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Skin Deep

Skin Deep Someone is killing the most alluring women of Boston Someone whose keen eye for beauty masks a twisted mind Someone who insinuates himself into his victims lives and leaves them with nothing but an el

  • Title: Skin Deep
  • Author: Gary Braver
  • ISBN: 9780765309754
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Someone is killing the most alluring women of Boston Someone whose keen eye for beauty masks a twisted mind Someone who insinuates himself into his victims lives and leaves them with nothing but an elegant black stocking knotted around their necks.Homicide detective Lt Steve Markarian must stop the killer before another vulnerable woman is sacrificed possibly even hisSomeone is killing the most alluring women of Boston Someone whose keen eye for beauty masks a twisted mind Someone who insinuates himself into his victims lives and leaves them with nothing but an elegant black stocking knotted around their necks.Homicide detective Lt Steve Markarian must stop the killer before another vulnerable woman is sacrificed possibly even his own estranged wife.Beset with loneliness and addictions, Steve pursues leads all over greater Boston from the haunts of blue blooded Brahmins, to seedy strip joints, to mansions by the sea, to the halls of prestigious universities, to the offices of his own precinct and to the recesses of his own heart, only to discover that he himself may actually be the killer.In this stunning psychological thriller, bestselling author Gary Braver explores the nature of beauty, how women may strive to achieve it, and the forbidden yearnings that kill in its name.

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    • Unlimited [Business Book] Ë Skin Deep - by Gary Braver Ô
      102 Gary Braver
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Business Book] Ë Skin Deep - by Gary Braver Ô
      Posted by:Gary Braver
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    1 thought on “Skin Deep

    1. Right of the bat I have to say that this isn't a medical thriller, I have read dozens in the last decade and this is laced with some procedures but don't expect Robin Cook or Michael Palmer, nevertheless this had some bits and pieces of surgery laced story that added to the tale and made for an interesting ending. This was my first time reading Gary Braver and after this experience I am curious enough to read more in the future. This tale starts off with a crime, unfortunately this is the only c [...]

    2. Skin DeepAuthor: Gary BraverReviewed by Fran LewisTerry Farina had a date. So, what could be deadly or harmful about that? Just the date! A fitness trainer, beautiful and friends with many men on the police force, her gruesome death hit more than a strong chord or nerve when her body was discovered. A black stocking was tied around her neck and she was strangled. Detective Steve Markarian is the lead on this case. Entering the crime scene he handles things in a professional and meticulous manner [...]

    3. There's a killer on the loose in Boston! This killer leaves his victims breathless. The victims are strangled with a black stocking. The latest victim to fall prey is none other then Terry Farina. Terry was a professional fitness trainer during the day and part -time stripper by night. Now it's Detective Steve Markarian's job to find the killer before it's too late. When starts investigating why Terry Farina was killed, Steve uncovers the disturbing and twisted mind of a psychopathic killer. But [...]

    4. I think it was a good book it kept me going its one of the books i actualy have stayed up tio read at night.Its a book that keeps u wondering you want to know more information.But i uasualy take a month to two months to read big books because i uasualy dont have time.This book on theother hand right after football practice i ride the bus reading this book i make my time to read it was A outstanding bookis book took place in boston,someone is cleverly murdering very buitefull woman.And the person [...]

    5. A solid book, but nothing special. The beginning was tough to get through for me, lots of technical jargon. But one of the threads of the story is very interesting to read and I found myself rushing through the other parts to get back to that one intriguing and beautifully articulated story line. It really picks up at the end and I think it was worth the time spent to read, but this definitely did not grab me by the throat by any means. I expect more suspense from thrillers, so in the end I was [...]

    6. In Gary Braver's Skin Deep, he explored another angle of medical science in this intriguing thriller. Someone was killing alluring woman in Boston, who also had the keen eye for beauty, and had insinuated himself into their lives, except for leaving a knotted stocking around their necks. For Homicide Detective Steve Markarian, he was on the hunt for the killer, before another vulnerable woman might be sacrificed, like his estranged wife. With loneliness and addictions, he searched everywhere in [...]

    7. Pretty good for what it was. Cop and wife relationship kinda stupid to me, but that didn't stand in the way of it being a fairly good read. I won't remember reading it 2 months from now, but the writing was good enough compared to some other stuff I've attempted lately out there. Read kind of like an episode of "Nip, Tuck", if you saw that defies some years ago. Pretty good for what it presented itself to be. Color me "pleased."

    8. I feel as though I should be kind because this book was a gift and I am roughly acquainted with the author (who is a very nice man), but I got 123 pages into this book and had to put it down. I found myself rewriting while I was reading. Nothing concise about it. If you took Creative Writing in college you will know that Braver goes against everything you were taught, and not in a "all the best authors break the rules" sort of way. Too bad, but it's the sad truth.

    9. Easy read over a week-long vacation, but a disturbing piece of fiction. Braver is able to hide the real killer from the reader until about 3/4 of the way through and handles the disguise in a clever way. He convolutes the ending to break the predictable "cops to the rescue just in the nick-of-time" climax but spoils it somewhat with wordy backstory in the last few pages.I recommend this novel to thriller fans.

    10. I can't even believe this is from the same author as Elixir and Gray Matter. It was both predictable and unbelievable.

    11. Pretty good! I kind knew what was going to happen, but wasn't certain enought to let the ending be spoiled. In fact, about 5 pages from the end a sligt twist was added that made me think I was wrong - Kudos! Interesting characters and good dialogue. The only thing I didn't like was the wife - what a total jerk!

    12. Well written, but very little suspense until the very end. For the first 400 pages, the only exciting thing that happened was the search of the partner's apartment. For the most part, I really felt that the book just dragged on and on. Most of the plot came just from observing the lives of two very insecure people.

    13. I must not read enough thrillers because I didn't catch on who the killer was until it was revealed.The step-mother was truly SICK!! She created the killer.His thwarted plan at the end was horrific.

    14. The cover of this book advertises it as a medical thrillert so sure it qualifies as medical! But it kept me guessing most of the way through and the characters were well-drawn and believable. Good mystery and I enjoyed it.

    15. Gripping medical thriller, intricate plot, with a fitting twist at the end. I liked the Boston setting, although none of the characters rode the T and they never went to Cambridge.

    16. This was one of those where you think you have it figured out, but then when you actually do figure it out you have to go back and re-read parts and then it's like "oh yeah, now I get it". Loved it!

    17. Good dialogue and character descriptions, but an uncomfortable topic that sometimes makes you squirm. I thought there were too many early clues that gave the ending away.

    18. amazing author, really knows how to write. As for the book itself, I found the idea very.original,wouln`t really call it a medical drama though but still very good.

    19. Good book, though very graphic! I couldn't put it down, even when I was most uncomfortable reading some of the more disturbing parts. I would read another of his books.

    20. Opening scene is nerve wracking and gruesomely descriptive. Precisely what any horror fan would love. Gary Braver is a fantastic writer.

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