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The Grave of Lainey Grace

The Grave of Lainey Grace Every year when the last leaf of summer falls roses are laid at the grave of Lainey Grace No one knows who steals into the cemetery after the gates are closed and locked least of all the head groun

  • Title: The Grave of Lainey Grace
  • Author: Aaron Galvin
  • ISBN: 9781311282514
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Every year, when the last leaf of summer falls, roses are laid at the grave of Lainey Grace No one knows who steals into the cemetery after the gates are closed and locked, least of all the head groundskeeper, Bob.When Bob is warned he ll be fired if the rose givers sneak in again, his ten year old granddaughter, Briar Ann Wade, decides to find out who the perpetrators arEvery year, when the last leaf of summer falls, roses are laid at the grave of Lainey Grace No one knows who steals into the cemetery after the gates are closed and locked, least of all the head groundskeeper, Bob.When Bob is warned he ll be fired if the rose givers sneak in again, his ten year old granddaughter, Briar Ann Wade, decides to find out who the perpetrators are and why they only come each fall.Briar discovers the answer to the mystery only to learn, as her grandpa says, grief and love take many forms and there is healing in both.

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      421 Aaron Galvin
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    1 thought on “The Grave of Lainey Grace

    1. This was such a wonderful and fresh read! Review coming soon!Thank you netgalley for giving me a copy in exchange of a honest review!This gem here is one of the most unique book I've ever read in quite a while. I love how it blends middle grade, fantasy and all of a sudden it just bombs you with so many feels all at while that you are left wondering, "what the heck just happened???"I love how this book takes place in 3 years time; it's really nice to see how the environment and the characters ha [...]

    2. The Grave of Lainey Grace by Aaron GalvinEvery year, when the last leaf of summer falls, roses are laid at the grave of Lainey Grace, no one knows who is doing this. Groundskeeper Bob is warned he will lose his job if the flowers appear again. But his granddaughter Briar Ann is determined to find out who is leaving the pile of flowers and why only at the beginning of Fall.A fantastic story, beautifully told. Briar is very likable, and unstoppable in her quest for the truth. Her Grandfather, wise [...]

    3. Fun readThis was a wonderful story about love and loss. A very warm story about a young girl and her grandfather along with believe it or not fairies and trolls along with other mystical beings. A lost older couple that adds a twist to the story that leads to a great end. I recommend this book to all readers.

    4. EnchantingThe more I read the more magical this story became. I'm considered an old person now but I so enjoyed this book. Sometimes it's wonderful to remember how you used to feel as a child believing in things that as an adult just isn't possible. I would highly recommend this book to all ages!

    5. Interesting readThis a great book very well written with so many hidden emotions that just grab you . Great characters. Full of great wisdom. Everyone needs to be remembered and loved.

    6. Though I went into the book expecting more of a ghost story (when I first read the synopsis the term “rose-givers” seemed very eery), I was delightfully surprised to find a story that very much delved into celtic myth and the like, and did so well. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns or whatever the saying is either; it was a great mix of the fantastical and magical grounded in a story of learning about the realities of this unforgiving and sometimes bleak world we live in. I hadn’t real [...]

    7. For more of my reviews, please visit Booking an Adventure.The Grave of Lainey Grace caught me unexpected. I started reading the book assuming to get a heartfelt coming of age story and yet I got more. What I read was something magical. Little Sarah is ten years old and her favorite place to hangout is with her Grandpa while he works at the cemetery. For a majority of the year, the cemetery is what you would expect. Sarah helps her Grandpa rake leaves, collect flower bulbs, and lock up gates. But [...]

    8. Briar Ann, like her father before her, spends a lot of time in the local cemetery. She's no ghost. It is just that her beloved grandfather works there as head groundskeeper, and there is no other place Brian Ann would rather be than with him. Grandfather Bob fills Briar Ann with stories about hope and heartache as he tends his charges in the cemetery, including Lainey Grace. Lainey Grace is something of a mystery and a local celebrity even-though she has been dead longer than Brian Ann has been [...]

    9. "People mourn in all sorts of different ways." This is a beautiful, magical story about a girl named Briar. Her grandfather is the caretaker for a local cemetery where each year, when the last leaf has fallen from the trees, the grave of Lainey Grace is covered with roses even though the gates are locked. Who is Lainey Grace, who leaves these roses and how? The story follows Briar through the year her grandfather is fired for not preventing (or maybe from leaving) all the roses. Through a touch [...]

    10. Who is Lainey Grace? That was my question for most of the book. The story begins with the groundskeeper of the cemetery, Bob and his granddaughter Briar Ann, waiting once again for the annual placing of the roses on a random grave of a girl named Lainey Grace. They wonder where the roses come from, especially given the cemetery is locked at night and there is seemingly no way for anyone to get in. Briar Ann stumbles upon a magical secret one night that changes everything--and finally answers the [...]

    11. Growing up as a girl to ran around with her grandfather as well I found The Grave of Lainey Grace to be a refreshing and fun novel, memory, mystery…This adorable book did make me laugh and cry. There are many powerful lessons contained in these pages children of all ages ate going to want to get lost in Coldwater Cemetery!(** For me this movie was along the lines of The Bridge to Terabithia or The Spiderwick Chronicles :-) **)More…Author: Aaron GalvinSource: Aaron Galvin in exchange for an h [...]

    12. This story has it all, mystery, family drama, love, leprechauns.A young girl helps her grandpa in the cemetery, where he is the grounds keeper. They have fun, fierce devotion, hard work, and the mystery of where all the roses come from each year when the last leaf of summer falls.There is magic, and sadness. Don't you just hate it when tears are running down your face, but you are also laughing? I recommend this very precious book, good clean funif you don't mind getting your hands dirty digging [...]

    13. I was in the mood for a mystery, and the title of this book caught my eye. It's not what I was expecting; it was better. You'll love the characters, especially Trixie the trickster, and Ferd, the sweet, innocent big oaf. Ten-year-old Briar is determined to find who leaves roses at a grave every year. What she discovers is a lesson in believing the unbelievable, and has to convince others of the truth as well. Well worth the read.

    14. After the slow introduction to the book's world, the story got full of wonder, love and happiness. It's not only about happy things, it's also about grief, sadness and hurting. It teaches you what it is to love, to forgive, to wonder, to believe in impossible things. And what is the beauty of living.Go read my full review at bookstoldmeso/2015/09/review-grave-of-lainey-graceml

    15. I received this copy of The Grave of Lainey Grace by Aaron Galvin from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The was a magical book. It caught the attention of the child in me big time. Fans of The Chronicles of Narnia and Where the Wild Things Are will love this tale.

    16. I LOVED THIS BOOK. From my review: "The Grave of Lainey Grace is absolutely beautiful. Aaron Galvin has brought the essence of being a child and caught between the whimsy of childhood and the sometimes cold reality of adulthood to life with a deft hand."GO READ IT!

    17. Enjoyable?Good book. Different than I am used to. I would recommend it to anybody who can read and likes a bit of fantasy.

    18. Wow!!!Might be one of the most emotional books I have ever read. I couldn't stop reading through my tears and running nose. A must read for all ages in my opinion.

    19. Very sweet storyI'm glad I stumbled upon this book. I enjoyed the relationship between Briar and her grandpa, and loved that this story took a different turn than I was expecting.

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