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Sweet Not every love story is a romance novel For Jules Burns a lonely baker it is the memory of his deceased husband Andy For Teddy Flores a numbed to the world accountant who accidentally stumbles int

  • Title: Sweet
  • Author: Alysia Constantine
  • ISBN: 9781941530610
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not every love story is a romance novel For Jules Burns, a lonely baker, it is the memory of his deceased husband, Andy For Teddy Flores, a numbed to the world accountant who accidentally stumbles into his bakery, it is a voyage of discovery into his deep connections to pleasure, to the world, and to his own heart.Sweet is also the story of how we tell stories of what weNot every love story is a romance novel For Jules Burns, a lonely baker, it is the memory of his deceased husband, Andy For Teddy Flores, a numbed to the world accountant who accidentally stumbles into his bakery, it is a voyage of discovery into his deep connections to pleasure, to the world, and to his own heart.Sweet is also the story of how we tell stories of what we expect and need from a love story The narrator is on to you, Reader, and wants to give you a love story that doesn t always fit the bill There are ghosts to exorcise, and jobs and money to worry about Sweet is a love story, but it also reminds us that love is never quite what we expect, nor quite as blissfully easy as we hope.

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    1 thought on “Sweet

    1. A beautiful story about life, love, grief and the moments in between. It's these moments that give us pause and make us anxious and sweaty palmed. The subtle ways we flirt. The times we are blinded by our emotions. The uncertain sadness felt after a loss, and the skeptical exhilaration of the start of something and someone new.Also, the food and recipes mentioned throughout sound absolutely amazingly delicious!An amazing debut novel. Highly recommended.

    2. This was a really good read that I borrowed from the library. Jules Burns is a lonely baker mourning the loss of his husband, Andy. Teddy Flores is a numbed-to-the-world accountant who accidentally stumbles into his bakery and, with the help of a mouthy baker’s assistant, some good pastry and Jules himself, rediscovers his deep connections to pleasure, to the world and to his own heart. This book had me hooked from the first chapter. This book has some desert that I really wanted liked sunshin [...]

    3. Jesus. No. Shudder. This kind of book and me just don't mix. Incredibly verbose. Very poetic. I can take poetic in small doses but when there is nothing but poetic - thank you, no. Too much prettiness and sweetness. Nothing happening. Always "not there yet" and "near misses". No story, just words. Dragging for so long that I completely stopped caring. Bored to tears. Sorry.

    4. I was lucky enough to be offered an advance review copy of delightful Sweet by Alysia Constantine. Invited into the world of Jules’ bakery and all its delicious enticements, this clever romance has everything you could possibly want; from slow burn meet cutes, tragic backstory, knowing narrators and a couple that you champion through all of life’s little missteps. It is Two Boys Kissing meets Chocolat, by way of a delicious array of cupcakes & confectionary, and a little bit of haunting. [...]

    5. From the first paragraphs of this book two things were obvious. First, the author was doing something *different* with the style of this book and second, it was so beautifully written, I *had* to see what it was. Beyond the honestly stunning prose and very clear style of this book was a very simple and yet also hearty story. The narrator of the story tells us this so clearly -- the characters carry both a story that isn't new (heartbreak, healing, love, attraction etc.) but, as is with all of ou [...]

    6. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsEvery once in a while a book comes along that is not what was expected. Sweet falls into that category for me and I was thoroughly entertained, moved, and riveted during the time I spent with this book. It was not time spent with one specific character, but time spent in their world and a good portion of the book had the same feel as watching a play where it’s the immediate moments that are the most important.The prose here is filled with many words and feeling [...]

    7. You should read this novel very much like you’d savor a fudge chocolate cake–slowly, savoring it, one bite at a time. Not like I did. I devoured it like I was starving, quickly and all at once. Do as I say, not as I do. This book deserves to be savored, because it’s delicious, and so different from so many other books. The narrator speaks directly to the reader–transcends the fourth wall. But that’s not all that’s different. It’s a delight, full bodied story interspersed with blog [...]

    8. Love, loss, grief, joyd chocolate! This is such a beautiful story. Awkward and tender, gentle yet thoughtful, I fell immediately in love with both Jules and Teddy. I loved the slow build up and the exquisite baking. Teddy and Jules meet through glimpses, words and bakery treats. Jules can write and he can bake but he is still mourning the loss of his husband and suffering from almost paralysing social anxiety. Teddy is very sweet, but a little grey and lacklustre when we first meet him. The deli [...]

    9. Much to my delight, I received an advance copy of Sweet to review, and I sped through it with an almost insatiable hunger. Constantine's lyrical turn of phrase is unmatched, and the story moves at a satisfying clip, helped along by a delightful group of side characters -- especially 'Trice, the bakery assistant.The book is magical (yet mostly realistic) all the way through, but there is one plot point that I felt would have made more sense, and been more emotionally satisfying, if it had gone an [...]

    10. The leads are charming and self-aware, the prose is sprinkled with tiny sparkly thoughts about life and love and reality and imagination. The omniscient narrator voice makes the whole endeavor read a little like Stranger than Fiction, without the taxes. Also the baked goods sound delightful.

    11. Title:SweetAuthor: Alysia ConstantineSeries: Publisher: Interlude PressRelease Date: February 4, 2016Genre(s): LGBTPage Count: 246Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:Not every love story is a romance novel. For Jules Burns, a lonely baker, it is the memory of his deceased husband, Andy. For Teddy Flores, a numbed-to-the-world accountant who accidentally stumbles into his bakery, it is a voyage of discovery into his deep connections to pleasure, to the world, and to his own h [...]

    12. What TOTALLY WORKED for me:The language: Oh my lord, people. This is sensory poetry. Do you know that moment when you read prose that somehow captures an ineffable sensation you’d never quite put into words? Reading this book is like having that moment over and over again for 250 pages. It took me ages to pick out a favorite quotation that wasn’t simply a snapshot of an entire page.The wit: This novel is perfectly aware of what you, the reader, expect from a love story. It knows the tropes a [...]

    13. I fell in love with the story during the first chapter. The lush writing, the real characters, the stumbling towards romance, the “greek chorus” of the narrative speaking directly to the reader all work together to make this something special. While I’ve always had a love affair with baked goods, I’ve gained a new appreciation for gourmet pastries after reading their wonderfully detailed descriptions and how they retain the love and care of their creator before transferring to the lucky [...]

    14. I fell painfully, impossibly in love with this book--but not recklessly. From page one the narrator warned me that Sweet wasn't a typical romance, so I began with my heart tucked carefully away, and guarded. Much like Teddy, I didn't want to feel too much. But of course that's not how love works.Reading this book isn't a passive activity. It's active, it's engaging, it makes you suddenly aware of your body--a thing almost the antithesis of reading, and romance, and escapism. I'd heard, of course [...]

    15. A wonderful love story of two people who are adrift and find something important within themselves. Grief and longing and settling for what's safe and taking the leap into a new life and the sensual language of pastries. Delicious.

    16. Reading Sweet by Alysia Constantine is a lot like venturing through a carnival. The writing is like cotton candy—airy and meltingly sweet on your palette. At times, it's dizzying and exciting like riding the Tilt-A-Whirl. There's moments that stick with you, like a caramel apple against the roof of your mouth. And there are other unexpected pages of wonder, like the Funhouse, that tickle your insides to a completely unpredictable high.Told in a very whimsical way, Sweet doesn't remain in one g [...]

    17. Loved every part of this book. Specially enjoyed the writer's point of view. The description of the desserts made my mouth water. What a beautiful love story.

    18. REVIEW @Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsI’m in the minority here cause readers seem to have loved Sweet. I didn’t love it but I liked it. I don’t think I’ll going to reread it in the next future but I am so grateful to have discovered a new to me author.Jules is still recovering from the death of his husband Andy, a recovering spent in Buttermilk’s kitchen, his bakery, doing what he knows and does better, be a pastry chef. He doesn’t have a lot of relationships outside her kitchen, [...]

    19. SweetConfession: I grabbed this book off a library shelf without looking at the title, author’s name, blurb, or back, because I liked the cover. There you go—readers do make choices that way.I fell in love with it from the first page—essentially put life and work on hold until I got to the end. It’s beautifully, lightly written—it reads the way a perfect dessert should taste, and that’s a metaphor that you will appreciate all the more if you read the book.I actually don’t want to t [...]

    20. I received this book for an honest review from Giveaways. It was a great book on how to deal with relationships. Even thought this book is written about 2 men it could be any kinda of relationship on how to deal with being shy, and so unsure what you want in life. One of the gentlemen is a baker and owns a bakery that makes wonderful pastries, and the other gentlemen who is a CPA who happens to come in one day and the wonderful assistant know that they should be together and they both had a lot [...]

    21. This book has a very unique and interesting narrative style from the first pages: a sort of breaking of the fourth wall that adds to the whimsical and (if you'll pardon the pun) sweet feel of the story. It borders on fantastical in parts but not in any way that would detract from the story that's being told; if anything, it adds further dimensions that you could never have seen coming. I am left with just one, teeny tiny question When do I get the accompanying recipe book?!

    22. I really enjoyed this. The language is vivid and lush, and the characters are fleshed out and real, even as their romance is at times ratherwell, magical. There's a nice balance between fairy tale and the realities of grief and loss, and I loved the blog posts connecting baking to all the different ways we love each other. I wish that blog really existed!

    23. -Originally reviewed for Prism Book Alliance-Actual rating: 4.25 starsOh my gosh, this book is DELICIOUS. I want to wrap myself in a pastry of its delicate, detailed prose and roll around in a bowl of its soft, sexy…everything…for dessert.Jules is witty and brave inside the shell of his grief, and Teddy has been repressed for so long he almost doesn’t know how to interact with folks outside of his safety bubble at first. Their road to friendship (and later, love) is as slow and sweet as mo [...]

    24. Ya'll. This book was weird.We meet Jules Burns, a pastry chef, living in NYC. He owns his own bakery, Buttermilk, and business is good. In walks Teddy Flores - well, technically, he's dragged in - and you can guess how things go from therend of. Turns out, Jules' husband, Andy, was killed in a bus accident a little over a year ago and he is still hanging around. Yes. This is a ghost story. I have read mixed reviews on this one and all of the collective issues that others have talked about - extr [...]

    25. *I voluntarily read this book. All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else's*This was quite a unique book with a distinctive storytelling style - it was sweet, funny yet delicious and sensual. The author definitely succeeded in awakening all my senses - my mouth was watering just thinking about the yummy desserts. Jules and Teddy were adorable and I loved watching their relationship slowly develop.

    26. I loved every minute of this book. The writing was absolutely beautiful and the story was perfectly sweet, undercut with some real life heartbreak which made the novel all the more special for me.

    27. I have always though about this novel as a story about passion, and while I guess a romance novel is, by definition, about passion one way or another, there is clearly something more to Sweet. On the one hand, we have kind and chronically lonely baker, Jules Burns, who does what I think is the scariest and most difficult jobs in the world – he lovingly creates sophisticated baked goods and secretly watches people enjoying said creations from his hiding place in the kitchen. On the other hand, [...]

    28. Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!Oh my word this book is good.I was dying laughing before the end of the first chapter. I absolutely love how the narrator tells the story and you can feel that voice as you read. The way the narrator interjects into the story was so delightful. It made for a fascinating read. The characters though! Oh my word I want to take them and smish them so hard. Teddy and Jules got off to a slow start but it was beautiful when they got together. They wer [...]

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