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I Am Fartacus (MAX)

I Am Fartacus MAX It s jocks vs nerds as a tween and his cadre of misfits go to hilarious lengths to bring down their enemies in this laugh out loud MAX novel Chub is a short accidentally bald middle school outcast w

  • Title: I Am Fartacus (MAX)
  • Author: Mark Maciejewski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 299
  • Format: None
  • It s jocks vs nerds as a tween and his cadre of misfits go to hilarious lengths to bring down their enemies in this laugh out loud MAX novel.Chub is a short, accidentally bald, middle school outcast with no chance of ever becoming one of the popular kids With help from his personal band of like minded misfits not to mention tactics gleaned from the Colonel, a US militarIt s jocks vs nerds as a tween and his cadre of misfits go to hilarious lengths to bring down their enemies in this laugh out loud MAX novel.Chub is a short, accidentally bald, middle school outcast with no chance of ever becoming one of the popular kids With help from his personal band of like minded misfits not to mention tactics gleaned from the Colonel, a US military vet with toenail issues , Chub s determined to bring down his nemesis, class hero and now potential class president, Archer, or the Arch the very guy who betrayed Chub with the lice killing potion that left him bald as a billiard ball If the Arch gets to be president, Chub knows his life is officially over.Chub s got a lot of dirt on the Arch embarrassing photos and underwear about to fly from the school flagpole, for starters But then he discovers that there are some very dangerous skeletons in Archer s closet, and at stake than just a few middle school reputations.With a lot of help from his friends, Chub sets off to bring down an evil empire and inadvertently become the least likely hero that Alanmoore Middle School s ever seen.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ I Am Fartacus (MAX) : by Mark Maciejewski ✓
      299 Mark Maciejewski
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ I Am Fartacus (MAX) : by Mark Maciejewski ✓
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    1 thought on “I Am Fartacus (MAX)

    1. Ok, so this was not supposed to be a deep thinker, just a bunch of fun. The basic premise is an unpopular boy named Chub is plotting revenge on his former best friend 'The Arch' who is (obviously) the most popular boy in school. I mean, you already know this plot. It's nothing new. But what I love is the adult references. At one point, the principal is talking about TPS Reports and of course the middle school is Alanmoore Middle. I was giggling through the book. This was such a nice break from a [...]

    2. ARC provided by publisher, along with really cool socks!Maciek Trzebiatowski (that's Maw-check Chub-a-tess-key for those of you who didn't grow up in Youngstown, Ohio) has some issues. His family runs a dry cleaning business and think it builds character for him to sort clothes from funeral homes. He lost his hair in a freak accident. His once friend, Archer, has become much cooler than Chub and now gives him a hard time. Luckily, Chub has a good friend, Moby, who has access to better video game [...]

    3. Hang on to your toilet seats, middle school readers, this book is going to strike a loud, booming chord with many of you. Meet Chub an 11-year-old from an immigrant family who’s pretty sure his parents are gonna send him to live with his Polish uncle to dig potatoes if they find out about all the trouble he’s been causing at Alanmoore Middle School. It will all be worth it, though, if Chub can expose the school’s most popular jock-cum-student-body president for the traitor he is. Archer or [...]

    4. A funny middle grade debut with a great cast of secondary characters. It's tough not to like this short, bald anti-hero and his Cadre of Evil.

    5. I got to read an ARC of this middle grade novel. Great humor, wonderful characters. Your kids will love it!

    6. You guys, this book. Remember when you were a male teenager and would buy Backstreet Boys stuff and claim it was for your sister, and you'd always stay up late with her to watch their new videos to be a good little brother? And you'd defend them because they were your sister's favorite band and their music was actually pretty good in an "I'm not out yet and it's crap that society unfairly but, in this case, accurately labels me gay because I crush on boy bands, but at this time and age, I'm so n [...]

    7. 12/28/2017 ~~ Funny, especially for people who like pranks and fart humor (but the title says that, right!) Requires some suspension of disbelief, especially near the end when tweens are impersonating adults at the gaming tables. I appreciated the growth of Chub as he came to understand the rivalry between him and The Arch was unsustainable.Note: I won a copy of this book from the author in a twitter give-away.

    8. This book had me laughing out loud more times than I can count. Chub, the main character, is just the kind of kid I wish I knew in 6th grade -- more likable than Greg from Diary of a Wimpy kid, funnier than Percy Jackson and balder than well, just about any other 6th grader you know. Plenty of fart jokes to enjoy (even if you won't admit you enjoy them) but a very on-point message about how cruel the pursuit of popularity can be. I loved this book! Thanks, Mark Maciejewski! I may not be able to [...]

    9. I loved it! The character interaction was amazing, and though I thought it was a little too fast, the plot was good! The only thing was, the author could have made the plans more complicated or complex.

    10. I Am Fartacus has the elements of timeless Middle Grade humor that crosses over into one adults will love to read too. The main character Chub has "voice" that readers will both relate to and find completely entertaining in a laugh out loud way. Chubs "cadre" is filled with vivid characters with their own rich character arcs. Themes of acceptance of others, teamwork and forgiveness is not pounded into the reader, but delivered with humor and unique storyline.

    11. This book is hilarious! The main character Chub's voice is unique and delightful, and the book is full of subtle and not-as-subtle references to pop culture that will make kids and adults smile, when they catch them. I also loved the complexity of the characters and plot - things aren't always what they seem, and I liked it that way.

    12. This book is awesome! Super funny. I love Chub and his cadre, especially the secondary characters of Moby and Shelby. It's a joy to read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh their butt off. It's perfect for middle school readers who are ready for a more complex plot with risks and challenges, but still like a happy ending.

    13. A story about middle school nemesises, a bald prankster, and all sorts of middle school foibles. As much fart and bowel movement jokes as one would expect for a book of this title, but a pretty fun and engaging story full of mysteries, plotting, and revenge.Recommended for middle school students who are looking for a funny book about the underdog getting back at the bullies. Not quite as funny as I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil, but a great funny book about those who are your friends and those [...]

    14. What a fun book! The plot is a page turner with unexpected surprises. Unique descriptive language without weighing down middle grade readers. Just the right amount of scatological humor. I also appreciate that Chub comes from an immigrant family that is struggling a bit financially. The difficulty kids have pronouncing Chub's given name, the conflict with the parents over old world/new world values, all feel authentic. Definitely on the gift list for the middle schoolers in my family.

    15. 2.5. Not as terrible as I thought it was going to be. The book read to me like a Nickelodeon cartoon. There was a decent amount of crude humor that just felt juvenile, but I think reluctant readers would enjoy this one.

    16. Overall funny and sharply written. However, I did find a grammatical error and it had a fair amount of sexist humour.

    17. Ths book made me laugh out loud from the first line and never let go of my funny bone for the rest of the book! Maciek, AKA Chub, is in a battle of wits and pranks against his arch-nemesis (and former friend) Archer Norris. With the help of his friends Moby and Shelby, along with the rest of his cadre, can they put Arch in his place and restore balance to the school? Can the band of outcasts save the day? Hilariously funny, witty, and just plain fun, kids are going to gobble this up!

    18. I just loved the voice of this snarky, funny, self-deprecating, outrageous, perfectly potty-humored main character. He was so real and true, I still feel like I can hear his voice in my head. Actually, I think I knew him when I was eleven. His name was Clark and he lived down the street from me. Like I said, "REAL!" Kids will relate. A fun read!

    19. From the very first line this middle grade novel grabs your attention: "Once, in front of pretty much the whole school, Moby cut a fart so loud it sounded like a phone book being ripped in half." The jokes, pranks, and hilarious times at Alanmoore Middle School come courtesy of Chub and his cadre of evil villains as they get their revenge on Chub's nemesis The Arch, aka the most popular kid at school. Of course, their hijinks don't go exactly as planned. And perhaps Chub may not be the evil mast [...]

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