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O Plano de Miss Fairbourne

O Plano de Miss Fairbourne Um neg cio gerido por uma mulher Em Parece imposs vel Mas esse mesmo o plano de Emma Fairbourne ap s a morte do pai Apesar de saber que se trata de uma jogada arriscada ela est disposta at a con

  • Title: O Plano de Miss Fairbourne
  • Author: Madeline Hunter
  • ISBN: 9789892333441
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um neg cio gerido por uma mulher Em 1798 Parece imposs vel Mas esse mesmo o plano de Emma Fairbourne ap s a morte do pai Apesar de saber que se trata de uma jogada arriscada, ela est disposta at a contratar um belo e encantador homem para servir de disfarce, tudo para manter vivo o legado da leiloeira Fairbourne sS que o patriarca Maurice Fairbourne tinha um s Um neg cio gerido por uma mulher Em 1798 Parece imposs vel Mas esse mesmo o plano de Emma Fairbourne ap s a morte do pai Apesar de saber que se trata de uma jogada arriscada, ela est disposta at a contratar um belo e encantador homem para servir de disfarce, tudo para manter vivo o legado da leiloeira Fairbourne sS que o patriarca Maurice Fairbourne tinha um s cio desconhecido, Darius, o Conde de Southwaite Darius um homem habituado a ter o que quer e sem o menor interesse em gerir uma leiloeira, muito menos uma desconfia ele envolta em esc ndalos que poderiam arruinar a sua reputa o N o contava era com a vontade f rrea de Emma, cuja frontalidade simultaneamente exasperante e sensual Darius decide tentar ent o uma nova abordagem, que n o s far com que ela se renda a ele, mas proporcionar imenso prazer a ambosDepois da s rie As Flores Mais Raras, Madeline Hunter volta a encantar nos com a saga da fam lia Fairbourne

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      400 Madeline Hunter
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    1 thought on “O Plano de Miss Fairbourne

    1. Wow. I can’t recall a time that this has happened to me with Madeline Hunter. She’s not always a sure thing for me, as I can recall disliking or being disappointed in some of her books, but that’s not really unexpected when I look at how much of her backlist I have read. But I have never been so completely bored when reading when of her books. Emma’s father, the owner of an auction house, recently died. Emma’s brother, Robert, is presumed dead after a shipwreck, but because her father [...]

    2. Apesar de ter dado apenas três estrelas a este livro, tenho de ser sincera e dizer que gostei do que li. Esta história apresenta-nos algo que no século XVIII era praticamente impossível. Uma mulher solteira à frente de um negócio? Pois, era praticamente impossível e por isso Emma teve de encontrar forma de "driblar" a sociedade da época. Ao perder o seu pai num acidente, e sem saber onde está o seu irmão desaparecido no mar há mais de dois anos, ela tem de arranjar forma de continuar [...]

    3. My enjoyment of this novel is pretty much all about falling for Darius early and wanting him to be happy. I wanted to attach to Emma as well, but she kept doing things that frustrated me. Not that they didn't make sense or weren't in character so much as I just wish she had been someone else. Which shouldn't have worked for a romance (because you generally want the guy to have a girl you like) but Hunter actually made it work, at least for me.And I have to admit that I did sympathize with Emma's [...]

    4. While I generally like MH's work, this one was kind of on the boring side. Her love scenes were too vague at times. Emma's father has passed away and all tha that is left is his auction house. She also found out that her dad had sold half interest in the business to Dariaus Southwaite and an earl no less. Right from the get go he is already making a nuisance of himself trying to run her show. Heck no, she has to save it for her brother whom everybody believes was lost at sea two years ago. But E [...]

    5. Have you ever met someone, listened to him introduce himself and talk for a while and then, suddenly, sadly, realize you’ve not registered a word he's said? I had the literary version of that experience with Ms. Hunter’s The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne. I read the novel — twice — and both times, as soon as I’d finished it, was hard-pressed to remember anything significant about it. When I think how I’d define this novel, the word that comes to mind is bland.The heroine of this book [...]

    6. Opinião completa em: pepitamagica/2016/()A história traz-nos uma premissa invulgar, uma mulher (Emma) a tentar gerir uma leiloeira numa época em que não se viam mulheres a gerirem algo que não fosse a sua própria casa. ()O problema aparece quando se percebe que a leiloeira não era tão legal quanto devia ser – algo que suspeitamos desde o início mas Emma não sabia e Darius(o nosso protagonista masculino) apenas suspeitava que poderia existir ali algo que não devia lá estar. Com uma [...]

    7. If you have read the other reviews, you'll notice to words: bland and/or boring. I can only confirm it. This book is so forgettable that one star may be too much. Yes, the author writes in a competent manner, the plot seems interesting enough. But when all is said and done, everything is flat.The problems start with the title itself. There's no surrender. Because there's no battle. We are promised a strong and intelligent heroine. But I failed to see her. After the first promising chapters, less [...]

    8. Versão Portuguesa: Queridos Leitores,Madeline Hunter é a minha autora favorita de todos os meus autores favoritos. Foi ela quem escreveu um dos meus livros favoritos, Casamento de Conveniência, portanto é uma espécie de ídolo no mundo da literatura. Espécie porque não é a única.Óbvio que não me desapontou, apesar de este não ser um dos seus melhores livros.Emma é a filha de um dos recentes falecidos de uma casa de leilões, a Fairbourne’s. Estamos a falar do século XVIII por is [...]

    9. Emma Fairbourne’s father has recently passed away, leaving her alone in the world. What Emma should do is allow the sale of the family business – the prestigious Fairbourne auction house – which would provide the money she needs to continue to live in the family home. But Emma has other ideas. She hopes that she can run the business herself, and preserve it for her lost brother’s return – for although everyone believes her brother died in a shipwreck a long time ago, Emma will not give [...]

    10. When Emma Fairbourne’s father unexpectedly falls off a cliff and diesShe makes a number of dismaying discoveries.First, unbeknownst to her, her father had a partner. The obnoxious, officious, domineering, condescending, gorgeous, overbearing, dictatorial, Earl of Southwaite, who is set on closing the auction house (because god knows a woman couldn’t manage the place properly). Second, unbeknownst to her, her father had fallen in with smugglers. And the smugglers now expect her to take up whe [...]

    11. I should have been warned off by the word "Surrender" in the title.It's good that you're warned because it then feels like that word or an equivalent synonym is included in every description of her interaction with or feelings towards the 'hero'.Ugh, what a pathetic weak woman when it came to her man. I understand that's how women were raised in that time, but it wasn't that she was weak-willed or spineless. She's described as sharp tongued, she's determined to & shown to be able to run a bu [...]

    12. I'm a huge MH fan, I never thought I would say thisever. But this is one of the most boring books I have ever read. So bland, I wasn't excited when the two main characters got into bed together. And to think that this is the woman who gave the world the Rarest Blooms. In fact I thought she'd written this book back in the day, like early 2000's, only to learn that this book is quite recent.Her writing is still good, and the banter between the characters has some charming moments but Emma gets so [...]

    13. Há um encanto neste livro que emana da personagem principal, o mesmo encanto que chama o nosso protagonista masculino mas que não é suficiente para adorar este livro de Madeline Hunter.Gostei da determinação de Emma e da dificuldade em abalá-la nas suas decisões mas não gostei (view spoiler)[de ela ser tão prontamente enredada em episódios eróticos e quase deixar de ter vontade própria. (hide spoiler)] Creio que esta visão a reduziu enquanto personagem e lhe tirou força e verosimil [...]

    14. Now finished:I love the slow, luxurious quality of Hunter's writing. Her characters take their time to fall in love and frustrate one another, but the ending is more satisfying for it. I also think her books are better upon reread, when I'm not in a hurry to see how the book is resolved, but rather take the time to enjoy.While reading:This is going to sound like a backhanded compliment and I don't mean it that way at all, but --I love how Hunter's characters say bland nothings to one another and [...]

    15. Originally posted HERE.This is the first book in Madeline Hunter’s Fairbourne Quartet, set in the late 1790s. I sort of wish I’d read the books in order rather than reading the second first, but it’s not essential to enjoy the series.I’m really loving that the author chose a time period a few years earlier than the Regency, as it was a completely different time. The politics, war on the horizon, different fashions.The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne is a slow-building book, with much more h [...]

    16. The Surrender of Miss FairbourneBy: Madeline Hunter 2 starsReviewed by:AngelsFormat:Kindle/PaperbackPublished:Penquin Berkely LoveSource:Purchased Gene: Historical RomanceBlurbMay 1798 London. Emma wants to keep the family business running. Before dying recently, her father Maurice knew son and heir John, missing two years, still lived. However, Fairbourne auction house is one-third owned by Darius, Earl of Southwaite, who suspects smuggling - of goods and spies. Her plain-speaking plus his curi [...]

    17. Once again Madeline Hunter has given us a woman of the working or merchant classes, one who has learned her father's art auction business well enough to run the place after he dies. Unfortunately, society and her father's business partner, Darius, the Earl of Southwaite, do not believe that a woman can, or should, run a business. Things I liked about this book: Usually, Emma does not hold back in telling the earl what she thinks. She (and he?) acknowledge that many of their encounters are based [...]

    18. I read this a while ago, and I can actually remember the fact that I found it boring. Which is something, I suppose. I thought the book had some interesting bits of information, but the main characters were rather forgettable. (Some of the secondary characters, on the other hand, seem to have interesting potential. Handsome Stupid Man and the French woman interested me a lot more. And the ex-friend in old fashioned clothes. Honestly, I remember more about them than the main characters.) (view sp [...]

    19. The story began very nicely, and I liked both the male and female protagonists. It was a about a woman in a traditional and sexist society, who wanted to succeed in running her father's business.Her father's partner tried to stop her, but their conflict ended up bringing them closer together, and eventually both had to make some compromises and sacrifices in order to be able to be with each other.I did not enjoy the ending very much, though. The female protagonist became passive and malleable to [...]

    20. This one is set in the earlyish days of the French Revolution, in 1798 or 99, when England was anticipating an invasion. Heroine's father ran an art auction house. He's died falling off a cliff overlooking the English Channel, which raises suspicions, and his daughter's trying to keep the business open and profitable. But there's this silent, noble partner of her father's. And strange things happening. Hero's the nobleman partner, heroine's the auction house owner.

    21. This is beautifully written, many layered romance! I thought it was breathtakingly good- almost flawless.One of the rare books I have started giving to my favorite people. I LOVED this book. I highly recommend it. This may be going too farbut it sometimes reminded me of Jane Austen.

    22. Ms. Hunter's books almost always get 5 stars from me. There is just something about the language she uses that is more eloquent than the average romance author. This story does not disappoint.

    23. Prose as round and smooth as pearls and a wonderful setting. Emma and Southwaite's inability to talk to each other was at times frustrating but always believable. I'm hooked.

    24. Um romance histórico, fora dos salões de baile, com uma mulher que tem de recorrer a alguns esquemas para os seus clientes não perceberem que afinal tudo aquilo é gerido por uma mulher, parece ter tudo para dar certo, mas não sei bem como, Madeline Hunter conseguiu escrever tudo isto de uma forma em que acabamos com uma heroína supostamente resiliente, mas que ao mínimo toque é seduzida, e que tanto parece ser uma mulher independente como uma tontinha e com um conde que honestamente não [...]

    25. The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter is a fantastic historical romance. Ms Hunter has given us a well-written book. Her characters are outstanding. Emma is trying to run her father’s auction house after his death while being forced to work with smugglers to ransom her brother’s freedom. Darius is half owner of the auction house and gets in Emma’s way at every turn. This book is loaded with suspense, humor, drama and sizzle and will keep readers glued to this book. I loved re [...]

    26. Romantic suspense in a historical novel. I liked that the characters evolved and realized that things aren't black and white. It showed the struggle of principles versus people you love. The wrap up was well done and believable.

    27. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a fun, lighthearted read, with a plot that didn’t just revolve around the romance between the two main characters and managed to make me laugh out loud.It’s debatable whether it’s totally historically accurate, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless.

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