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Master Pieces: The Curator's Game

Master Pieces The Curator s Game Master Pieces The Curator s Game

  • Title: Master Pieces: The Curator's Game
  • Author: Thomas Hoving Lori Stein Kate Learson
  • ISBN: 9780393328387
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Master Pieces The Curator s Game

    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ Master Pieces: The Curator's Game : by Thomas Hoving Lori Stein Kate Learson ä
      231 Thomas Hoving Lori Stein Kate Learson
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ Master Pieces: The Curator's Game : by Thomas Hoving Lori Stein Kate Learson ä
      Posted by:Thomas Hoving Lori Stein Kate Learson
      Published :2018-01-04T05:31:46+00:00

    1 thought on “Master Pieces: The Curator's Game

    1. Lots of fun for the first twenty pages or so. I obsessed over this book for a week--had to play it every night before I fell asleep. The idea is that you are given a small piece of a painting (all painting, fifty-something of them, are in a gallery at the back if the book) and you have to identify the painting. At first fifty-something paintings seemed like a lot. But some of them are very famous and already immediately recognizable, and the others aren't too hard to id once you've taken a close [...]

    2. I discovered T Hoving when watching "Who the @*! is Jackson Pollack?" about a woman truck driver who may have bought a genuine Pollack for about $20. Hoving was the talking head expert in the film who sniffed at the Pollack and dismissed it immediately, only to have some pretty good physical evidence authenticate it. Hoving's a real snob, and former director of NYC's Met Museum of Art, but the game is fun. The back part has pics and info about famous works, and the front part is a game with a sm [...]

    3. This book is really engaging and quite informative. I couldn't give it five stars because, while the format is really brilliant, the author's style is a bit self-important and citations are lacking.

    4. As Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a decade, Thomas Hoving brought art to a new level of public awareness by pioneering such blockbuster shows as the King Tut exhibit. Early in his career, Hoving was introduced to the "curator's game." Each week, he and his contemporaries met to examine details of larger museum masterpieces. Whoever correctly identified the detail in context won free coffee: the losers paid. In an imaginative adaptation of this exercise, Hoving introduces us to th [...]

    5. I enjoyed the ending of the book with the full art and summaries of the artists better than the quizzes at the beginning of the book. If I were to read this again, I'd start with the last section and then have fun with the visual clues.

    6. Fun book! Filled with beautiful color illustrations of masterpiece artwork, this book teaches readers to look deeply at paintings with the detail-oriented gaze of the curator. The book is divided into two sections. The fist part is comprised of detail illustrations from famous artworks, along with a short verbal clue. The second part is a "gallery" of images along with a descriptive label about the artist and the particular artwork. Readers are encouraged to play the "curator's game" to identify [...]

    7. A fun book where you try to figure out which picture a fragment belongs to. The paintings have some information about the artist to go along with them. My only complaints are the binding isn't the greatest for this kind of book, the cover of mine came off almost immediately, and the key isn't always correct. I found one of the numbers was missing from the key, and two others, the answers were switched.

    8. LOVED this book. I don't know much about art, and this is a fun tour of some world classics with the entertaining and knowledgeable Thomas Hoving. And the first half of the book is details from those same world classics in a sort of puzzle: you get a clue and the detail from the painting andhave to guess the painter and the painting. It was fun and a great way to become very familiar with some interesting art.

    9. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in art. Thomas Hoving, former director of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, has written a book that presents fun and unique challenges to help identify and examine fifty seven masterpieces. The book is chock full of interesting tidbits about the masterpieces and the brilliant artists that created them.

    10. An interesting way to study art. This book gives you small pieces of artworks in one section, and it is up to you to match the pieces to the full work in another section. There is information on all the works included in the bookrt of a visual art trivia. It's fun (but I didn't get through the whole thing; I'll be checking this one out again sometime).

    11. Like "Where's Waldo" for art lovers. Fun concept. Haven't worked on any of the difficult searches yet.A better format might be to have the gallery pictures as separate cards - or even just a separate spiral bound book to flip through.

    12. This is more of an activity book. It breaks down artistic masterpieces and teaches you to appreciate the details in art. Great coffee-table book.

    13. More of a quiz or test than non-fiction, but it was fun for art history geeks like me. Made me feel like my education might have stuck after all.

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