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The Recipient

The Recipient Casey Schillinge is a vivacious young woman on the verge of making her mark on the world While backpacking she is struck down by a tropical disease and suffers cardiac failure But at the eleventh hou

  • Title: The Recipient
  • Author: Dean Mayes
  • ISBN: 9781771680387
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Casey Schillinge is a vivacious young woman on the verge of making her mark on the world While backpacking, she is struck down by a tropical disease and suffers cardiac failure But at the eleventh hour, Casey receives a life saving heart transplant and a rare second chance to begin again.Three years later, Casey has become a withdrawn shell of her former self she is eCasey Schillinge is a vivacious young woman on the verge of making her mark on the world While backpacking, she is struck down by a tropical disease and suffers cardiac failure But at the eleventh hour, Casey receives a life saving heart transplant and a rare second chance to begin again.Three years later, Casey has become a withdrawn shell of her former self she is estranged from her loved ones, afraid of open spaces and rides the line between legitimate and criminal work The worst of her troubles come in the form of violent night terrors so frightening that she resorts to extreme measures to keep herself from sleeping When she can take no , she embarks on a desperate search for the source of her dreams In so doing, she makes a shocking discovery surrounding the tragic fate of the donor whose heart now beats inside her chest As she delves deeper into the mystery of her donor, she realizes her dreams are not a figment of her imagination, but a real life nightmare.

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      368 Dean Mayes
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    1 thought on “The Recipient

    1. I'm not an avid reader of contemporary thrillers, I tend to be quite picky with them. This one won me over, though, when I read the blurb. When I was younger, about 13-14 years old, I wanted to become a surgeon and perform transplants. For a number of reasons I decided upon a different career but my interest in the field remains strong. There is a plethora of articles and theories about recipients whose personality was altered after the operation to a significant degree. Some of them were said t [...]

    2. Casey used to be adventurous and full of life until she went on a trip with her friends and contracted a tropical disease, leaving her with a failing heart. Eventually she gets a donor heart and transplant, but along with the heart come nightmares and a certain darkness sets in that wasn't there before. Casey becomes estranged from her parents and spends most of her time alone, abusing drugs to stay up days at a time. Eventually though the dreams get the better of her and send her to the hospita [...]

    3. 4.5★I read an earlier draft of this almost a year ago, and a year can make a lot of difference—in this case for the better. It was already a very entertaining read, but this time I was able to enjoy the story without stumbling.In the days of Ernest Hemingway, even the public knew the name of Maxwell Perkins, his editor, who was also Thomas Wolfe’s and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s editor, among others. I know Dean was looking forward to working with his editor, and the wait for the finished prod [...]

    4. 4.5 starsWhen you receive a new heart could you also acquire the organ donor’s memories? Casey is having dreams of events and places she’s never been. Are these her dreams or is she merely an observer?The Recipient is an intense thriller that is akin to a roller coaster ride. The story goes along at a steady pace then suddenly you are plunged into a breath holding, heart pumping nightmare.I was hooked immediately! The Recipient has a well developed plot of intrigue and computer wizardry with [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsCasey Schillinge is a young woman who is dying. She contracted a tropical disease and now needs a heart transplant. She is fading away a little at a time and her parents can do nothing but watch. But then the call comes in the middle of the night and Casey's life is going to change in ways no one can see coming.Three years later, she is a shell of the young woman she used to be. She's withdrawn from everyone, suffers agoraphobia. She has night terrors and is afraid to go to sleep. She [...]

    6. I am so confused by all the great reviews for this book because I'm sorry, I thought it was just bad. At first it seemed like it would be OK, but a lot of the plot points and character actions became so unbelievable that it bordered on ridiculous. It was beyond dramatic, overly descriptive and so repetitive. How many times can someone snarl and vomit in an action sequence? I ended up skimming through at the end because it was the only way I could finish it without snarling and vomiting.

    7. Found this on Netgalley. And why not I enjoy thrillers, particularly ones of international variety. This wasn't particularly thrilling though and for that matter not all that exotic either, Australia here seems peculiarly American, even if elevators are lifts. A basic plot involves an organ recipient who along with the lifesaving gift receives some interesting extras, like agoraphobia, fondness for art and violent memories, all belonging to the former owner of the said organ. When three years of [...]

    8. For more of my reviews, go to bookmusterdownunder.cEvery once in a while a really great book comes along and totally sweeps me away. The Recipient is very definitely one of those books and in fact, about a quarter of the way through the book, I even took to Twitter, asking why I had never read one of Dean Mayes’ books before!The story opens with a heartfelt first chapter – a young woman is bedridden, her caring father in agony over her condition. Then, a phone call – one that will change a [...]

    9. Definitive 5 star read. I began reading The Recipient when I had little time to spare and I'm afraid I have less time now because I became completely immersed in the plot. This was a thoroughly captivating story. Dean Mayes has a rare ability to built tension and create memorable characters. It's a skill that is truly enviable and provides no small amount of exasperation to this fellow writer. There wasn't a point that I was completely sure where the narrative would go and the fact that it frequ [...]

    10. Sometimes I really hate reading friend reviews of books before I read them because it can sometimes set really high or low expectations. This was the case with The Recipient.I went in with the expectation that this would knock my socks off. That it was a gritty thriller claiming it's space in the genre by breaking new ground.Alas it wasn't all that.It was good, I'd even venture to say it was quite good. The concept interesting and thought provoking, but it didn't knock my socks off.I really like [...]

    11. Please read all of my reviews at ultraviolentlit!Casey is a bright and vibrant student, backpacking with friends when she contracts a deadly tropical disease. Her condition leads to cardiac failure, and she is in desperate and sudden need of a heart transplant. Casey’s parents are devastated, and begin to say their goodbyes to their only daughter – but at the last minute, a viable heart is found and Casey is given a second chance at life.Healthwise, Casey is back to normal after completing t [...]

    12. This is an excellent book! I was attacted to it as a nurse having heard stories of transplant recipients acquiring memories of their donors. And apparently, those memories have been used in reality to solve some cases. Whoa! This book is very exciting from the start. The end of the book is especially riveting. You won't be able to put it down. *I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for a review.

    13. I really enjoyed the storyline of this book. the idea, while common and something that most people think about, the author gave it his own twist. The fact that there was use and reason behind it made it unique, and I loved the way it kept me coming back.

    14. Note: I was provided with a copy of this book by the author for review.I was engaged with this story from the beginning; Mayes' narration pulls you in slowly and nicely into Casey's life and the life of those around her. He tells the story with a great varying style and intensity based on what's happening which really helps to enhance what's going on.Set in Melbourne it was great to read about trams and St Kilda and all these familiar locations, reading stories set in Oz is never tiring. Maye's [...]

    15. Dean Mayes tells a good tale and he tells it well. In the early part of the book the author draws on his medical knowledge to give us a good insight into the lives of organ recipients. For those of us blessed with good health it is easy to assume that a donated organ will resolve all issues but Mayes helps us to understand that things are not that simple. In particular he shows us how Casey suffers from the same anxieties and concerns as any young person.As the book develops Casey gets involved [...]

    16. The Recipient is a tense psychological thriller – with real heart. Not only is an actual heart central to the plot, but this story is written in such a sincere and compassionate manner that the true “heart” of the book is the flow of the writing itself. You will sympathize with the characters from the first paragraph – a loving family struck by inexplicable tragedy, and your concern for them grows along with the turbulent danger protagonist Casey encounters on her journey to discover the [...]

    17. I won this book in a giveaway, and this is my honest review.This was a great book!!! If you ever thought about what would happen to you if you got a heart transplant, would you feel what the donor felt, then this is a book for you to read. This was a fast pace who done it. Casey is a girl who is happy with life, until she travels to a foreign country and gets infected with a parasite that badly damages her heart. Now she needs a heart transplant. Finally she gets the call they have a heart for [...]

    18. I've often wondered if parts of someone or their soul resides deep within their organs. I'm not at all s SciFi buff, but this story address the what ifs of this question and it was good.What a struggle to be a vivacious, active person and be struck down so quickly with a life or death situation. When you awaken and realize you are given a second chance, but everything about you is not the same, in fact, the complete opposite, how do retain your gratitude for that chance? Casey is strong and will [...]

    19. I seriously admire Dean Mayes' versatility. In The Hambledown Dream he crafted a beautiful and gritty paranormal romance, in Gifts of the Peramangk he brought to life a family saga about Australian race relations, and with The Recipient he's written a scary and fascinating medical thriller. But what he brings to them all is true human emotion, a diverse assortment of characters, and a large and creative dose of imagination. As a nurse (and occasional patient), Dean knows the scientific side of t [...]

    20. Didn't feel any connection to the characters, their conflicts seemed forced and juvenile. Also the author uses an excruciating level of detail; could have cut out at least 100 pages. The ending was also disappointing. without giving anything away (?) I had totally forgotten about that character by the end of the book

    21. ReviewLast updated on 14 Jul 2017Very suspenseful. I thought the story dragged in a couple of places but when it caught speed flew. Heart recipient, Casey Schillinge, is a great charactert a whiny door mat but a stand up chick that gets a littleokay more than a little nuts. Add a friend named Sasquatch, a wise grandfather, an over protective father, and sexy but weird doctors and you've a story that will keep you guessing and steal your breath away. I bought this for our library and I have recom [...]

    22. Dean Mayes is a great story-teller; this story is intriguing and has a well-developed plot. The story follows heart transplant patient Casey Shilling, who is an outgoing and vivacious girl. Her life is on track and going well until she travels to a different county and contracts a virus that destroys her heart. She becomes "The Recipient" of a healthy new heart through transplant surgery. After the surgery, her life starts to spiral out of control due to horrific nightmares and agoraphobia. As a [...]

    23. Great ReadThis story kept me wanting to turn to the next page. Enough people of interest that you are not able to guess the outcome. Well written scenes.

    24. I have read other works by Dean Mayes, and I have to say this is his best one yet. The Recipient follows the story of Casey Shillinge, a heart transplant recipient. Since her heart transplant she has suffered from agoraphobia and nightmares. She also happens to be a real bad-ass, so when life turns into one big nightmare she is able to battle her way through. I think this is my favourite aspect to this story - the strength of the main character. That is not to say she is not flawed, because she [...]

    25. I opened this book on my Kindle with high expectations, and it didn't disappoint.I loved the premise - that in organ donation some part of the donor lives on in donated organ; in this case, the heart that is transplanted into the heroine Casey, and which saves her life.A year after her operation, Casey is struck with pain in her chest and ongoing nightmares that threaten her sanity, nightmares in which she gets glimpses of the terrible way in which her organ donor died. Very well written. Tightl [...]

    26. The recipient makes for an interesting read, making the reader wonder- what sort of story will enfold? Will it turn into a tragedy, thriller or paranormal as the protagonist skips her sleep & nightmares. Whose memories are the dreams made of; Casey’s or someone else’s? The Recipient starts off on a clipped pace, flirting with memory transference, cyber security, organ harvesting and suspense. Yet at 400+ pages long, it does not succeed in weaving a web strong enough to fend off questions [...]

    27. (2.5) The premise of the book revolves around the idea- what if a donated organ influenced its recipient? An interesting, if disturbing, idea. My problems with the book were the following- the first third of the book details the mysterious decay of this vivacious young woman post-transplant into depression, agoraphobia and madness, but once she simply tells someone what she's experiencing, it then moves on to the investigative part of the story. It's just too simple it's silly. Second is that th [...]

    28. I did not know what to expect when I requested this book via NetGalley. I had never read any of the author's work but the books seemed like it would be interesting. Was I right!!!! This book is very good and the premise is a good one. A young lady reiceved a heart from a donor. Things are fine until she starts experiencing nightmares and her whole persona changes. Is she taking on things, thoughts, feelings from the donor? Read this book and find out. The beginning of the book seemed to be a bit [...]

    29. Wow! The Recipient had me engrossed from the start. Every time I thought I knew what would come next, I was taken in another direction. Believable and real characters, well written and a rush all the way through. I appreciate Dean's style of writing where he puts the reader right in the middle of the story- descriptive, entertaining, thought provoking, the type where you almost want to cover your eyes in some spots. My only issue is that once I started, I couldn't put it down. Sounds like a stan [...]

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