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Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger

Let Your Voice Be Heard The Life and Times of Pete Seeger Pete Seeger the iconic folk musician and multiple Grammy winner discovered early in life that what he wanted to do was make music His amazing career as singer songwriter and banjo player spanned s

  • Title: Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger
  • Author: Anita Silvey
  • ISBN: 9780547330129
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pete Seeger, the iconic folk musician and multiple Grammy winner, discovered early in life that what he wanted to do was make music His amazing career as singer, songwriter, and banjo player spanned seven decades, and included both low points being charged with contempt of Congress and highlights receiving the Kennedy Center Honor from President Clinton An activist aPete Seeger, the iconic folk musician and multiple Grammy winner, discovered early in life that what he wanted to do was make music His amazing career as singer, songwriter, and banjo player spanned seven decades, and included both low points being charged with contempt of Congress and highlights receiving the Kennedy Center Honor from President Clinton An activist and protester, Seeger crusaded for the rights of labor, the rights of people of color, and the First Amendment right to let his voice be heard, and launched the successful campaign to clean up the Hudson River Archival photographs and prints, source notes, bibliography, index.

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    1 thought on “Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger

    1. I am excited about the possibility of sharing this book with my 5th graders as they learn about so many of the issues lived by Pete Seeger and his family--the Depression, rise of Unions, treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII, Civil Rights, HUAC, environmental activism. Sharing elements of Pete Server's story, as told by Silvey, could be a great way to bring history to life--through his story--and through song. I learned a lot from this book and hope to pull together a lesson incorporating [...]

    2. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineThis well-illustrated biography, we learn about Seeger's unconventional upbringing with educated parents, his musical career, and his interest in social justice. Difficult topics, like his parents' divorce, his investigation by the Un-American Activities Committee, and his marriage to Japanese-American Toshi Ota in 1943, at the height of World War II, are all covered fairly. The musical influences from which Seeger took his inspiration, as well as the music [...]

    3. A disappointingly (though admittedly - seemingly proudly so) slanted juvenile biography. Pete Seeger was an amazing person, but we get a bit too much of a hagiography here. This will likely appeal to leftists who will want to introduce politics to their kids at an early age. There is no even-handed explanation of why many in America were legitimately worried about Communism (though their reactions were overzealous), nor is there presentation of the horrors of what was happening in Communist stat [...]

    4. What a wonderful book. I have listened to and admired Pete Seeger for years, but there were many things about his life journey that I learned and will treasure. I do hope many, many young readers are introduced to his ethical and important life through this book.We are so in need of details about a life lived by making well thought out choices and holding to principles when it is difficult to do. Kids learn about "heroes" in history, but they are mostly just given the names and time period and a [...]

    5. An important look at the role Pete Seeger has played in American life, from his influence on folk music to his role in peace demonstrations, civil rights, standing up to the House on Un-American activities, and supporting our natural world. Silvey uses many of Seeger's song lyrics and own words to document his choices and the many photographs included in the book add to the fullness of the information. I could not put this down and while I am already a fan (I went to the pre-inaugural concert in [...]

    6. When others of my generation were listening to The Beatles and The Doors, I was listening to Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Arlo Guthrie. That's because when you grow up with union organizers The Weavers, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger are staples. Theirs are the voices and words that embrace and exemplify peace, justice and compassion. I wept when I read Ms. Silvey's biography. I could hear Pete's voice coming through - the cadence, the tone. Oh how I miss that voice. Thank you Anita Silvey for bring [...]

    7. Pete Couldn't Keep From SingingThis short, simple, straightforward, yet spirited book about the "Old Folky", Pete Seeger, is suitable for both children and adults. As a longtime lover and singer of folk music, Pete was one of my idols, both as a singer and an activist. Pete was not afraid to take action in pursuit of justice; may his legacy continue through others, especially youth, who may be in spired by this book.

    8. This well-written account of the life and times of folk singer and musician Pete Seeger is a good introduction to the man. Clearly, he was a bit lost as a young man, uncertain how he should spend his adulthood and interested in various pursuits. But music always mattered to Pete, making it no surprise that he achieved fame and success through the songs he wrote and played. In fact, as the author makes clear, Seeger came to believe that songs can change the world. After all, he lived through just [...]

    9. In this concise biography, Pete Seeger’s life and experiences are related. We learn about his childhood exposure to folk music, his love of the banjo and the ukulele, and the mentors who guided him; We also see his efforts with the labor unions, his involvement in WWII and the war protests that followed. His fight for civil rights, answering to the House Un-American Activities Committee and his work to save the environment - wait and his music! Pete Seeger was a hero who changed the face of fo [...]

    10. Scattered photos combine with an engaging text in this biography of folk music icon Pete Seeger. The narrative is chronological, containing many quotations from Seeger and others, which really helps bring the subject to life. The b&w photos include some from his childhood, family members, magazine and publicity photos, and news photos. Many 4th-8th graders may not know who Seeger was but they certainly know his music and sing it in school. An excellent choice for elementary and middle school [...]

    11. I wanted to love this, but I kept giving up, and then forcing myself to pick it up, and then rolling my eyes and drifting off and finding excuses to do anything other than read this book. When it gets that bad, it's clearly not the proper time to read it.

    12. Excellent, in-depth. Author is as pumped about her subject as she describes how excited he was to share his gift.

    13. Seeger's life is fascinating. I love learning about the history of folk and popular music. I was also very interested in how Seeger played his music as part of a lifelong quest for social justice.

    14. Great book, so far, but what a HORRIBLE cover illustration. As a lifelong fan of Pete Seeger, it is hard to look at the cover illustration without wanting to skip this book. I don't know what kind of research the artist did, but they drew a banjo with 5 strings, but only 4 tuning pegs. Pete Seeger did play a 5 string banjo, but the banjo doesn't look a bit like the one on the cover (nor doe it even look remotely like Pete on the cover). The worst part is that there are several pictures IN THIS B [...]

    15. “A few committed individuals can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.”–Pete SeegerPete Seeger cover imagePete Seeger is one on a continually growing list of historical figures with whom I was not previously familiar. Perhaps his name was briefly mentioned during a 1960s protest unit in a 20th Century American History course throughout my academic career. Or perhaps the life of Pete Seeger simply didn’t meet curriculum requirements and his name was glossed over.Neverthele [...]

    16. Pete Seeger was born into a family of wealthy classical musicians who exposed him not only to music but also to social injustices. Seeger attended Harvard for two years before leaving for a life focused on the arts. He launched his musical career strumming his banjo and singing in schools. Seeger had a knack for attracting excellent mentors (such as Alan Lomax and Woody Guthrie); a job cataloging music in the Library of Congress exposed him to a wealth of folk songs, upon which he drew for his r [...]

    17. Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger. Anita Silvey. 2016. HMH. 112 pages. [Source: Review copy]First sentence: Pete Seeger became the most important folk singer of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. But he might have chosen a very different path. Although his grandfather made a fortune from sugar refining in Mexico, Pete became an advocate for underpaid workers. Though he came from financial privilege, he identified with those who had to make a living. He fought for [...]

    18. I didn't know much about Pete Seeger prior to reading this book. I knew that he had writtenAbiyoyo and that he was an activist folk singer, but did not know the extent of his work. This book was be a fascinating introduction to Seeger's life and work from musical influences in his childhood to his activism in the 2010s when he was in his nineties! Each chapter begins with a few lines from a song that he sung or wrote to set the tone for the chapter. There are also lots of photographs and caption [...]

    19. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD by Anita Silvey explores the life of folk musician Pete Seeger.From young folk-singer to Grammy winner, this well-researched work of nonfiction traces the career of this singer, songwriter, and banjo player. The book is most effective when discussing his social and environmental activism.Librarians will find a middle grade audience for this biography among children who enjoy music and activism. Connect this work of nonfiction with the Smithsonian Folkways website to see a [...]

    20. Never has a book seemed more important than in the times we live. Pete Seeger's "life stands as a testament for social and political change, reminding everyone to fight for what they believe in and to let their voices be heard". That was the author's description of her subject. This is a J book but speaks to all ages. Those of you, who like me, lived through the McCarthy persecutions know how Pete Seeger stood up to him and paid the price. But Pete never gave up. He went on to fight for civil ri [...]

    21. Let your voice be heard is on my favorites shelf because I felt it would be a great read for a 4-5th grader. This book is a biography of Pete Seegar's life, shining light on the life that we had from start to finish. The struggles he went though in his life time can be super relate-able to students in the intermediate level grades. This book is a chapter book and would challenge students to read a longer book but not too long as it's only 88 pages long. Considering the time from of Pete Seegar's [...]

    22. This fascinating biography about renowed folk singer Pete Seeger is a unique look into the tumultuous time of the 1950's and 1960's. Pete Seeger was a clear voice for peace and justice during this time and author Anita Silvey takes us on a captivating journey into his extraordinary life. This is a great choice for middle grade biography study as well as a quick overview of some of the noteworthy historical events during Seeger's lifetime. The back matter contains notes, a bibliography and index. [...]

    23. This well-documented biography emphasizes Seeger's connections to others and their roles within the tumult of American discontent which sprouted in the 1950's and erupted through the next two decades. The author writes with clarity, describing the House UnAmerican Committee in simple terms, but she cannot avoid her own bias. Two favorite aspects of this biography are Seeger's connection with the Library of Congress and his role with the "anthem" of the Civil Rights movement. This biography begs [...]

    24. You don't have to know or like Pete Seeger's music to appreciate this book about his life, and especially, his continued passion to use music to bring people together for a variety of important causes. I never quite realized how early his activism started, maybe because I never realized how old Pete Seeger was. He did always keep that boyish face. We have so many important folk songs because of Pete Seeger. This book doesn't have illustrations that pop off the page or particularly lyrical langua [...]

    25. This juvenile biography wasn't everything I wanted it to be. Maybe because of the age group for whom it is intended--8 to 10 year olds. I wanted more of the back story for Pete Seeger's songs. They were really only cursorily referred to with little, if any, full lyrics. It did make me want to listen to Where have all the Flowers Gone? And Abiyoyo with renewed interest. And, I learned that Seeger wrote the anthem of the 1960s civil rights movement, We Shall Overcome. I am inspired but not wowed.

    26. While I enjoyed the use of photographs throughout the book, I was disappointed to see that a good number of them were undated, or at least the date was not stated. I think it always helps to have dates on photos in a book like this; if the date is unknown, a note stating (date unknown) and maybe (circa ___) could be added so that the reader knows where the photo falls in the history and story that is being told.

    27. Slender and substantial account of the life, times and music of a man who gave the world songs that felt like they've always been there, and sung in a way that unified people and catalyzed social change.Attentive to the ways that family, musical partnerships, and persecution by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee shaped Seeger's life. Fine middle grade read!

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