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Claimed by the Bear

Claimed by the Bear A single taste of forbidden love is all it takes A war is brewing between the magical factions in Palm Haven and white witch Ashley Montgomery is caught in the middle of it She wants to tame her magi

  • Title: Claimed by the Bear
  • Author: Sennah Tate
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A single taste of forbidden love is all it takes A war is brewing between the magical factions in Palm Haven, and white witch Ashley Montgomery is caught in the middle of it She wants to tame her magic, but her Coven seems to have other plans Plans that may force her to reveal just how much power she has, or risk losing her magic forever Unless she can find one of t A single taste of forbidden love is all it takesA war is brewing between the magical factions in Palm Haven, and white witch Ashley Montgomery is caught in the middle of it She wants to tame her magic, but her Coven seems to have other plans Plans that may force her to reveal just how much power she has, or risk losing her magic forever Unless she can find one of them to help her Shifters, that is Like Callan, the bear shifter she can t seem to stay away from Callan Fredricks is not happy with his bear s reaction to Ashley The shifter in him instantly recognizes her as his mate, and he ll do anything to have her but the human side of Callan isn t so convinced After all, shifters and witches are mortal enemies In order to conquer the danger stalking them both and find their happily ever after, Ashley and Callan will have to overcome their long held prejudices, but that s easier said than done and time is quickly running out Note Although best enjoyed together, each book in the Palm Haven Shifters series are completely stand alone romance novellas, each with their own very satisfying HEA Tempting the Tiger gp product B017 Bound to the Wolf dp B019X7FQBS Catching the Tiger dp B01AYIHNFW

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      268 Sennah Tate
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    1. Fate certainly had a cruel sense of humor. 5 GOLDEN BEARSHe’s a freaking shifter. Pull yourself together. But the old argument sounded hollow and meaningless. No, he’s a freaking teddy bear. And what do you do with teddy bears? You snuggle them. Witches & Tigers & Bears, YUMMY YUM YUM!! What a BEARY FANGTASTIC story!! It's stuffed full with friends, magic, mates, enemies, Old Ways vs. New, intrigue, mystery, betrayal, lust & love and so much more that makes it one FURMENDOUSLY BE [...]

    2. Claimed by the Bear picks up the mystery where Palm Haven Shifters, #1 left off. In book one the reader is introduced to Sarah (the witch), Sloan (the tiger shifter) and the underlying felling that something big is brewing. That idea is carried over to this installment and lets just say the plot thickens. I like to one of the themes of the series (that witches and shifters don't socialize in any manner) and there are a few brave souls who break tradition deliberately or accidentally. As that the [...]

    3. Claimed by the Bear is the second book in the Palm Haven Shifters series. It's Callan's story. It's a standalone book that connects with other books in the series through some shared characters and has an HEA. It's not necessary to read the first book in this series first or even at all but I would recommend doing that.Callan and Ashley meet when Callan saves her life. Callan is a bear shifter, whose bear instantly recognizes Ashley as it's mate. Ashley is a witch who is a member of a coven and [...]

    4. WitchesWitches, tigers, and bearsOH MY! Unfortunately, they are not all good, in fact there seems to be some very evil plans afoot. Ashley and Callen have connected, but how long would they have with war threatening on the horizon? Can't wait to start the third book of the series!

    5. Sennah is a tremendous Author and has done a fantastic job on the story-line and the plot both of which thicken throughout the story-line. The character personalities so fit with their characters and it make for an amazing storyCallen a bear shifter saw a woman about to be smashed by falling material so he raced over to her grabbed her and took her to ground where he covered her for protection with his own body.Ashley couldn't believe all of the bubbles of magic fluttering throughout her. Then s [...]

    6. CLAIMED BY THE BEAR-(Palm Haven Shifters Book 2)-A THRILLING SUSPENSEFUL ROMANTIC STORY.The story focuses on; Ashley, a sexy, audacious, green-eyed beautiful witch; Callan, a sultry, stop your heart gorgeous, powerful bear-shifter.What you'll find in this story; a cast of awesome impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, powerful vivid scene descriptions, fabulous banter, gut-wrenching moments, pent up rage, gripping suspense, action, horrific danger, life threatening moments, [...]

    7. Sennah Tate is an awesome author and I love her books. "Claimed by the Bear" was a good book. It captured my interest at the beginning of the book all the way to the end. The ending to me just needed a little more. Wasn't a fan of the ending. Overall I really like the book and I would recommend it to anyone to read because what I like and other like may not be the same. Most people will probably agree with her ending choice.Ashly Montgomery is a white witch who is caught in the middle of the war [...]

    8. The Bear and the Witch– mystery, romance and magic!! 4.7 starsAshley, a witch, on her way to a Coven emergency meeting when she is saved from falling debris by a construction worker with golden eyes who makes her magic swirl. The emergency concerns the sudden draining of magic – which Ashley knows has resulted from her friend Sarah who is a Guardian, and is also now mated to a Tiger. Historically witches and shifters do not mix. The Coven presses responsibility for Sarah upon Ashley.Ashley i [...]

    9. Great Read! It seems like the world keeps pushing Ashley & Callan together, is it really just a coincidence, or are they indeed future mates.Ashley Montgomery is running late to her meeting with The Coven. A wolf whistle coming from the scaffolding around the building annoyed of his caveman styled behaviour, Ashley puts her head down and rushes passed. Little does she know she’s soon to be wrestled to the ground by a very Hot workman.Callan Fredricks is working on the building, his Bear se [...]

    10. can a Bear and a Witch overcome all obstaclesThe town of Palm Haven is a magic town full different shifters, tigers(Sloan), bears(Callan) and wolves not to mention the coven of witches. The problem is none of them get along, each an enemy of the other even though they all have magic. Palm Haven is special in that it has strong Ley lines running under it. Sara is the Guardian of the lines the problem is that she is a new witch and cannot control magic and the Ley is strong magic. Sarah's mate is [...]

    11. Ashley is a witch with untapped powers in a town over run with shifters. But she is using up her powers and reserve to help Sarah tame her magic. Until she meets someone that gives her a boost. But this person that gives her a boost is someone that is forbidden to her. Will Ashley let the laws dictate her life?Callan is a bear shifter whose clan stays to themselves. That is until he runs into Ashley. Now he can't stay away from her. His bear knows who she is and is ready to do something about. B [...]

    12. in this second installment we see things from a different perspective then in the first book. it shows us more then the characters themselves realize and i like that. it kept me on the tip of my chair while reading. once more we join a witch, one who's helping the one we got to know in the first bookill it is a big no no to engage anything with a shifter (which the first witch kindly ignored when she mated with a tiger *winks* ). this time the witch in question runs into a bear of a man, literal [...]

    13. Sennah Tate has written a wonderful story of shifter and witches. Just fell in love with the characters and the strength they showed to overcome things. Ashley is a member of the Coven and has been helping Sarah the Guardian. But there is more going on in the town then it appears. There are two battles being wage in the background before a full out war starts between shifters and witch. Callen is a bear shifter and when he saves Ashley from an accident at the Coven house, he is happy to finally [...]

    14. Get carried away with a great storyYou will fall in love with this story line. It builds. It is interesting and compelling. Ashley and Callum are two different kinds of supernatural and their situation reminds me of the crap interracial couples deal with. I loved how the secrets in town are all connected but each has its own twist that favors their faction. I was drawn in to the story right from the beginning and I remembered reading the first story in this series a while back. I really like Sen [...]

    15. Oh Book 2 is for Ashley and Callan Ashley is a coven witch helping an untaught witch how to control her powers and protect the ley lines since the is ment to be there guardian. But there seems to be more going on behind the scenes and the of the coven "Sage" seem out to get Ashley. And they there is Callan a big bear who with one look know that Ashley was his mate witch or not he and his bear doesn't really care she is there's they just have to get her on board with the idea lolLove the characte [...]

    16. Ashley Montgomery is a witch, and she's been helping Sarah (from book) learn to use her powers and to guard the ley lines. Callan Fredericks is a bear shifter who is doing construction the coven mansion - they literally run into each other, neither knowing who (or what) the other is and end up having a fling. Callan realizes Ashley is his mate, but there is trouble brewing with the witches and seeing a shifter is not in the cards for Ashley. This was a short and sexy story, and although the book [...]

    17. A Great read! A very well written story. Suspenseful, hot, sexy, and steamy. It will keep you on your toes. Ashley, a witch, needs to replenish her magic. She meets Callan at a bar and let's just say her day gets better. Little does she know Callan is a bear shifter. Shifters and witches don't mix due to mistrust. She has her hands full training the new guardian, Sarah and dealing with her coven. She doesn't have time for this. Or does she? Strife sets in within her coven. Was Ashley's life on t [...]

    18. this is an ARC REVIEW given in exchange for an honest review i also read the first book in this series and look forward to reading book 3 that comes out at the end of this month . so what happens when fate brings your mate . but what happens when your mate is a witch and you are a shifter and that neither are to be together . do you deny the truth of what you feel or stop denying and go for what your heart knows is right . and what if your coven has bad plans for you only to have war come when i [...]

    19. I love that this story takes place here in Florida. The Palm Haven Shifters series is a very magical, intriguing, suspenseful and witty series.In this second book of the series Ashley discovers that she is in grave danger and it's too close to home because it's someone very powerful in her coven. This person is planning something catastrophic and will use different shifters to make it happen, but Ashley is in the way and must be eliminatedOnly problem is this was discovered by Callan a bear shif [...]

    20. Ashley is a witch and she knows to avoid shifters. There seems to be a war brewing and there may be someone out to get her. Callan is a bear shifter and for some reason he just can't seem to get Ashley off his mind once he sees her. Ashley doesn't realize Callan is a bear at first, and once she knows she can't seem to keep her distance. Is what she has always been told a lie, are the shifters really bad? Or perhaps he is just what she needs in her life? I look forward to finding out more in the [...]

    21. Ashly is a with who is unbeknownst to her coven is attracted to a bear shifter. Callen is very upset with his bears attraction to Ashly. This is an extremely interesting book. 1. Witches do not normally get along with shifters 2. Shifters do not like witches at all. 3. These witches are divided in the coven and from the first you could see trouble brewing. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

    22. 3.5 STARSWith a war looming and now two witches mated to the shifters they're supposed to be enemies with, will these new pairings be enough to help dispel the mistrust ? Maybe, but I suspect not before there's bloodshed.This is book 2 in the series and parts of it lead you to believe there's a bit of a time gap between this and book 1 but the story seems to follow on directly so that was a little distracting but all in all an enjoyable read.

    23. I loved this story I want to find out what will happen with the next book.Callan Fredricks a bear shifter saves Ashley Montgomery a white witch from being hurt on a construction site he is working at, Callan feels Ashley is his mate but shifters and witches are mortal enemies. But there is trouble coming and it is directed at Ashley can Callan keep her safe and what is going on? I was given a copy for an honest review barwatts@telus

    24. It was different, I have never read shifter and a witch story, it was really hot, but I felt like it is missing something to put it all together, I just could not understand prejudice between the shifter and witch. But overall great story, I think I would understand more if I read the first book in the series. So before reading this I recommend reading the first book. I was given this story for a honest review

    25. Anxiously awaiting book 3 to read and review. This series just gets better with each book. Seems as an elder witch is trying to start a shifter clan war, we won't know exactly what's happening until the next few books, but I hope she loses big time.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    26. Love Conquers AllAshley is a witch; Callan is a bear shifter. Her coven and his clan forbid them to be together. The head of her coven is trying to cause a war between the various groups, and more importantly, is out to get Ashley. What happens next? You'll need to read this book to find out if a war starts or if Ashley and Callan fall in love. Enjoy!

    27. Ashley is a witch and needs sex to refuel her magic. Callan is a bear and knows Ashley as his mate. Neither know what the other is, but they both know that witches and shifters are sworn enemies. The pull is strong between them and they are both have trouble not giving in. This is a great book of forbidden love , betrayal and loyalty. I recommend it as a good read

    28. Full of suspense and great plot twists. Ashley and Callan are really strongly written characters. I really enjoyed their story and can't wait for the next installment in the series. Received this ARC for free for an honest review.

    29. Got this in KU at amazon. So far I'm liking this series. Again, it's a little thin on some of the descriptions and sub plots in my opinion, but it's okay, and it reads well as it is. Going on to book 3.

    30. This is n enjoyable feel-good short paranormal romance, with, tigers, bears, witches and a plot that continues with each book. Simple and sexy Callan & Ashley, bear & witch find each other and discover illicit underhanded meetings and threats to themselves. Makes a good lunchtime accompaniment.

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