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Strangely Enough

Strangely Enough Phantom ships ghostly people a vanishing city Eighty incredible tales to fascinate and intrigue you

  • Title: Strangely Enough
  • Author: C.B. Colby
  • ISBN: 9780590031233
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phantom ships ghostly people a vanishing city Eighty incredible tales to fascinate and intrigue you.

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      142 C.B. Colby
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    1 thought on “Strangely Enough

    1. Long Lost TreasureI’m finding that having kids of my own often satisfies a nostalgic yearning for my own childhood. As a Generation X’er, born in the late 60’s, I had the luxury of experiencing my elementary school years in the glorious, care-free, child-friendly 70’s. In lieu of video games, electronic gadgetry and cable/satellite, we had Wacky Packages, Sears Christmas Wish Books, Koogle Peanut Butter Spread and a choice of three television channels to choose from (actually, five if yo [...]

    2. This was one of the first books I owned as a child. It is full of interesting, easy to read, amazing stories about ghosts and lost treasures and strange events ("The Painting In The Cavern", "The Balls of Clay" and "The Whistle" are particular favorites). It also teaches you about the world and different places and different times. I bought it from the bookmobile in, probably, 1976 or so. It was one of the most influential books on my young life. It is what lead me to reading a cranky and forgot [...]

    3. A book I read over and over when I was a kid, basically an anthology of strange/weird/creepy, supposedly-true-but-I-mean-c'mon-really? tales, all very short and succinct, usually no more than two pages, sometimes just one. Many of the stories creeped me out and kept me up late at night with my head under the covers. I've still got a copy of it, but hadn't thought about it for years until recently when my wife and I were talking about the books that we used to order as kids through the Book Serv [...]

    4. I read this book over and over again when I was a kid. It introduced me to all the oddities of the world: UFOs, ghosts, strange disappearances, historical mysteries, monsters, ESP, etc. It served as a launching point for delving into each of these other topics more fully. I still have that copy, lovingly preserved.

    5. Readers will find eighty strange tales inside this collection. Some will make you wonder, some may make you scoff but all are intriguing.

    6. The best collection of (maybe) true and not true short stories I've ever read. Each story is no more than 3 pages long, and almost all 80+ stories come with an illustration that is just enough to provide your imagination with a setting to sit in for a few minutes.I read this book back in the 90's, when my father gave it to me when I was still small. Having since lost it for many years, I searched bookshops for years to no avail. Finally, a girl I met found and bought it for me and I read it all [...]

    7. “Strangely Enough” is a collection of unusual tales, "good yarns" and stories of the supernatural, collected by writer C. B. Colby, who, according to the book's preface, used to run them in his newspaper column, "Adventure Today."I inherited this from my cousin, so thought I’d better read it. Some of it was rather quaint, and it was a quick read.

    8. A flashback to my youth. This collection of very short stories of supposedly true extra-normal experiences was a great book to excite the imagination of a 12 year-old. While it doesn't resonate that same way now, it's still a fun book to read. Roughly 80 or so stories, all 2 pages (with a couple of 3 pagers thrown in) deal with ghosts, mysterious disappearances, lost lost treasures, UFOs (especially the tales of flying craft in the 19th century - decades before Roswell & the flying saucer cr [...]

    9. I got the modern (90s) edition of this book through one of those bookfair deals in grade school. Of all my old bookfair picks, this one was my favorite for years. I can't even guess how many times I re-read it throughout my young life. It terrified and fascinated me. The simple ink drawings accompanying many of the short chapters added to the atmosphere.Reading it now as an adult, most of it is pretty tame, and a good handful of the stories that are supposedly based on real events are either ex [...]

    10. This review is for old time's sake. I read this book in grammar school in the '60s. I bought it at the school bookmobile. (I wonder if they still exist?) I loved Strangely Enough. It's made up of short two and three page stories each accompanied by a illustration. As I remember all the stories were scary and chilling. I read it several times. It was perfect for me because in the those days I was a poor reader and just beginning to get interested in books. I'm now sorry that I sold it along with [...]

    11. All of the stories in this book are about 2 pages long. At the beginning of most of the short stories there is a small sketch or illustration.I read this book when I was about 10 years old and I absolutely loved it.It is written in such a way that it would be particularly appealing to children.Even though it is mostly aimed at children, I think adults who are interested in this subject would also like it.For anyone interested in ghost or occult stories they would particularly like this.

    12. I first read this book when I was a kid. It'a a compilation of weird/crazy incident and tales, mostly "unexplained," which are purported to be true. The stores were compiled and published in the 1950s. Reading it now adds a new twist: many of the incidents described in the book are addressed online, and many of these "unexplained" tales now have an explanation, or additional information which explains them in a more conventional way. A fun, quick, easy read, and Google-searching some of the stor [...]

    13. Even though this book is about ghosts and mysterious disappearances (among other things), I believe this book would be better for younger audiences. 80 short stories that span across 1-2 1/2 pages each. Short and sweet. It does seem like some stories are shortened so much that it degrades the quality of the expected reaction from the reader.

    14. These stories are good and creepy!As a child, I wore out the copy we had at home, and now only tape is keeping the faded pages together. When my own daughter got old enough to read them, she was similarly impressed, so they do stand the test of timeO, the best story in the bunch isThe Whistle . Deliciously spooky

    15. This book is a collection of ghost stories or legends. Some I've heard about before, others were new to me. Each story only lasted about two pages, but because I enjoy these types of books, I enjoyed it.

    16. It's sort of nonfiction, but there is a lot of speculative elements. It's written for younger readers. I really enjoyed it when I was a kid.

    17. I dug this up from the library. It was one of my favorite Halloween reads as a kid. It contains so many of the old campfire scary stories. So much fun :).

    18. This was a collection of short stories. Most of the stories were concerned with the supernatural. Very intriguing to me when I was in junior high.

    19. My #1 favorite book of all time. This is the first book I ever read from adult librariesassically mild in scariness mysteries and told with a mellowly-grim satyrical twist. A keeper!

    20. If you are intrigued by the paranormal, then give this one a read. I'm not often grabbed by these tales but it reminded me of the stories my grandfather used to tell.

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