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Dance Come join the dance company Streach Think Learn Together Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse Music Lights Costumes Now it opening nightDance

  • Title: Dance!
  • Author: Elisha Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780060294182
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Come join the dance company.Streach.Think.Learn.Together.Rehearse.Rehearse Rehearse.Music.Lights.Costumes.Now it opening nightDance

    • Best Read [Elisha Cooper] ☆ Dance! || [Poetry Book] PDF ↠
      106 Elisha Cooper
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Elisha Cooper] ☆ Dance! || [Poetry Book] PDF ↠
      Posted by:Elisha Cooper
      Published :2018-06-25T12:47:20+00:00

    1 thought on “Dance!

    1. This was the best book for kids on modern dance that I've ever read. Cooper's simple drawings combined with playful text bring out the hard work and artistry it takes to put together a dance production. The dancers seemed to flow through their moves. I felt like I was part of the dance as I was reading it. It made me wish I was young enough to make moves like that. It made me want to go see a dance production. Give this book to energetic kids!

    2. It documents a day of dance company and the processes of preparing a performance. It allows reader to experience the story as a journey to make a discovery within the situations that set by the author. The illustration style is also very interesting, the text and illustration will follow the dancers's movement to be arraigned differently.

    3. Dance! does an amazing job portraying the lengthy and hectic process ballet dancers go through during rehearsals. The author encourages patience through his book as it is clear that is takes weeks to perfect a performance, that you cannot come to one rehearsal and present that the night. This book would be great for children who are interested in ballet who are more academically advanced as difficult words are used throughout the book. I give this book 5 stars because Cooper did an amazing job p [...]

    4. Although I haven't read many books on/about dance, I can well believe this might be the best one out there, as Krista claims it is. It is clever, captivating and pure visual delight. Whether you are a dancer, artist, theatre-goer, or simply an aficionado of all things beautiful, you won't be able to help enjoying this treat. The little people who dance across each page are both inspiring and challenging. It's been awhile since I've seen a live dance performance but I do recall the human body is [...]

    5. As a dancer, I find the text and pictorials to be precisely accurate. My favorite line was when the choreographer talks "EVERY! WORD! HE! SAYS! HAS! AN! EXCLAMATION! POINT!" This is hilariously true to the profession. But having snatched this book up for a 4-year-old dancer and expecting it to be geared to the typical picture book audience, I was disappointed to not have larger pictures vs. the fancy stick figures in motion. While the words matched my memories, it's a dry read for a dancer young [...]

    6. Through his simple and unique illustrative style, Elisha Cooper is able to guide young readers through the various stages that help build and make up a dance performance. From stretches that reach out towards the sky to animated choreographers that emphasize "EVERY! WORD!", from movements that are molded like clay to the musical rhythms that travel "through the floor and up a dancers' legs and into their chests", little readers and dancing enthusiasts can enjoy this very visual and lyrical tale. [...]

    7. This detailed informational book describes the hard work that dancers put in to become the best they can be for a performance.The intricate detail makes this book a very fast-paced read. It would be wonderful for opening a dance unit in a physical education class. The discussion of individual dancers is intriguing as the author explains their hard work and aches and pains one by one. The pictures assist the text by being exact replicas of what the author is describing.

    8. I love the illustrations of this book! The design allows the dancers to look as though they are in constant motion!This book covers all the aspects of what it means to be in a dance company, from stretching to practice to choreography to opening night. The reader will never feel a moment of relaxation.Grade: 2nd Grade - 5th GradeTopic: Dancing, Careers

    9. A very unique book that teaches kids what it is to learn a new dance routing. Not only did I love the routines, but I also loved how the author wrote the narration. The words "dance" on the pages, as well.

    10. Beautifully written through verse, the author tells the story of wha it is to dance and put on a performance.

    11. Since I took ballet as a kid, I enjoyed reading this book. The illustrations were simple yet they went well with the words.

    12. Cooper illustrates the dancers in minature and therefore can present them in many poses. I was disappointed he did not hand letter the text as he had done in a previous title.

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