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The Best Of Relations: A Pride And Prejudice Variation

The Best Of Relations A Pride And Prejudice Variation What if Aunt Gardiner who after all hailed from Lambton was well acquainted with the Darcy family and knew of Wickham s misdemeanours How would the story have been different This tale begins with a

  • Title: The Best Of Relations: A Pride And Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Catherine Bilson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if Aunt Gardiner, who after all hailed from Lambton, was well acquainted with the Darcy family, and knew of Wickham s misdemeanours How would the story have been different This tale begins with an exchange of letters between Elizabeth Bennet and her favourite aunt, discussing the happenings in Hertfordshire as the Bennet family become acquainted with their new neWhat if Aunt Gardiner, who after all hailed from Lambton, was well acquainted with the Darcy family, and knew of Wickham s misdemeanours How would the story have been different This tale begins with an exchange of letters between Elizabeth Bennet and her favourite aunt, discussing the happenings in Hertfordshire as the Bennet family become acquainted with their new neighbours, the Bingleys and their house guest Mr Darcy.

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      443 Catherine Bilson
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    1 thought on “The Best Of Relations: A Pride And Prejudice Variation

    1. A relation the Bennet sisters are not ashamed of 2nd read 3-2-18Mrs. Gardiner has always been my favorite relation of the Bennet family. Her influence has been noted by most JAFF authors as the main reason the two oldest Bennet sisters are who and what they are, two sensible and well-mannered girls worthy of society. In this clean P&P variation, she is also, in a distant and convoluted way, related to the Darcy family of Pemberley. Our story begins with letters back and forth between Elizabe [...]

    2. Mrs Gardiner is a gem!!!To start, I would like to say that I remember reading this on a JAFF website some time ago, though I'm not sure which one.The Best of Relations is a what-if story where Mrs Gardiner knows personally the history of Mr Wickham and her and Mr Gardiner are of familial terms with Mr Darcy. So when Elizabeth starts to write to Mrs Gardiner about all the comings and goings of Meryton and mentions these two men, Mrs Gardiner intercedes.I have to say that initially this Elizabeth [...]

    3. I had not read any other stories by this author. Indeed, I had not heard of her but when another reader listed her with a good review on I decided to give this book (and the author) a chance to charm me. This is a short read and I borrowed it under my Kindle Unlimited membership.As the title and the brief Book Description tell us Aunt Gardiner plays out as a significant factor in this story. She has always been one of my favorite characters, not only in P&P, but also in JAFF. Most authors c [...]

    4. This story should be called Mrs. Gardiner Fixes Everything. It's a piece of fluff, full of far too many convenient conversations and pieces of information, and very little conflict. Still, it was a fun piece of fluff that did not take long to read, so I don't have any real complaints.

    5. I absolutely adored this short, fast paced, P&P What if. In this version the what if is, what if Mrs. Gardiner was well acquainted with Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy and cleared up the confusion.Starting after the assembly but before Jane's rainy ride to Netherfield. The first part of the story is conveyed via letters between Elizabeth Bennet and her aunt Gardiner. When Lizzy meets and praises Mr. Wickham her aunt is rushing to Meryton to disabuse her of her good opinion. Aunt Gardiner has the d [...]

    6. Pride and prejudice variation 3 1/2 starsThis variation starts out at almost the beginning. And all is settled from the Netherfield Ball and a few weeks forward. I did enjoy this alternative but there was really no angst and it seemed to me that the ridiculous Bennet members were not so diverting and Darcy seem to realize the error of his ways way to easily. Just saying. Anyway this is why I rated it only 3 1/2 stars. Also very short read and that is why I believe thing happened so fast and easi [...]

    7. A delightful Austen variation in which Elizabeth and Jane's beloved Aunt Gardiner is a distant yet beloved cousin to Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley. When Elizabeth writes her aunt of the proud and distant Mr. Darcy who is visiting his friend at Netherfield Park, Aunt Gardiner defends the gentleman very warmly, causing Lizzy to re-evaluate her opinion of the gentleman. But it is a letter to her aunt mentioning Mr. Wickham that causes Aunt Gardiner to rush to Longbourn on the eve of the Netherfiel [...]

    8. A lovely alternate universe!While I am a die-hard Austen fan, there are always times when I'm reading her stories and I think wait. what if. and that's what you get from this lovely work. Quality writing and lots of fun while avoiding the awkward moments that happen in Austen's drawing rooms.

    9. More happiness, less angstIn this adaptation Mrs Gardiner is actually Darcy's cousin and both Darcy and Bingley are partners in Edward Gardiner 's import business although most people aren't aware ( Caroline Bingley). When Elizabeth writes her aunt regarding Darcy and Wickham she rushes to Longbourne to inform them about Wickham and his gambling debts and numerous illegitimate children. From there its fun with Darcy stopping Mr Collins, introducing friends to Hertfordshire, and falling in love w [...]

    10. An angst free novella.Aunt Gardiner knows about Wickham and reigns in Elizabeth before she goes too far along to adore Wickham and hate Darcy. Lydia was unbelievable.

    11. Excellent!!!A full five stars!!!! My compliments to the author!!!! A little short, yes, but with such an intervention, how could it possibly take as long as it did in the book? Well worth a rereadingor twelve!!!

    12. This P&P variation is about what would happen if Aunt Gardiner was already acquainted with Darcy and Wickham. When she hears of her nieces opinions on both men, she high tails it to Hertfordshire to set matters right. What I love about this book: It's a nice really sweet and very quick version of P&P. Aunt Gardiner is awesome. I also like the changes in Mrs. Bennet. I also love the versions that focus more attention on Mary.What I do NOT like about this book: Another person made mention [...]

    13. The Best Of Relations: A Pride and Prejudice VariationShort, enjoyable story. The what-if variation has Elizabeth and Darcy with a common relations to the Bennets. The relationship between she and Darcy is more slight than with the Bennets. Her knowledge of Wickham's involvement in dastardly deeds in Lambton, sets him on a course to the cold of Canada. Mrs. Bennet is much subdued in this story, Bingley more forceful, Jane more daring, Darcy full of less pride, Lizzy less prejudice, and Mary more [...]

    14. Sweet easy path to love. My 3 star rating is for the lack of depth in feelings portrayed in the novel, how easily and quickly love was found and how easily obstacles are removed. In this novel not only is Aunt Gardiner providing Elizabeth with a different side to Darcy and Wickham (quickly removing prejudices established) but she is also a far cousin of Darcy himself and takes him to task for his behaviour in Herdforshire! Darcy quickly sets out to I,prove Elizabeths opinion of him and he doesn' [...]

    15. On a recent trip to England I was speaking with a gentleman at the train station. He asked where I was heading and when I told him I was heading to the Cotswolds he said "Ah, the Cotswolds. They are like chocolate". I was a little confused so he told me the Cotswolds are "sweet" with their quaint cottages and villages. That's how I would describe this book. Like chocolate & the Cotswolds. I didn't give it five stars, more like 4.5. Everything was so neat and tidy with little angst so it was [...]

    16. This Pride&Prejudice what if sequel explores how the ball at Netherfield would have progressed if the Bennet family knew of Wickham ' s true character and a positive light on Mr. Darcy all thanks to Mrs. Gardiner. I've always liked Elisabeth ' s aunt. Also I was surprised which other members of the Bennet family change for the better. I've read a lot P&P ff but this constellation is new and I quiet like it. Read it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

    17. Read a bit like a fanfiction but of the higher quality. One of the better "what if" books I've read of the Pride and Prejudice variances, although a tad shorter than I like. I think I might have got a copy that wasn't complete however? There were several spots in the book where it said something like "Earl of___________" and there was just a blank line.

    18. Written as though by a 7th grader. Disliked the overly descriptive paragraphs. Recommend to 7th graders and defenently not to an Austen fan.A few interesting and delightful characters introduced and certainly delighted Mr. Wickham was dealt appropriately. A frustrating read for any true Jane Austen fan.

    19. Cute, funny and short. Abit simplistic when it comes to "good things happen to good people, bad things to bad" but it was a good what-if story, and it was a joy to read really. A nice break. Definitely enjoyed it!

    20. A lovely little slice. I'm not much for short stories but this one was wonderful. I love a plausible what if and this was just the right balance.

    21. BoringWhat if absolutely nothing went wrong? It would indeed be this boring. Skip this book. Unless you have couple of hours that you HAVE TO waste.

    22. This one was funI call it light and airy , not too much strife and a very happy ending . Of course anytime both Wickham and Caroline Bingley are both thwarted it's always fun.

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