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Paul à la pêche

Paul la p che Une semaine de vacances dans une pourvoirie est un merveilleux pr texte pour Michel Rabagliati d largir son univers et de nous pr senter de nouveaux personnages On fera donc la connaissance de Cl ment

  • Title: Paul à la pêche
  • Author: Michel Rabagliati
  • ISBN: 9782922585391
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Broché
  • Une semaine de vacances dans une pourvoirie est un merveilleux pr texte pour Michel Rabagliati d largir son univers et de nous pr senter de nouveaux personnages On fera donc la connaissance de Cl ment et Monique, aper us dans Paul en appartement Quant nos deux tourtereaux, Paul et Lucie, nous pourrons enfin voir ce que l avenir leur r serve

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      465 Michel Rabagliati
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    1. Further proof that Michel Rabagliati is one of the most gifted storytellers & illustrators working in the comics biz today. The story picks up not long after "Paul Moves Out" leaves off, with Paul and his wife Lucie headed out to the countryside to spend a week with his sister-in-law and her family at a lakeside cabin, where Paul goes fishing and reflects on his teenage years and impending fatherhood. As in the previous volumes, story is not the key appeal -- not much happens but life itself [...]

    2. Pourquoi est-ce que j'aime autant Rabagliati? Tout d'abord. Il est sympa! Ensuite, à chaque fois, indépendamment, je m'enfonce les deux pieds profondément dans ses romans et j'en émerge à la toute fin, satisfaite avec un sentiment d'appartenance inébranlable. Romans, oui vous avez bien lu, j'ai écrit roman car avec Rabagliati c'est bien de celà qu'il s'agit! C'est un exemple parfait de ce qu'est un roman graphique, parce qu'on a beau aimer la BD, Rabagliati ça se lit comme un romanRabag [...]

    3. Certaines planches sont superbes et possèdent un très grand pouvoir évocateur, et qui sert bien l'histoire et la psychologie du roman graphique. On s'attache rapidement aux personnages de Paul et Lucie, et à leur histoire touchante.

    4. I am far behind in reviews, and it's been a few months since I've read this. Also, I haven't read the other Paul books! So, I will hopefully read the three Paul books and write a more in-depth review. I did appreciate the emotional presence, humor and sensitivity of "Paul Goes Fishing." I didn't fall in love with the book or its characters that I recall, but appreciated the dynamics and juxtapositions and its meditations on masculinities and relationships and the many different directions passio [...]

    5. Cette BD est la deuxième que je lis de la série de Paul par Rabagliati. Si vraiment Paul est l'alter-ego de l'auteur, il faut dire que Rabagliati a eu une vie crissement intéressante. Malgré le titre, l'histoire n'est pas centrée sur la pêche (tant mieux pour moi, car je partage l'avis de Paul sur la pêche et la chasse). D'un point de vue artistique et littéraire, j'ai trouvé cette histoire aussi bien que Paul à Québec (la première de la série que j'ai lue), pourtant les sujets qu'e [...]

    6. The best of the three I have read, the most complex in terms of the art and story. It feels a bit more ambitious, less "focused" in terms of narration, with flashbacks, different tones, more precision. I am led after reading all these three in a short time, close together, to rethink the first one about summer camp, which after getting to know Paul, I feel I like a bit better. The Paul stories work like an autobiography, in novel form, and most of the telling is not dramatic, not the kind of rev [...]

    7. Kanadanranskalaisen Michel Rabagliatin "Paul Goes Fishing" on ilmeisesti osin omaelämäkerrallinen sarjakuvaromaani kahden pariskunnan kesälomamatkasta quebecilaisen järven rannalle.Nimestään huolimatta albumi ei kerro kalastamisesta, vaikka sitäkin sivutaan; keskeisimmiksi teemoiksi kohoavat vanhemmuus ja lapsettomuus, ja oman osansa saavat myös globalisaatio ja työkulttuurin muutos. Tarinassa merkittävää osaa näyttelevät myös erilaiset takaumat ja muistot lapsuudesta ja nuoruudes [...]

    8. C'est le deuxième Paul que je lis, le premier étant Paul à Québec.En fait, comme dans "Paul à Québec" où le "à Québec" est plutôt un prétexte, ici, la pêche est aussi un prétexte pour parler d'un tout autre sujet. Je ne sais pas si c'est ainsi dans toute ses BD, mais jusqu'à présent, à chaque Michel Rabagliati traite d'un sujet sensible sans aller dans le mélodrame ou la prétention. Je me dis que je devrai peut-être posséder toute la série et les faire lire à mes futures en [...]

    9. Je suis en train de relire tous les Paul.Paul à la pêche est une véritable réussite, tant au plan du scénario que des dessins. Les histoires sont très prenantes et elles savent soulever plusieurs émotions.

    10. Great coming-of-age graphic novel that touches upon painful subjects such as neglected children, abused animals, ecological disturbance and miscarriages. Paul and his girl take a road trip to a cabin by a lake in Canada. His brother-in-law and the locals are passionate about fishing. Paul isn't. He brings a Mickey Mouse toy rod for one thing. The flashback structure is quite obvious (but the receipt on one of the final pages is masterfully linked with the prologue), and the drawing style isn't a [...]

    11. For anyone wondering, this book, to me, is the quintessential Québec story. Most Québécois in their 40's and 50's will relate to the cottage, the fishing, the roads to the North and all other little details that Michel Rabagliati has put into this Paul series. I did not have a cottage, but I went to visit family, maybe once or twice a year, and it is almost as if I can smell the décor in Rabagliati's work.There's no real fireworks in there. It's a quiet book to be read when one needs to be c [...]

    12. It's been about a year since I read a book in this series and I was pleasantly reminded as to why these are so great. It's a very human look into someone's life at different ages, maturity levels, and situations.In this book, the main character, Paul, states that his favorite book is Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. I can see a lot of influence from that book (my favorite novel) in the way that this series flows.I love it!

    13. What struck me about this fourth installment in the Paul series was its entry into symbolism: specifically that of fishing as a Christian metaphor. Rabagliati traveled so elegantly between the everyday, literal concerns and events of the fishing trip and the spiritual journey of parenthood. I've been in love with this series since Paul a la Campagne so he is preaching to the converted at this point, so to speak, but wow. Bravo, M. Rabagliati.

    14. J'aime bien cette histoire, qui se découpe finalement en 2 parties. Une assez chouette avec les vacances en famille au bord du lac, et une autre tout aussi chouette, Mais plus triste, avec l'attente du bébé pour Paul et Lucie.C'est encore une fois un album tendre et doux, qui raconte avec délicatesse la vie du jeune couple.J'ai beaucoup aimé et j'ai fermé le livre avec le sourire aux lèvres. ❤️

    15. J'adore, j'adore la série des "Paul". De vraies tranches de vie et une plongée dans un Québec authentique, drôle et touchant. Un roman graphique autobiographique que je recommande chaudement!

    16. Originally posted at:A Girl that Likes BooksWhat's the book about? Paul, our "hero", is a graphic artist, and as you may imagine he goes fishing. But this trip has a lot more of meaning. The whole family vacation is sprinkled with back stories of the other characters and some heart breaking situations with his girlfriend Lucie.What was different of this book?To begin with, is the first "comic" book that I added to my reviews. Is not the first one that I have read off course, but is the first one [...]

    17. This book isn't about fishing, but it is really, really good. It's the best comic I've read this year (and better than most stuff from 2007).Michel Rabagliati's proxy character Paul's a bit more grown up than inPaul Moves Out. He and his partner are expecting their first kid, and are celebrating their fortune with a summer vacation to a fishing resort (though they don't even own a fishing rod). The first three quarters of the book are filled with meandering tangents that at first seem like unnec [...]

    18. I'm a tremendous fan of Michel Rabagliati and was looking forward to reading a new Paul book. Loosely autobiographical, Paul Goes Fishing details Paul and his wife Lucie's first pregnancy woes, mostly against the backdrop of a fishing vacation in Quebec. Rabagliati weaves several themes throughout Paul Goes Fishing: the sacrifices and practicalities of parenthood, a nostalgia for a less technologically advanced world, and an abiding appreciation for the natural world. His storytelling here is pl [...]

    19. Picked this up at the library at the spur of a moment, not having even heard of Michel Rabagliati, a French-Canadian cartoonist of Italian heritage, but I am very glad that I did. This semi-autobiographical graphic novel about Rabagliati's alter ego, Paul, which is one in a suite that I am now very interested in looking further at, deals with issues and hardships of pregnancy and waiting for a child. While it starts off innocently enough, the volume carries weight and packs quite an emotional pu [...]

    20. A character driven graphic novel series focused on a average, good-spirited man named Paul. In this installment Paul and his wife are preparing for the birth of their first child. They take a holiday in mid-July to go fishing, though Paul learns that fishing, hunting etc aren't the kinds of sports he believed them to be. When Lucie miscarries the course of the book changes. The couple struggle with another miscarriage before seeking out fertility treatments. The emotional journey the couple endu [...]

    21. Another of Rabaliagit’s work in the Paul series, Paul Gets a Summer Job, was the first graphic novel I’d ever read, so obviously his work has a special place in my heart. The plots of his four Paul books all involve putting Paul in a particular situations in life, and telling a story from there, in this case on a fishing trip with his wife and sister-in-law’s family. Although in this one Paul is now a grown man, there is still a distinct sense of growing up and learning (at one point he ta [...]

    22. While this volume has the emotional depth of previous entries in the series, the title is misleading--Paul Has a Summer Job was about Paul's summer job; Paul Moves Out was similarly exactly what you'd expect. In this case, Paul's fishing trip isn't the point of the story do much as an opportunity for Paul to reminisce about his teen years and reflect on what his life was like. His conclusions are sweet, heartwarming, and generous? somehow, in how he views--and viewed--his family, even his paren [...]

    23. I was looking for a graphic novel that would reveal the experience of characters in another culture. Even though Paul Goes Fishing is set right next door in Canada, Rabagliati's Quebec is rich, distinctive, and memorable. As an urbanite out of place in the north woods, Paul himself is undergoing a bit of culture shock as he plunges into the world of die-hard fishermen. In addition to learning how to cast a fly, he also learns about Louis Cyr, the "strongest man in the world" and an exalted Quebe [...]

    24. Paul et sa copine Lucie attendent un enfant. C'est le bonheur dans le couple et c'est le temps des vacances. La belle-soeur de Paul décide d'inviter le couple dans une pourvoirie pour pêcher. Le bonheur est bien vite fini lorsque Lucie perd son bébé.J'ai été surpris par cette bande dessinée. Je m'attendais à des histoires de jeunesse de Paul lorsqu'il allait à la pêche avec sa famille. On a plus droit à une histoire sur la maternité/paternité à venir du couple. On les suit dans leu [...]

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