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DeadAlive When we read a novel all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead must be entirely coincidental right But what if one day you find a N

  • Title: DeadAlive
  • Author: Sandip Khade
  • ISBN: 9789384180591
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • When we read a novel, all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, must be entirely coincidental, right But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it Will it be just a coincidence SWhen we read a novel, all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, must be entirely coincidental, right But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it Will it be just a coincidence Sometimes some people come in our life, they live and then leave, with a hole in our soul, which we can feel but can t fill, we try to survive but end up DeadAlive.

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    • ☆ DeadAlive || ã PDF Read by  Sandip Khade
      290 Sandip Khade
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ DeadAlive || ã PDF Read by  Sandip Khade
      Posted by:Sandip Khade
      Published :2018-09-05T05:50:22+00:00

    1 thought on “DeadAlive

    1. It's a almost four star actually"The heart has its reasons—of which reason knows nothing."—Blaise Pascal The story was a suspenseful one. To all those readers who don't believe in dropping the book amidst. Why you should read this book----If you're looking for a different story, looking for a new author , a cute love story, looking for a book at cheap price, are travelling.It was a book that made me curious from the start about the mysterious novel which the protagonist found in the packet. [...]

    2. 1st, Let’s please take a look at some quotes from the book. “My heart beats increased and I started to feel ghosts around me.”Strike 1 “After walking for a while, we realized that we were following the same trails, and were coming around, again and again on the same place, and the conclusion was that we were lost.” Strike 2 “…we had lost our way and we had opted to rest in the forest till the morning and that’s how we were there.” Strike 3Really? Never would’ve bloody guessed [...]

    3. This book is in dire need of proofreading. I wonder if an editor was even hired before sending the book for printing. Now, I don’t like to start a review by pointing a book’s negatives before its positives; but articles and proper sentence constructions are important when you’re publishing a book. It made this book lose one solid star from me. The writing in itself is not awkward; however, the errors make it suffer. The story and characters are good enough. The focus is rightly on the prot [...]

    4. I received this book as a giveaway. Thank you Sandip khade for such a lovely book and good luck for your future books. Genre : Romance, mystery Plot : I can't speak abt plot because if it's a 167 pages book where plot is yours to figure out. Only thing I can say is its a novel inside novel. My review :This is the first book i have ever read without hearing from friends or from community. So when I read the first chapter I was worried I am going to read a 2 star book which means barely able to f [...]

    5. With strong elements of a thriller such as a racy narrative style, the parallel subplots and an amazing plot to arouse your curiosity and keep you on your toes, the book has emerged as a winner. It has got ‘thrill’ which binds you, ‘mystery’ and ‘romance' elements that entertain you & thump your heart beat. What I liked most about the book was that though aimed predominantly on general Indian readers who love to read about college romances,IITs and IIMs,skimpy girls and lusty guys [...]

    6. Considering his first novel the writing is up to the mark.Plot could have been confusing but author made sure the dots linked when they suppose to.Many questions are still unanswered and left for readers to decode which adds to the drawback following with short story,Such story demands a big arena. Best part is the connection author established narrating the love interest chapters.Undoubtedly SAK (author) has potential but needs improvisation, diversity in plot ,technical detailing and shouldn't [...]

    7. b00kr3vi3ws/2015/06/DeaA group of friends decide to get away from their daily humdrum and spend some time together at a farmhouse. What promised to be a fun time soon turns into something else. Mysterious things seem to happen all around them. They end up with a novel in their hands that describe them and their time together in great details. It is as if their lives had been written down and documented. But how is that possible? I have to say that from the title and the cover, I was expecting so [...]

    8. Finally something new !!!!I have been reading books by Indian Authors, but most of them seems repetitive. This book somehow has surprised me to the core with it's simple yet unique and interesting story, "what will happen if you start reading novel and find that you are familiar with the characters and incidents in it?"This plot of this book is based on a novel inside a novel. The story starts as the protagonist; Sid, and his friends finds one packet, and one novel in it. Initially i doubted abo [...]

    9. first of all thank you for sending me this wonderful book I read it all and enjoyed every page It was like some hollywood movie mixed with desi humour .ose visions , brain vs heart , connections , thrill everything awesome gonna keep ur book with me for life Someday would like to read it again too .ease update me when ur next book comes into the market would love to read that too I became a fan of your book :) :)

    10. I received this book via giveaways. Thank you Mr Sandip Khade. I received the book today and I have completed reading it. :) (20/5/2015)Let me start with what I liked about this Suspense-Romance-Drama fiction.The "Present Day" and "Now" parts; "Present Day" being most enjoyable. The suspense built up in the beginning was good.What I felt about the "Then" part was that, the romance became somewhat cheesy at places and I am not very fond of it. As I had a Mystery-Thriller in mind, I was a little [...]

    11. The concept of the plot is unparalleled, and the blurb makes it clear: it is intriguing to see how the characters can be reproduced in real life, or to find out if it as actually the reverse. So, with much interest I picked up the book, which is why in the first place I had agreed to review it. And the pace at which it begins really boasts of a potential in the whole plot. It eventually turns out to be a love story, a story about mental illness and other themes. the themes have been well-touched [...]

    12. Firstly, the title of the book is quite new and thrilling to grab readers attentionThis book starts a bit off track like my head started spinning as i was getting hell confused about the episodes running in the bookBut this book soon picked up a speed of Rajdhani and gave me series of goosebumps and soon chill ran down my spine leaving me in a state of shockThis book is something i have never ever read in my life,like what if i say that the author is telling u a future story that has not happene [...]

    13. REVIEW :- Firstly, i would like to thank thee author for finding me the book for review.The author still remembers when he had gone to one of his friends farmhouse for a nightout. they were enjoying time there, but then something strange happens.They get one packet & when opened it, they got one novel in it,'DeadALIVE'.When they read it ,they felt as if it was about them , the same thing .The story of this book starts when one guy sleeping in his bedroom,suddenly woke up & sat upright on [...]

    14. You have looked at him million of times.Everyday when you look at the mirror- you have glimpses of him-sometimes grinning, sometimes sobbing, sometimes sad……So much predictable he has become- that you think he is a part of you- an inseparable part.And one day you see a different him- no, not a victim of aberration, but a totally different you.Suppose you are sad-and you see him laughing at you with a taunting smile……How you are going to feel-will not your heart leap to your mouth?Imagine [...]

    15. Life is short and there are enough good books in this world!The story had a VERY GOOD (yes, I'm saying that) potential, but bad writing ruins the novel. And when the author decides to slap it on the cover that he "isn't a voracious reader" it just adds to hatred that you feel for the book. Dude, you need to be a reader first and then a writer - that's how it goes!I don't want to turn this into an advice column instead of a review but I have to say this - Mr Author, if you are reading this, then [...]

    16. I usually don't write reviews, but after reading this book i felt like writing one.When i started reading this book, i thought that this will be just another story by Indian "Author", but i was amazed and surprised when i finished it. This is hell of a story, with a intriguing plot and impeccable writing style. And yes, that short love story between Aditi and Sid, i simply loved it.There are some grammatical mistakes and few other things which author needs to work on, but considering the fact th [...]

    17. "Sometimes some people come in you life, they live and then leave,with a hole in you soul, which you can feel but can't fill,You try to survive but end up DeadAlive""But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it? You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it. Will it be just a coincidence?"A simple yet different and interesting plot. I liked the way author has unfolded the events one after another, revealing bit by bit. [...]

    18. First of all, I would like to mention that I won this book in a giveaway hosted on by author.This suspense/mystery genre has something new in it and admire the author for coming up with new idea. The story is told at breakneck pace and most importantly it will keep you entertained till the end.The stories are nicely interwoven which is the highlight of this book. The book was marching in a thrilling way tat the culminating stages. Loved the storyline.The book required some editing as there were [...]

    19. Well, i came across this book on . The thing which caught my attention was the blurb. I found it quite interesting and fresh, however i was bit unsure on whether to buy it or not as it's a book by a Debutant Author, but still i went on and purchased it because of the blurb. And now i am glad that i purchased this book. The story is simple yet amazing, a novel inside novel. This book seriously has fresh story line and will keep you engaged and glued to the book till very end. I will give it four [...]

    20. Sometimes some people come in our life, they live and then leave, with hole in our soul, which we can feel but can't fill, we try to survive but end up DeadAlive.I was curious about reading this book after seeing the plot, and this book did meet my expectation. it's a short, simple yet interesting storyve it short, you wont regret it. giving one star extra for the ending and story telling.

    21. I am giving three starts because I loved the storyline. After along time I have come across a book by Indian author who tried to write something different.I would have given four stars but, there some grammatical mistakes in the book and author need to polish his writing, apart from that, everything is perfect.Loved it!!!!

    22. Whenever we read a novel, we usually come across a character in it and try to relate to it, we all do. but what if one day while trying to relate yourself to one of the characters from the novel, you realize that there something more than mere similarity, you feel as if there is some connection between you and the novel?A simple yet very gripping and interesting story!!!good work!!!

    23. As this is a book by an Indian author, at first I was bit hesitant about buying it as I did not want to end up wasting few bucks. But as there were few good reviews I decided to give it a shot, and I am glad that I did. Otherwise I would have missed this simple yet incredible story.Loved it!!!

    24. Although i am no-one to review a book (i am not a critic or an author), i am sharing my feedback for this one.The book needs editing. Big time. Also it is more of a Romantic book than a mystery. the book starts off well but loses steam after about 50 odd pages. I am disappointed.

    25. A simple yet intriguing story!!There some errors in the book, and author need to work on character development, but it can be ignored as being debutant author and being such wonderful story.

    26. Loved the story!!! The plot seriously intriguing and story telling is amazing.A Must read if you are looking fir something new and crispy

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