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The Heart Answers

The Heart Answers With her beautiful face and glorious red hair Jessica never met a single man she couln t wrap around her little finger To her amazement however Clay Cole seems immune to her charms In fact he sees

  • Title: The Heart Answers
  • Author: Colleen Coble
  • ISBN: 9781577487043
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • With her beautiful face and glorious red hair, Jessica never met a single man she couln t wrap around her little finger To her amazement, however, Clay Cole seems immune to her charms In fact, he sees straight through them, and Jessica is furious.But when Jessica and Clay both want to adopt an orphan child, Jessica assumes the obvious solution is for them to marry Clay,With her beautiful face and glorious red hair, Jessica never met a single man she couln t wrap around her little finger To her amazement, however, Clay Cole seems immune to her charms In fact, he sees straight through them, and Jessica is furious.But when Jessica and Clay both want to adopt an orphan child, Jessica assumes the obvious solution is for them to marry Clay, however, makes it clear that he would never dream of marrying someone as selfish as Jessica.To Jessica s surprise, she finds that she is sudenly willing to changeif only God can forgive her for all that she s done.Now if only God can change Clay s heart

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    1. The Heart Answers is the third book in this series, and this is Jessica DuBois’s story, and if you have read the other books, your opinion of her may not be very nice. She was always the thorn in everybody’s side, and if there was trouble, it was usually her fault.After her father died Jessica and her mother decide to move to Fort Bridger, Wyoming, and her mother has decided to marry her deceased husband’s brother. What a change for Jessica, but God does seem to have his reasons for what h [...]

    2. I really liked this book and look forward to the next in the series. Frontier life is what I love best ad the next one a mail order bride? Even better

    3. I read To Love a Stranger first and for me it was a better read. I really connected with Bessie right away. This one while I understood where Jessica was coming from, I never really felt connected to her. Or clay….I thought both of their hearts were in the right place and I did enjoy Jessica growing up and looking at things differently.I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    4. I got this book from Netgalley. This was a lovely book. I guess I read these books out of order because I read Jasper's story first. This story was about his sister and a preacher. Jessica was an interesting character. I did have a problem with her though. Actually it was not with her it was with how people saw her. If a person can love a child, then they could never be a selfish person. Fanny was my favorite character I think in this whole book. She was so pure and lovable. The description of p [...]

    5. I had such high hopes for this book because the synopsis sounded so good! But sadly I just couldn’t get into it. It just seemed very judgmental and a bit overbearing on the religion side of it, how he kept telling himself he shouldn’t talk to her because she wasn’t a believer and he wouldn’t spend time with her until she went to church. Perhaps I didn’t read far enough to understand the story fully, but it was really hard to follow when he seemed a bit hypocritical for claiming to be a [...]

    6. Beautiful story of how God can reach even the most ungodly.Wonderful story of how God can reach and change even the most self centered heart. The historical facts and characters of this story are amazing and will keep you wanting to know more. Hard to put down once you begin to read.

    7. Very slow, very hot and cold, and quite frankly, very dumb. Clay was a rude, “accept god or your dead to me” asshole, and Jessica tried her hardest to please him but nothing ever did and I don’t understand why she chased him so hard. Ugh.

    8. The Heart Answers by Colleen Coble is the third book in the Wyoming series. It is March 1867 at Fort Phil Kearny, Wyoming Territory. Jessica DuBois is a flighty, shallow, and spoiled young woman (her parents have really spoiled her). However, Jessica is upset over the loss of her father who passed away two months ago. Jessica and her mother know they have to vacate the officer housing, but her father left them virtually penniless. Jessica’s mother, Letty tells her about an offer from Samuel Du [...]

    9. Whenever I pick up a book by Colleen Coble I know I am going to be entertained by it. The Heart Answers was one of those books. From the first page I was hooked, and enjoyed every moment. The Heart Answers is set in Wyoming in 1867. Coble takes you to a place not often visited, a military fort. I found it so interesting learning more about what life would have been like for those that lived there. The characters were so fun to get to know, and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.Jessica DuBois has l [...]

    10. The Hearts Answers, written by Colleen Coble, is book #3 in the Wyoming Series. This book we see Jessica (again)e's selfish, self-centered, and only looking out for what will get her what she wants. Her adopted father has died and her adopted mother is now going to marry her father's brother because he will provide a home for them and she can help with his three children. Jessica comes into the "family" she is not going to help with anything nor will she get dirty. THEN she's introduced to a swe [...]

    11. Last year, Colleen Coble re-released several serials of her Wyoming series. In June (and again in July), she is giving readers a chance to continue with some of the characters from those books. In “The Heart Answers,” the antagonist readers met in the first books gets her own story. Jessica DuBois is calculating, selfish, and mean-spirited. When her father passes away and leaves nothing for his family, Jessica’s mother accepts an offer of marriage from Jessica’s uncle. None too happy to [...]

    12. The Heart Answers is Book 3 in Colleen Coble's Wyoming series. We first meet the spoiled Jessica Dubois in the first two books. I extremely disliked her in those first two books. She was really a despicable character, always wanting her own way and very very vain. When I read that she was going to have her own story I was wondering how the character was going to be redeemed but God works miracles even with the most depraved person. At the beginning of the books she her mother has remarried to he [...]

    13. When love calls, will the heart answer? To be up front, this is the first that I have read of this series. That being said, it could be a stand alone but if I would have started at the beginning, I may have felt more of connection. Not that I did not when the matters of the heart are in play, you can always find a connection.Set in Old West-Jessica and her mother have arrived at their new home to their new family. In all this, Jessica has a attitude that has been built from a hurtful past. A pas [...]

    14. Normally I like what Colleen Coble writes. Normally. I guess this time wasn't normal, not that much of my life is normal. I had a hard time believing the characters Colleen has populated The Heart Answers. Jessica is a pampered, puffed up flibbertigibbet, who is unreliable for anything. Clay is a judgmental preacher and both are going to Fort Bridger for new lives. Jessica plays games, Clay lets first impressions rule his heart. Jessica wants to go to Boston, and Clay would like for her to be th [...]

    15. I received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.Romance, clean, ChristianI was torn as to how to rate this. While I wanted to rate this higher, the main character was difficult for me to relate to. That being said, it is a novel of redemption, maturation, and hope in the midst of struggle, physical hardships, and death. While Clay was physically drawn to Jessica, and Jessica realized her attraction to him, the story didn't lend itself to me to see how they would come together well. Cl [...]

    16. The Heart Answers by Colleen Coble is a good story of love and redemption. I’ve read many of Colleen’s books and this one isn’t my favorite. This is a series and I didn’t read the first two books, but didn’t have any trouble following along. The Reverend Clay Cole wasn’t a very good example of how to be a Christian. He didn’t believe that Jessica could become a better person and he gave up on her near the ending. I’ve heard others say that the first two books in this series Jessi [...]

    17. I love historical fiction romances ~ they are one of my favorite genres to read and how I missed reading more of Ms. Coble's novels till now is beyond me! The Heart Answers by Colleen Coble is book 3 in a 4 book series but it can definitely be read as a stand alone book. I have not (yet) read any of the other books in this series but I was able to follow this story with ease. This well written novel is packed with drama, gentle romance, wit, drama, suspense, Faith, redemption and an ending that [...]

    18. This is a sweet story. I have not read the previous books in the series but was easily able to 'catch up' on the entire series idea. This is a spoiled young woman who meets a dedicated man of God. Secondary characters are vitally important to the story. I particularly enjoyed that a young miss who thinks she is a gift to men came in contact with one who found her distasteful and wanting. The very slow growth f character in Jessica was believable with good timing throughout. It's a good story ove [...]

    19. Being an early work, the characters and the plot were a bit underdeveloped. That being said, I did enjoy the story of Jessica and Clay, their struggle to understand and accept one another, and their fierce love for the orphaned girl that kept drawing them to one another. Both Clay and Jessica needed to learn to leave their past hurts behind them and to trust God with their futures before they could even begin to hope that something greater than their love for Fanny would impact their relationshi [...]

    20. Jessica grew into a young woman and left her childishness behind and with her growing up, she learned a lot about herself and why she has behaved as she has in the past. It makes one think about how they act and how they see things based on life experiences.

    21. This was a short novel and a romance but it had "meat" to it. Jessica has growing up to do and in the novel she does that. There are many tragedies that occur and challenges to face. I enjoyed the book.

    22. SalvationNothing like asking Jesus Christ into your heart and Him accepting short of a miracle. We read here among the pages how a woman with vile ways changed by the love of Jesus. Once accepting Jesus everything else falls into place

    23. Very inspiringThis book tells the story of the changes the main character made to improve her life. It is inspiring and a good read at the same time.

    24. The Heart AnswersThis was a great story. Good for any age. The story line was good and so were the characters. God read.

    25. The Heart Answers is a pretty good short read. It is full of inspiration and faith. I would recommend it to other readers.4 stars.

    26. Good story!This was such a sweet story and the characters are so rich. I will definitely continue to read this series.

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