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Death in Veracruz

Death in Veracruz This novel marks the long awaited arrival in English of a masterful voice in Mexican and noir fiction Death in Veracruz is a gritty and atmospheric noir centered on the so called oil wars of the late

  • Title: Death in Veracruz
  • Author: Héctor Aguilar Camín
  • ISBN: 9781936182923
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • This novel marks the long awaited arrival in English of a masterful voice in Mexican and noir fiction Death in Veracruz is a gritty and atmospheric noir centered on the so called oil wars of the late 1970s, which pitted the extremely powerful and corrupt government owned oil cartel PEMEX against the agrarian landowners in the coastal regions of Southern Mexico This novel,This novel marks the long awaited arrival in English of a masterful voice in Mexican and noir fiction Death in Veracruz is a gritty and atmospheric noir centered on the so called oil wars of the late 1970s, which pitted the extremely powerful and corrupt government owned oil cartel PEMEX against the agrarian landowners in the coastal regions of Southern Mexico This novel, translated for the first time in English since its publication 30 years ago, concerns a journalist who investigates the death of a colleague and friend Rojano in a bizarre shooting incident that takes place in a small rural village, and who finds himself up against crooked police and a charismatic and ruthless union boss But, as he gets deeper into this Mexican Heart of Darkness, he finds Rojano was not all he seemed, and neither was his widow with whom he falls into a doomed affair.

    • ↠ Death in Veracruz || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Héctor Aguilar Camín
      426 Héctor Aguilar Camín
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    1. Mexican noir!!Written thirty years ago by writer and journalist Héctor Aguilar Camín, this novel has finally been translated and published in English.Death in Veracruz deals with the hunger for power and money, the corruption within the government, the unions and government-owned oil cartel PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos), the war against landowners in buying up all their acreage, all in the rush for black gold in the 1970s.Politically ambitious Rojano has big dreams, to get as rich and powerful [...]

    2. Thanks to NetGalley and Schaffnerpress for sending me this book in return for an honest review. The publisher went the extra mile on this book. It did not have a send to kindle icon. The publisher told me to click on the epub icon and that would send it to my kindle. It only sent it to my desktop. Timothy Schaffner then sent me a print copy. Kudos to Timothy!! I enjoyed reading it and found it reminiscent of Raymond Chandler noir style. The narrator is a journalist who is contacted by a boyhood [...]

    3. Going in the DNF pile. Which is super disappointing as Mexican mystery noir sounds amazing. But this was way over my head in terms of Mexican politics and geography and I'm just not in the mood for that much right now.Plus, there's a scene where one of the main secondary characters has a several-page rant about queers. I got about 100 pages in and I highly doubt that this was for character or plot development. It was really jarring in its offensiveness and again, just not in the mood.

    4. Morir en el Golfo es una excelente novela de Héctor Aguilar Camín. Su narrativa y descripción de espacios, lugares y personajes es muy buena y logra que le pongas rostros a estos últimos. Por su parte, narra de manera fotográfica los vicios del sindicalismo mexicano y sus prácticas clientelares. Además, de describir cómo es que el gobierno mexicano influye para la decisión de lo que es verdad o mentira en la vida pública.

    5. This was pretty good. I learned a lot about the political climate and culture of Mexico during the 1970s. It tells the story of a group of friends. One is a reporter. One is a politician. And one is a wife. It's about how their lives are intertwined and how one thing that happens to one of them affects the others. Sort of. I may not be doing this much justice. It's interesting. Especially not knowing anything about Mexico in the 1970s.

    6. Noir masterpiece about the dark face of Mexico in the 70s. Not for the faint of heart - and a must for all the words lover. This novel is both national and personal history, described in emotionless and honest journalistic tone. Author Hector Aguilar Camin is one of the leading journalists and authors of his country and it truly shows - he is working with the words like a seasoned chef with his ingredients, any of his sentences has the flavour to react with you, sometimes in a very unexpected wa [...]

    7. As part of my continuing test of Scribd’s subscription ebooks service, I stumbled on Héctor Aguilar Camín’s Death in Veracruz. Set in the ‘60s and ‘70s during the ascent of Mexico’s oil industry, A Death in Veracruz is a classic of Latin literature, only recently translated ably into English by Chandler Thompson.Death in VeracruzAmongst the conflict, graft, corruption and collusion between PEMEX (Mexico’s corrupt government-owned oil company) and the powerful Oil Workers labor unio [...]

    8. I found this book on my shelf, so I read it. It's an English translation from the original Spanish version. This book is a novel from the 1970s, but its background is the oil industry and union workers in Mexico (of which i have very little knowledge). I liked a lot of the characters, but not the main one (a journalist). It was hard for me to believe that he would make the choices he made. As I was reading, I got confused about the characters' motivations. It may have been better in Spanish.

    9. 1970’s. PEMEX is a government-owned oil cartel. The agrarian landowners must abide by the corrupt governments wishes. Lacho Pizarro (union boss) is looking into to the murder of his BMF Francisco Rojano Gutierrez Sr. (CNOP leader, University of Veracruz, attorney, Mayor, Chicontepec). Lacho soon was fallen in love with Rojano’s widow Annabela Guillaumin. Francisco & Mercedes are there 2 children. Where will Lacho’s investigation take him? What will he uncover? I did not receive any typ [...]

    10. Una tremenda novela situada en lo profundo del golfo Mexicano, entre la selva, el petroleo salvador o destructor, y la ambicion y violencia que ese escenario desata. Hay mucho que admirar, los personajes tienen tantas capas y una densidad viva: el desenfreno descontrolado y alegre de Rojano, la convivencia diaria y peligrosa del "amigo periodista" con su propio abismo y su caos, la vitalidad primigenia y poderosa de Pizarro, los amores locos e innegables de Anabela, los pueblos mismos de Veracru [...]

    11. An overly verbose and complicated book. Even though there are some interesting parts to the story the book fails to simplify Mexican politics during the discovery of oil in the Chicotepec basin region of Mexico. The author, in my opinion, intended the narrative for the native population which was familiar with the ins and outs of Mexican politics. The translation does not make it easy for the regular English speaking public to comprehend the intricacies of the Mexican political system. There are [...]

    12. Una guerra all'ultimo sangue per la terra e per il potere, intessuta di trame politiche (fino al livello Presidenziale), servizi segreti, informazione e disinformazione, passione e sentimenti. Personaggi indimenticabili ci aiutano a scoprire uno spaccato della storia del Messico e del suo sfruttamento nel settore territoriale, petrolifero e sindacale, nell'evolversi della propria classe politica e giornalistica. Tutto il gioco narrativo e' condotto con un ritmo da thriller ed una tensione che no [...]

    13. I really tried to get into this book. I love to discover the literature of other countries and was looking forward to reading a Mexican writer, one who, I believe, is well thought of in Mexico. But I had to give up. I found the background and politics confusing and couldn’t relate to any of the characters. It’s an exposé of corruption and underhand dealings, but it’s set in a world difficult for an outsider to penetrate. Very much a noir thriller, gritty and atmospheric, but not one for m [...]

    14. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.The monopoly and power of the Mexican government-owned oil giant PEMEX against farmers in southern Mexico is portrayed insightfully in this well-written book. A journalist investigating the murder of a colleague and friend finds that all is not as it seems, and the dark underbelly of the struggle for power brings him into contact with corrupt police and treacherous double-dealings.

    15. If Roberto Bolano had been asked to mash up CHINATOWN with ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, it might have turned out something like this. Fantastically entertaining, with prose that rivals Raymond Chandler's crispness thanks to an excellent translation.

    16. I gave it a shot and read the first hundred plus pages and just could not get into it at all. Just no feeling for any of the characters. Did not like or dislike any of them really. To me it was just boring.

    17. I received this book for free from First Reads in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was very difficult to stay interested in. What should've been an exciting or thrilling book, left me bored and about ready to fall asleep. This was a huge disappointment for me.

    18. Daeth in Veracruz was an excellent book. Rich in history of Mexico and very well written. The era is the late 70's and very real and super interesting. Thanks I won this book.

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