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Drop Nominated for the Carnegie MedalI wasn t always like this I know what you re thinking druggie junkie wreckhead trashbag But I m not sticking needles in my arm or sleeping on the streets or st

  • Title: Drop
  • Author: Katie Everson
  • ISBN: 9781406356274
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nominated for the 2016 Carnegie MedalI wasn t always like this I know what you re thinking druggie, junkie, wreckhead, trashbag But I m not sticking needles in my arm or sleeping on the streets, or stealing to feed the habit I m not one of those.Carla has just moved to London and starts at yet another new school she is desperate to fit in Though she makes a couple ofNominated for the 2016 Carnegie MedalI wasn t always like this I know what you re thinking druggie, junkie, wreckhead, trashbag But I m not sticking needles in my arm or sleeping on the streets, or stealing to feed the habit I m not one of those.Carla has just moved to London and starts at yet another new school she is desperate to fit in Though she makes a couple of friends, she soon meets the charismatic, good looking Finn and their whirlwind romance begins Carla, an A student and gifted artist, lets her schoolwork slip as she enters Finn s world a world of partying and drugs Friends tells her that Finn is no good even his brother, Isaac But Isaac has an ulterior motive, doesn t he Is either brother right for Carla

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      142 Katie Everson
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    1 thought on “Drop

    1. Loved this book!!!!The writing style was amazing and I flew through this.Really enjoyed the storyline and the message that the book gave came across clearly.Really recommend this awesome contemporary.Drugs. Romance. Friendship. Being true to yourself and sticking up for yourself.

    2. I first heard about this book at the Walker Blogger event in June and it well and truly sucked me in. I've never been a big reader of books that focus on drug and alcohol problems. It's just never something that's grabbed my attention. Once Katie Everson had read aloud a section of her book however, I knew that I had to read it asap. The storyline is so very addictive and real. I loved the way various events were conveyed - everything was so very real. Carla is used to flitting from school to sc [...]

    3. So the 2nd half was mildly better than the first, for one thing, Carla grew some common sense. Even then, I loathed her. She's bright and knows what's wrong yet still convinces herself somehow to do the wrong thing.Isaac was the saviour. I really liked him, he's cute and awkward despite being the older Masterson brother. Yeah, at times, his actions made me roll my eyes but he was the only real character I cared about. I guess there's a message about drugs behind the story but I couldn't get into [...]

    4. The blurb made me think this would be more about a gradual drug problem but it was just a stereotypical teen fic. New girl at school, wants to reinvent herself and become popular. Goes out with popular guy. Gets into drugs. Grades go down other friends try and warm her etc. It wasn't bad but I've read it all before. The main character was an idiot like why would she think it was ok to just suddenly start doing loads of drugs all the time? Also her parents were shit how could they not tell she wa [...]

    5. *4.5 stars*Originally published at: solittletimeforbooks.I flew through Drop. I was captured by Carla’s struggle against what she wanted and what she needed and desperation to be a part of something.With Carla’s mum being an up and coming journalist, desperate to make it into the big time, Carla has spent most of her school years moving around as her mum chases the next step of her career. She's finally made it and they’ve moved to London, just in time for Carla to do her A-levels and she [...]

    6. I picked Drop up by chance at the library. The description pulled me in and I was excited to start it, but what I got was a complete mess. The main character was utterly stupid and selfish, and by the end I didn't care what happened to her. The other characters weren't any better. There was only one character I liked, and that was the brother of the main character's love interest - who I can't even remember the name of the book was so forgettable.

    7. Review can also be found here.Drop is Katie Everson’s debut novel and unfortunately, there’s nothing inside the story that shouts “I’m unique! Read me! I’ll keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end!”Now, don’t get me wrong. I like this book, overly-used clichés (because you can never, ever fully escape them anymore) and all, but there’s nothing special about it. The blurb at the back of the book was very intriguing and yeah, the narration is definitely honest. It’s [...]

    8. **4/4.5 stars**Originally posted at: iliveforreading/2I didn’t really know what I was about to read when I started Drop. I think only recently the second part of the synopsis was added, but all I had to go on was a vague paragraph that talked about drug usage. So yeah, that’s pretty much all I knew: that this was a book about drugs. I could obviously infer that the main character had made some bad decisions but was somewhat in denial. And that is literally IT. I went into this one pretty bli [...]

    9. Original Post: howtoreadbooks.wordpress/First off, please can we appreciate how breathtakingly beautiful the cover of this book is. It is completely relevant as well. Carla Carroll moves around a lot, because of her mother’s job as a scientific journalist. When her mother gets a promotion, the family permanently move to London. Here, Carla joins yet another new school. But she doesn’t just want to be bland and fit in; Carla wants to spread her glorious butterfly wings and be popular. This se [...]

    10. An addictive UKYA debut that offers an honest, moving and important look at drug abuse among teenagers and the desire we feel to fit in.Originally posted on my blog Ashleigh OnlineAfter hearing Katie read a few pages from this stunning debut novel at a blogger event in June, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and read it. The snippet that she shared immediately captivated me, and I also couldn’t stop staring at that incredible cover (it might just be my favourite book cover ever).So it didn’t [...]

    11. I thought this book was good, however I wasn't hooked by it like I am with other books. I thought the storyline was interesting and I enjoyed it. All the characters were realistic, especially Carla, Finn and Georgia, and I liked how they were all individual people but came together to share experiences. I also really liked the way that Carla was torn by two different friendship groups and realising the values of friendship like she did when Lauren and Sienna cared about her and stood by her wher [...]

    12. 'Drop,' covers issues that lots of people would quickly want to shy from. It exposes them in a captivating manner, making me fly through the chapters quite easily. Carla is often moving schools, due to her mothers job- she has moved to a school in London to do her A-Levels. She quickly fits in with two girls called Lauren and Sienna- who are very safe and normal. However: she soon meets Finn: good looking, easy going: a cool guy. Suddenly Carla finds herself falling into the world of drugs, alco [...]

    13. You want to know why I hated this book? Because the characters were stupid. I really liked the idea of having a book that looked at the issues of drugs in teens but this was so stupid. The main character had absolutely no backbone or common sense. Her decisions revolved around trying to impress a guy, even though it was obvious it was going to end bad. It was like a cliche teen drama series with drugs. I never finished the book because I couldn't deal with the characters.

    14. It was okay, I quite liked it. But for me, stuff like Ballads of Suburbia hit me harder with this theme - this book felt not exactly romance-focused, but (view spoiler)[ towards the end I feel like we didn't get enough of the personal consequences (obv grades and stuff, but not the mood that was hinted at in the first pages of the book) and her thought process. Stuff like - it's not that easy to just 'sorta forget about smoking / drugs / (insert whatever here)' and the whole quitting process was [...]

    15. I loved this book, it was well written and engaging. I felt for and liked the narrator and her descent into drugs felt believable. However, what didn't feel believable was her getting out of it. The summary made it sound as if she was going to fall completely into drug addition, when in reality she just took them at parties a few times. Whereas it did mess with her life, grades and relationships, I felt like she escaped the world too easily. She literally just decided to give up and that's it, s [...]

    16. Okay, Part One was shockingly mediocre, to the point where it was both painful and almost hilarious to read. Carla Carroll is like the reincarnation of Bella Swan, just more hormonal and ten times as stupid.Part Two was better. I guess I got used to the slightly cringeworthy writing. Also, she started to use her brain - a thing I wasn't sure she actually possessed.The ending could've been better - the whole book could have been better, actually - but it could've been worse. It wasn't as well exe [...]

    17. This was a good read. Fast, interesting and well written. There was a moment in the book where I went "oh god, not again" but I mean, sure, why not add another love triangle into the mix of all the thousands of triangles we read through in every other YA novel. Other than that, the book was a good take on drug use and popularity. It wasn't as painful and real as I expected, I wanted it to be more gritty and downright scary, but it had its moments where I was a bit disgusted, which was the right [...]

    18. This book is about a teenage girl, who tries to prevent alcohol and smoking from her life. She started smoking and drinking because she was stressing her life at grades and family problems. But after she transfers to another high school, most of the students were smoking, will she conquer her goal? Or went back to smoke again, you'll need to find outThis book really influenced me, not to smoke even though you're stressed. I think that there is a much better idea than smoking and drink! Such as t [...]

    19. I am on page 46. This is an inspirational book about a girl who is bought up and becomes part of the drug and alcohol problem and struggles to get out. Carla is trapped in a bubble. She is in a bad place. Her parents are never home and her friends are very limited. Carla falls in love with a boy from the football team but. This book is set in London which is my favorite place in the world as the buildings and the nature make it very special. I would recommend this book for 12 years and up as the [...]

    20. Fantastic, modern coming of age story from up and coming writer Katie Everson. Even as an adult, it reminded me of the pains of teenagehood - the struggle to discover where you fit in and the (constant) struggle with identity. I think we all had our own 'Finn' at some point in our lives. Very relatable and easy to read - I think I polished it off in two sittings.

    21. This book read like a bad fanfiction. It had everything from the flat cliché characters to the cheesy lines covered. Insta-love, bad boys, horrible dialogue; half the book I was bored out of my mind the rest of it I was cringing.I hated all the characters so much. Especially Carla or whatever her name was. All she did was complain, that or goggle at stupid Finn.

    22. It didn't have the grit I was expecting and I could have done without the Isaac storyline, Carla didn't need a male saviour! But having said that I think it was well written, well paced and kept me reading so I would definitely read the author's next book.

    23. Okay bog om en pige, der bliver forblændet af den charmerende og populære Finn og ganske langsomt bliver trukket med ham ind i en nedadgående spiral med hash og piller. Bogen er godt skrevet, men jeg fandt den værende en anelse poppet og urealistisk.

    24. I am so disappointed with this book. It is really rare that I find myself skimming to finish a book. But this was one of those times where I had to. I found this book full of repetitive plots and immature characters. I'm sure others may like it, but it's really not for me.

    25. Iv never read a book that deals with drug use before but I really enjoyed this book! I feel like it was realistic and I felt like I connected with the main character Carla so much. Really good book and an important message.

    26. A fantastic read that felt very real and personal. I couldn't help but get emotional! I look forward to more books from Katie soon.

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