when I agreed to read it. The story had a slow beginning, a little hard to get into, and then a heart-wrenching ending, which to my mind, was completely devoid of hope.

    22. David is just a traveler, and helps everywhere he goes. But when he finishes his job, he just up and disappears. The ones in Westville was so hoping that he would decide to stay, but once again just disappears. He had been there for awhile, but although the townspeople liked him and he seems to them, they knew very little about his past.The book is one that really keeps you wondering. Very well written.

    23. Another Sunset by Jason Zandri is an Exquisite read. It takes hold of you from the very first chapter. A mysterious drifter who changes peoples lives for the better, as he travels through different towns this book will change the readers perception of life. Another Sunset is an extremely wonderful Read. You want to rush through one chapter in order to read the next. Yet at the same time you want to savour each and every chapter. This book is that good.

    24. I love it - It was an excellent read with amysterious but uplifting plot that keeps you engaged; you will not want toput the book down in order to see what happens next. You become investedin the characters. I hated that I was wrong about certain outcomes. Youpull for the expected outcome that doesn't exactly happen. You want themto get the rewards they deserve. But just like life, sometimes it doesn'tmeasure up in the expected way. This is a must read for 2015.

    25. This was a must read book.Once I started this bok I could not put down. What a riveting story about a drifter who comes to town and lots of good things start to happen. A young 8 year old girl is helped to make her dream of having internet at the library come true. There is some romance too.I was hoping for a happy ending but still a great read.Hope to see more books from this author. I won this book from first reads.

    26. I really enjoy this book. It came recommended through a review site and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed the mystery around the main character but always the theme of faith and redemption which is a thread that is maintained throughout the storyline. I also enjoyed the mystery and foreshadowing which was cleverly done so as to not give anything away. I was kept guessing to the end.

    27. I enjoyed this book very much and felt as if I were part of the story at times. There were certain portions of the story that were very personal to me - I'm sure it was accidental, but nonetheless it hit home. This book made me cry, frustrated me at times and was also touching with a side of humor that I loved. I bought a copy for my parents as a gift and am waiting to get their review.

    28. Think about itAfter you read this book.It is absolutely perfect to become a movied also leaves that option open for a sequel. Loved it.d would love to see it as a movie. What fun it would be to see who plays the parts! I picture this as one of those movies you would watch over and over because of the comprehensive and amazing dialogue.

    29. I won this book on ! Very moving. I choked up at the end.Tragic and inspiring. Takes a couple of chapters to get used to the writing style, but then the story sweeps you away. You REALLY care about the characters.I had to see what happened next!

    30. What an intriguing book. The story of how the kindness of one man can change a whole town. One young girls dream can become reality with the help of the community. A touching drama that makes you think about how you live your life. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

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