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The Billionaire Dragon Shifter's Mate

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter s Mate A BBW in search of adventure a dragon shifter in search of a mate a mishap on a mountainside one sparkling and sexy story Curvy Cara Linley left her boring life in Iowa in search of adventure but she

  • Title: The Billionaire Dragon Shifter's Mate
  • Author: Zoe Chant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A BBW in search of adventure a dragon shifter in search of a mate a mishap on a mountainside one sparkling and sexy story Curvy Cara Linley left her boring life in Iowa in search of adventure, but she only found loneliness in new and different places She thinks there s no fairy tales left for a girl like her until she gets stranded on a mountainside, and a gorgeoA BBW in search of adventure a dragon shifter in search of a mate a mishap on a mountainside one sparkling and sexy story Curvy Cara Linley left her boring life in Iowa in search of adventure, but she only found loneliness in new and different places She thinks there s no fairy tales left for a girl like her until she gets stranded on a mountainside, and a gorgeous hero comes to her rescue Billionaire dragon shifter Gus Gray has all the treasure a dragon could desire, but even his hoard of glittering gold has lost its shine, with no mate to share it with Can an ordinary princess and a lonely dragon find their happily ever after The Billionaire Dragon Shifter s Mate is a standalone dragon shifter romance No cliffhangers

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      290 Zoe Chant
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    1 thought on “The Billionaire Dragon Shifter's Mate

    1. BASICSLove triangle? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? (view spoiler)[ No. (hide spoiler)]HEA? (view spoiler)[ YES. (hide spoiler)]Any Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? YES. Rating: 4 starsReviewThis story is really short but perfect for a quick romantic read with almost no angst and drama. I loved both main characters and also the plot, great world building. I definitely recommend.

    2. Sweet storyI was hopeful when I bought this book on a whim, and I wasn't disappointed.Short, sweet and no unexplained bad guy's. Gus is HOT AND CARING. The story is fun from beginning to the end. Now I hope Zoe Chant will write about the brothers.Anyone who loves a good paranormal love story definitely needs to read it.

    3. Loved it!For such a short book I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Didn't feel rushed either. I am hoping there will be more in this series. Plenty of brothers to write about!

    4. I liked it, it was sweet. Just a girl trying to feel like she belongs and a dragon looking for his princess to feel love.

    5. A lovely short and cute little dragon story which I enjoyed.Liked Cara and Gus and will probably read about the other brothers. Hope Ille gets a book too.Loved mouse, what a great name.I just have one query that is not explained very well when they are talking by the statue of Gus's parents. Does Cara still only live a humans life span? Will make a difference to make.

    6. This is the first book of Ms. Chant's that I've read. I was a bit disappointed. The storyline and plot were good, but the follow through not what I hoped for. But, I won't give up, I will try some of her other titles. Her story ideas intrigue me.

    7. Amazing LoveThis is a very sweet love story between two shy and lonesome people. Cara was looking at the beautiful scenery when a big dog named Mouse jumped at her so she would play with him. Unfortunately, she slipped part way off the mountain. Gus' brother let him know she needed help. Gus managed to get her back to the safety at the top, and noticed her arm was bleeding. Gus took her to his house the clean her arm and put a bandage on it. They were enjoying each other's company and he offered [...]

    8. Cara left her boring life on the search of adventure, when a dog named Mouse spooks her, she gets more than she bargained for! After her fall she is rescued by Gus, the oldest of the Gray brothers, and attraction between the two is instant. Unknown to her shifters exist and he is one. When she finds out he is not only just a shifter, but a dragon shifter will she flee or will she be willing to stick it out and become his mate?Just like all other Zoe Chant books, I loved this one! It was everythi [...]

    9. WowI just loved this! It was oh so very sweet and sexy at the same time. I loved how sweet and a good guy Gus was. Cara was tooked her a lot. Things moved really fast for them but its believable because he's a dragon and they sense their mates instantly and the pull is very strong for the female human as well. Surprisingly she accepts it really fast. So, there wasn't any conflicts and it was just a sweet story. Lots of interesting details about their history and his brothers. Loved it.

    10. Fast & Hot!This was a scorching hot fast-paced book & I read it in an hour.Gus is the Dragon & Cara is his mate; they meet after mouse (his brother's dog) scares her a little & she falls onto a short ledge. Gus recognizes her as his mate right away & Cara is attracted to him also.She finds out that he's a dragon shifter when she meets his brother who likes to stay in his dragon form as she told him that Gus said that it was ok for them to meet. But Gus' dragon doesn't want he [...]

    11. This incredibly short book bored me to tears. Along with being boring (which is bad enough, I mean it's DRAGON SHIFTERS), every single reaction the h had was so unbelievable (which is saying something as you suspend belief for a paranormal) it was laughable. She just accepts her new fate like it's another Tuesday, and it's no big deal. I have zero interest in the rest of the series. I just don't care enough.

    12. I am binge reading and have quite a few of Zoe Chant's books that I had one-clicked and wanted to read, but would always have something else come up. I have to say. TAKE THE TIME AND READ ALL OF HER BOOKS!! They are each unique, some follow a specific group, but each can stand alone and have a happy ending. They are feel good and quick reads! I absolutely love all her books I have read! And they never leave you feeling like your missing something at the end.

    13. 3.5 Stars for great dragons!This is a sweet, quick read. There is a HEA, no cliffhanger. The hero, Gus, is hot and so is the sex. The heroine is smart enough to know when the best thing that could ever happen in her life does so she grabs on with both hands and jumps in with both feet. Thoroughly enjoyable. First in a series of short reads about the rest of the Gray brothers who are also dragons.

    14. Cute but hot fairytaleThis is an excellent short, feel good, sexy read. It's definitely a love at first sight story, with a fairytale bent, but what do you expect with dragons? Our heroine is lost in life, looking for adventure and finds more than she bargained for. Her reactions are less than believable and the pace is at warp speed, but if you suspend your disbelief, it's a cute x-rated fairytale with a princess and her dragon.

    15. Loved it!I have been reading romance books for quite a while now. And sometimes you catch yourself reading the same thing over and over again. Ok purchased this book on a whim,hoping it wasn't the same old, same old. I am glad it wasn't. I truly liked the story and the promise of more to come. If this is your first time reading from Ms. Chant as it was for me,take a chance,you won't be disappointed.

    16. Surprisingly wonderful shifter story!Kindle Unlimited book. I could not put this down once I stared reading it!! She's taking an adventure trip. She happens upon a place of beauty only to find herself in danger. When he comes to her rescue, he knows she's the one he's been waiting for. Nice HEA book with substance and hotness!

    17. Wonderful emotion!So many times the shorter books tend to skip over things you find in a full-sized story. I'm so very impressed by this story. There is emotion that you can feel, and feels real, from almost the beginning through to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this book. My only hope is that the rest of the series is as good.

    18. For a short read I think Zoe Chant brought the characters to life in my mind. I did not feel like there were gaps missing or that the story was rushed. Gus and Cara were enjoyable characters to read about and I hope we get the brothers story and maybe get a glimpse of how Gus and Cara's are doing.

    19. Every girl dreams of being a princess once in their lifeA very promising beginning to the series. It was a short story but it jumped into it without making you feel like you missed something or were rushed. It was a nice lunch break or take a long Carlton bath moment with candles. Can't wait to read the next series.

    20. This was a sweet romantic dragon shapeshifter read. Straightforward story line featuring a damsel in distress premise with 2 adult content scenes between the main character. The addition of mouse did add a cute element but for the most part this story followed the dragon lore of hoarding gold, treasures, and what happens when a dragon finds their destined mate.

    21. Too ShortThis was too short. Gus is a billionaire Dragon shifter who meets his mate Cars after a fall caused by his brother's dog. There was really not much substance to this one. I will try story number two, in the hopes it is better.

    22. Very original and entertainingTrue love at first sight but then learning he's a Dragon. This is a fun story to read with a few twists. Very original ideas as how the dragons can't be around others until their mated. Well written and very entertaining to read.

    23. Sweet,enchanting Romantic Reading by Zoe ChantEven though it's a quick read it's sweetly endearing characters aren't worth your time. I'm looking forward to the next cute but sexy read Zoe Chant has written.

    24. Loved it!!!!The characters and the way that it was written, even though this was the first in the series I finally got to it. I love the storyline and the fairytale ending. Every girl wants rich prince to rescue them.

    25. Everyone wants to be a princessCara has run away from her boring life looking for adventure when it finds her. Her attraction n to Gus is like nothing she's felt before, but how will she react when she learns the truth about his family?

    26. Characters were more aliveThis is the second book by Zoe Chant. I had purchased three and was not pleased with the first. The characters in this book are still very wooden in speech and actions but they are better than the ones in the first.

    27. Good readThis is a great read for a lazy afternoon. I was pleasantly awarded with great detail of how a dragon/human lifestyle would coexist. Along with wanting to know know more about what happens afterwards:)

    28. Love this bookReally loved the book! Just wish it was a little longer ;) loved the characters. Going to read the next one of the series.

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