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Alone with Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Alone with Mr Darcy A Pride Prejudice Variation Alone with Mr Darcy Elizabeth Bennet can t imagine anything worse than being stranded by a blizzard in a tiny cottage with proud and unpleasant Mr Darcy But being trapped there for days and nights wit

  • Title: Alone with Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780692420157
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alone with Mr Darcy Elizabeth Bennet can t imagine anything worse than being stranded by a blizzard in a tiny cottage with proud and unpleasant Mr Darcy But being trapped there for days and nights with an injured and confused Mr Darcy who keeps saying the oddest things about her is even worse At least he possesses the useful ability of lighting a fire to keepAlone with Mr Darcy Elizabeth Bennet can t imagine anything worse than being stranded by a blizzard in a tiny cottage with proud and unpleasant Mr Darcy But being trapped there for days and nights with an injured and confused Mr Darcy who keeps saying the oddest things about her is even worse At least he possesses the useful ability of lighting a fire to keep them from freezing to death But when he puts his arms around her, she discovers the hearth isn t the only place he knows how to build a fire And the little half frozen kitten he finds in a woodpile isn t proving to be much of a chaperone She doesn t really believe his promises to marry her if anyone finds out they spent two nights alone together, especially after learning he was betrayed by another woman in the past When her worst fears are realized and her reputation is in tatters, she isn t surprised to discover Mr Darcy has vanished into thin air, leaving her no choice but to find a husband as soon as possible before her whole family is ruined Any husband will have to do, no matter how much she dislikes him Even if she can t stop thinking of Mr Darcy.

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      320 Abigail Reynolds
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    1 thought on “Alone with Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

    1. Written November 29, 20153.7 Stars - Delightful meeting with dear Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth once again for true admirersA audiobook gamble on an impulse, a Pride and Prejudice retell novel — 9:37 hrs narrated by Elizabeth Klett. I've only read one P&P retelling and it was years ago (the original story told in Mr. D's point of view) but I've read and watched the films based on the original old book (publ. 1813) many times. This is a story I know every little detail from. - A retelling is a t [...]

    2. Oh I just loved this P&P What if that images that Darcy has man watching Wickham and when he learns that Wickham is romancing Miss Elizabeth he hurries off to Meryton to tell Lizzy & Mr. Bennet what a dastard Wickham is. Alas he chooses a day where a massive snow storm hits Hertfordshire and he ends up stranded in a terrible cottage with Miss Elizabeth.Lizzy ends up there because it was the day of Charlotte's wedding to Mr. Collins and Lizzy is saddened by Charlotte marrying the moron an [...]

    3. A great variation with a lot of twists and turns. I loved Elizabeth and Darcy's banter, and honest conversation while stranded in a cottage. I could do without the physical aspects, but it's Abigail Reynold's book, so a mention of their physical attraction was expected, and not overdone. And an adorable kitten was much fun. The background story to Mr. Bennet's marriage was very interesting, though his sureness about Darcy's intentions was infuriating. It was very sad to read about a high price y [...]

    4. What If Saving Mr. Darcy’s Life Ruined Your Reputation?Rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsTYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME: Several weeks after the Netherfield BallSYNOPSIS: While walking home from Charlotte’s wedding Lizzy finds Mr. Darcy fallen from his horse and injured, just as a snow blizzard is beginning. They seek shelter from the storm in an empty tenant’s cottage and are trapped there for two days. Darcy knows Elizabeth is compromised by their being alone [...]

    5. I loved this story. But then I expected I would. Abigail Reynolds did not disappoint me. I (and a multitude of others) have been anticipating this book's release. I had read the first chapter on her blog and other snippets of the tale so knew the premise. I began reading it soon after its release at midnight last night. And I will purchase the paperback also to join all the others of hers on my bookshelf. Adore the beautiful cover.Yes, Elizabeth finds and helps Mr. Darcy when coming upon him in [...]

    6. I loved this book! I've read a couple of books that used the device of one of them being injured or the weather causing them to be stuck together and thus Elizabeth being compromised, but this is probably my favorite. I adored Darcy throughout this whole book, and Elizabeth was pretty well done, too. I appreciated that the things that kept them apart were something other than one or the other of them being completely unreasonable. Certainly, their decisions affected the situations, but a lot of [...]

    7. This was a great variation with lots of twists and turns!! This is probably my favorite Abigail Reynolds variation ever It was sweet, suspenseful and intimate Read it in one day and I had a huge smile on my face when I was finished!!!

    8. What can I say about this wonderful book other than to urge all Pride and Prejudice fans to read it?! I loved this story -from the scenes where ODC are trapped in a snowstorm to the inevitable happy ever after. Darcy was a true gentleman,wanting nothing more than to marry Lizzy as he loved her, not just because she was compromised when she saved his life. The scenes in the cottage are really heartwarming to read and those with the little kitten would warm the cockles of your heart. There is lots [...]

    9. I stayed up till 6 in the morning reading this! I did not sleep a wink! I think that says it all Best P&P fan fiction I've ever read!Honestly did I expect anything else when Mr. Darcy was involved? This book was honestly too cute! I've love Pride and Prejudice since I was 12 and have never read any Pride and Prejudice that wasn't set in the our time. I loved this more than any other fan fiction before!!! I mean honestly I loved it!!! I still love the original Pride and Prejudice more but thi [...]

    10. Abigail Reynolds is one of the best authors writing Pride and Prejudice fanfiction today. I enjoyed the departure, this story took from the Austen masterpiece. . in deep winter after the Netherfield Ball and ending, with some major plot deviations, in Kent. This offering is a clean story and I mention this, since A.R. has penned a few erotic Darcy stories worth reading as well. A highly entertaining P&P variation with a Reynolds' Darcy who never disappoints . . Enjoy!

    11. This was wonderful! This story had me emotionally all over the place. It is a clean romance and I loved the ending. I thought it was interesting how the author took liberties with changing some things with the side characters. Examples: Mr Bennet, Georgiana mother and Anne. Really good story.

    12. This much anticipated book by Abigail Reynolds is fantastic. True to her writing style, intrigue, romance, and misunderstandings abound! I love how she created some different plot lines in the book. Especially entertaining is how she examines the behavior of some of the minor characters and how it forever changes the plot and their relationship with the main characters. Spoiler Alert: For example, she tears Mr. Bennet apart! I never thought he suffered enough of the blame in Jane Austen's origin [...]

    13. I know that this will sound harsh, but it must be said, this is a woefully poor example of a P&P variation! I have read several various authors' attempts at P&P variations/adaptations and continue to be disappointed with many authors, including, now, Ms Reynolds. There are a few exceptional standouts, but generally, those who attempt a variation or adaptation or continuations fail when they cannot keep the characters as Ms. Austen created them.I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning third of [...]

    14. Another terrific book by Abigail Reynolds. Whenever I find out she is putting out a new book I get it immediately and she never disappoints to make me love Lizzie and Darcy more. This was such an enjoyable book with the pair stranded during a winter storm after Lizzie finds Darcy after he has been thrown from his horse. They are forced to spend two nights together in a tiny cottage and during their confinement Elizabeth begins to believe that she has been wrong about him. Not wanting to force hi [...]

    15. I have enjoyed AR reads in the past so when I read some of the reviews I decided I may enjoy this one. I loved this D&E. They weren't as intense but there were moments that brought you to the original characters. The story begins with the two thrown into a predicament leaving Lizzys reputation in question. Darcy tries to fix the problem but then Lizzy wants her marriage to be based on love not regrets. She doubts her desireabilty to Darcy and even though he clears that little detail up she s [...]

    16. I was actually really worried in this book, and even resented Darcy for a while (foolish me!).Lizzy and Darcy gets stranded together in a cottage during a snowstorm. Awww he was so sweet, they really started to like each other. That cottage was awesome for them, BUT, Lizzy knows she is ruined. Ok break, seriously people of that time! They did nothing wrong, but she would be cast out. So unfair! Anyway, Darcy says they should marry. She says no, no one will find out.But we will know gossip builds [...]

    17. dnf @ 41%(view spoiler)[ Elizabeth is distressed by something she saw happening to Maria Lucas in the tavern but she persuades Darcy not to intervene because Wickham is in the tavern. Elizabeth and Darcy then proceed to focus on entirely trivial things (they send a boy into the tavern to get them bread because they are hungry, they express relief when the cat they were worried about catches up to them and then joke about throwing snowballs at each other) while leaving Maria at the mercy of the m [...]

    18. I didn't know what to expect from the Pride & Prejudice variation, but I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it and thought the different twists were clever. I looked up the other books by the author and she's done many re-tellings interesting! Don't know if I'll read another one because I was just wanting to go back and read the original after reading this one.

    19. A lovely, emotional, what-if Pride and Prejudice variation. It kept me turning the pages and staying up late! I particularly loved the idea of having Darcy and Elizabeth trapped together by a snowstorm - and then seeing all the repercussions of that event.

    20. One of Abigail Reynolds better Pride and Prejudice variations, where she throws in a few plot changes to explore how the characters might react.When Elizabeth is walking home from Meryton, she stumbles upon a bleeding and disoriented Mr. Darcy in the snow. They seek out a small nearby cottage where he can stay while she finds help but by the time they’ve reached the cottage the snow has worsened and turned into a storm. Elizabeth is forced to remain in the cottage with Mr. Darcy until conditio [...]

    21. This is very much a fan fiction trope. Well used, sometimes well sometimes poorly. One of my favourite tropes. Couple gets trapped in a small space for an undisclosed amount of time. They don't like each other much or they really don't understand each other. Will they find understanding? Will they kill each other? Great stuff. Really really liked this book and this take on a well worn concept. Darcy is injured whilst on his way to Meryton. Lizzy finds him and helps him. A snowstorm of epic propo [...]

    22. A disappointing Mr. Bennet and too many subplotsWriting: 4 StarsCharacters: 4 StarsPlot: 3 StarsEntertaining: 3.5 StarsRead Again? Not likely.What I love about Reynolds' books is that she takes the beloved characters of Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" and throws them into a "What if?" variation of the story. However, with this book I feel she has blackened Mr. Bennet outside of his character -- making him mean-spirited, dishonest, and dishonorable. I feel that such a character could never have ra [...]

    23. This started out very promising and I liked the Darcy/Elizabeth scenes but some of the changes didn’t always make sense and there was a lot of nonsensical misunderstandings keeping Darcy and Elizabeth apart.This Pride & Prejudice variation begins the afternoon of Charlotte’s wedding to Mr. Collins. Elizabeth is a bit disgusted with her BFF Charlotte for marrying Mr. Collins. After the wedding, instead of going off to the wedding breakfast, she decides to walk home to Longbourn through th [...]

    24. I like that the author is flexible with the secondary characters, even willing to nearly break one or two in the process. It takes the story in new directions that still showcase the primary characters. In this particular version, Elizabeth is fairly brazen, and yet it makes sense for them to establish a more adult relationship. I wasn't crazy about the changes to Wickham, but overall, this one was a great version.

    25. I love this book. A great variation on Pride and Prejudice. How some people were trying hard to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart.Inspite of theses efforts, Darcy and Elizabeth find each other again and realize the they belong together.They find their love.I liked this variation. Abigal did a good job writing it.

    26. I'm not opposed to fan fiction and variations are okay with me, but this didn't feel like a retelling as much as a hijacking of the characters and giving them nonsensical misunderstandings that completely muddle what you love most about Austen and Pride and Prejudice in the first place. I knew it was going to be brain candy, not literature, but this one would really rot your brain.

    27. Every once in a while, there's a need for some P&P fluff that I need to fulfill, so I took a gamble on this audiobook. And while the Elizabeth Klett's narration is gold, the story drags on endlessly and takes a lot of weird turns that make no sense, throwing in characters randomly.

    28. A fun romantic re-imagining of a classicA fun alternate universe Pride & Prejudice. I enjoyed every page. Lively and thought provoking development of much loved characters.

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