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Lost Kin

Lost Kin Reunited brothers confront a secret Allied betrayal in postwar Munich Occupied Munich Irina a Cossack refugee confesses to murdering a GI but American captain Harry Kaspar doesn t buy it As H

  • Title: Lost Kin
  • Author: SteveAnderson
  • ISBN: 9781631580819
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reunited brothers confront a secret Allied betrayal in postwar Munich.Occupied Munich, 1946 Irina, a Cossack refugee, confesses to murdering a GI, but American captain Harry Kaspar doesn t buy it As Harry scours the devastated city for the truth, it leads him to his long lost German brother, Max, who returned to Hitler s Germany before the war.Max has a questionable pastReunited brothers confront a secret Allied betrayal in postwar Munich.Occupied Munich, 1946 Irina, a Cossack refugee, confesses to murdering a GI, but American captain Harry Kaspar doesn t buy it As Harry scours the devastated city for the truth, it leads him to his long lost German brother, Max, who returned to Hitler s Germany before the war.Max has a questionable past, and he needs Harry for the cause that could redeem him rescuing Irina s stranded clan of Cossacks who have been disowned by the Allies and are now being hunted by Soviet death squads the cold blooded upshot of a callous postwar policy.As a harsh winter brews, the Soviets close in and the Cold War looms, Harry and Max desperately plan for a risky last ditch rescue on a remote stretch of the German Czech border A mysterious visitor from Max s darkest days shadows them Everyone is suspect, including Harry s lover, Sabine, and Munich detective Hartmut Dietz both of whom have pledged to help But before the Kaspar brothers can save the innocent victims of peace, grave secrets and the deep contempt sown during the war threaten to damn them all There s enough action and mystery to keep the pages turning all spun out in a masterful story of redemption Classic noir shadowed by the hulks and rubble of the once proud city of Munich, a character itself in this haunting tale Anderson deserves a standing ovation Kirkus Reviews

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      219 SteveAnderson
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    1 thought on “Lost Kin

    1. Well researched immediate post-war thrillerThis is the first Steve Anderson novel I’ve read and he certainly knows his stuff shown by his attention to period detail and knowledge of post-war politics. This post WW2 thriller is set in the immediate aftermath of the war close to the Soviet Zone which many thousands are trying to avoid repatriation to.It’s always tricky to review a book where you haven’t read the earlier books in the series, but you quickly warm to the characters. I did find [...]

    2. Although this book is part of a series, I read it as a stand alone book. I enjoyed it enough so that I will seek out the other books in this series and read them too.I enjoy fiction from the World War 2 era and I was impressed a how well researched this novel was. It was set in Berlin immediately after WW2 and the author did a very good job of portraying the postwar chaos. The main characters were brothers of German descent who fought on opposite sides during the war which caused both of them a [...]

    3. Fascinating story based on the aftermath of World War II in Germany. Much insight into the chaos and the fact that everyone has a past they would just as soon keep hidden, not always for the better. One of the best books I've read this year!

    4. C'è una cosa dei romanzi storici che io, da appassionata di storia, trovo meravigliosa, ed è la possibilità di venire a conoscenza e approfondire episodi del nostro passato, recente o più lontano e lo stesso, in maniera appassionante e divertente. Questo ovviamente purché l'autore faccia bene i suoi compiti e sappia scrivere. Direi che questo è il caso di Lost Kin, che tratta uno dei momenti più bui del post seconda guerra mondiale, ovvero il rimpatrio forzato dei prigionieri di guerra, o [...]

    5. Note: I was given an advance review copy by the author.This is the third in the Kaspar Brothers series. The other books focused on each of the brothers, and in this one they're brought together. Although it's part of a series, it should stand alone. The pertinent points from previous books are re-capped, but briefly enough not to bother anyone that has read the earlier books. Anyone that has read the earlier books may recognise details that aren't apparent otherwise, but they aren't essential to [...]

    6. Book 3 in the Kaspar Brothers series “Lost Kin” is a haunting tale of international intrigue set in postwar Munich, 1946. The story is a stand-alone continuation of “Liberated” featuring American captain Harry Kaspar. In this latest the long-estranged brothers Max and Harry reunites to confront a secret Allied betrayal as the cold war heats up.Amid the post-war chaos Harry remained uncorrupted until everything changes when a Munich cop knocks on his door and says “there has been an inc [...]

    7. I received a copy of Lost Kin: A Novel by Steve Anderson from Yucca Publishing on being selected as a winner of a giveaway. This review is totally voluntary and my own opinions.I honestly enjoyed reading Lost Kin: A Novel by Steve Anderson. This is the first book I have read by him but I will definitely look into reading The Losing Role and Liberated now. I had little to almost no knowledge of the Yalta Conference and of the roles the Americans and British played in it. I can't imagine how our [...]

    8. This is an enjoyable historical thriller. Even though this is book 3 in the series, you could read it as a stand alone book and still enjoy it. I haven’t read a lot from post WW 2, and what happened after the war, so I found this very interesting. Steve Anderson has done a great job of incorporating an interesting and captivating story with history of that era. It’s interesting that there were a lot of displaced people after the WW2 and that same thing is happening around the world today. Ca [...]

    9. A well-researched novel set in 1946 occupied Germany, a time when the transition from the USA's primary enemy being Nazi fascism to the cold war with the Soviet Union was already under way. I give the author a lot of credit for creating characters who are not archetypes representing good and evil, but rather just human beings in a chaotic environment in which it is nearly impossible to know who you can trust and who will sell you out to anyone that makes a better offer. Good people die and slime [...]

    10. This is a fragment of WWII that few acknowledge and or consider. A war is finished everything should be fine, people pick up, do the best they can and start all over again --- except that’s NOT what happens! The ugly aspects of piecing things back together is straight lined throughout this book some very heart sickening, disgusting and hard to believe. An account that will keep you thinking all of your life and a lot you’ll never forget!

    11. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Historical fiction at its best! As both winter and the Soviet army close in on post-World War II Berlin, two brothers must rescue an innocent clan of Cossacks, and survive the looming Cold War. Recommended reading.

    12. A tense well written historical thriller.This is part of a series I have not read the other books but had no problem reading this as a stand alone.I enjoyed this page turner& will read the series from the beginning,

    13. Not a bad book for my first war book. I liked the characterizations of Harry and Max and Irina was also well rounded. I like how it wasn't about the war of WWII but what happens to these people afterword that makes it a interesting read. This is book 3 but can also be read as a stand alone.

    14. This is the first book I have read about post W.W.2 . I found it interesting and it gave a good insight of events I knew nothing about. Thank you for the ARC.

    15. This is a well-written book, but I had a hard time plowing through it. I didn’t like any of these characters. I expected to be riveted by the story since it took place in Occupied Europe in 1946, an era not addressed in most World War II fiction. The first one-third of the story was a quick read. The German-born American officer Harry Kaspar is not a man of honor in my mind and his brother Max, who returned to Germany after the start of the war, is certainly no paragon of virtue. They get into [...]

    16. Intriguing historical fiction set in post WWII Munich that reveals some of the darker secrets of post war policy.Harry Kaspar serves as a Captain in the military government set up in Munich after the United States has occupied Germany. One night he answers a knock on his door to find a German police detective saying that a murder has been committed and a young girl is asking for him by name. Upon finding a man in old US fatigues with a sabre in his chest, he learns the girl knows his estranged b [...]

    17. For more and extended reviews, please visit fortheloveofthereadI requested this book on NetGalley because it appealed to the part of me that has been completely invested in WWII fiction. I have grown to love that time period and pretty much any book that deals with it.It turns out that this book is actually part of a series, which I can happily say I didn't know. I love when books are part of a series but don't necessarily rely on the previous books to make sense. I can recognize that my reading [...]

    18. In Post-WWII Munich, the Americans and German police have control of the city. Anyone associated with Nazis or SS officers are being jailed. Those that have different nationality are being repatriated back to their country, whether they want to or not. Harry Kasper is an American officer who hasn't heard from his brother, Max, who was a German officer. Irina, a Cossack refugee asks specifically for Harry stating that she knows his brother and leads him directly to a dead German officer, dressed [...]

    19. Skyhorse Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Lost Kin, in exchange for an honest review.Harry Kaspar is asked by Detective Dietz, of the Criminal Police, to go with him on a sensitive matter regarding his brother Max. As he had not seen Max since 1939, when he returned to their native Germany, Harry is reluctant but also full of questions. A dead man, a young woman who claims to be the killer, and the question as to why she has mentioned his brother's name spark Harry [...]

    20. I was given a kindle review copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is set in Germany just after the Second World War. The story is about 2 German brothers who had both been immigrants in the USA. Each brother fought on opposing,but the sides during the war, but then they meet again in Munich in 1946.I found the book quite slow and I did think that it was a bit boring ,it was obviously not really to my taste.

    21. I received this book as a Giveaways winner. What an interesting book this is! This is historical fiction that reveals the treatment of the Cossacks in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union, although the story meanders through Germany, Czeckoslovakia, and Austria as repatriation is taking place. The book highlights two American/German soldier-brothers as they try to help. Very informative book!

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