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Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Go Seek You can hide but fate will find you every time Chris is young rich and successful but his perfect life has come at a cost the brutal murder of his parents five years earlier Now on his th birthday

  • Title: Hide and Go Seek
  • Author: Kevin Patel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You can hide but fate will find you every time Chris is young, rich and successful but his perfect life has come at a cost the brutal murder of his parents five years earlier Now on his 25th birthday a message is left on his answering machine promising him the same fate Plagued by similar pranks in the past, Chris won t let it get the better of him After all, his girYou can hide but fate will find you every time Chris is young, rich and successful but his perfect life has come at a cost the brutal murder of his parents five years earlier Now on his 25th birthday a message is left on his answering machine promising him the same fate Plagued by similar pranks in the past, Chris won t let it get the better of him After all, his girlfriend Jill has planned a week long getaway and he plans to propose Unbeknown to Chris however, the mysterious caller is far from a prankster, he is a killer who has been tracking his prey, just waiting for the perfect time to strike Set in beautiful New Zealand, Hide and Go Seek is a fast paced cat and mouse thriller written in three threads, from the points of view of five main characters The perfect couple, the psychotic killer, the lonely waitress and the crazed stalker will be forced into each other s lives in a deadly game of survival.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ Hide and Go Seek : by Kevin Patel å
      339 Kevin Patel
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    1. At first I wasn’t sure where the Prologue fitted into the rest of the story, but by the end it all made sense. The main contrast is between Chris and Jacob with support from Jill, Jamie and Richard. Chris is the rich, privileged one, he has the fast car and pretty girl. We see his polite, but shallow attitude in his dealings with his employees. Jacob is more ordinary, driving his van, almost nomadic in his habits, more carnal, but not as sleazy as Richard. The reader’s impression of Jamie is [...]

    2. Five unforgettable characters are on a collision course with destiny in this tension-filled thriller from author Kevin Patel. It's the kind of book that makes you keep repeating the well-worn mantra of horror fans everywhere: "Don't go in there!"The book spins slowly through opening chapters that lull the reader into a false sense of serenity, particularly with happily just-engaged couple Chris and Jill. Their idyllic, romantic road trip is about to turn decidedly deadly.And Jamie, the beautiful [...]

    3. Review of ‘Hide and Go Seek’ by Kevin PatelThe story opens with a breathless sequence of a violent house invasion of a young woman. The reader is left in no doubt that it doesn’t end well for Elaine. Switch to Chris, a successful young businessman who finds himself terrorised by a vindictive Jacob from a shadowy past he hoped he’d shaken free of. Next we meet the unfortunate Jamie, a waitress at a fast food diner who’s seen her share of disillusionment. How are they connected, if at al [...]

    4. Fast-moving in parts but too slow in others. Despite the very gripping beginning and the gruesomely bloody end of this serial killer thriller, I found too much of it contained rather ponderous detailed explanations, much of which could have been left out. There was nothing wrong with the well-written descriptions as they showed the author’s undoubted literary skills. It was just that it slowed things down and often led to confusion about the many characters that required centre stage at that m [...]

    5. Well, my review may be colored a bit by the fact that I am not a fan of reading about violence, but I've tried my best to keep that out of it and give a thoughtful, more objective review. Kevin Patel writes a book that is often fast-paced (suspenseful, vivid, action-packed), but occasionally the plot gets bogged down by slow description. It's nice to take a breather from all that action once in a while, though, as there are lot of fast switches in point of view (we follow 5 characters' view poin [...]

    6. Many a time I read a book that's technically good but bores me with the way it's written, and I'm glad to say Hide And Go Seek was nothing like that. It was good on top of being written in a way that was easy to get through while being fun and flat out entertaining. It's a little slow in the beginning but once it picks up it REALLY picks up.The story follows more than one character, and different chapters focus on different characters. My personal favorite was Jamie, who was tragic but very lika [...]

    7. A Happy Ever After Story…?I want to give this 3.5!An intruder terrifies a young woman who at first suspects the noises she hears are nothing more than figments of her imagination. Not so. We hold our breath and will her to make her escape.Next, we are introduced to Chris and Jill. Young love. Chris is seriously wealthy and happy to surprise Jill with an expensive gift on a birthday weekend away. They practically ride off into the sunset, but there is always something out of kilter. Chris has a [...]

    8. This novel starts off at a measured speed, drawing you in at a slow pace and as it kicks up steam, pretty soon it doesn't let up. Told from varying points of view it kept me intrigued all the way through. It didn't hold back on the gore and violence but this is a serial killer thriller and that's the nature of the beast, so to speak. As it was told from five different perspectives, what is actually true and what is a lie tends to get very murky and you have to rely on your own reasoning for who [...]

    9. Hide and Go Seek is a unpredictable violent thriller set in beautiful New Zealand. It starts off with sheer violence in the beginning and the story teases you by mixing false suspense and outright surprises. The five characters in the book are developed in a non-linear manner, and you can't from wanting the best for at poor Jamie - the mis-fortuned waitress. Whilst reading the book, I frequently asked myself - what's eating Chris the successful businessman. More importantly, who is Jill? The end [...]

    10. If you are not such a fan of blood and violence, do not dare to start reading this book. I admit that several times I couldn't continue reading when the pace is starting to get slow and even sower, but I guess that's part of the author to build up the tension. Taking angle from multiple characters is very smart. It makes the story is unpredictable and keeps the fun. Writing too detail can be both good and bad. As for me, I like detail in things, and, in Hide and Seek, some of the scenes are so v [...]

    11. Once you get used to the swapping around of points of view in this book (which doesn't take long) you’ll enjoy this book. It seems slow in the beginning, but this is mainly due to the detail the author goes into which sets you up for the main part of the story. Be aware, this is has a number of confronting scenes in it and if you are not a fan of serial-killer/stalker type novels, this may not be for you. That said, it is no worse to many shows you can easily access on TV or at the movies. No [...]

    12. A grisly and nasty thrillerThis is a story of several unsavoury characters, most of whom need psychiatric treatment. I found it hard to feel empathy with any of them. Just the point, I guess.Chris is engaged to Jill, but is he the man he seems to be? Jacob is a psychotic killer, with a score to settle. In doing so, a number of people die, in bloodthirsty detail. This is basically a horror story, so if you like gory details and characters that should really be put out of their misery, you’ll lo [...]

    13. This one took a little while to get going, I found the lengthy descriptions somewhat pointless, but if you persevere, the last 15% goes off like a rocket. A very graphic bloody rocket.As the blurb says, it's told from several points of view, and the way it swaps around between them and in time takes a little getting used to, particularly as the same scene is viewed from different perspectives on several occasions. It could do with tightening up to increase the suspense, but it's a decent yarn fo [...]

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