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Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone Before Lara Pierce felt trapped in her relationship Now she s being flat out blackmailed to stay With Jackson holding evidence of a murder she didn t commit Lara finds herself essentially held host

  • Title: Too Far Gone
  • Author: Stella Rhys
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before, Lara Pierce felt trapped in her relationship Now, she s being flat out blackmailed to stay With Jackson holding evidence of a murder she didn t commit, Lara finds herself essentially held hostage as his fiancee Despite the outward glamour of her Manhattan life, she is living and breathing a daily nightmare Good thing she has a hunch and a plan to put JacksonBefore, Lara Pierce felt trapped in her relationship Now, she s being flat out blackmailed to stay With Jackson holding evidence of a murder she didn t commit, Lara finds herself essentially held hostage as his fiancee Despite the outward glamour of her Manhattan life, she is living and breathing a daily nightmare Good thing she has a hunch and a plan to put Jackson in jail where he belongs Unfortunately, it ll require her to pretend that everything is fine Absolutely fine In order to free herself from Jackson s grip, both Lara and Jake must get closer than ever to the man that likely killed Gabrielle Winter And while that should be easy as his fiancee and brother, it proves impossible when factoring in a secret affair that grows deeper, hotter and riskier with every uncovered secret.

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    • ↠ Too Far Gone || ☆ PDF Read by é Stella Rhys
      488 Stella Rhys
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    1 thought on “Too Far Gone

    1. * one disappointed star *“What the fuck was my fucking world. I couldn’t process anything but disgust… We’re all fucking twisted. But the only way to know real pleasure is to ignore all the boundaries.”Where to even begin…“I couldn’t even listen to a word he had to say. All I could do was laugh. I’d felt truly deranged. But it was all so hilarious to me.” Yup, these quotes pretty much sum up my experience while reading this book. This is the second instalment in the lives of [...]

    2. ANOTHER 5 STARS FROM ME.I'm not sure how others rate their books but I'm giving this a 5 because, well, it pleased me very much so and I loved the story, kept my attention every step of the way and because I loved Jacob. Jackson, well he was a nut case and his view on his relationship with Lara was just disgusting, I mean, who acts like that?! I wasgoing out of my mind with the company he kept. I. DESPISED. HIM!Once all the lies, betrayals, and truthS come out I was shocked that Jackson really b [...]

    3. HOLY. SHIT.I have not really been writing reviews lately hut HOLY SHIT. This series definetly deserved some commenting on.Its a tiny series . Finished through the 2 book series in 2 hours straight.The characters are screwed , the plot is crazy and i down right LOVED IT ! And boy oh boy was it HOT! In fact i will go ahead and emphasis the sexiness by saying it was HAWT as fuck!!!I don't really have the time to go over the details but it is definitely a read to go for if yu are in the mood for som [...]

    4. Jackson was the cockiest asshole ever. I couldn't wait for the end of him. Dane was creepy and entitled. Sawyer needs his own book, I loved him. I wasn't expecting as much suspense but I felt butterflies thinking Lara was going to be caught with Jake at any moment. There's a lot going on in this story.

    5. Short, sweet and hella angsty! I go through Stella's books like cocktails: can't stop, it's over and I'm sad. Buuut then I just order the next.

    6. Every once in awhileEvery once in awhile a book comes a long that makes you feel the story to the point you don't know if it's day or night. This is one of those books, if you are looking for angst check, love story check, and put it all together for an incredible story that makes you want to read it all over again.

    7. Wowza!! this had a whole bunch of twists and turns and so many secrets! I am def on a Stella Rhys Binge right now and I am loving it. What better way to start the holidays then with a hot step sibling love affair? Liam I'm coming for you(i wish haha)

    8. 4-I couldn't put this book down (both actually)…I loved this series. Was steamy, mysterious, and Thrilling. I really enjoyed. Put on your TBR. Very good!!!

    9. Super hot but it wrapped up a little too quickly for me. Took the whole book , then it was solved in a few paragraphs.

    10. In Too DeepToo Far GoneStella Rhys5 starsOk first of all do not be fooled by the sweet looking covers and you should know that is what Im using as my defense for clicking up these books. NEVER did I imagine that I was entering into the most crazy story line of blackmail, murder, deception and loads of sexy time. These characters aren’t psycho they are just plain ass cray – cray. Lara Pierce and Jackson Kinsley are THE couple. However you quickly realize that Jackson is more than just your a [...]

    11. HOLY CRAP. I didn't think In Too Deep could be out-angsted, out-dramaed or out-steamied but I was wrong as HELL! This crazy book just took me on the most insane roller coaster ride of shock and emotions and I'm still reeling!I might have even liked Too Far Gone a hair more than In Too Deep because it got so much deeper into Lara and Jake's emotions (and I did really enjoy Jake's POV although that initially surprised me). (view spoiler)[I had also thought at first that I'd HATE to see Lara wind u [...]

    12. This was a good follow up to the In Too Deep story. There were times that I was reading that I was very incredulous that Lara and Jake got away with so much. There were so many times that they weren't subtle or careful and would have easily been found out. Jackson had so many lies and secrets he kept and he was able to manipulate many situations for years but all of a sudden he's not paying attention or he's just downright stupid. I understand people make mistakes but this was a bit ridiculous. [...]

    13. Good ending to a crazy storyThis book picked up right where book 1 ended. Lara is so sickened by Jackson's insanity. He is nothing like the man she knew. He's a deviant, a liar and a cheat. How in the hell will she get out of this mess in one piece?With Jake's help she just might be able to crawl away. I liked all the characters and really thought they added the right amount of drama and connection to the story. I would have liked to see another epilogue of Jackson in prison, maybe having a visi [...]

    14. I was a bit disappointed in this one. One again 'helmet' was used. Ugh just s total turn off. I hate that term so much. As far as the storyline goes I just didn't like the ending. I thought things were so dramatic and I did not like how Lara ended up getting the evidence against Jackson. Oh and let's not even talk about the fact it would most likely be inadmissible. Anyway glad I finished the two book series but it wasn't my favorite set of books.

    15. I really enjoyed this first one so I'm kinda disappointed with this one. For one, it was only 136 pages so there wasn't a need for the book to be split in two. Second of all, nothing was happening the first 90% and then all of a sudden, the book was done. Mystery solved. It was all very anticlimactic to be honest.

    16. This book focuses a lot on the relationship between Jake and Lana. I like to support the under dog I kept waiting for Jackson to show some redeeming qualities unfortunately he was simply a controlling twisted douche bag. This book followed Lara on her quest for freedom and true love. Lara has spent years with a man she never truly new, it is now her turn for a happy ending.

    17. you know how you watch a soap opera or reality tv and you roll your eyes at the crazy extremeness of everything but yet you can't look away? that's what this book was. not exactly what i would call realistic, yet entertaining. so much manipulation. so much is not what it seems. this was fun to read. Jackson was the worst person ever.

    18. I think my expectations for this book might've been a bit high, but overall it was decent. The writing kept me turning the pages, but I didn't really feel any depth in the characters any more than the first book

    19. Really glad I can read fast!Or I would have had another sleepless night! A fantastic conclusiond way to draw out the angst, Ms. Rhys! I wanted to kill the guy, and you kept me guessing how that would happen. Loved this 2-book series!!

    20. Como me decepcionó ese finaaaal! Pasó todo re apurado en comparación con el kilombo que había antes. Igual estuvo entretenido

    21. first book was better. Lara completely fell apart in this. she should've fought back but she just gave up. pathetic, honestly.

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