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Think Murder

Think Murder Adina Donati came to Washington D C to find excitement not a dead body When a friend is murdered Adina is drawn into the middle of the police investigation Tensions rise as the suspect list expands

  • Title: Think Murder
  • Author: Cassidy Salem
  • ISBN: 9780991054749
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Adina Donati came to Washington D.C to find excitement, not a dead body When a friend is murdered, Adina is drawn into the middle of the police investigation Tensions rise as the suspect list expands to include Adina, her friends, and colleagues at the prestigious think tank where she works But every cloud has a silver lining Between the nice detective, the hot new voAdina Donati came to Washington D.C to find excitement, not a dead body When a friend is murdered, Adina is drawn into the middle of the police investigation Tensions rise as the suspect list expands to include Adina, her friends, and colleagues at the prestigious think tank where she works But every cloud has a silver lining Between the nice detective, the hot new volunteer at the dog rescue center, and the newly available preppy ex boyfriend, Adina s dating dry spell appears near its end That is, if she doesn t become the next victim.

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      403 Cassidy Salem
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    1 thought on “Think Murder

    1. Adina Donati is the new Nancy Drew (hmmm, or maybe she'd be Bess. . .), all grown up and a single young professional working at a prestigious think tank in Washington D.C. What makes this story a bit more realistic than a Nancy Drew story is that for the most part, Adina does the responsible thing in passing on information she stumbles across to the proper authority -- namely, the attractive detective, Jonathan Saks, who may or may not be interested in a relationship beyond the case. Author Cass [...]

    2. This was a surprisingly good mystery. I'm not 100% sure it is a cozy because the main character, Adina, isn't actively trying to solve the case, she just happens to be doing some things that put her in places where she hears things about her friend Hannah's murder. Plus she always passes along the info to the detective in chargewho is attractive and interested in her too. And what story wouldn't be complete without a love triangle. Not only do we have Detective Saks interested in Adina, but ther [...]

    3. "Think Murder" is a captivating read with a tight and well-planned storyline. The main character, Adina Donati, is a very likeable, well-rounded and often witty narrator who makes the journey through this story thoroughly enjoyable. This is a great example of a 'cozy' mystery - plenty of suspense and intrigue with very little gore or violence (apart from the murder, of course!). It is well-written and has a clever mystery at its core. If you're looking for a calm, yet absorbing, mystery, "Think [...]

    4. According to the bio following the book, this is the author's first work of fiction. I hope it is not her last. Her mystery is well developed but rushes too quickly to the conclusion. I hope in her next book, the resolution will be as well crafted as her set up deserves. The lead character is likable and you root for her. I would like to see further books in this series, if it will be a series, deepen her relationships with her friends, family and budding romantic interests. In all, a very promi [...]

    5. This is a captivating whodunit that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its plot twists and turns. I couldn't put it down and when it was done I eagerly wanted more. The characters are well developed and the story line holds your interest from the first page. I love visiting D.C. and this book really brought me back there with the details and story. I was hooked and hope you will read it to be hooked too.

    6. First, I want to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read her book. Second, you need to read this book! This little mystery is a real gem.Adina Donati is a young lady just starting out her career in Washington, D.C. She works for a think-tank as a researcher during the day, and volunteers at a dog rescue center at night. On Wednesdays, she and her best friend Hilary stop in at McSweeney’s bar for a drink after work. This particular Wednesday everything is going as usual until Hil [...]

    7. Cozy style mysteries aren’t usually a go-to genre for me, but I am trying to expand my reading horizons. I decided to give Think Murder by Cassidy Salem a shot. I must say I was entertained!Synopsis (from the author): Adina Donati came to Washington D.C. to find excitement, not a dead body.When a friend is murdered, Adina is drawn into the middle of the police investigation. Tensions rise as the suspect list expands to include Adina, her friends, and colleagues at the prestigious think tank wh [...]

    8. What starts out as drinks with a her friend Hillary ends in tragedy for Adina Donati when her friend is found dead in the bathroom an apparent suicide but everything is not what it seems in D.C. Adina seems to be in the middle of something big and someone wanted to kill her friend but who did it remains to be seen.As Adina tries to help her friend's boss with a project Hillary was working on she starts to notice things aren't right, and quickly alerts the attention of someone. Whether it be for [...]

    9. When Adina Donati goes for a drink with her friend Hilary she expects it to be like every other Wednesday night. She couldn't be more wrong -- Hilary ends up dead and Adina is thrust into the centre of a murder investigation. At first she is numbed by shock but over the next few days Adina has to deal with grief over the loss of her friend and the fear that she could be next. Understandably she jumps at shadows. But are they shadows? She's not sure who to trust. Detective Jonathan Saks is sturdy [...]

    10. Think Murder offers a refreshing glimpse into the world of the mundane as it clashes with high stakes politics. Set in Washington, DC, the main character, Adina, is thrust into a police investigation that becomes more dangerous at every turn. She tries to maintain a sense of normalcy while the events around her seem anything but normal. This whodunnit kept me guessing until the end. There is just the right amount of romance to make the story sweet and believable. The novel is well-written and en [...]

    11. Think Murder features a think tank setting and one of the research assistants is murdered. Her friend, Adina, is part suspect and possibly in danger as she is assigned to complete the project. Adina and the other characters are well developed. Adina is a strong, smart female but not over the top. The plot is well-developed with enough tension to keep the pages turning. The conclusion makes sense, but isn't obvious. This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more books by Cassidy Sa [...]

    12. A definite intrigueWelcome to Washington DC and I bet "Murder" wasn't on the itinerary. This book held me captive until I finished it. It was the first book I've ready by Salem but it won't be my last. It starts when Adina finds her friends murdered body, just moments after they were having drinks together. This book was a great caper to discover more than just a murderer as the clues started to pile up, pulling in Adina to places very dangerous. Just when you think you figured it out, you could [...]

    13. Available Kindle Unlimited which is how I got it, seemed a bit 'off' or maybe dragging in a couple of places but then again this was not a 'cozy' murder and is set up differently so with that in mind it was a good story and worth the time.Think Murder (Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth Book 1)Dying for Data (Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth #2)Also the co-author of the Hannah and Tamar Mystery series for YAfor some reason didn't review this from when read on amazon

    14. Pretty GoodThink Murder by Cassidy Salem is a good book with realistic characters and an interesting plot. I recommend it to fans of cozy mysteries.

    15. Think Murder is a light mystery with a good plot that had some very interesting political turns to it. The case itself felt real and I could easily imagine a thing like this happening in real life, so the true story feeling is definitely a huge plus for me. It was easy to read and the story progressed at an even pace. I did get the feeling this was more like a romance novel than a mystery to me though. Which definitely doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all, and for those who like to read roman [...]

    16. Review originally posted on Brooke Blogs.Think Murder by Cassidy Salem is the first book in the Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth mystery series. I received this book for review since I am reviewing the second book for a blog tour. I thought the plot sounded good and I was looking forward to a Washington DC set mystery. Adina finds herself wrapped up in the murder of a coworker. At first, no one can figure out why the victim was killed or who would want to do that to her. As the plot unfolds, it s [...]

    17. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Think Murder by Cassidy Salem is sort of a mash up of a cozy mystery and a detective/police procedural mystery. While the main character is highly interested in finding her friend’s murderer, she mostly passes along pertinent information to the detective on the case instead of solving the case on her own.Main character Adina Donati is a smart, single gal who lives and works in D.C. She works at a “think tank”, vo [...]

    18. The book had three strikes against it before I even started reading. (My personal bias that is)1. I rarely read books with female protagonists.2. I am not a big fan of the 'Cozy Mystery' genre.3. I have read everything ever written by some of the great murder mystery detective writers - Robert B. Parker, Dashiell Hammet and many others so my expectations in any variation of the mystery genre are quite high.Nevertheless, I was surprised when I found myself caught up in what upon first glance star [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars for this cozy mystery!Adina and Hilary are two twenty-somethings finding their niche in the complicated world of Washington D.C They both work for a “think tank”, they both love photography and they both enjoy the fast-paced life of our country’s capital city. When Hilary is found dead by Adina in the restroom of a pub they frequent, its initially thought that Hilary committed suicide, but Adina knows that can’t be true…she’s soon proven right.Although Adina is devastated b [...]

    20. Adina Donati is starting to wonder if she is becoming paranoid because since the meeting she had with Mr. Gardner she thinks she is being followed.About two weeks ago Adina and her friend Hilary, (from work) were out for drinks in McSweeney’s Irish Pub when the unthinkable happened. Adina found Hilary dead in the ladies room.The police are called and immediately Detective Jonathan Saks starts asking Adina questions. They are not sure if it is a homicide or a suicide.When Adina’s boss Matt, a [...]

    21. A murder, a conspiracy, a politician and an attempted kidnapping, all wrapped up in one good book. The icing on top of this intriguing mystery were the two adorable men involved: Jonathan, the sweet detective investigating the case and Bruce, the handsome doggie rescue center volunteer. It all started when Adina found her best friend dead in a bathroom stall at the local happy hour venue. At the onset of the case, the police were considering it a suicide but Adina couldn’t believe that Hilary [...]

    22. Think Murder is a well-written mystery with a smart, likable protagonist, Adina Donati. An administrative assistant at a Washington, D.C. think tank, Adina is handling many of the typical problems of daily life for a young, single, professional woman. That includes dealing with not-so-nice coworkers/bosses [one of the bosses ‘a real stickler’], managing relationships with friends and an intrusive mother, navigating big city life, taking care of her tiny apartment, etc. All of that gets cast [...]

    23. I must admit Think Murder by Cassidy Salem is a wonderful novel. I wish that this had been set up to be a series because I would love to read more. I could not stop reading and was disappointed that I had finished it; I wanted more. Salem captured what I call a classic detective/mystery case and I place this up there with other novels written by Agatha Christie, Henry Christopher Bailey, and Patricia Cornwell.This novel is well written and captivating; with well developed characters and plot. Wi [...]

    24. 4 stars Think Murder is a good mystery. It has drama, mystery, a little romance and some action. It starts off into the story. The story builds slowly to finding out why Hilary was murdered. You don't guess till it is revealed. You also meet more characters in Adina's life. I like Adina Donati the main character. She is single and living alone. She and her co-worker go to a bar every wed after work. She volunteers at a local pet rescue. One wed at the bar Hilary has been a long time in the restr [...]

    25. At first I had a hard time relating to the main character. Some people take a little longer for me to get to know, but as I read she became a real person. I found myself caring about what happened to her. I had a hard time putting down the book and turned each page with a warning voice, "you know you shouldn't trust someone you barely know."This book has a comfortable, cozy mystery feel to it--slow and steady pace building suspense. All of the characters were well developed like I knew them and [...]

    26. 6 Stars! 7?This book was a pleasure to read. It is well written and clean with a tightly focused narrative that is clear and direct, but not without color and emotion. I wish more books were written this way. At a hair over 200 pages, it had more plot and complexity than some 1,000 page tomes I’ve read. I really wish I’d started reading this book on the weekend because I didn’t want to put it down. Let’s just say I had a couple of very unproductive days at work. Don’t tell my boss.I he [...]

    27. Think Murder is a quick, easy read that centers around the murder of a young woman in Washington D.C. I found the story interesting, something that could happen in real life. Adina, the main character, is put at the center of the investigation when she finds her friend's body in the bathroom of a pub. When someone begins threatening her, the tension rises and it's a race against time to find out who is guilty before Adina becomes a victim herself. I was pleased by the straight forward, easy flow [...]

    28. Think Murder by Cassidy Salem achieves its main purpose, as it had me wanting to know what happened to Hilary from the very beginning. The setup of the crime and how the story played out certainly felt like it could have been ripped from a real-life headline. I'm a big stickler for character, so a little more development for Adina might have made me feel like I was part of the story instead of watching from the sidelines, and I really wanted more detail in the action scenes so I could feel the m [...]

    29. This was a quick and easy read for anyone who enjoys mysteries. I enjoyed the characters–even the ones you love to hate! The author did a great job fleshing them out. There are no violent scenes, no foul language, and no explicit sex in this novel, which makes it true to most elements of a cozy mystery. Adina, the main character, is not exactly a sleuth, it’s more that things happen to her that happen to put her in harm’s way. Ultimately, it is the police that solve the murder…which is a [...]

    30. This was a fast paced story that kept my attention from the start till the end. It is set in Washington D.C. and deals with political corruption. It was kind of ironic that the corrupt politician came from my home state of West Virginia. This wasn't as exciting as some mysteries, but I still enjoyed it and look forward to more books by Cassidy Salem. She did a good job writing about the working environments in D.C. I felt a real connection with Adina, the protagonist. She liked such an ordinary [...]

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