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Grand père et la Lune

Grand p re et la Lune Quand c est sa candidature qui est retenue au Concours de qui ira sur la Lune la jeune h ro ne de cette histoire se r jouit de faire plaisir son grand p re qui souhaite la voir d ployer son plein po

  • Title: Grand père et la Lune
  • Author: Stéphanie Lapointe Rogé
  • ISBN: 9782892619249
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Quand c est sa candidature qui est retenue au Concours de qui ira sur la Lune, la jeune h ro ne de cette histoire se r jouit de faire plaisir son grand p re, qui souhaite la voir d ployer son plein potentiel Mais rien ne se passe comme pr vu Sur le ton de la fable, Grand p re et la Lune montre avec beaucoup de sensibilit qu il faut parfois savoir remettre en questionQuand c est sa candidature qui est retenue au Concours de qui ira sur la Lune, la jeune h ro ne de cette histoire se r jouit de faire plaisir son grand p re, qui souhaite la voir d ployer son plein potentiel Mais rien ne se passe comme pr vu Sur le ton de la fable, Grand p re et la Lune montre avec beaucoup de sensibilit qu il faut parfois savoir remettre en question les r ves qui guident nos pas Un roman graphique poignant, o chacun, qu il soit petit ou qu il soit grand, trouvera une histoire qui lui est adress e.

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    • Best Read [Stéphanie Lapointe Rogé] õ Grand père et la Lune || [Travel Book] PDF Ú
      316 Stéphanie Lapointe Rogé
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Stéphanie Lapointe Rogé] õ Grand père et la Lune || [Travel Book] PDF Ú
      Posted by:Stéphanie Lapointe Rogé
      Published :2018-09-08T11:40:01+00:00

    1 thought on “Grand père et la Lune

    1. “Flummox” is a good word. Very descriptive. It sounds like it defines. Some people are flummoxed constantly. Others are stoic non-flummoxers. I’m somewhere in-between on the flummox-spectrum scale. In life, I flummox occasionally but in books I’m generally quite stoic. That’s why, when I meet an appropriately flummox-ish title I grab and review it immediately. My reviews are predicated entirely on having something to say and a book chock-full o’ flummox certainly fits the bill. Take [...]

    2. Quel beau conte pour adultes . J'ai été surpris pas la poésie du texte de Stéphanie Lapointe et , comme toujours, par les dessins créatifs et sensibles de Rogé ! À partager tout de même , avec les petits et grands

    3. Grandfather and the Moon is considered a children's book, but really I think you get the most out of it as an adult. It starts off as a child's reflection on her grandfather and his depression after the death of his wife. But it quickly turns from what you would expect when the granddaughter starts talking about a contest that she won. She gets to go to the moon and she hopes that this will perk up her grandfather. However, just before she arrives, she ejects herself. According to the author, th [...]

    4. Doux roman graphique aux illustrations apaisantes.Un grand-papa perd sa femme qu’il aime tant et il a du mal à se remettre de cette perte. Ensuite, on suit sa petite fille, qui souhaite le rendre fier en lui apprenant qu’elle ira sur la lune (elle a gagné un concours).J’avais l’impression de lire deux récits différents, avec comme seul (vague) fil conducteur la tristesse du grand-papa. J’ai beaucoup beaucoup été touchée par la première partie et j’ai eu le coeur gros pendant [...]

    5. Featuring soft mixed media illustrations, this graphic novel gently explores a girl's memories of her beloved grandfather, Adrian, "a man of few words" (unpaged). The two share a special bond, but after his wife dies, Adrian seems to lose interest in the world around him. Because of his interest in the moon, the narrator enters and wins a trip to the moon, but then she has second thoughts after the launch and ejects herself, landing in a field where Adrian is waiting, asleep, in his car to take [...]

    6. This is NOT a child’s picture book, even though it’s short enough to read over lunch. I would call it an illustrated book, although I know some people are calling it a graphic. The illustrations are touching, very moody and evocative. I felt the loneliness through the illustrations even without reading the text.The story is told by a grand-daughter about her grandfather, Adrien, after his funeral. They were very close. Adrien is a man of few words, even fewer words after the death of his bel [...]

    7. I just didn't get it. It started out so beautifully. A girl. Her grieving grandfather. I was completely on board. The illustrations were lovely. The text addressed grief gloriously. And then the grandfather kept falling asleep. That's all good. It happens to the best grandfathers. And it *seemed* to be his response to grief. But I kind of couldn't tell. Had he been sleeping all this time?But the moon is where I really got lost. The story is marketed as memoir, so the moon is real, right? Right? [...]

    8. The illustration of this book was beautiful and so was the translation. It's hard to describe this book- it is a graphic novel of sorts, but it is also a picture book. It perfectly describes the relationship of the grandfather and the grandaughter and I found myself forgetting the grandfather had died. (It is revealed on the first page but not mentioned again.) I almost forgot this was a work of fiction until it got to the part of the grandaughter going to the moon. I really, thoroughly enjoyed [...]

    9. My 5-star rating relates to the entirety of this remarkable book. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a wonderful addition to the options available. Death plays a significant part, as a life force rather than as a personified character. The depth of reflection that emerges will depend on background and age, yet it will intrigue young readers. It's a fine example of using a subtle and deft touch among character relationships and experiences in a story that could well have gruesome.

    10. Striking, somber, simple, and spellbinding. A grey meditation on love and grief with concise, lyrical text and muted illustrations. Somewhat obtuse and fanciful, yet entirely emotive and evocative. As for format, this is to picture books what graphic novels are to comic book issues. It's hard to think who to recommend it to yet it's hard to imagine anyone not finding a poignant beauty in it. It's hard to know what else to say.

    11. A memoir based on the grief a girl experiences when her beloved grandfather dies. While the story is told somewhat from the viewpoint of a child, I think this is better suited to tween and teen collections than littles. The illustrations are lovely and go well with the theme of remembering and grief.

    12. This is classified as a children's book, but I don't think that most children would get much out of it. It is a sad story about quiet Grandfather who lost his wife, and granddaughter Mémère who is trying to impress him by traveling to the moon. Adults reading this to their children are likely to get more out of the book.I received this book for free through First-Reads.

    13. C'est beau, bien écrit, mais on dirait que quelque chose me dérangeait sans trouver quoi fin peut-être ? J'aime la description du grand-père, c'est beau, c'est touchant, mais j'ai décroché avec le bout de la luneReste que Stéphanie Lapointe a une superbe plume et j'adore les dessins de Rogé :)

    14. Very beautiful and very weird at the same time. It looks like it's about the grandfather and his relationship with his granddaughter, and turns out to be more philosophical than you would have thought.

    15. This book is tough. The book itself is beautiful- the art is gorgeous, the book has a nice heft, and the pages are good quality. I just am not sure what age group I would recommend this for it felt very mature in it's message. I am going to have to think about this one some more.

    16. A granddaughter explores the depth of silence and finds that the emptiness can be filled with a lot of thought or reminiscences or even the sleep that is deserved after decades of hard work. The muted colour of the beautiful illustrations brings to mind memories of times gone by.

    17. deep book addressing goals/ depression. mixed media illustrations. I feel like this would go over kids heads. I had to read it over and am still puzzling.

    18. I just didn’t care for this book. I read it because it was on a list of the weirdest children’s books of 2017. Skip it, but check out the others. Some are really good.

    19. Do you love crying over breakfast about your family being proud of you no matter what? Do I have the book for you!

    20. Apparantly this is meant to be a children's graphic novel, but I find it hard to believe they would be able to fully appreciate this nuanced, touching story.

    21. 3/5 stars. this was so adorable and i absolutely adored the art style. would definitely recommend but it wasn't anything spectacular.

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