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Bound to Darkness

Bound to Darkness Carys Chase is accustomed to making her own rules and letting her heart lead the way no matter what anyone else has to say about it A rare Breed female and a daywalker as well headstrong beautiful C

  • Title: Bound to Darkness
  • Author: Lara Adrian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Carys Chase is accustomed to making her own rules and letting her heart lead the way no matter what anyone else has to say about it A rare Breed female and a daywalker as well, headstrong, beautiful Carys is one of the most powerful of her kind She lives passionately and loves without limits, especially when it comes to the lethal cage fighting Breed warrior called Rune.Carys Chase is accustomed to making her own rules and letting her heart lead the way no matter what anyone else has to say about it A rare Breed female and a daywalker as well, headstrong, beautiful Carys is one of the most powerful of her kind She lives passionately and loves without limits, especially when it comes to the lethal cage fighting Breed warrior called Rune.Unbeatable in the ring, Rune exists in a brutal world of blood and bone and death He s made his share of enemies both in and out of the arena, and his secrets run as deep and turbulent as his past A dangerous loner who has survived by his fists and fangs, Rune has never allowed anyone to get too close to him until Carys But when the bodies buried in his past rise up to threaten his present, Rune must choose between betraying Carys s trust or putting her in the crosshairs of a battle neither of them can hope to win on their own.

    • ✓ Bound to Darkness || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Lara Adrian
      187 Lara Adrian
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Bound to Darkness || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Lara Adrian
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    1. Love this series! Book #13 and still going strong! This is one of my top five paranormal series of all time!! Lara Adrian has created a vampire romance that has evolved into an amazing action packed story that I devour every time I pick up an instalment! It has been awhile for me but what I had forgotten was the intense passion that “BreedMates” feel for each other! The love, devotion, and friendship that these couples feel for one another is very unique and I rarely have found it in other p [...]

    2. Breed (warrior) Rune Special ability: Withstanding extreme pain Age: Around 30 years oldBreed mate Carys Special abilities: Daywalker, being able to wrap herself in shadows, photographic memory Occupation: Working at the museum, assistant to collection curatorMark place:Left side of neck Settings: Boston, Washington, London, DublinThis is my favourite book from midnight breed - next generation. Carys is Harvard's and Tavia's daughter. She is the twin sister of Aric and she is pretty special sinc [...]

    3. Lara Adrian has created an appealing formula for her paranormal/urban romance in her Midnight Breed Series. Take sexy alpha-male Breed Warrior, a beautiful and strong female, thrown in an intriguing history of vampire and other supernatural aliens living in secret in the human realm, add some heart-stopping battles between good and evil and of course some amazingly steamy sex scenes…. could one not be fascinated by the world and characters she has created!!!!The Midnight Breeds Series ended in [...]

    4. 4.5 Breedmate Warrior Stars!!I really love this series! I was unsure how I would feel about the next generation but I have to say I'm loving them and I love the glimpses into the lives of the original warriors and their mates and the roles they carry out today.Carys Chase is the daughter of Sterling (aka Harvard) and Tavia. She's not only a breedmate but she's also a rare female Breed and Daywalker like her mother and she also possesses her father's gift of creating shadows to cloak herself. She [...]

    5. I adore this series which gives vampires believable origins. The Breed are not created by Gods or mysterious beings, nor are they created by evil or demonic forces. Instead the author offers the idea of aliens with DNA that has the power to truly transform their offspring into something decidedly "other". Yet with the aftermath of what could have been a climactic novel Darker after Midnight Ms Adrian has taken her series up a notch to encompass a whole new generation with an even older force to [...]

    6. This review has also been posted at Carole's Random Life.I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the second half of the story but the first half just didn't do a lot for me. I realize that a big part of my problem could be that I haven't read every single book in this series. I have read the first two books in the series and the last book published, Crave the Night. I was never confused while I was reading this book but seeing all the characters from other books just didn't excite me. I d [...]

    7. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. (For now at least, until a new book comes out.)Thankfully, I enjoyed Carys and Rune as a couple much more than I enjoyed Nathan and Jordana in the previous book. I have no problem with sweet, virginal characters, but I like the rebellious girls so much more. Sure, Carys was an angsty brat at times, but she was stubborn in a good way. AND she picked a good 'un. So I might have said more than once or twice in the past that underground fighting is completely overdone b [...]

    8. In the thirteenth installment to the Midnight Breed series, Lara Adrian continues her story arc, which began in Edge of Dawn where the Breeds and the vampires try to co-exist. Of course, it’s not an easy task as several issues pop up along the way. What is different about this book is that the hero and heroine are actually already in a relationship. Carys and Rune are total opposites and though their relationship is heavily frowned upon, nothing stops them from being together.Rune is your typi [...]

    9. Love, love, LOVED this book! I admit the last couple of books about the kids of the Midnight Breed originals didn't really capture me like the firsts in the series. But I loved Rune and Carys and the deep love they had for each other from the first page. The plot took me a little to get into because barely remembered it from the last book, but LA did a good enough job to recap without being bogged down in the details. I also liked how she didn't make it overly complicated. I'm already looking fo [...]

    10. DNF at 30%Nop, I don't care for this book.It didn't grab my interest one single second. I couldn't bring myself to keep listening. It is hard to believe how a book can be so unentertaining and dull from the very first few words. It might get more interesting later on, but that is already too late for me. I am out.

    11. I had a hard time remembering stuff from the last book about Opus Nostrum, The Atlanteans etc. I also felt like this story was a bit similar to Jordana and Nathan's story. Despite those, the story was still solid. I liked Rune's story and who he really was.I like that this is a good mix between PNR and UF and everyone was contributing to the fight. this is still one of the best series out there.

    12. I love the Midnight Breed series, I just can't help myself I'm totally addicted to these books. Things have changed a huge amount since the dramatic outing of the Breed in Darker After Midnight and I'm really enjoying getting to know the younger generation of the Order. It's really interesting to see how some of the previous couples are coping with parenthood, especially now that the older children are starting to find their mates and that was especially true here.Carys is the daughter of Chase [...]

    13. This has been a long incredible journey with the Midnight Breed series. Lara Adrian doesn't disappoint, with every book she brings there is heart stopping action, excitement and dangers in the vampire realm. As for claiming a favorite, hell I wouldn't know where to begin as I love them all and eagerly await for the next release! Brilliantly written, captivating storyline, damn sure a five star read, what more could a person ask for? Ooooh I know, one of the Order guys to bite me hahahahahahah!

    14. Bound to Darkness was another good read in this series. I loved Rune and Carys together. Like another reviewer stated I wasn't surprised by the story, I had everything figured out rather quickly because it was all very predictable. I have to say that I loved Carys the badass, since she is a breed female I loved how she transformed when her mate was in danger. My only disappointment was a scene in the book with Zael, I hope to get more information in his book.

    15. A cool story, I really loved the parts with Zael, I hope he's getting a book as well :)

    16. “She’s the reason I’m alive. She is my reason for everything.”Absolutely fantastic! 5 starsI’m a huge Midnight Breed fan, and I’ve been so excited for this book! And bless you, Lara Adrian, you haven’t let me down! This book is a wild ride! Exciting and action-packed with some great twists and surprises, it’s also beautifully romantic and steaming hot! I absolutely loved it!I need to throw in that you need to read this series in order. There’s a lot going on and if you go skipp [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this story. I love that Rune and Carys were in a relationship prior to this book, and seeing that relationship grow as Rune opens up and his past is revealed (omg) is a great journey. Loved Rune and Carys together and watching Carys prove how much of a badass she is opened up a lot of eyes, especially those of her overprotected father Chase. I always fall back into this world so easily, I can't wait to see what Adrian brings us next.

    18. I have been waiting for this story since I encountered Carys and Rune earlier in the series. While I love each installment that comes out, there are some that I anticipate more than others. This is definitely one of them. Carys is a rare Vampire Breed female who can day walk and she is the daughter of one of formidable, Sterling Chase, one of her people's leaders. And Carys is in love with rough underground fighter, Rune, who is a mystery.This is part of an ongoing series and should be read in o [...]

    19. This is the best book in the Midnight Breeds series I have read in a long time. The last few romances haven’t been big hits for me, but I am happy to say that Carys and Rune’s story lived up to its potential. I had hoped this book would give us some flashbacks to the beginning of their relationship. It didn’t, but even joining the romance in progress, I still felt invested.We met this couple a few books back. Rune is a cage fighter with a mysterious past. Carys is the daywalker daughter of [...]

    20. I love the Midnight Breed series. I love it so much that I remember most of the characters and their stories from the earlier books and that's a very rare thing for me!I went to the story not expecting much because of what I had read from this couple in the previous books. They were already together for the last 2 books and they loved each other, I thought it might be a bit boring. But I was so wrong and I'll never doubt Lara Adrian again.As it turned out the story was exciting and Carys's and R [...]

    21. Review will be posted atbooks-n-kisses MBER OF HEARTS: 4 Oh how I love this series. One of my all time favorite series. Love everything about it!!!!! And Bound by Darkness is no different. In Bound by Darkness we catch up with Carys and Rune. We got to see the very beginning of their relationship in Crave the Night. I know that this relationship was going to be but to the test. But I didn’t know how much of a test it was going to be. Rune has some dark secrets that he has been hiding from Cary [...]

    22. Bound to Darkness (Midnight Breed #13) by Lara Adrian Lara Adrian’s Bound to Darkness is another captivating book in the Midnight Breed Series.  Carys Chase is a rare Breed female and daywalker.  She is in love with a cage-fighter/breed warrior who goes by the name of Rune.  Rune has a secret that conflicts with Carys’ family.  This amazing PNR, suitable for adult audiences, kept me spellbound. I like Rune.  He was in a bad situation and got out of it.  He cares about other's well bei [...]

    23. Lara Adrian’s Bound to Darkness is another captivating book in the Midnight Breed Series. Carys Chase is a rare Breed female and daywalker. She is in love with a cage-fighter/breed warrior who goes by the name of Rune. Rune has a secret that conflicts with Carys’ family. This amazing PNR, suitable for adult audiences, kept me spellbound.I like Rune. He was in a bad situation and got out of it. He cares about other's well being. He is strong mentally and physically. Carys is a great heroine. [...]

    24. Another brilliant book to add to this series! I absolutely loved Rune. How formidable, strong, devoted, sexy and protective he is. But for me, it was Carys who totally stole the show here. She was incredible. She's a warrior. She faught for what she wanted. She made Rune fight for their relationship. And she completely kicked ass when it was necessary. I totally have a girl crush on her. Haha It was so hot seeing her and Rune share their dominating roles. There was some great storyline progressi [...]

    25. For most of this book it wasn't anything special. The girl in love with a boy her family didn't approve of, but she knew the "bad boy" wasn't a bad boy, but a good one. Things didn't really pick up for me until the end, when Rune's past was revealed. But what really sealed this book was the bad ass move that Carys made, the one that finally made her dad see that she isn't a little girl to be protected anymore, she can kick-ass along side him now. So worth reading the book for that scene alone!

    26. I really liked reading about Rune and Carys. Their connection existed before we met them but developed through the revelation of secrets and connections. It was easy to fall into the world the author created and meeting characters without feeling like you are missing something. Well written. I would like to read more. :)ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

    27. Carys single handedly added the fifth star to my rating. As for Rune, he isn't just a cage fighter we've seen the entire time we've been reading about him. I love visiting with my favorite characters, the more the happier. I also need to read Nova's story NOW! No clues I've been missing it! No doubt in my mind that you will love Bound to Darkness too.

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