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Crimson City (Muzaffar Jang, #4)

Crimson City Muzaffar Jang A serial killer is terrorizing Dilli and Mughal nobleman and detective Muzaffar Jang might have finally met his match In the spring of the Mughal armies have reached the Deccan besieging the Fo

  • Title: Crimson City (Muzaffar Jang, #4)
  • Author: Madhulika Liddle
  • ISBN: 9789350097861
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • A serial killer is terrorizing Dilli and Mughal nobleman and detective Muzaffar Jang might have finally met his match.In the spring of 1657, the Mughal armies have reached the Deccan, besieging the Fort of Bidar Back home in Dilli, there is unrest the empire seethes and stirs, and its capital reflects this turbulence Muzaffar Jang, newly married to his beloved Shireen aA serial killer is terrorizing Dilli and Mughal nobleman and detective Muzaffar Jang might have finally met his match.In the spring of 1657, the Mughal armies have reached the Deccan, besieging the Fort of Bidar Back home in Dilli, there is unrest the empire seethes and stirs, and its capital reflects this turbulence Muzaffar Jang, newly married to his beloved Shireen and trying to adjust to life as a husband, stumbles into the investigation of a merchant s murder Even as another crime the kidnapping of a wealthy moneylender s infant son occurs, Muzaffar finds himself at odds with his brother in law, Khan Sahib, the Kotwal of Dilli.Things get increasingly puzzling as one murder follows another and, soon, it is clear that the streets of Dilli have a serial killer on the loose Muzaffar, who soon finds himself at odds with the system as well as those closest to him, must follow his gut to unmask this audacious murderer, while trying to obey Khan Sahib s warning do not get in the way of the law But has he finally bitten off than he can chew

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    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ☆ Crimson City (Muzaffar Jang, #4) : by Madhulika Liddle ✓
      489 Madhulika Liddle
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ☆ Crimson City (Muzaffar Jang, #4) : by Madhulika Liddle ✓
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    1 thought on “Crimson City (Muzaffar Jang, #4)

    1. “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”----Arthur Conan DoyleMadhulika Liddle, an Indian author, pens her fourth book in the Muzaffar Jang series called, Crimson City, that narrates the investigation, done by Muzaffar, of a series of murders occurring in Dilli, along with his brother-in-law, Muzaffar, must try to find and put an end to the killing spree of the serial murderer.Synopsis: A serial killer is terrorizing Dilli and Mughal nobleman and detect [...]

    2. The only final sin is stupidityReview of ‘Crimson City’ by Madhulika LiddleWhere there is crime there is bound to be stupidity. One slip. One error. One blunder to make a detective work on until he finds or stumbles upon the next. For the writer of crime fiction, the passage from one stumble to another is where characters and periods come in. Madhulika Liddle goes back in time almost three hundred and fifty years back to reconstruct fascinating tales of crime and how Muzaffar Jang, the perio [...]

    3. A lovely book which not only stays true to the period in which it is set in but is also authentic to the genre it belongs to.Detailed review put up at mahabore.wordpress/2015/1

    4. Unpredictable and twisted, Crimson City by Madhulika Liddle is the 3rd book that I read as a part of my September #TBR. And what a brilliant read I must say! From the beginning, the story is like a maze. And such a complicated maze that even the best of crime fiction readers won't be able to bust the climax of the story. And out of the three books by Liddle that I have read in September, Crimson City turns out to be the best one of the lot.It is 1657, Shahjahanabad, and Mughal Empire is brimming [...]

    5. The fourth book and third novel featuring Muzaffar Jang was one of the most interesting to me, because of the way it blended the large scale with the very personal. ALL the Muzaffar Jang stories are treasure troves of historical gems about the 17th Century Dilli in which they're set, and this one was no exception. In fact, as the story began, I got the feeling that the murder mystery's solution would lie in the turbulent politics of an Empire in the early stages of its death throes. On that basi [...]

    6. Crimson City is the fourth book in a series featuring Muzaffer Jung. Normally I try to read books in a sequence so that I get the subtleties in the characters as they emerge in the various books. However, I have no regrets, whatsoever, at having bought this book and have read it. Indeed, now I am determined to buy the rest of the books in the series and read them!The series is set in the 17th century mughal empire involving the detective Mazaffer Jung. This particular book is set in Delhi, the t [...]

    7. Another very captivating whodunit from Madhulika Liddle, fourth one in the Jung series. This one goes bolder, the crimes go deeper and more complex, making for a compelling read. Madhulika's deep knowledge of the Mughal era lends authenticity to the narrative. She confidently escorts you through the city, that was Shahjahanabad once, drawing your attention to the finer aspects of the architecture and general mood of the people given the nature of events (both historical and fictional) unfolding [...]

    8. Achieves the enviable target of outstripping the earlier installments it is here that our hero really hits his stride and fortuitously acquires an unexpected aide in his endeavours, not to mention that the long series of crimes in this are really fiendishly difficult and require quite a bit of background checks to solve this one really fleshes out Muzaffar Jang and the last scene outside the Jama Masjid indicates that more turbulence is in store. Will anxiously wait for the next one

    9. My favorite Muzaffar Jang novel so far. Madhulika Liddle has really figured out how to balance her talent for short stories, mysteries which are quicker in resolution, with the longer form of the novel.

    10. 3.5/5The only reason that this book didn't work for me is that it didn't grip me and want me to turn the pages to know whodunnit. And while that's madhulika's general style that her historical fiction and descriptions of life back then work better than the mystery itself, this one left me a wee bit disappointed because it said it's about a serial killer on the loose while, well, there were multiple cases ongoing. So it's not what you expect from a serial killer type of novel. That said she still [...]

    11. Crimson City continues Muzaffar Jang's exploits as a detective and in a departure from the earlier books has multiple murders. While the murder mysteries might not appear complex to some, no one can dispute the remarkable portrayal of life in the Mughal times. I wish Madhulika would continue writing more books on Muzaffar Jang.

    12. This review was first published in The Hans India newspaper.A stage of political unrest is set as the Mughal Emperor, Shahjahan’s troops led by Aurangazeb and Mir Jumla are besieging the Fort of Bidar and rumours of taking on the Golconda Fort in Deccan are rampant. Muzaffar Jang returns in his third story, ‘Crimson City’; this time there are murders committed in his neighbourhood.Crimson City is set in the spring of 1657. There is a serial killer in Dilli and Jung, 26, newly married to Sh [...]

    13. Historical fiction is a difficult genre for an author to attempt; after all it is an imaginary narrative that has to be set in the remote past, while depicting the chosen time period and its cultures with accuracy, believability and depth. It requires extensive research and intensive and imaginative reconstruction. The author has to know the period, and then imagine it and create a believable world in that world.And it is in this aspect that Madhulika Liddle’s writing shines. Her Muzaffar Jang [...]

    14. Delhi has turned into a Sin City. First, a cloth merchant, Aadil, has been brutally murdered for no apparent reason. He had no enmity with anyone. His stock of expensive cloth has been mauled but not stolen. His clerk, Suraj Bhan, is puzzled over the sudden murder of his boss. Then, the family next door to Aadil suffers a similar misfortune.As usual, Muzaffar is intrigued by the murders and rushes in to help. He is brought up short by his brother-in-law, Khan Sahib, the kotwal of Delhi. He is as [...]

    15. Brilliant, as usual. Ms. Liddle did not disappoint at all! Muzaffar Jang, may we read more about you

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