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Sink (The Lost World #1)

Sink The Lost World Move over Cussler Crichton and Conan Doyle There s a new master of thrilling adventures A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon It can happen anywhere anytime It drinks lakes dry consumes jungles and e

  • Title: Sink (The Lost World #1)
  • Author: Perrin Briar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Move over Cussler, Crichton and Conan Doyle There s a new master of thrilling adventures A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon It can happen anywhere, anytime It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even demolishes entire mountains You may have seen one in your street But these things aren t lost They ve simply been moved Things are forgotten on the surface all Move over Cussler, Crichton and Conan Doyle There s a new master of thrilling adventures A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon It can happen anywhere, anytime It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even demolishes entire mountains You may have seen one in your street But these things aren t lost They ve simply been moved Things are forgotten on the surface all the time Beneath the crust, they re always remembered SINK A forgotten world A lost world But not for long.

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    1 thought on “Sink (The Lost World #1)

    1. This was a freebie read from the Author & I loved it! It was well written & I read it in 1 day since I couldn't put it down! Now I'm dying to read the next book in this series!

    2. Sink: The Lost World - a review by Rosemary KennyBrilliant author Perrin Briar highlights the contentious and extremely relevant issue of fracking, starting with the title [is our modern world doomed to be 'lost', as the the missing humans and even the dinosaurs were?] and by using clever references to Jurassic Park and Planet of the Apes [among others].George Tate is the seismologist tasked with maintaining and recording subterranean activity at a fracking operation in Alaska. One day a tremor [...]

    3. Like viewing a film!Kudos Perrin Briar! I certainly could not a ask for more! What an adventure complete with fleshed out characters, exciting adventures, fantastical situations!!! I enjoyed every moment reading this story. It was as if I were watching a movie play in my mind!

    4. InterestingOverall an entertaining tale with an interesting cast of characters. The juvenile characters actions in the book seemed way over the top and just plain cruel and that took some from the story. I liked the story enough that I will read book two.

    5. A good readA bit slow to start. Very interesting premise. Love the return of the Indians and the Jurassic Park / Flintstone war with the Planet of the Apes.

    6. This book was a disappointment. I hate writing negative reviews, especially when a book isn't all bad. This one wasn't bad. I just wasn't very good. When I started the book I realized I was reading a young adult novel, and not a particularly good one. I searched the internet to make sure and it appears that this is, in fact, written for adult readers. I decided to keep reading it as a YA novel because I wouldn't have gotten through it otherwise and I hate wasting money. I am surprised at the hig [...]

    7. Great adventure seriesI don't know what I was expecting but not such a great beginning to a new adventure story. Taking the dangers of Fracking to a new level, Briar has given us food for thought as a series of very lark sink holes are exposed during the fracking process. Bryan Angelo an business man who has make millions creating and selling companies has now entered the oil business and found Fracking to be the new energy source. He hires Zoe Tate, a seismologist to give him an in depth review [...]

    8. fallenoverbookreviewsI was kind of skeptical at first on reading this book but I decided to give it a try still. I was pretty impressed with the story being told. The world that is created below a sinkhole seemed like something you would see in a movie. How a simple camping trip can turn around within a blink of an eye is just crazy and the author did a great job with describing how the event happened to the world that Aaron, his mother Zoe, Cassie and her father Bryan find themselves in. They m [...]

    9. Like Lost World (the real deal from 1912) and Journey to the Center of the Earth before it (1864) Perrin Briar takes the adventure below. Instead of traveling in time, it's a straight shoot down, which the eponymous Sink enables. This time it's a would be family a man and his teenage daughter and the woman he loves and her teenage son whose camping trip ends up taking a turn south. Beware the evils of fracking. Briar writes very lite stories, it's just pure lite reading, it isn't literature and [...]

    10. I think I can be forgiven for thinking that this would be a cool SF story about an undiscovered land. I expected danger, excitement, exploration. Instead, I only made it through half of the book. Why? Because after one small sinkhole at the beginning, the entire rest of the book so far has been about two classmates trying desperately to break up their dating, getting-serious parents. It was eyeroll-inducing at first, and cringeworthy; both kids tried to completely humiliate their parents at a fa [...]

    11. A SIMPLE MAN'S REVIEW:I hate doing these types of reviews. The author put a lot of time and effort into this work, and I'm sure he has some great books, but unfortunately, this was not one of them. The first half of the book is like a bad parody of the movie "The Parent Trap", except the kids want to break their parents up. The behavior and dialogue from the teenagers is completely unrealistic. Maybe if the kids were 10 or 11, I would have bought it.The second half of the book is a bad copy of " [...]

    12. I was given this in exchange for an honest review - I don't do any other kind!Loved this story - hated the title! SorryThis is a sort of cross between early Earth stories, the original Lost World by Conan Doyle, and all those fantastic B-movie matinees that we would see in the cinema on a Saturday morning (I'm showing my age now!).I really enjoyed this. It is a very visual, imaginative story, and as with all good stories you can 'see' it in your head. Regardless of genre, Perrin Briar is well ve [...]

    13. ** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**'Sink: The Lost World' completely surprised me. Perrin Briar brought quite a few genres together in this book. The storyline was quite intriguing. I can't imagine going on a camping trip only to be thrown into a completely different world. The characters were great. Bryan, Zoe, Aaron and Cassie are tested personally and as a family unit. They were put in a situation that was both interesting and scary as crap. I hope ther [...]

    14. Briar has put together another amazing adventure, a look into a completely different world that leaves the reader absolutely absorbed. It's a special talent he has, to create these worlds in such detail that it carries the reader right into the middle of the story. This is probably my favorite so far of his, although all of his books are wonderful. This would be a great one to start with if you haven't read any of his books yet, though watch out--you'll be hooked on his work after this one. Grab [...]

    15. Another great book by Perrin Briar. It had some similarities to his RobinZom series, but enough differences to keep the reader interested. His descriptions were quite precise and made the reader feel like they were right there watching everything that was happening. This makes for a great more enjoyable read when an author can do that. I hope that there will be a series of books created on this topic, because there were some loose ends that need to be answered. It would not be good to leave a re [...]

    16. Should have been sunk before it saw the light of day.I almost gave up on this book within the first few paragraphs when it became obvious that the author doesn't know the difference between a jet ski and a snowmobile, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and soldiered on to the end of the first chapter. At that point I found myself drowning in cliches and gave it up to preserve my sanity. There may be a market for this kind of book, but it's not for those with more than a modest a [...]

    17. Sunk my teeth into this oneFast paced and exciting, despite being a shorter choice of my books I read, I was captured from the start, enjoyable and not so enjoyable characters abound. My only issue is I want more, with so many unanswered questions I cannot help but hope that this is the start of a whole new world to explore.

    18. Great book! I wish it had concentrated a little more on the fantastic "lost world" instead of squabbling kids above ground, but it was still a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait to read more!!

    19. Not bad for a simple storyThis is a pretty simplistic story. Far-fetched and unbelievable , but it was okay. I'm assuming there's to be a second book so that we can find out what happened to these people. I'm not sure if this is YA novel or not but it read that way.

    20. This was a good book after it finally got going. Lots of excitement. The first 45% is taken up in adolescent selfishness and dialog. I think this may be better suited to the younger teen readers.

    21. Ran through the jungleI read until the sink hole and into the Dino's and native Americans then the apemen then I just skimmed the rest because plausibility escaped. The ending disappointed. I thought if it gets better maybe it ends well I'll go back and read more details. But no!

    22. Sink is a modern twist of Verne. If you enjoy a story that takes time for character and relationship building before racing headlong into the stew, the Sink is your read. Not bad, hope the sequel moves a bit faster now that the groundwork is complete.

    23. Good read even though it reminded of the "Lost World". Good characters and interesting story. Hope there isA sequel. I do not understand why there is a word minimum with these reviews. It is very stupid and meaningless.

    24. A very unexpected story and equally enjoyable. I love 'hollow earth' stories and this one was both fresh and fun.

    25. This book started out a bit slow, and I found myself absolutely loathing the two teenage characters who are absolute brats til all the action picks up.

    26. I loved reading this book! it's like jumanji meets the lost world meets planet of the apes meets something so much more. this book took me on an adventure!

    27. Down the sinkI kept waiting for something to happen that was unlike so many Jules Verne wannabes. Never happened. A waste of good reading time.

    28. It was good. The younger man was a bit selfish. No regard for older men. But other than that it was an okay read.

    29. A wonderful book with lots of action and great descriptions of the scenery and characters. I recommend this book to everyone.

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