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Timberman Werebear

Timberman Werebear Danielle Clayton is back in her old stomping grounds after years of avoiding the man she had to leave behind She s determined to make Saratoga her home again but when she sets eyes on her snarly sex

  • Title: Timberman Werebear
  • Author: T.S. Joyce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Danielle Clayton is back in her old stomping grounds after years of avoiding the man she had to leave behind She s determined to make Saratoga her home again, but when she sets eyes on her snarly, sexy ex, it s clear her feelings for him haven t cooled at all in the years she s been away He kept too many secrets the first time around, but Denison has changed Maybe thisDanielle Clayton is back in her old stomping grounds after years of avoiding the man she had to leave behind She s determined to make Saratoga her home again, but when she sets eyes on her snarly, sexy ex, it s clear her feelings for him haven t cooled at all in the years she s been away He kept too many secrets the first time around, but Denison has changed Maybe this time he ll open up and allow her into his life Country crooner, tatted up bad boy and grizzly bear shifter, Denison Beck, has been burned by love He chose a human mate at the tender age of twenty one, but she left him high and dry with no explanation why After four years of nursing a vow to never let a woman get close to him again, his ex blows into town and stirs up emotions he hasn t felt in a long time When forces beyond their control thrust them together, he ll have to decide whether to trust her with his heart again or let her go But if Danielle finds out what is really lurking in his past, it could put her life in danger, as well as that of his crew of lumberjack werebears Content Warning explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets Adult only bear shifter romance.

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    1 thought on “Timberman Werebear

    1. 2.5 starsUnfortunately this book was just a little above passable for me. I just had too many issues, including:-during the separation, it appears both Dennison and Danielle had sex with others. While Danielle said it wasn't good and she never had an orgasm again, we don't get a lot of info about Dennison. The references are subtle things like comments about how much more skilled his fingers and hands are compared to 4 years ago. How he now seems to know exactly what to do. Unclasping a bra like [...]

    2. I loved reading about Denison and Danielle. Love this series and I want to read stories for all the boys! So, when they were younger they were together and circumstances caused her to leave. She thought he cheated on her. Yeah, he was with a woman and he was hugging her and gave her a kiss but it was his sister. So, all these years she thought the worst. It wasnt just that though. He kept things from her and she didnt feel like she belonged there anymore either. She made a huge mistake thinking [...]

    3. Book 3 rocksAnother great addition to this series. Each book focuses on a specific couple, but the rest of the crew is still involved. The trend continues of the H and h needing to grow and mature to be able to come together.

    4. Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆The third book in T.S. Joyce's Saw Bears series is Timberman Werebear and you know this chick did the one click and added it the day it was released! Let me tell y'all these fun loving werebears' adventures continue to keep me enthralled and excitedly waiting for the next book.Denison "Denny" Beck and his twin brother Brighton share a sordid past. He is the easy going sexy twin while his brother never speaks and remains in the shadows. They both share [...]

    5. This book is Denison's story. While I liked the book overall, the beginning of the story was weak. I hate misunderstanding type stories SO MUCH. I think I'm addicted to these bears though, because I need to keep reading! I give this one 3.5 stars. Next bookReview for book 1 here: Lumberjack WerebearReview for book 2 here: Woodcutter WerebearRating Legend:5 star-loved it4 star-liked it3 star-it was okay2 star-didn't like it1 star-hated it

    6. the first two were about abused women. This one was different with some more actions. About abuse, there was but totally different, let's call crazy inhuman scientist. This book also gave more information about the twins, Denison for this book and Brighton in the next. oh did I enjoy this one? oh yes! since it was a yes, I'm going to read the next one now!

    7. Another winnerLove this series. Danielle left Denison a long time ago over a misunderstanding and now she's back. Denison has to decide whether he's gonna let her in and tell her about his bear or let her go. Great story. Love the chemistry between the 2 of them. Right now, all I can think about is the next book in the series Brighton's story. Can't wait.

    8. Timberland WerebearI think this series is sensational. Every book has had the mates working hard for their relationships and that makes it so much more worthwhile. Love this so much.

    9. A misunderstanding kept these two apart, but that is resolved by a talk--thank you for not letting it drag on. When Denny finally tells Dannielle his secrets you want to cheer over how well she takes the news.

    10. This is the third book in this series and they are better if read in order. Danielle Clayton left Saratoga four years ago and tried her hardest to not think about the guy she left there. Now she is back and she knows she is going to run into Denison. She just wasn’t prepared to run into him so soon. When she does she quickly learns that she never really got over him and hit with the force of those feelings. But he kept to many secrets back them and she isn’t prepared to go through that with [...]

    11. I loved the twin brothers in the previous books and I enjoyed their story. The only reason it didn't get five stars is because after that meet up again they just jump right back into being a couple almost straight away and that part of the story didn't sit well with me. I loved the bit about the lumberjack wars, and that Brighton talks to Danielle. You find out why he doesn't talk and what happened to them both and it's really sad. The camaraderie between the crew is great and Danielle becomes a [...]

    12. Timberman Werebear by T.S Joyce is my favorite of the series so far. Second chance romances are one of my favorite troupes!! Danielle and Denison used to date years ago, but after a misunderstanding Danille ran leaving Denny with a broken heart. Now she is back and has a boss who is forcing her to work with her ex. But that turned out to be a good thing, since they both laid out all their issues from the past, and their bond only became strongerBut will Danielle still want Denison after learning [...]

    13. This book was good, but I like the last two better. I have a hard time with second chance romance. Our heroine Danielle in this instance four years prior made such a snap, bad decision. Anyways, other than her bad decision I did enjoy that they did deal with it and move on pretty quickly. I kinda figured out early on the bad guys, but enjoyed seeing the other packs come to the rescue. I can't wait to start Brighton's book!

    14. 3.5 stars. I wasn’t too keen on the storyline initially but it turned out to be a good read in the end. The heroine found her backbone and I guess she redeemed herself from her stupid mistake. **spoiler**The heroine disappeared for 4yrs without a word because she saw the hero hugging and kissing another woman. She didn’t confront him or talk to him about it. Turns out it was his sister 🙄. Annoying!

    15. Good jobI normally avoid books dealing with "old history" romances because I have a hard time buying in to the concept of "going home again". However, this story didn't constantly harp on the past and presented a well flowing, interesting story with excellent characters. Well done indeed.

    16. QuickShot ReviewGeneral Thoughts on Series (books 1-5)Just the right kind of alphas who love and protect, women who are down but not out and step up with the moment comes, I think this ‘verse has some good characters. The worldbuilding could be stronger, but it has been expanding as the series goes on so I have hope. Good shifter fun.

    17. June 2017: A goat is not a typical pet but hey, Ashe Crew does things differently. I'm pretty sure I just flew through or skipped over some of these books in the series, cuz I know the couples but don't remember details of their stories. This re-read has been good for me so far. Not gonna do the whole series cuz the to-read list is looking at me with neglected eyes.

    18. I'm really enjoying this seriesd I usually don't read that many shifter M/F books.Here we get to learn more about the mysterious Denison and his silent brother Brighton. Danielle messed-up when she left Denison 4 years ago. She thought she caught him cheating but she was so wrong. When this miscommunication gets resolved they can finally pick up where they left off.

    19. Denison & Danielle We get to learn more about the singer of the Ashe Crew Denison Beck in book 3. Danielle is back in town and inadvertently brings the past with her. I cant get enough of the loyalty and love in this crew and this author's storied. Breathtakingly beautiful 💜

    20. AmazingOmg another amazing read!! I couldn’t believe what happened to the Beck brothers, but I think they’re making progress in recovering now. Also I was excited to see the first appearance of Damon!!

    21. Wao!I don't know how T.S.Joyce does it! Each story so different from the previous one and so entertaining. She is truly a storyteller!One of my favs! Give T.S.Joyce a chance. I promise you won't regret it!

    22. Loved this one!This was another really good one. Denison and Danielle were good together. I loved how their love story was a second chance. I am excited to read about Brighton.

    23. Never to llateThis is a great story that will leave you wandering would I or wouldn't I. Its never too late for love especially for a bear.

    24. Great StoryI really enjoyed this story by T S Joyce, unfortunately it was another case for me personally to read them in sequence as there is a spoiler if you don't.Enjoy

    25. SweetLong lost love How many relationships end over a misunderstanding? Luckily they came back together! I wonder if the story went on if she would turn for him or for herself?

    26. Timberland WerebearGave it a five star rating. Loved the story. Can't wait to read the next book in the series to find out what happens next.

    27. I loved Danielle and Denison. Such a sweet story. Danielle is an idiot, but she eventually pulls her head out of her butt and they are able bond.

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