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To Catch an Heiress

To Catch an Heiress This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft she doesn t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown A

  • Title: To Catch an Heiress
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380789353 9780380789351.When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft, she doesn t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown After all, she s been running from unwanted marriage proposals Yes, Blake believes she s a notorious spy named Carlotta De Leon, but for six weeks until her twenty first birtThis is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380789353 9780380789351.When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft, she doesn t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown After all, she s been running from unwanted marriage proposals Yes, Blake believes she s a notorious spy named Carlotta De Leon, but for six weeks until her twenty first birthday, when she ll gain control of her fortune, hiding out in the titillating company of a mysterious captor is awfully convenient and maybe just a little romantic, too Blake Ravenscroft s mission is to bring Carlotta to justice, not to fall in love His heart has been hardened by years of intrigue, but this little temptress proves oddly disarming and thoroughly kissable And suddenly the unthinkable becomes possible and this mismatched couple might be destined for love.

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      225 Julia Quinn
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    1 thought on “To Catch an Heiress

    1. Okay, this book is hilarious. The draw to this book is the humor and not the romance. I realize this could be considered a major drawback for a romance novel but I had a great time reading it and was thoroughly entertained.Caroline is an orphan set to inherit a large shipping fortune on her 21st birthday. She has been shipped to various guardians that have also died. Her latest one takes the cake in terms of cruelty and they hate each other. After an unsuccessful attempt to force his son on her [...]

    2. pule (verb). 1. To cry in a thin or weak voice, as a child. 2. To pipe plaintively, as a chicken.This book have a lot of moments that made me want to pule.-From the personal dictionary of Caroline Trent myself-Where should I start? The first issue I noticed was the writing. Something went wrong with JQ's writing in this book. I never felt this way before with another books by her. It failed to enhance the characters, the dialogues was somehow dull, I didn't feel the tension and emotions, even th [...]

    3. Julia Quinn works never fail to cheer me up when am down or make me laugh out loud at some of the stunts her characters do and To Catch an Heiress was no exception!While many people would have become shy, hurt or bitter with a hard life of pain and lack of love, Caroline is a positive and very funny lady trying to make it to her twenty-first birthday in one piece and unmarried to her weak willed and vile cousin and to run away from her evil and greedy guardian. So when the chance is show Carolin [...]

    4. So this is debatably bottom 4 out of the 13 books I have read by Julia Quinn. It was sweet at times and amusing as well. However, I did not like the protagonist. I can’t quite describe it, but something about her flippancy and brashness. She often lacked common sense. I had a hard time relating to her, even though I usually like upbeat, quirky characters with humor. I could not connect with the humor in this book 75% of the times, so consequently, the book did not click with me. I’m sure som [...]

    5. My least favorite JQ book. I love her writing style, she always wins me with words but I felt a huge disconnect between the H and h. He acts like he doesn't even like her. I'm not sure why this one didn't work for me. Give it a go just because it didn't work for me it doesn't mean it won't for you!

    6. 3,5 estrellas en realidad.Me ha gustado como Julia Quinn ha sabido mantenerme enganchada con una trama tan simple, en comparación con otros libros suyos que he leído.La historia nos habla de Caroline, una chica que por azares del destino, acaba en manos de su ya 4º tutor, Oliver Prewitt, quien, codicioso de su fortuna, quiere que se case con su hijo Percy. Al no conseguirlo, lleva a cabo un plan que fracasa y desesperada, huye del que es su hogar hasta que cumpla la mayoría de edad y pueda v [...]

    7. Yikes. I finished this one because it's a Quinn, but yikes. I know it's one of her very early novels - and boy does it show - so I forgive her, but yikes.It's just very clear that she doesn't have her groove yet, and she hasn't quite figured out what makes romance tropes believable (and worthy of fantasy) as opposed to charicature.I mean, come on. Hero who works for the War Office and has dark past preventing him from believing he is capable of love? Check. Heroine who has no real flaws, is irre [...]

    8. I have read almost all the books written by Julia Quinn and let me say that it's not easy to rate her as an author. I have read some terrific books like the ones from the Bridgertons series, others almost as good as books 1 and 3 in the Bevelstoke series, and some which I almost didn't enjoy at all like the ones in the Two Dukes of Wyndham series.I liked this one as much as I did her splendid trilogy, which would situate both of them right after the Bevelstoke series which was a bit better.To ca [...]

    9. After a great number of horrible guardians, each worse than the last one, and after a rape attempt, Caroline decides she has had enough and runs away. An agent of the crown has been watching her guardian's house and catches her thinking she is a notorious spy. The beginning is promising, but it goes downhill fast. I didn't connect with the characters at all. I usually love Julia Quinn's books. This didn't do much for me. The tone of the book isn't very well balanced considering that on the one h [...]

    10. Caroline Trent is an orphan. Having had a string of lecherous guardians, when the current one orders his son to rape her to gain her inheritance, she runs from their house only to bump straight into Blake.Blake is an agent of the crown and a royalty, and believes the female running from house is the spy Carlotta.He kidnaps her and what ensues is a series of hilarious events and a chase for the spy and some illegal activities.There are things I loved about this book- the chapter names- Caroline's [...]

    11. Rating: 3.5 stars I can't remember the last time I stayed up the whole night to finish a book; but even knowing I had to get up at seven the next day and only opening the first page close to midnight, I just couldn't get myself to put this book down. To Catch an Heiress follows Caroline, an heiress to a fortune, that she can claim only in 6 week's time, when she turns twenty-one. Caroline runs away when her guardian's son tries to assault her to force her hand in marriage and lay claim to her in [...]

    12. It's been a while since I've read a Julia Quinn book, and since she is one of my favorite authors I thought it was high time I pulled one off my shelf to read. And it helps that this book fit one of the challenges I'm participating in!This book was written in classic Julia Quinn style; It was witty and romantically sweet and a pure joy to read! It also has one of my favorite themes- kidnapping! The hero was brooding and serious (Richard Armitage aka Mr. Thornton anyone?) and the heroine was prov [...]

    13. My first try at this author. If this is typical of her writing I don't think she's going to be for me. It was mildly amusing in spots, but it was kind of 'regency lite' which is just not the type of book I prefer. Light on plot and no sense of realism at all. No sense of the time period. For example it was just goofy and unrealistic that the servants wouldn't feed the hero and his sister just because they liked the heroine better and she was hiding out in his bathroom. Don't ask it didn't really [...]

    14. Worum geht es? Caroline ist auf der Flucht vor ihrem Vormund, der sie unbedingt mit seinem Sohn verheiraten möchte, und in den Mitteln seiner Wahl nicht zimperlich ist. So trifft sie in der Dunkelheit auf Blake Ravenscroft, der im Auftrag der Krone unterwegs ist, um die Spionin Carlotta De Leon dingfest zu machen. Blake hält Caroline für die gesuchte Verräterin und sperrt sie in seinem Herrenhaus ein. So sehr er sich auch dagegen wehrt, findet er die angebliche Carlotta hinreißend attraktiv [...]

    15. Uma garota com falta de sorte, assim podemos definir Caroline Trent.Desde que perdeu seus pais, aos dez anos de idade, ela passou por uma infinidade de tutores.Todos homens, não tinham qualquer tino de como cuidar de uma menina, ou, na pior das hipóteses, eram uns porcos que só a viam como alguém para tirar vantagem, fosse física ou financeira.Seu último tutor, aquele do qual ela estava tentando se livrar já que estava perto de completar 21 anos e tornar-se livre e dona de sua fortuna her [...]

    16. DNF @ 17%.I just can't get into this. I'm not buying any of it. The h, Caroline, has been through a horrible decade of abuse and being passed down a line of successively more distant "relations". She's been groped, beaten, and most recently, had her guardian force his son to try to rape her to get her pregnant so she'd have to marry him. The story opens with Caroline having just shot him (good girl!).You would think that this would make for a pretty dark story, but the tone remains light and Car [...]

    17. "Do you know, but I've started to find your cursing rather comforting. If you weren't cursing, life would almost seem abnormal.""You're a strange woman."I know some people like that! If they didn't curse, they wouldn't be able to talk at all because that is the extent of their vocabularyd for other people - it just doesn't workJulia Quinn knows how to write witty dialogue and situations. Her books may be a bit light and fluffy, but they are definitely fun. After I have a bad-book-reading experie [...]

    18. There is nothing that vexes me more in a book than a whiny, over-talkative woman.over-talkative (adjective). Used to describe a person whose conversations have no substance or value whatsoever. His speeches take up a good amount of space in the book and create unnecessary suspense when a reader like myself is more interested in getting the story moving."Caroline is an over-talkative woman."- From the personal dictionary of KimI had jumped into this book expecting a lot of witty banter between th [...]

    19. This is the kind of book I love to read - a romance with a dose of humor that isn't from sarcastic sassiness. Caroline was hilarious! She was quirky and easily flustered by Blake and had a tendency to speak without thinking when she was flustered. Caroline had another side to her though. She wanted to be loved and to make the people she loved (Blake) happy. And Blake. Blake was trying to not fall in love with Caroline cause he felt guilty about the death of his fiancée. But in the end, he could [...]

    20. Autant d'humour que dans le tome 2 (oui, j'ai lu le tome 2 avant le tome 1 étant donné que l'éditeur français a eu la très bonne idée de ne traduire que le 2.)

    21. My second Julia Quinn novel this week, "To Catch an Heiress" is one of those novels that inspire all sorts of feelings in me, not all of them pleasantI am terribly confused, because though I did like it (enough to rate it a 4 star read), there were some elements I grudgingly accepted. For one, I am rather averse to reading about heroes or heroines with past loves and I refer to having truly loved before, not a simple infatuation or make-believes that they later discover weren't the real thing! T [...]

    22. I don't even know how to describe how awful this book was. Quinn is usually witty and endearing. Her plots are often linear and expected but the wit and humor makes her books engaging. But this book had no plot, no chemistry, no direction, no romance or adventure, the characters were flatter than a piece of paper, and the reading level was 3rd grade juvenile at best. I actually think it's insulting to third graders. The dialogue reminded me of a tiresome day with a three-year-old that is chatter [...]

    23. What a wonderfully delightful book! Seldom do I really have a "laugh out loud" experience with historical romances, but this one was so good! Caroline has such spirit, but in such a humorous way, despite almost being assaulted, being mistaken for a Spanish spy, kidnapped, then having to live in a washing room for a week. Blake was a great Hero, tormented by the death of his fiance years before, but learning to smile and even laugh through Caroline's presence.

    24. bner2 alasan murni gw dmen bgt ama karya2 Julia QUinn1. Hero & heroine yg kocak sangat dan mengocok perut2. Love story yg so sweet bgt3. karakter hero yg oke bgt4. penjabaran yg terkadang lebay [hmpfh:]5. banyak kjdian konyol yg agak terasa ga mungkin terjadi di jaman victoria tahun 1800an^^nih buku top bgtpaling suka pas caroline pura2 bisudan akhirnya malah nginjek kakinya si Blake[mukyahahahahaahahahahaha:]

    25. A cute historical romance book. Some parts I found funny and other's were just ok. One of Julia Quinn's first novels so I didn't find it as good as the first Bridgerton book but it was still a decent one. I did like Caroline, James, and Penelope (she only had a small part though). Blake wasn't what I would look in a hero--he seemed to yell a lot! He really only had a couple cute parts. Will keep going through JQ's books:)

    26. For some reason my library had two "new" Quinn books. They do not seem to know the order of things, sure this is book 1 but when I emailed and asked if they would get book 2 they said they had so many Quinn books. But hey I read one ;)Anyway in the middle of the book it turned into an almost farce. Oh the things that happened, it made me lol. It was so silly, but fun.Ugh, I am bad at reviewing today. Get it together gal!Blake is an agent that needs to catch a spy. He does catch a woman. Idiot hi [...]

    27. I give this book a lot of points for making me laugh. Some of the character interactions were pretty funny. But there was a general lack of depth and the pacing was a little off, especially in the middle. C+I'll count this for Read Harder "a book with a cover you hated" because those roses look like plastic and I'm pretty sure that's a stock photo of a castle by the water.

    28. Aiiii, que delicinha!Em alguns momentos achei o Blake um tanto quanto estressado e rude com a Caroline, mas não posso dizer que ela também não deixava por menos. Uma graça quando ela perdia o fio da meada e seguia rumos inesperados na conversakkkk, ri demais com esses dois! Não vejo a hora de ler o livro do James!

    29. I liked the plot premise and humor but I skimmed through a lot. I didn’t like the way the characters argued throughout like 9/10ths of the book. I hate poorly done hate to love relationships and this was one of them

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