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Havoc After her ex s confession Isla swore her night could not get worse But two drinks later a drunk stumble landed her in front of the tallest broadest most devastatingly sexy man she d ever laid eyes

  • Title: Havoc
  • Author: Stella Rhys
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: ebook
  • After her ex s confession, Isla swore her night could not get worse But two drinks later, a drunk stumble landed her in front of the tallest, broadest, most devastatingly sexy man she d ever laid eyes on standing over a dead body Twenty nine year old Abram Lenox is the city s king of sin The head of Manhattan s biggest underground gambling ring, he has dirt on just aAfter her ex s confession, Isla swore her night could not get worse But two drinks later, a drunk stumble landed her in front of the tallest, broadest, most devastatingly sexy man she d ever laid eyes on standing over a dead body Twenty nine year old Abram Lenox is the city s king of sin The head of Manhattan s biggest underground gambling ring, he has dirt on just about every celebrity, billionaire and politician in town His fast paced world revolves around indulging secret vices and there are no priorities beyond cash, thrill and satisfaction Until Isla Maran comes along Now, he s got a murdered mafioso on his hands and a girl who shouldn t have seen But it doesn t take long before he realizes that he ll stop at nothing to protect her All that matters now is whether or not she ll break Her simple life thrust in the fast lane, Isla suddenly finds herself facing a revolving door of chaos, extravagance and unspeakable crime as well as a lust so deep and forbidden it s bound for disaster.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read À Havoc : by Stella Rhys õ
      122 Stella Rhys
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    1 thought on “Havoc

    1. Not safe!! He fingers another girl infront of h and then goes straight to h and does the same and sleeps with H. They break up and you read about her sleeping with another guy. Who happens to be that bad guy! Gross.

    2. 4.5 starsYay this book was hot steamy and oh so good ;) I'm so glad, I needed a good book Onto book 2 ;)

    3. I have yet to read a book by SR that will leave me disappointed and I hope that will never happen. I thought that this book started with a bang. I loved how well paced the story went--although it may come off a bit too fast for some. And I loved how hot the main characters were. The attraction between Abram and Isla was full-on hot! And then the surprise twist in the endhsdg dldvld allgdfyg!!! Totally stopped my effing heart. Wtf.

    4. Ms. Rhys writes some sexy scenes. *fans self*I like this a lot, and am pleased with the amount of story packed into so few pages. Moving on to book two.


    6. Wtf I was really enjoying reading this author’s books till I happened upon this little gem. So I felt pretty comfortable that none of her books would have sex with ow or om after the H and h started sleeping together or developed a relationship. And what bothered me the most is after h sees H messing around with another girl she conveniently loses her mind right after and has sex with him. Not even really having it out with him about it either. That end, what a joke she was ready to start a wh [...]

    7. I didn't realize this was a partial story with a cliffhanger, and had I been warned in the book's blurb I would have waited until the whole story was published to read it. If I had read the whole story at once think it would have been at least a 4 star read.I really did enjoy Havoc until I realized I was getting close to the end running out of time. I hate that feeling!! It's so frustrating to me that cliffhangers and serial novels have become so prevalent lately. Despite carefully reading book [...]

    8. This book was a teaser at the end of Stella Rhys book "Wrong." Normally, it pisses me off when authors devote 25-30% of a book I'm reading to pimp out another book, but damn, what a surprise this book was! I don't know why I enjoyed it so much. Maybe it was the writing, the plots twist and turns or the unexpected story.

    9. This is the first book I have read from this author. This book caught my attention from the first page and kept me intrigued as to what was going to happen next all the way til the end. Abram and Isla meet under suspicious circumstances. She encounters danger everywhere she turns with Abram. He has revenge to see through so he lets Isla go until they can meet again. I really enjoyed this book but I didn't get the relationship between Isla and Holly. They were best friends from pretty much birth [...]

    10. AAAAAAAAAH OMG I did not see that revelation coming, my mouth was literally wide open. The ramifications for Isla and the potential danger she see’s herself in, Abram kept his distance because he was trying to protect her. I think the best think he could have done is to stay by her side. Anyway let me get back to reviewing Havoc. Isla is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she’s made a mistake agreeing to meet up with her ex who is currently engaged to her best friend, in her haste for esc [...]

    11. Here's to surviving the storm!What to do when your life gets turned upside down? Well first, start positive sms second, always look for the good in people. This story is about love and loss with a few hot mobsters thrown in. And now a bit about the storyIsla lost her sister Elle to Leukemia last year. She went through many changes. She quit teaching as all of the kids reminded her of her younger sister. She broke up with her boyfriend (who left get for her best friend). She witnessed a murder an [...]

    12. A sexy frickin' THRILLER! Isla Maran and Abram Lenox meet in a way that no one would ever wish for but from that second on, it's nothing but steamy, smoking hot DRAMA. Isla is just a normal girl going through a rough patch when one night, she randomly witnesses a murder that turns her life upside down. And now that she's seen something she shouldn't, there are people watching her, and since there are people watching her, it's Abram's responsibility to protect her since this whole fiasco was his [...]

    13. There were things I liked and didn't like about this book. I liked the writing. The shower scene was HOT. The actual story was interesting and I was kept wondering for most of the book what next. However, I did not like that she never seemed bothered by his being w other women and that kind of took away any real feelings she actually had for him. How could she feel anything for him if she didn't blink an eye. And I really did not like the ending. I started book 2 but it's going in a direction I' [...]

    14. I can't begin to explain how bad I want to read the second book in this series, Havoc was so addicting that I couldn't put down the book until it was finished! Isla is a beautiful girl that was dealt a bad hand in life. She meets Mr. Tall, dark, and dangerous (Abram) in a dark alley at the scene of a crime when she is hiding from her ex. She doesn't expect to wake up nearly naked in his bed the next morning and getting sucked into his life of opulence. Havoc leaves you with a cliffhanger, will A [...]

    15. I really liked this, can't wait for the next one. Abram is one hot alpha that is so tough and sweet at the same time. I love how protective he is. Isla is a beautiful woman going through a very rough time. They meet in an unconventional way, but you can tell they have chemistry. I really didn't see the ending coming, I thought something would happen to the heroine, but not that. Ready and waiting for August.

    16. 3.5 stars. It's good but 's an insta-lust deal. With what's going down, she's kind of TSTL and he's too cavalier with who knows what he's doing. It's just not realistic. I wasn't aware it was a serial either ry short page count with a damn cliffhanger. Due to the short page count, I'm labeling it as a serial, not a full novel with a cliffy >_>But damn, it was still kind of good and the ending got me. So I do want to continue with book 2.

    17. Abram you sexy sob This book is epic, warning your heart may stop but then it picks back up and beats like you just ran a marathon. I can't say enough for this story I loved every page. Abram and Isla have incredible chemistry that seeps through the pages and you can't help but want them to win. I promise you won't be disappointed with this one.

    18. 4.5 stars. As usual, the pages kept turning! Super action, drama and romance-packed for such a short little book. Seems like it was to mostly set up the sequel, which hell yes I've already pre-ordered, because I definitely did not get enough of Isla and Abram! I'm very happy to see the second book will be longer, especially considering the bombshell this one ended on!

    19. Loved it!This is the first book I've read by this author and I loved it! Great pace keeping me interested the entire time. It's a cliffhanger, which I hate but it's worth it! If you love hot alpha males and good writing/dialog then read this!

    20. 4 starsA good first part to the story. It was hot and sexy mixed in with some emotional drama. Looking forward to reading the second part.

    21. oh hell no!the ending just the highlight of the book, now I have to wait till august I'm so fucking done.

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