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Dark Water Rising

Dark Water Rising Dark Water Rising

  • Title: Dark Water Rising
  • Author: Marian Hale
  • ISBN: 9780805075854
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dark Water Rising

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      215 Marian Hale
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    1 thought on “Dark Water Rising

    1. What a wonderful, historical account of the Hurricane of Galveston, Texas back in 1900. Though the main character's story is fictional, what happened to the town and its people are true. Beautifully written, it will move you to tears. The book is told and seen through the eyes of a teenage boy. A boy who longs to be a carpenter. Hopes and dreams fly and float away. After you read the story, there is a section in the back of the book showing images of the real devastation that occurred back then. [...]

    2. When I finally closed the book, I paused and said out loud, "Wow. Intense." Because it was. It dealt with an intense event in history and helped the reader feel a little bit of that.Part of me felt disappointed because I felt that Hale treated the reader like the adults/teenagers treated the children in the story--shielding me from the full effects. Mostly because she didn't let us get too attached to any of the characters who died or disappeared. But as I've considered this being for a younger [...]

    3. I'm accidentally reading this because Black Water Rising was recommended to me but I picked this up. It's not the same book. Oops.Not the book I was expecting, also depressing, also for kids.

    4. There are so many books out there about the 1900 storm in Galveston, and I have read a handful of them. This one pales in comparison. The reader does not develop a committment to the main character, and the character doesn't grow and change much over the course of the book. Descriptions are rather dull and do not evoke images. I prefer Devil Storm and Isaac's Storm to this account.

    5. Seth is the protagonist of the emotional and interesting journey he had throughout the story. This story reflects the difficulties on Seth's family to survive to the dramatic earthquake. The girl that made Seth fall in love and his favorite bro. Seth has up and downs in his life because of the decision he needs to take to move on, for example, becoming a carpenter or going to medical school. This decision lead to the plot of the story where a very big storm attacks the city of Galveston and make [...]

    6. The author of Dark Water Rising is Marian Hale.This is a fictional story.It was published by Henry Holt and Company, LLC in 1866 and has 221 pages.The setting is in Galveston, TX. The main character is Seth and other characters are Ella Rose, Kate, Henry, Ezra, Josiah, Mr.Farrel, Aunt Julia, Uncle Nate, Ben, Seth's Parents, Ella Rose's father, etc. Here is what hapened early in the story: Seth's family decide to move to Galveston, TX to start a new life, after all, they do say "Galveston is like [...]

    7. Book Report for: Charlie Harris Grade: 7, Date: May 11/2011 ________________________________________Dark Water RISINGThe author of Dark Water RISING is Marian Hale. This is a fictional story. It was published by Henry Holt in 1866 and has 221 pages plus 12 Authors notes. The setting is: Galveston Texas in the year 1900. The main character is Seth and other characters are Uncle Nate, Mr.Farrel, mom, and dad. Here is what happened early in the story: Seth and his family moved to Galveston by train [...]

    8. SUMMARY: Galveston, Texas, may be the booming city of the brand-new twentieth century, but to Seth, it is the end of a dream. He longs to be a carpenter like his father, but his family has moved to Galveston so he can go to a good school. Still, the last few weeks of summer might not be so bad. Seth has a real job as a builder and the beach is within walking distance. Things seem to be looking up, until a storm warning is raised one sweltering afternoon. No one could have imagined anything like [...]

    9. Living near Galveston, this book had particular meaning for me and I really enjoyed reading a well researched fictional account of the storm and its aftermath. Seth is an immediately likeable character who is hard working, kind and considerate, but still has moments of relatable humanity such as being annoyed at having to take his sister to the outhouse. The language of the story flows off the author's pen in a smooth way that fosters a feeling of comfort and home. Seth and his family are import [...]

    10. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and the Indian Ocean Tsunami that devastated Thailand & India, young adults today have a new understanding of what Mother Earth can do. Seth, the protagonist of Dark Water Rising has no such understanding until he moves to Galveston, Texas. While the novel has a somewhat slow beginning, readers who stick out the first few chapters will learn that Galveston was the place to be in 1900, second only to New York City. They will learn that Kat [...]

    11. I read this historical fiction book about the September 8, 1900 Galveston, TX flood in 24 hours. It was really compelling and well written. I felt like I was there with the main character as he moved to Galveston, TX, experienced the hurricane and flooding, and began to rebuild the town. It really captured the history and gave you a glimpse of what hurricane survivors may have experience. Historians say 12,000 people died in this storm while the records state only 5,000, but there is no way of r [...]

    12. If you thought Hurricane Katrina was bad, read this book to find out what it's like to be in a devastating fatal hurricane in 1908--when there was no warning other than "oh, a storm's coming, not to worry." 17-year-old Seth has just moved to Galveston Texas with his family, where he plans to become a carpenter after graduating high school--if he can convince his father that college and medical school are not the right fit for him. He's just met a beautiful blonde girl in his neighborhood, things [...]

    13. This may be one of the best if not the best historical fiction book I have read. Seth lives in Galveston at the time of the hurricane of 1900 and tells the story from his point of view. Hale's writing is almost poetical in parts and takes the historical facts from the information of Isaac, the meterologist at that time. You really must read this book!

    14. This has been probably my favorite historical fiction book ever! It's about the Galveston Hurricane in 1900, and the destruction and devastation that followed. However, this wasn't a depressing book. It's more heroics, learning how to overcome challenges, and seeing the good in the bad.

    15. This historical fiction stars a family freshly moved to Galveston and going through the huge Galveston hurricane of 1900. It is told from the point-of-view of Seth, a 16-year-old who is chafing at his father's insistence that he go to college and become a doctor when all Seth wants to do is become a carpenter like his father. The hurricane hits without much warning and almost the entire town is lost. There is death and carnage and horrifying things as you might expect in a natural disaster book [...]

    16. This is a fictionalized first person account of the 1900 Galveston hurricane aka Isaac's storm named after the weatherman (Isaac Cline) who tried to warn the residents. The people of Galveston were wll acquainted with the tides and storms that occasionally over-washed their island; the were occasions to party while children swam and played in the streets. The book follows the fictional character 16yr old Seth Braeden, eldest of five children, who has just moved to the island the week before with [...]

    17. Descriptive account of the epic destruction of the hurricane that hit Galveston at the turn of the century. I never connected with the characters and didn't feel loss even though the narrator saw loss and had lost family. While I can see this to also be a coming of age novel, the narrator at 16 seemed incredibly immature for that age. This added to the disconnect for this reader.

    18. This is a good book for Middle School students. It's a historical fiction account of the great hurricane that hit Galveston before there was a warning system. The book is a quick read, and you are drawn in to the events after the hurricane and the resiliency of Galvestonians to rebuild their lives and city.

    19. I really wish that she used more detail. I mean, why doesn't the father want his son to be a carpenter just like him? Wouldn't he like that his son looks up to him. And honestly, a little to rough for kids. I got the newer addition and it is of a boy carrying a young girl though water while hunching over in a dark sad town. Just to crazy.

    20. Wow. This is a realistic, intense, and tragic historical fiction of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. For a juvenile book, it is quite descriptive and raw. Having witnessed first hand the devastating effects of hurricanes, I can only imagine how difficult this was for those who lived it with no warning or preparation.

    21. I loved how the book inauthentic. Having lived through Harvey, I can only imagine the horror of that night. Fantastic book!!

    22. This is one of the first books that directed me towards young adult literature. Having worked in a library for a school district as a media specialist for district staff, the library was not geared towards students but professional learning.That changed six years in, when the professional library changed its overall dynamics to include award winners for research and study by teachers for their classroom students. We started to stock award winners such as Tejas, Bluebonnet, and LoneStar, on our s [...]

    23. Book Report for: Jessica Lopez-Reyes Grade: 7, Date: 5/17/11 ________________________________________Dark Water Rising The author of Dark Water Rising is Marian Hale. This is a fictional story. It was published by Henry Holt And Company in 2006 and has 233 pages. The setting is: Galveston, Texas, 1900. The main character is Seth Braeden and other characters are Papa, Uncle Nate, Ella Rose, Mama, Kate, Ezra, Josiah, and Mr. Farrell. Here is what happened early in the story: Seth's family decides [...]

    24. Book Report for: Oscar AlbiterGrade: 7, Date: 5-19-11 ________________________________________Dark water rising The author of Dark water rising is Marian Hale . This is a fictional story. It was published by Henry Holt in 2006 and has 245 pages. The setting is: 1900, late august Galveston ,Texas. The main character is Seth Breaden and other characters are Josaih , uncle Nate ,papa, Moma ,Lucas, matt ,Ella Rose, Aunt Julia Here is what happened early in the story: Seth and his family were taking [...]

    25. Book Report for: Roy MalettGrade: 7, Date: 05/25/2011 ________________________________________Dark Water RisingThe author of Dark Water Rising is Marian Hale. This is a fictional story. It was published by Henry Holt and Co. in 2006 and has 240 pages. The setting is: Galveston, 1900. The main character is Seth and other characters are Uncle Nate, mom, Ella Rose, dad, Josiah. Here is what happened early in the story: Uncle Nate told Seth's father that Galveston was very nice and that they should [...]

    26. DARK WATER RISINGThe author of DARK WATER RISING is Marian Hale. This is a fictional story. It was published by Henry Holt in 2006 and has 222 pages. The setting is: It starts in Galveston in 1900. The main character is Seth and other characters are Papa, Mama, Uncle Nate, and Ella Rose. Here is what happened early in the story: Is that a kid name Seth is going to Galveston that is becoming the new York but Seth dust want to move but in his trip uncle Nate said to live in Galveston because there [...]

    27. Book Report for: israel pecinaGrade: 7, Date: 05/23/11--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dark Water RisingThe author of Dark Water Rising is Marian Hale.This is a fictional story.It was published by Henry Holt in 2006 and has 233 pages.The setting is: Galvaston TX.The main character is seth and other characters are mr.farell ,matt,lucas,kate,will,ben,uncle nate,,aunt julia,thomas,mama,henry,papa,.Here is what happened early in the story: Every kid wan [...]

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