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A Tiny Piece of Sky

A Tiny Piece of Sky THE SUMMER STORY OF THREE SISTERS ONE RESTAURANT AND A POSSIBLE GERMAN SPYWorld War II is coming in Europe At least that s what Frankie Baum heard on the radio But from her small town in Maryland i

  • Title: A Tiny Piece of Sky
  • Author: Shawn K. Stout
  • ISBN: 9780399173431
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • THE SUMMER STORY OF THREE SISTERS, ONE RESTAURANT, AND A POSSIBLE GERMAN SPYWorld War II is coming in Europe At least that s what Frankie Baum heard on the radio But from her small town in Maryland, in the wilting summer heat of 1939, the war is a world away Besides, there are too many other things to think about first that Frankie s father up and bought a restaurTHE SUMMER STORY OF THREE SISTERS, ONE RESTAURANT, AND A POSSIBLE GERMAN SPYWorld War II is coming in Europe At least that s what Frankie Baum heard on the radio But from her small town in Maryland, in the wilting summer heat of 1939, the war is a world away Besides, there are too many other things to think about first that Frankie s father up and bought a restaurant without telling anyone and now she has to help in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and washing dishes, when she d rather be racing to Wexler s Five and Dime on her skates Plus her favorite sister, Joanie Baloney, is away for the summer and hasn t been answering any of Frankie s letters But when some people in town start accusing her father of being a German spy, all of a sudden the war arrives at Frankie s feet and she can think of nothing else Could the rumors be true Frankie has to do some spying of her own to try to figure out her father s secrets and clear his good name What she discovers about him surprises everyone, but is nothing compared to what she discovers about the world.

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    • ↠ A Tiny Piece of Sky || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Shawn K. Stout
      309 Shawn K. Stout
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    1 thought on “A Tiny Piece of Sky

    1. A decent enough middle grade novel. The issues in the book, although set in 1939, are still timely now. I didn't feel immersed in the time period/setting, but it was still a good read.

    2. It's only June, but the summer of 1939 does not look very promising as far as Frankie Baum, 11, is concerned. Her sister and best friend Joan, "the just-barely-older of the two," is getting to spend the summer at Aunt Dottie's farm in New Jersey, where Frankie is sure she will be having the best summer ever, while she's stuck at home in Hagerstown, MD with older sister Elizabeth, called Princess by their parents.And ever worse, Frankie is expected to work in her father's newly purchased restaura [...]

    3. In the interest of full disclosure, I will state for the record that the author is a first cousin once removed, meaning I am also a direct descendant of the people upon whom this story is based. Mrs. Stout did not tell me to buy or read this book; indeed I only found out about it a week or so before its publication.I grew up hearing many of the anecdotes from this book and it seems the 'Baum' sisters were pretty consistent in their telling because what is not fiction in this book is exactly as I [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book, but it failed me on many levels. The story felt incredibly unoriginal with a “youngest child makes good” coming-of-age storyline and numerous bits that felt leftover from every other WWII-era novel. Additionally, the author peppered the novel with countless little bits of incredibly specific history (titles of radio plays, names of cars, etc.) but without any payoff; they seemed more like she’d kept a list of things to include to make sure we knew she was [...]

    5. A quiet, slow-paced middle grade novel without much plot. This book delivers an important lesson in prejudice, and why it is wrong to "make judgements based on the things we can't help." Unfortunately, the lesson overshadows the story. There are some long passages of set-up, explanation, and tangential incidents to make the story work. The omniscient narrator makes it difficult to stay connected with the protagonist. Some good period details, but it's never clear how the Baums are surviving the [...]

    6. Copy provided by the publisherIn 1939, Frankie is not happy that her older sister gets to spend the summer at an aunt's farm, but SHE has to work in the family's new restaurant. Since there is so much work to be done, she ends up not even having time to do to the pool with friends or even roller skate. She knows it is important to her family's survival that the restaurant, does well, and she does enjoy working with the staff, but she misses her sister. When local Chamber of Commerce leader Sulle [...]

    7. Stout, Shawn K. A Tiny Piece of Sky, 322 pages. Philomel Books, 2016. $16.99. Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G. 11-year old Frankie Baum is facing the entire summer of 1939 without her best friend, and just-barely-older sister, Joan. Things get worse when her father announces he’s bought a rundown restaurant and everyone will have to help get it up and running. Before the restaurant even opens it looks likely to fail when rumors begin to circulate about Frankie’s father [...]

    8. This was a great book, but it took me awhile to get to the "I can't put this down" stage--I think because I knew it had a sad ending. It was interesting both for the different lens with which it shows the build-up to WWII and for all the daily life details it includes. Frankie is forced into a summer of hard, hot work at her family's new restaurant. As a #3 (she has 2 older sisters, the oldest of whom is always called "Princess"), nobody listens to her ideas or thinks she can do anything. She's [...]

    9. When you’re Number Three in the family, you never get to do anything first. Ever. And you are never, ever trusted to do anything on your own. These were things Frankie Baum knew to be true. So, at the beginning of summer, when Frankie’s dad announces that he is opening a restaurant, she is not happy. Especially since her favorite sister has up and abandoned her to spend the summer at the lake with Aunt Dottie. She’ll probably end up spending most of her summer scrubbing floors and washing [...]

    10. It's 1939 and Frankie Baum, age eleven, isn't keen on summer vacation because her sister Joan (older by tw0 years) gets to visit their Aunt in New Jersey, while Frankie has to stay home in Maryland. Frankie also has to work on her father's new venture, which is to open a restaurant by July 5. However, the man running for mayor has spread rumors that Frankie's dad has German ancestry and could possibly be a German spy. After Frankie investigates, she thinks her dad may have connections to the Ger [...]

    11. Narrated by Tara Sands. Somehow I just couldn't stay on track with the sound of this reader's voice and with the many humorous tangents in the story it was a bit of a trial to keep up. The author's note about the relatives who inspired the novel was illuminating. Frankie's dad opens a restaurant in their Maryland small town on the eve of war in Europe. He has big plans for a restaurant of renown but his German heritage troubles a mayoral candidate bent on ridding the town of evil in the name of [...]

    12. What a wonderful book! This was a Christmas present from my middle school librarian daughter to her retired elementary librarian mother but to be truthful I think adults would love this book. Set in 1939 Hagerstown, MD, it's the story of 12 year old Frankie Baum -- #3 in her family and always feeling that her 2 older sisters are getting a better deal. Her father is apparently always looking for the next best business opportunity and he finds it when he decides to open a new restaurant- Baum's Re [...]

    13. Frankie Baum doesn't think she can survive the summer of 1939 in Hagerstown, Maryland while her very slightly older sister Joan gets to spend the summer on Aunt Dottie's farm. To make matters worse, Frankie's dad just bought an old restaurant and intends to fix it up, and Frankie has to work in the kitchen. Why can't she be out front like her oldest sister Elizabeth? Why can't she be the one working the cash register? Just when Frankie thinks the summer can't get much worse, she starts to hear w [...]

    14. 'Twas all keen in the voice of the endless engaging and authentic narrator, a girl who collects scabs, and bumps along at the end of the birth order in her 3-sister-sibling-trio. Stout makes the jaunt an insightful exploration of character, prejudice, perception -- and growing up -- without ever popping the soap-box to preach, and brings alive the pre-WWII suspicion and fear that ate away at communities. Without a hitch, she also manages to throw a light on racism. Brill read-aloud to a sibling [...]

    15. As the third child in her family--and not yet old enough to be taken seriously--young Frankie struggles to find her place in the world. But one summer in the late 1930s, as Europe descends into chaos and the people in Frankie's Maryland town look askance at her family for their German heritage, as her family struggles to make their newly-established restaurant a viable reality, and as prejudice, politics, and family secrets come crowding in close, Frankie learns that maybe being treated like an [...]

    16. Best kids book I have read in a long time. I enjoyed the feisty Frankie and her grandmother. This would be a great classroom read aloud because it touches on so many topics. I am excited for the author to visit my school at the end of the week.

    17. In 1939, Frankie Baum wonders if her dad, an aspiring restaurant owner, is aware of anti-German gossip and slander. Set in Maryland.

    18. This was a charming middle reader with a feisty narrator but it sort of just ambled along a bit too slowly until the "a little too neat" ending.

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