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The Degan Paradox

The Degan Paradox The adventure continues in this action packed follow up to The Degan Incident and The Cassini Mission Peri McSmith is aboard the U S C Cassini en route to the Degan Homeworld A routine medical examin

  • Title: The Degan Paradox
  • Author: Rob Colton
  • ISBN: 9781626330276
  • Page: 228
  • Format: ebook
  • The adventure continues in this action packed follow up to The Degan Incident and The Cassini Mission Peri McSmith is aboard the U.S.C Cassini, en route to the Degan Homeworld A routine medical examination reveals a startling yet impossible link between Peri and the Cassini s last mission.Beshel Drago, Chief Investigator for the Degan Federation, searches for leads on thThe adventure continues in this action packed follow up to The Degan Incident and The Cassini Mission Peri McSmith is aboard the U.S.C Cassini, en route to the Degan Homeworld A routine medical examination reveals a startling yet impossible link between Peri and the Cassini s last mission.Beshel Drago, Chief Investigator for the Degan Federation, searches for leads on the rogue scientists conducting illegal genetic experiments using Degan citizens He hits yet another a dead end until the rescued embryo s human parent is identified.When the Degan Science Institute is attacked, and the embryo stolen, it s up to Beshel and Peri to not only recover the child, but to prevent all out war between the Degans and the Galactic Planetary Union.

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      228 Rob Colton
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    1 thought on “The Degan Paradox

    1. Peri is Devin’s best friend. Tired of being lonely and of his unfulfilling life in Earth, he decides to join Peri and his lovely family in planet Degan. During his space trip, Peri discovers that he may be one of the fathers of the rescued embryo from the previous book “The Cassini Mission” who has been saved by Dr Aron Adler. Dr Adler is bringing the rescued embryo back to planet Degan to discover who his sire is.Peri had a small one night thingy with Devin’s uncle, Beshel Drago, but th [...]

    2. I loved this author stories, even when his books once were published had to toned down for those faint-hearted, there are still pretty good.I was waiting for this sequel for a long time, and he didn't disappointment me.I love the plot, the action, sex scenes, I'm not very fond of science fiction but this author managed to keep me entertained specially the battle in the last part of the story, was freaking amazing.

    3. Besh gives me a headache. He kept denying Peri as his bond mate. Eventually, they did come around together. <3This book in this series still very sci-fi. So for those of you who are not fond of this, you have been warned. Overall, I really liked this! Dam, I really hope there would be book #4. Is that gonna be Martan and Kenji's story? God, I hope so.

    4. I'm totally in love with this series and found this book to be just as good if not even better than the first two books. Human Peri McSmith has decided to up sticks and move to planet Degan to be with his best friend Devin and his new family. He soon finds out he has a lot in common with Beshel Drago, Chief Investigator for the Degan Federation and while they get off to a rather rocky start things soon begin to heat up for the two of them. Plenty of adventure, steamy sex scenes and male-preg. I' [...]

    5. I really enjoyed the first two of this series, but for some reason this third entry didn't cohere for me. The action scenes were solid and I liked Peri fine, so I think my main problem was with Beshel, who wasn't very developed as a character. Colton has made a specialty of the growly Alpha meets slender sweetie romance, but here the dynamic felt flat and half-hearted and took a backseat to a busy and mostly familiar tale of evil scientist/illegal genetic research/kidnapped baby shenanigans.

    6. FUN! Now this is the best way I can think of to start the new year. I had a rip-roaring good time reading this. We got to see all the characters from past installments of this series - YEAH! This time around we got to experience Peri and Beshel's unconventional love story. I personally enjoyed the family scenes, the race to catch the bad guys, and above all the fight scenes at the end. Yup, this was fun for me and I will not under any circumstances apologize for enjoying every page, flaws and al [...]

    7. Overall book rating: 4.9 Stars Audio book: N/A Book Cover: -2 Stars MC1: Peri MC2: BeshelI still hate the coversBeshel just made me so mad at times, but I suppose some guys need more time than others.My heart broke for Peri he was so sweet and I just wanted to protect him my mother hen genes really kicked in with his story.I kind of grew used to these possessive hairy beats. I will miss them

    8. Je l'ai attendu longtemps, mon petit Peri !! Et je ne suis pas déçue. On a toujours ce mélange particulièrement réussi de bonne SF des familles, simple mais efficace et d'amour; de sexe et de romantisme; d'action et d'émotion; de muscles et de guimauve. Avec d'autres auteurs, ce serait trop ou trop peu mais Rob Colton tient la recette idéale, celle qui fonctionne avec moi en tout cas ! J'adore Peri, si gentil, sentimental et adorable, mais aussi têtu et déterminé. Et j'ai aimé son his [...]

    9. I loved Peri in book 1 of Galactic Conspiracies so I was so happy that he got his own story.Beshel is kind of a hard-ass but Peri wins him overeventually.Great sexy times as always with Rob Colton. Love me that big hairy beast.

    10. 2.5 stars - Almost 3 stars but not quite there. Felt Peri and Besh's relationship needed more time to develop and solidify.

    11. ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****4.5 Stars - As the blurb states, this was indeed an action-packed adventure! I enjoyed seeing all the characters from the previous two books and was glad to get the conclusion of the story line setup over those books. Everything played out like a great movie – just how I like my sci-fi adventure books to be!Peri was an interesting character; I loved how he felt toward his unexpected responsibility and the lengths he went to in defending it despite not [...]

    12. I'm not usually a sci-fi reader, but I really enjoyed this series. This one might just be my favorite of the 3. Also, I think these are the only mpreg stories I have really liked. Granted, I haven't read many, but still I loved Peri and Besh. It was nice not to have a bad case of insta-love here. Oh sure there was plenty of insta-lust, but they weren't very fond of each other to begin with. The love grew later. =D Along with a great romance, there is plenty of action going on. Bombings, declarat [...]

    13. Spectacular!!!I swear this is one of my favorite sci-fi series to read The plot was awesome seeing past characters was awesome also Peri and Bashel's story was worth the wait!! rob does a fantastic job writing this series and I cannot wait for book 4 I just hope I don't have to wait as long as I did for 3is is not a standalone if you haven't read the past 2 books read them you will quite enjoy it!!!

    14. Return to the world of the large furry Degan unknowingly and reluctantly mixed with the small, vulnerable human (with mpreg)3.5 starsThe third book in the series, this was the weakest of the three for me, although the heat was good and the action/science fiction plot interesting enough. Overall, the relationship between the human (Peri) and the Degan alien (Bashel) in this book just didn't click as much (for me) as the those in the first (hot, mysterious Degan alien / clueless pregnant human mal [...]

    15. So I have officially read every book in this series. Book 3 brings us to Peri (Devin’s friend from book 1) and Beshal. I was hoping after book 1 we’d get to see these two and read their story.The Degan Paradox comes full circle in this one. All those questions, all lose ends, everything is made right. Of course not with some battles and serious suspense. Besh is not an easy one to like. He’s gritty, mean, and obtusely independent. Peri longs for family and all the dreams he always dreamt t [...]

    16. In this 3rd installment, Peri and Besh who were intro'd in book one get their story. Peri is a snarky guy, but he has a sweet heart when he lets his barriers down. Besh is a crabby boss man who thinks feelings are a weakness. They both discover to their shock that one of the embroyos taken from the unlawful experimental lab is theirs. They are to be fathers. Peri accepts quickly, but for Besh it is harder. Not that they get much time to think about it with all the unrest stirred up by someone wh [...]

    17. ★★★ = It wasn't bad but it wasn't good. It was just okay.Although I am a fan of sequels, I am not a huge fan of side characters. Sure, their story is interesting and fun but I always find myself pining after the original pairing. I think this is because at the time the original story was fresh and something different, where by the time the side stories are released we've already read the plot themes and events. It also feels forced like it was only done to fill lines on a page. Some moment [...]

    18. I really love this series so much, and have been looking forward to Peri and Besh's story since the first book. It did not disappoint. I love Peri so much, he just pulls at your heartstrings. All he really wants in the world is to be wanted. Besh was such a soft gruff. He tries so hard to resist and just stands no chance. The mystery aspect is once again something that is horrible to imagine taking place. I appreciate that the bad guys are BAD GUYS. You really can't wait for the good guys to tri [...]

    19. I am not usually a fan of sci-fi books, but this series was really fun. Full of alpha aliens, babies, bad scientists, declaration of war, battles, and love stories this series has it all. This book centers around Peri, an orphan who has been wishing for love and a family all his life. As he embarks on a trip to visit Devon and the new baby, he has no idea how much his life is going to change. Beshel is a big alpha Degan, who does not believe in bondmates and does not understand why he keeps drea [...]

    20. What a rush! I reckon that's the most exciting of the three books. Much more action than romance though Besh and Peri made a great couple. They're less sweet than Bastian and Devin but well matched. Peri seems a lot more assertive than Rob Colton's usual bottom's and for this particular story, that really worked.I'm only sorry that I've finished the book so quickly. It's going to be a long wait until the next one; assuming that there is a Kenji/Martan being planned.

    21. I enjoyed this one a bit more than the first one. Maybe Peri was a bit more interesting than Devin. There was a part towards the end, when they had to go to rescue the baby from his kidnapers that dragged. It was way too long. If a part of those pages had been used to develop Peri and Besh’s relationship I would have liked it more. I would have liked to see them be together a little more.But it was a nice read.

    22. I love this author!!! He's not for everyone but his books just really do it for me and this one was no different. Thanks for another great addition to an already great series. Now that I've finished I really want to start this series over from the beginning (maybe this weekend). If you've enjoyed the series so far you won't be disappointed with this one either. Write faster Rob I need the next Galactic Conspiracy and Timber Pack book ASAP! :)Happy Reading Lynz

    23. 4.0 StarsThis installment seemed to wrap everything up pretty tightly, but I wish there'd been time/space for the nephew's story, too.

    24. The third book in series was little bit better then the second book but still romance between Peri and Beshel was forced and there love for one another was not believable.

    25. Loved it!What a great series! I enjoyed the first 2 books and this one tied all of the characters together. Excellent world building and story telling. I can't wait until the next installment of this fantastic story is released. Adventure, fantasy, futuristic sci-fi setting, steamy MM passion, and lovely HEAs. What's not to love. Great job Rob Colton!

    26. Umm yea that didn't work as well as the first book for me. Peri rubs me the wrong way, too much of a downer, and Beshel irritates me. I kept speeding through the pages just wanting to get to the end.

    27. This is a guilty pleasure read for me. It's high on the emotional scale. Peri is pretty adorable and sweet. I loved his personality. I enjoyed his romance with Beshel a lot.

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